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Chris Jericho Claims He’s Been Banned From WWE

March 30, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Chris Jericho All Elite Wrestling

In an interview with Jim Norton and Sam Roberts on Sirius XM, Chris Jericho said that ever since he signed with AEW, he has been effectively banned from WWE and talking with WWE wrestlers. Here are highlights:

On WWE Hall of Fame speeches: “Here’s the problem though. When you have something like the Hall of Fame that’s so subjective. Once again, you can’t have one guy go 45 and then Stone Cold Steve Austin I think went five minutes or ten minutes. If someone’s gonna talk for 45 minutes it should be Steve. They should weight it on, ‘Listen, we love you, but you’re the opening match. The opening guy. You get, you know, ten minutes. You’re lucky to be in it.’ And as you get to the top, the main event guy, you go as long as you want within reason. I think that’s the way to do it.”

On if he’s talked with Vince since signing with AEW: “I’ve talked with him a couple of times. But I’m kind of public enemy number one there now. I’ve been kind of removed from the annals of history. I asked the other day if I could have a couple of their guys on my podcast to promote Mania and I was told, ‘No, it’s not appropriate because you’re in AEW.’ I am banned from WWE.”

On how far the ban goes: “I think my stuff is still on there [the WWE Network]. I haven’t been disgraced. But as far as I know, they had to take some videos down from UpUpDownDown of me playing. Took that off. They edited some stuff from The Edge & Christian Show that had my name on it.”

If you use the above quote, please credit “The Jim & Sam Show” from SiriusXM with an h/t to 411mania.

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