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Csonka’s Free Match Reviews With Eric Young, Sting, Samoa Joe, & More

December 29, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Eric Young WWE Smackdown
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Csonka’s Free Match Reviews With Eric Young, Sting, Samoa Joe, & More  

Csonka’s Free Match Reviews With Eric Young, Sting. Samoa Joe, & More

From Impact 3.08.16: Eric Young defeated Bram, Will Ospreay, Jimmy Havoc and Damo @ 6:40 [**]
From TNA Sacrifice 2006: Samoa Joe & Sting defeated Scott Steiner & Jeff Jarrett @ 14:30 via pin [***¼]
From TNA One Night Only Knockouts Knockdown 3 : Gail Kim defeated Laura Dennis @ 7:20 via pin [**]

KOTM Title Match: Champion Eric Young vs. Bram vs. Will Ospreay vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Damo: They are doing a full KOTM match here, with the penalty box and everything, which is a nice change. Ospreay, Havoc and Damo did not get an entrance; they were in the ring when we came back form the break. Ospreay got the first pin, sending Havoc to the box, and now Ospreay is eligible to try and hang the title. That failed as Young shoved over the ladder, and Ospreay took a rough bump. Young and Bram are working together early, havoc served his time and then climbed the box and hit a high cross onto Bram and Damo. Havoc ate a piledriver on the steps from Young for his troubles, and he was pinned again. Ospreay and Young are eligible to climb. Bram then pinned Damo, and Bram is eligible to climb. At just over four minutes, Bram and Young came to blows as they were both allowed to climb. Young battled Bram and sent him out the floor; Ospreay hit a flying forearm and that sent Young to the apron. Ospreay climbed, but Young flew in with a neck breaker off the ladder to take out Ospreay. That was cool. Young then climbed and hung the title to retain. Eric Young defeated Bram, Will Ospreay, Jimmy Havoc and Damo @ 6:40 [**] It wasn’t bad, they worked in a few cool things, but it felt as if they never got out of second gear, lacked heat from the crowd and for a match involving a ladder was just bland. With Havoc, Ospreay, and Damo out there you’d think they’d be into it, but the crowd really wasn’t. Also, TNA made a big deal out of using Havoc, Ospreay, and Damo on this tour and they were basically “local enhancement talent.” That’s a disappointment, I get that Ospreay signed with NJPW, but they could have done something with the others. Also, one last nitpick, it would have been nice to get an explanation as to WHY Ospreay, Havoc and Damo got a title shot.

Samoa Joe & Sting vs. Scott Steiner & Jeff Jarrett: They stand off and jaw for a bit. JJ and Sting to begin. Lock up and Sting tosses JJ to the mat. Lock up again and JJ tossed down again. JJ slaps Sting, then rights to Sting. Knees and Sting growls and fires back on JJ and beats him down. Face slams to the mat and JJ to the floor and up the ramp. JJ and Steiner talk, and then Steiner tags in. Lock up and a knee by Steiner. Chops to Sting, Irish whip and a boot by Sting. Sting with a splash on Steiner. Sting nails JJ. Sting up top and a top rope clothesline to both men! JJ and Steiner bail. Sting looks to Joe and goes and tags him in. Joe and Steiner stare down as the crowd chants, “Joe’s gonna kill you!’ Steiner flexes and Joe slaps him! Steiner rams Joe to the corner and chops away at him. Clubbing shots by Steiner but Joe fights back with jabs! Off the ropes and a belly-to-belly overhead suplex by Steiner! Joe looks pissed and they lock up. Knees by Steiner and then chops. Joe back with forearms and chops! Off the ropes and a clothesline by Steiner and a cover for 2, and then the pushups. They slap each other and Joe JACKS Steiner with a leaping Enziguri! JJ knees Joe and Steiner with an overhead belly to belly again! Steiner tosses Joe to the floor. Joe back in and Steiner covers for 2. JJ tags in and gets a sweet dropkick to Joe. Irish whip by JJ and a clothesline by JJ. JJ struts and another Irish whip and STJOE BY JOE! Joe tags Sting and he takes care of JJ. Steiner breaks up a pin. Sting takes down JJ and Steiner. Scorpion deathlock on Steiner, but JJ nails Sting. DDT by JJ on Sting. Steiner over and covers Sting for 2. Belly to belly on Sting by Steiner gets 2. Tag to JJ and he boots away at Sting. Rights to Sting and a front face lock by JJ. Sting fights and tags Joe! The ref didn’t see it though and Steiner in and he and Sting collide. Sting falls and head butts Steiner’s crotch. Ouch. They crawl for tags…JJ tagged in and Joe is as well! They stare down and Joe lights him up! RUNNING KNEE OF DOOM TO JJ! Eye poke by JJ, but Joe gets the snap powerslam for 2. Steiner in…Atomic drop to Steiner and a clothesline. Running senton and Joe poses! JJ back but Joe takes them both down. Sting in as well and Joe whips Sting, reversal and the running corner knee! Stinger splash! Sting slingshots onto JJ on the floor. Powerslam by Joe on JJ and he gets the ropes with Gail’s help. LOW BLOW by JJ on Joe, and the stroke gets 2 as Joe kicks out! Sting and Steiner brawl on the floor. JJ tries another stroke, countered as JJ sets Joe up top…JJ up top as well…Joe counters, rolls off and leaps with an enziguri and muscle buster for the win. Samoa Joe & Sting defeated Scott Steiner & Jeff Jarrett @ 14:30 via pin [***¼] This was an overall good and fun match, more than I remembered. Jarrett & Steiner worked really well with Joe back then and this was back when Sting still had some get up and go.

Gail Kim vs. Laura Dennis: Dennis took a cheap shot and took control early. It didn’t last too long as Kim made the comeback and took control of the match. Kim worked the post-assisted figure four, and then they brawled on the floor a bit. Dennis, after selling the leg on the floor, dropped it and ran around and took control over Kim. She worked a cattle mutilation at one point, and Kim would escape and work a version of the CHIKARA special. They again went to the floor, Kim hit a Russian Leg Sweep into the apron and they did a double down spot. They got back into the ring, Kim ran wild, but Dennis fought back and got a near fall off a cradle and the feet on the ropes. Kim hit eat defeat and that was all. Gail Kim defeated Laura Dennis @ 7:20 via pin [**] It was solid but disappointing, I expected much more considering that Kim is really good and I have seen much better from Dennis (and we’d see more later on).

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