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CM Punk Was Reportedly Not Trying to Recreate Young Bucks’ Victory Lap During WWE Raw

November 28, 2023 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
CM Punk WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

– Toward the end of his WWE Raw segment last night, CM Punk did a quick little run while raising his hands. Some fans on social media have interpreted this as some sort of shot at AEW and The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson). The Bucks garnered controversy after CM Punk was fired from AEW last September before AEW Collision in Chicago. There’s footage online of Matt Jackson running a type of “victory lap” around the ring in an off-air video (see below). According to a report by Haus of Wrestling, while fans speculated that Punk’s similar-looking motion at the end of his Raw promo segment was a shot at AEW and The Young Bucks, that’s apparently not the case.

According to Hause of Wrestling, sources close to CM Punk have stated that Punk’s motion was in no way meant as a way to take a shot at The Young Bucks. Instead, CM Punk’s movement was simply him reacting to the moment.

Also, the report notes that Punk is currently trying to look past “the drama of AEW” and has no plans to address what happened there. Additionally, sources close to Punk said if the newly returned WWE Superstar was looking to recreate The Bucks taking a victory lap, it would’ve loked more direct, and what he did was not the same.

You can view clips of Punk’s promo segment, and the movement in question, which occurs at about 8:05 into the video. The Bucks victory lap clip is also available below.