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Complete Playbook: BJW on Samurai TV August 8, 2006

March 13, 2007 | Posted by Ryan Mancuso
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Complete Playbook: BJW on Samurai TV August 8, 2006  

Hi once again, I have returned with another review of BJW TV. This episode aired August 8, 2006. It was a continued of the prior taping because more matches from Koshigaya Katsura Studio in Saitama on July 30, 2006 were shown. The main event for this week’s TV is a unique deathmatch. It is unique because this is an intergender deathmatch featuring lighttubes between Abdullah Kobayashi and Kyoko Kimura. Kimura wants to show that she is able to hold her own against the men in the deathmatch environment. This is not the first time that women have faced men in deathmatches, but a singles match does not happen as often as a tag. Can Kyoko pull the major upset or will Kobayashi’s experience in these matches be too much for her? Onto the review:

A video aired of an intergender tag from June 4 that featured Abdullah Kobayashi and Kyoko Kimura, supporting the afro, battling each other with them using weapons on each other. Both gave an interview about the match and the show’s introduction officially kicked off.

Daikokubo Benkei & Asian Cougar vs. Yuichi Taniguchi & Shinobu

This was joined in progress. It did not look too good from what was shown. Benkei and Taniguchi attempted to do some comedy, but it was not funny. Cougar was the only one looking decent. The highlight was Cougar using a slingshot senton onto a pile of chairs with Shinobu beneath them. The finish came when Cougar used a slingshot bulldog on Taniguchi. Benkei immediately used a splash on Taniguchi and scored the pin for his team.

Shadow WX & Mammoth Sasaki vs. Daisuke Sekimoto & Katsumasa Inoue

It was a decent match. It started out with Inoue having a difficult time lifting up the bigger Mammoth for a bodyslam. It quickly went to the floor where Sekimoto showed his athleticism by connected with a tope suicida onto Mammoth. On the other side of the ring, Inoue was thrown into a few rows into the crowd by WX. His head was slammed into the ring truck. Inoue was dragged back to the ring. He was worked over by his opponents with chairs at first, but then decided to do without them during the rest of Inoue’s beatdown. After being the whipping boy of the match, Inoue was finally able to break free and tag in his stronger partner. He and Mammoth had some power fighting exchanges that were easily the best parts of the match. This included a very impressive looking superplex onto Mammoth. With WX keeping Sekimoto at bay, Mammoth drilled Inoue with a brainbuster for the victory.

Florescent Lighttubes Deathmatch: Abdullah Kobayashi vs. Kyoko Kimura

I have to say this was a fun match with Kimura showing that she can take the punishment and dish it out too. Out of all the matches from the Saitama show, this was easily the most competitive because the punishment that Kobayashi took had made it believable that Kimura could pull off the upset. Kobayashi also treated Kimura as if he was facing a man in this match. He did not go light on her because of her gender nor did he try to stiff the hell out of her to prove his toughness. Also, I was pleasantly surprised that there were no attempts at sexist comedy in this match. It would have just been out of place with this kind of match. Here is my play by play:

The match starts off with both wrestlers holding a lighttube in their hands. Kobayashi swings, but Kimura evades. Kimura nails Kobayashi in the head with a lighttube, but Kobayashi stays up. Kimura grabs Kobayashi’s lighttube and nails him again in the head. Kobayashi is still standing. Kimura runs off the ropes and connects with a boot to the face that knocks Kobayashi to the ropes. Kimura dropkicks Kobayashi out of the ring. Kobayashi is bleeding, and Kimura follows out with a chain in her hand.

She wraps the chain around her hand and punches Kobayashi in the head a few times. She takes the chain off her hand and puts it around Kobayashi’s throat. She drags him into the crowd and chokes him with it. There is this loud scream coming from Kobayashi. Kobayashi manages to break free and go back in the ring. Kimura catches up to him and wraps that chain around his throat again. She climbs the top turnbuckle to put more pressure in the choking. Kobayashi finally manages to break free by throwing her off the top turnbuckle.

Kobayashi goes on the floor, drags Kimura to the corner and grabs a lighttube. He smashes Kimura in the head with it. Kimura falls on the floor. Kobayashi has the broken lighttube in his hand and just grinds the forehead of Kimura. Now, it is Kimura who is screaming in pain. Kobayashi picks her up and throws her into the crowd. He is throwing chairs at her. Kimura is now busted open too. Kobayashi picks her up and goes outside to the parking lot. He snapmares her on the concrete and drops an elbow on her chest. He picks up a box and nails her in the head with it. He drags Kimura back inside and slams her head into the ringpost. Kobayashi gets a drink of water from the TV announcers table before deciding to bring this fight back in the ring.

Kobayashi gets three lighttubes, puts them in the center of the ring and bodyslams Kimura on them. Once again, Kobayashi drives one of the broken lighttubes onto Kimura’s bloody forehead. Kimura tries to fight back with slaps, but Kobayashi drives her into the corner. Kobayashi charges in with a body attack. Kimura tries to fight back again, but her strikes have no effect on him. Kobayashi gives her a few Mongolian chops and piledrives her to the mat.

Kobayashi goes to the floor and gets a few chairs from the crowd. He throws them into the ring. Kobayashi sets a chair in the corner with the lighttubes on the seat. He tries to whip her into the lighttubes, but she stops her momentum. Kobayashi goes for a running attack, but she moves out of the way and he stops before running into the lighttubes as well. With Kobayashi still facing the corner, Kimura dropkicks Kobayashi in the back. The impact from the dropkick causes Kobayashi to go headfirst into the lighttubes. Kimura gets on the ropes and takes Kobayashi down with a sunset flip for a 2 count.

Kobayashi staggers into a corner. Kimura fires up and nails him with a big headbutt. She grabs a stack of lighttubes and traps Kobayashi’s head by placing them on the top rope. She charges in the corner to connect with a running boot the lighttubes and Kobayashi’s head. Kobayashi is still standing. He nearly locks her for a German suplex, but Kimura counters with a low blow. She kicks Kobayashi low again. She takes Kobayashi down with a rolling Kimura lock. Very fitting move for her. Kobayashi seems to prevent having the submission locked on. Kimura is very quick to transition into a Fujiwara armbar.

With Kobayashi not submitting, she lets go of the hold. She grabs her chain and starts punching to Kobayashi’s arm with it. She finishes punching the arm and wraps the chain around the arm. She also puts a lighttube on the arm. She runs off the ropes and connects with a jumping double footstomp onto the arm. That hurts Kobayashi as he seems to be in serious pain. Kimura keeps going after the arm by using armbreakers. She goes for a backdrop suplex, but Kobayashi chops her to block it. However, it did not do much damage because he used the injured arm to attack her. She grabs the chain and nails Kobayashi with a backfist. She hits another headbutt. In an impressive show of strength, she manages to connect with a backdrop suplex on the bigger Kobayashi. She covers, but Kobayashi gets his shoulder up at 2.

Kimura grabs another group of lighttubes and connects once again with the corner charge big boot. Kobayashi falls down. Kimura covers, but Kobayashi manages to kick out at 2.75. Kimura brings out another group of lighttubes and smashes them over Kobayashi’s head. She runs off the ropes and tries another big boot. However, Kobayashi catches the boot and jabs her in the throat. He picks Kimura up and uses the Samoan drop. Kobayashi runs off the ropes and drops the elbow onto her. Kobayashi covers, but Kimura courageously kicks out at 2. Kobayashi places a group of lighttubes on her midsection. He climbs to the second rope and connects with the Vader Bomb. Kobayashi covers, but Kimura manages to kick out at 2 yet again.

Kobayashi would grab a group of lighttubes and headbutt her with them. From there, he would set up two chairs and put lighttubes in between them. He lifts Kimura up, gets in the middle of the lighttubes and drops her with the Kobalt Driver. Kobayashi puts one hand on her for a cover. In what had to shock even Kobayashi, Kimura once again kicks out at 2. Kobayashi drops three consecutive elbow drops onto her. He covers, but she manages to get the shoulder up once more. Kobayashi calls for the end by climbing the top turnbuckles. He jumps off and connects with a diving elbowdrop. Kobayashi covers. 1! 2! 3! This match is finally over with Kobayashi surviving a much tougher challenge than what he was expecting. Kobayashi acknowledges that Kimura gave him a great fight and shook her hand after the match.

The 411: This episode was a step up from last weeks, but still not the best that present day BJW can do. Asian Cougar was the highlight of a weak comedy opener. Sekimoto and Sasaki had the best exchanges in their tag match, but they were not in there together too long. Kobayashi vs. Kimura was a fun main event with them just beating each other up with lighttubes. It was also a lot more competitve than any match than last week. Despite going down in a losing effort, Kimura showed that she could give the men a fight in deathmatches. Nothing that I could recommend as must viewing from this episode, but the novelty of the intergender deathmatch is worth checking out once.
Final Score:  5.0   [ Not So Good ]  legend

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