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Cook’s ROH TV Review 1.15.21

January 18, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 1.15.21  

Hey kids! Today we’ve got two big matches, including a Television Championship match! We haven’t seen one of those on this show in a minute, so that’s pretty exciting. Let’s get to it!

Cook’s ROH TV Review: 1.15.21

– We open with the finishes to some Final Battle matches. Jonathan Gresham done knocked Flip Gordon out to retain the Pure Championship. Dragon Lee kneed Tony Deppen’s head off to retain the TV Championship.

– Quinn McKay welcomes us to Ring of Honor Wrestling. We’ve got a huge main event, as Dragon Lee defends the TV Championship against Rey Horus. Horus pinned Dalton Castle at Final Battle to earn this shot, and sits in front of Tony Deppen, Dak Draper, Kenny King & LSG at the top of the TV Championship rankings. Quinn explains the ranking system and how a wrestler can only be ranked in one division at a time, and any wrestler in the top three is eligible for a title shot. The opening match pits Flip Gordon against Rhett Titus in a big match in the Pure Division, where Flip & Rhett are ranked second & fourth respectively. Tracy Williams, Josh Woods & Fred Yehi are also ranked. The ROH Board of Directors has banned Matt Taven & Vincent from interacting at future events due to the general chaos & mayhem surrounding those two.

– Rhett Titus talks about how amazing Final Battle was for the Foundation. It was a clean sweep! Rhett’s still upset with Flip Gordon, who refused to shake Jonathan Gresham’s hand. They live by the Code of Honor, but doesn’t expect Gordon to understand that since he walks around thinking the Earth is flat. This is a new Rhett Titus that abides by the rules and plans to restore honor. This match will be in his playground. He doesn’t take kindly to Flip in general, and will beat the honor into him.

– Flip Gordon says he didn’t see any honor in the way Jonathan Gresham beat him. Rhett needed the Foundation to find himself, instead he found a problem with the Mercenary. They both worked hard to get on these shows, and Flip has beat Rhett multiple times. It’s finally Rhett’s feel-good moment, but Flip doesn’t give a damn about that.

– Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman on the call.

Pure Rules Match: Rhett Titus vs. Flip Gordon: Titus has won his last four matches & is undefeated in Pure matches. Gordon is 2-0 against Titus in singles matches, but Titus holds the advantage in the tale of the tape categories. Flip ain’t shaking that hand! Headlock exchange, some grappling, Titus with a headscissors that Gordon finds his way out of. Test of strength, Titus gets the advantage and some one counts. Titus goes for the abdominal stretch, locks it in. Gordon counters, single leg takedown but Titus goes back to the stretch. Gordon finds the ropes to use his first rope break. Gordon ducks outside, Titus chases him around, back into the ring, Titus catches Gordon in a bear hug. Gordon fights out but gets elbowed down. Knee drop gets two. Titus locks in a surfboard variation, then a half crab for Gordon to use his second rope break. Titus still wants a handshake, which riles Flip up. Chop exchange. Gordon into the corner, forearm and some stomping from Titus. Neckbreaker from Gordon gets 1. Gordon kicks Titus down & targets the left leg. Figure 4 by Gordon leads to Titus’ first rope break. Titus on top as we go to commercial. During that commercial, Titus managed to slow Gordon down by dropkicking him to the floor. Big boots in the corner by Titus. Shinbreaker leads to another half crab. German suplex by Titus gets 2. Gordon comes back, hits a jumping kick to Titus while he’s sitting on the top turnbuckle, sending Rhett to the floor. Suplex on the floor by Gordon, rolls Titus back inside and talks some smack. Titus back to that half crab and uses his third rope break with only a couple of minutes left in the match. Flip flips out of the suplex attempt, hits a couple of superkicks, springboard sling blade gets two. Backslide by Titus gets two, series of reversals and nearfalls. Gordon punches Titus and gets the closed fist warning, but that doesn’t matter. Big stomp, the Flip-5 gets the win with just seconds left!

Winner: Flip Gordon (14:47 via pin)
Match Rating: ***

– Now Flip will shake Rhett’s hand! Not the most honorable way to win, and Caprice is calling him shady, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

– Flip tells Quinn that punching Rhett was within the rules. However, the Board of Directors has decided to suspend Flip from the Pure Division due to various infractions. Flip’s ok with that, there are plenty of other divisions to compete in.

– Rey Horus is here to represent his country. He was brought up by Rey Mysterio Sr. and learned from Rey Jr., Psicosis & Konnan. The Horus name is in reference to his flying abilities. He’s happy to be a masked wrestler and bring his culture to ROH. He’s worked in every part of the world and has seen all the styles. He uses a little bit of everything. He’s very happy & confident after beating Dalton Castle, and thinks he’ll be able to beat Dragon Lee for the championship. They’ve faced off all over the world. He respects Dragon Lee, but today is his day.

– Dragon Lee doesn’t want to sit down, and scares off the attendant. He promises that Horus will feel pain like he’s never felt before. No fancy video package for him!

ROH Television Championship Match: Rey Horus vs. Champion Dragon Lee: Horus is also one of the 6-Man Tag Team Champions, as his belt reminds us. Lee holds a 5-0 edge over Horus, attained in matches outside ROH. Horus dives onto Lee before we even get a tale of the tape! 38:31 Throws Lee into the ring, crossbody, off the ropes, big DDT by Horus gets two. To the outside, chop delivered by Horus, whips Lee into the barricade. Lee’s not out of it though, he ranas Horus to the outside off the apron after jumping over the ropes! They exchange shots on the outside, Sinclair’s pretty high on that count. Good thing it’s Todd Sinclair, so they have enough time to get back in before the commercial. We’re back, and Horus & Lee are exchanging shots in the ring. Spanish Fly ends up in Horus’s advantage, Ian wasn’t even sure who delivered the move! Horus telegraphs the brainbuster, Lee gets out of it but eats a big right hand. He hits a big kick in the corner after a couple of flips, and Horus is down in the corner. Lee stomps him down, and hits a dropkick in the corner for two. Horus fights back, suplexes Lee into the corner! Lee on the apron, kicks Horus away, but Horus meets him up top. C-4 off the top by Horus gets a two count. Horus sets up, series of reversals, pump kick by Horus, snap german by Lee, sitout powerbomb gets two. Knee by Lee, sets up a powerbomb but Horus reverses into a Destroyer for a two count. Can Horus capitalize? Sets Lee up top, goes for the frankensteiner, Lee grabs him out of it, hits a double stomp to Horus on the top turnbuckle! Gets two! The Incineration knee strike by Lee, sets up one more without the knee pad! That gets the three count.

Winner: Dragon Lee (11:16 via pin)
Match Rating: ***1/4

– Didn’t quite hit that next gear, but still a pretty fun match. Dragon Lee certainly has this guy’s number, and he disrespects him with a pose!

The final score: review Good
The 411
Pretty solid week of action here. Wouldn't mind seeing more of Dragon Lee & Rey Horus on this show, that's for sure.

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