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Hall’s AEW Collision Review 9.16.23

September 16, 2023 | Posted by Thomas Hall
AEW Collision Kris Statlander Britt Baker Image Credit: AEW
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Hall’s AEW Collision Review 9.16.23  

AEW Collision
Date: September 16, 2023
Location: Bryce Jordan Center, State College, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness

The new era of Collision continues and we have some big matches this time around. First up we have FTR facing the Iron Savages, but the main event will see Kris Statlander defending the TBS Title against Britt Baker. The latter has the potential for quite the upset so let’s get to it.

Claudio Castagnoli, Bryan Danielson, Big Cass, Ricky Starks, Kris Statlander, Britt Baker, Dark Order, Acclaimed and Billy Gunn are ready to fight.

Opening sequence.

Ricky Starks/Big Bill vs. Bryan Danielson/Claudio Castagnoli

Danielson and Starks start things off but it’s off to Bill before anything happens. Bill chops away in the corner but Danielson comes right back with the kicks to the leg. Castagnoli comes in for the test of strength before slugging it out with Bill instead. With Danielson coming in for the double team, Bill clotheslines both of them down and hands it back to Starks to forearm away in the corner. Danielson strikes away in the corner and hits a middle rope hurricanrana for two. Bill comes back in for the splash in the corner and Danielson is sent outside, where Starks unloads again.

We take a break and come back with Danielson still in trouble in the corner. That’s broken up and Danielson hits a clothesline to leave them both down. The double tag brings in Castagnoli and Bill with the former firing off the uppercuts and clotheslines in the corner. A TKO gets two on Bill but he’s right back with a chokeslam for the same. It’s back to Starks, who is quickly caught in the Swing for two.

Everything breaks down and Danielson dropkicks Bill to the floor, setting up the suicide dive. Another uppercut gets two on Starks and Danielson kicks away at this chest. The LeBell Lock is blocked though and Bill gets in a cheap shot from the floor. The spear gets two with Castagnoli making a save this time. Bill and Castagnoli fight on the floor, leaving Danielson to load up hit belly to back superplex. Starks turns that over and lands on Danielson for two, leaving Bill to distract the referee. That’s enough for a low blow into a Roshambo to finish Danielson at 16:36.

Rating: B. There is a simple formula for success in AEW: let Bryan Danielson have a match. It is more or less impossible to screw that up and it worked again here, with everyone else doing very well at the same time. Everyone was working hard here and it was a good, long match as Danielson vs. Starks gets to continue going forward.

The Young Bucks and Hangman Page are ready to face the Mogul Embassy, but let’s make it a Trios Titles match. They’re on for Rampage.

Powerhouse Hobbs promises destruction.

Miro says Powerhouse Hobbs should be thanking him for not making Hobbs humble. They’ll have to meet up again, but now he needs to talk about his wife. Miro is ready to hurt anyone who won’t be redeemed.

Tag Team Titles: FTR vs. Iron Savages

The Savages, with Jacked Jameson, are challenging. Jameson talks trash before the match and gets Shatter Machined for his efforts. That leaves Wheeler to get planted so a top rope splash can get two. Harwood is sent outside and it’s a sitout chokebomb for two more as the champs are in trouble early. A missed charge sends Bronson into the corner and it’s off to Harwood, who dropkicks Boulder. That doesn’t last long either as it’s Bronson going up, only to miss a moonsault. The Shatter Machine hits him and it’s a PowerPlex to Boulder for the pin at 3:16.

Rating: C+. Well they made good time. I can go with the idea of flying through a match like this, as the Savages don’t seem like a team that have the longest shelf during a match. Let FTR get in there, do their stuff and get out with what felt like an impactful win. It was quick and got the job done, which is about as good as anything else they were going to do here.

Post match the Workhorsemen come out and want a title shot, as Aussie Open watches in the back.

Keith Lee is in the back (after a director claps his hand and says Collision Take 22) but Shane Taylor interrupts. Taylor (Keith’s former tag team partner) introduces Lee to Lee Moriarty, the newest member of Shane Taylor Promotions. Keith doesn’t seem impressed and looks ready for Shane.

John Silver vs. Anthony Bowens

Hold on though as Silver has a microphone and a piece of paper. First of all though, he Googled scissoring and they’re doing it wrong. The paper is a contract, banning Billy Gunn and Max Caster from ringside. Silver jumps him from behind but Bowens fights back in the corner to take over. Bowens snapmares him over and we get a scissoring, which has Silver so annoyed that…he gets sent outside. Back in and Bowens gets knocked off the top and we take a break.

We come back with Bowens kicking him in the face a few times, setting up the running Fameasser for two. Silver strikes away to cut him off and hits a fisherman’s buster for two of his own. Bowens is fine enough to knock him outside for the discus forearm but cue Evil Uno from under the ring. A posting is enough to set up Silver’s running kick to the head for the pin at 9:11.

Rating: C+. Bowens is someone who has all kinds o charisma and that should be enough to carry him somewhere. He and Caster are great together and that might be the way to go for him, but there might be something else there if the team stops working. Acclaimed/Gunn vs. Dark Order should work for a title feud, at least until someone better comes along to go after the belts.

Eddie Kingston talks about his history with Claudio Castagnoli. They were friends in 2006 or 2007 but then Castagnoli started judging and disrespecting him. Castagnoli left potholes in the road that they had to follow and now he’s supposed to fix it. At Grans Slam it’s title for title and no matter what, that’s it between them. Everywhere he goes in New York is his and no one is beating him in New York. Try to beat him there. This was Kingston at his best: thundering away and saying whatever came to his mind about what he was doing.

Hook and Orange Cassidy share Doritos and agree to team together at Grand Slam. Renee: “….cool.”

Aussie Open vs. ???/???

The Aussies jump them and it’s an Alabama Slam into a sitout powerbomb for the pin on one of the unnamed at 43 seconds.

Post match the Aussies call out FTR for WrestleDream, titles on the line or not.

We get a sitdown interview with Toni Storm (called Portrait Of A Star). She insists that she has NOT changed and this company wouldn’t know talent if it slapped them. Oh and she does NOT like this lamp. More on this later. I’m not sure how to define what Storm is doing but it’s good.

Scorpio Sky is ready for Andrade El Idolo.

Scorpio Sky vs. Andrade El Idolo

Feeling out process to start until Sky snaps off an anklescissors. Andrade runs him over and goes up but gets knocked down hard as we take a break. Back with Andrade shrugging off a kick to the face and dragon screwing Sky’s leg. Andrade sends him into the corner but the running knees are cut off. The middle rope sunset flip gives Sky two so Andrade bails to the floor. There’s the big running flip dive but Andrade kicks out the leg back inside. The Figure Four goes on and Andrade bridges up into the Figure Eight for the tap at 9:10.

Rating: C+. I still like Sky quite a bit, but he might not be the most interesting star outside of having a string of good matches. The positive thing about that: it more or less guarantees him a job for as long as he wants one, as there is always going to be a spot for someone like that on a roster. Andrade is still very talented and gets to show that occasionally, but he needs something new to do.

Post match Andrade shows respect but Billet Club gold interrupts. Jay White introduces all of them and challenges Andrade for next week.

Video on Kenny Omega’s history with Kota Ibushi as Don Callis and company are coming for Ibushi.

Katsuyori Shibata will be at WrestleDream.

Hardys vs. Righteous

Matt sends Vincent into the three buckles over and over before Dutch is low bridged to the floor. The Hardys hit Poetry In Motion but Dutch plants Matt hard as we take a break. Back with Matt getting over for the tag to Jeff so house can be cleaned. The Twist of Fate looks to set up the Swanton but Dutch makes the save. Autumn Sunshine (assisted Dudley Dog) finishes Jeff at 7:26.

Rating: C. The Hardys losing so often means that the story here, while good for the Righteous, doesn’t have the biggest impact. It’s also still sad to see the Hardys out there looking old and banged up, even if that is exactly what they are these days. More of the Righteous is a good thing though, as they’re a different kind of team.

Post match the Righteous talk about how they’re here to tell you the truth, which will kill your ego, which leads to false love and friendships. Kind of like the fake love and friendship between Adam Cole and MJF.

Here’s what’s coming on upcoming shows, including the return of Rob Van Dam next week.

Claudio Castagnoli knows Eddie Kingston better than Eddie knows himself. He’s beaten him before and he’ll do it again.

FTR is ready for the Workhorsemen and then Aussie Open.

TBS Title: Kris Statlander vs. Britt Baker

Statlander is defending. They take their time to start until Statlander hits a slam, sending Baker bailing to the floor. Back in and they slug it out until Baker hits a running neckbreaker. Statlander grabs a powerslam for two and we take a break. We come back with Statlander missing a moonsault, allowing Baker to wrap the legs around the post. The sling Blade hits Statlander but she is right back with a blue Thunder Bomb for two more.

Baker knocks her down again and loads up the glove but Statlander grabs the hand. They slug it out and a double knockdown leaves them down again. Baker hits a knee but the Panama Sunrise is countered into Saturday Night Fever, which is countered into a rollup for two. Baker hits a Canadian Destroyer into Angel’s Wings into a Stomp for a rather close two. Something like an octopus into Lockjaw goes on but Statlander rolls her up to retain at 11:57.

Rating: B. They had me with the ending, as I would have bet on Statlander losing the title. Baker looked smoother out there this week and it would be nice to see her getting back to how she was before. Statlander piles up another win, and this time it is over another established name. More of those and the TBS Title will be getting closer to the Women’s Title’s level.

Statlander helps her up and respect is shown (with Baker looking at the title) to end the show.


Ricky Starks/Big Bill b. Bryan Danielson/Claudio Castagnoli – Roshambo to Danielson
FTR b. Iron Savages – PowerPlex to Boulder
John Silver b. Anthony Bowens – Running kick to the face
Aussie Open b. ???/??? – Assisted sitout powerbomb
Andrade El Idolo b. Scorpio Sky – Figure Eight
Righteous b. Hardys – Autumn Sunshine to Jeff
Kris Statlander b. Britt Baker – Rollup



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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This show managed to get over the hump in the end as it felt like the wrestling show for the week. That’s how Collision was looking before the mess with CM Punk and it’s good that they seem to be getting back on that path. What matters is finding some consistency, and if this is what they’ll be consistently doing, this show has an encouraging future.

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