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Hall’s Impact Wrestling Review 1.13.22

January 14, 2022 | Posted by Thomas Hall
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Hall’s Impact Wrestling Review 1.13.22  

Impact Wrestling
Date: January 13, 2022
Location: Bomb Factory, Dallas, Texas
Commentators: Tom Hannifan, D’Lo Brown

We are fresh off the outstanding Hard To Kill, which was one of the best shows that Impact has ever done. In addition to some great matches, a group of former Ring of Honor wrestlers invaded the show, which feels like it could be the start of something very good. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at all of the matches from Hard To Kill, plus the invasion, albeit not in order.

A furious W. Morrissey arrives and wants Moose. Morrissey comes into the arena and calls Moose out. He had Moose beaten for a ten count at Hard To Kill, even though Moose practically stole his World Title. Just once, have the balls to face someone man to man. Moose can come out here or look over his shoulder for the rest of his life.

Instead, Moose pops up on screen to say Morrissey didn’t have him beaten. There will be a World Title match tonight but Morrissey won’t be in it. Instead, he can go to the back of the line. Morrissey says Moose isn’t making it to the title match. He goes to the back where Scott D’Amore says get over it, because he won’t be interfering tonight. Hold on though as something is going on in the arena.

Back in the arena, Ring of Honor’s Matt Taven and Vincent are at commentary, with Taven demanding D’Lo Brown’s headset. Tom Hannifan can do the same thing but he actually resists. Taven grabs him so Brown starts swinging, only to be beaten down by Taven, Vincent and Mike Bennett, who comes through the crowd. Taven is on commentary as Brown is put on a table (Taven: “He’s looking at the real deal now.”), with PCO popping up to flip dive onto him, but not breaking the table. A second attempt puts him through it instead.

Hannifan is on his own for the rest of the night.

Video on Ring of Honor Women’s Champion Rok-C, who is defending against Deonna Purrazzo tonight.

Chris Bey vs. Laredo Kid

Trey Miguel joins commentary and makes it sound like D’Lo Brown has been shot. Kid misses an early dropkick attempt and gets punched in the corner. A chop misses though and Kid strikes away to take over. There’s a headscissors to the floor, setting up a springboard dive (you knew that was coming) to drop Bey. Back up and Bey hits a kick to the face, followed by a middle rope moonsault to the floor.

We take a break and come back with Bey missing a charge in the corner, allowing Kid to hit some running knees (Miguel: “I think my knees are better.”). Bey takes him outside and chops away while yelling at Miguel. Kid chops right back as Miguel suggests Bey not skip leg day, saying he looks like a golf tee. Back in and Kid hits a pair of moonsaults. Fans: “UNO MAS!” Miguel: “I wonder if in Mexico, they shout one more?” Bey scores with a brainbuster to take over and there’s a hard kick to the head. Kid catches him on top with a kick to the head though and it’s a super Spanish Fly to finish Bey at 12:05.

Rating: B-. This was the good match that you would have expected from these two and there is a good chance that it is going to move Kid on to the title match. Bey is still good and can have a solid match against anyone so I’m sure he’ll be fine. It is nice to see this division getting built up again, but it is hard to believe that it will last.

Post match, Kid points at the X-Division Title.

Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath and Rhino aren’t happy with the Ring of Honor invaders. They’re going to find the Ring of Honor guys and take the fight to them…by splitting up. Doesn’t anyone here watch Scooby Doo?

Brian Myers is not happy with the Learning Tree, who are about to get cut. Somehow, Zicky Dice is Moose’s opponent…and has the biggest pizza I have ever seen. Myers steals a slice (which is over a foot long) and says good luck.

Jake Something vs. Mike Bailey

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton (who lost to Bailey and Something respectively on the Hard To Kill pre-show) are on commentary. Something wins an exchange of shoulders but Bailey nips back up. Bailey kicks him in the chest, including a dropkick to the floor. That means a mistake of following Something outside, where he hits a spinebuster onto the apron.

Back in and Something misses a dive, allowing Bailey to come back with a moonsault to the floor. Bailey strikes away for two back inside but the seated Something grabs his foot and lifts Bailey into a Falcon Arrow (dang) for his own two. Some more kicks take Something down in the corner though and the shooting star knees to the back (Up To 11) finishes for Bailey at 4:16.

Rating: C+. Bailey is certainly good, though I’m not sure if he is this be all end all wrestler that he is being made out to be. He hasn’t been around very long so far and has been impressive, but how many people wrestle the same style with a big flip as his finisher? In other words, yes he is talented, but I need to see him do something to stand out.

The Good Brothers blame Violent By Design for the loss at Hard To Kill but Eric Young thinks they could do well together. Rhino and Heath been attacked (not by the group who had been talking) though….and the Brothers/Violent By Design attack him again.

Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green are not happy with losing at Hard To Kill but they should/could have won! Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans come in to mock Green for her loss in Ultimate X. Violence is teased and the challenge is issued, with Steelz being shoved into a chair.

Masha Slamovich vs. Vert Vixen

A running boot at the bell knocks Vixen silly and some hair takedowns make it worse. The scoop brainbuster finishes for Slamovich at 1:07.

Josh Alexander comes to the ring as Slamovich is leaving and seems to show some respect. Alexander gets in the ring and talks about how he has been told to keep his emotions in check. He has beaten Minoru Suzuki and Jonah but he has never lost his focus on Moose and the World Title. Until Moose beats him, Alexander is the uncrowned champion. If Alexander can’t get the World Title back, this might not be the place for him.

Cue Charlie Haas of all people to interrupt and introduce himself, because he has never been here before. The two of them are a lot alike, because they are both amateur wrestlers who were part of great tag teams. Haas sends out the challenge but while it would be an honor for Alexander, all he wants is the World Title. That’s not cool with Haas though and the fight is on, with security breaking it up in a hurry. Alexander accepts the challenge.

Mickie James welcomes Rok-C to Impact Wrestling and gives her a pep talk before her match with Deonna Purrazzo. Mickie will be watching.

World Title: Moose vs. Zicky Dice

Moose, in a suit, is defending and Brian Myers is on commentary. Dice does the Roman Reigns pose and a Superman Punch, which has no effect. A release Rock Bottom gives Moose the pin at 19 seconds. Myers: “Way to go Zicky.”

Post match W. Morrissey comes out but has to beat up Dice, allowing Moose to leave. Moose leaves the World Title behind, but VSK comes in to help Dice and Moose gets it back. Morrissey gives chase to the parking lot, where Moose speeds away in his car.

Raj Singh vs. ???

Scott D’Amore is on commentary and says he has talked to Ring of Honor management. Only Rok-C and Jonathan Gresham are here as official representatives of the company, while the invaders are all going rogue. Singh wants anyone out here and gets someone to accept.

Raj Singh vs. Jonah

Jonah shrugs off some shots to the face and hits a splash in the corner. A fireman’s carry toss sets up a backsplash and the Tsunami finishes Singh at 1:23.

The Influence wants the IInspiration to come up with a way to beat them on January 27. Decay comes in to say they have nothing to do next week….but Eddie Edwards has been attacked as well.

Jonathan Gresham says honor has come to Impact Wrestling. Steve Maclin pops in to get in Gresham’s face, earning himself a Ring of Honor World Title match next week, under Pure Rules of course.

AAA Reina de Reinas Title/Ring of Honor Women’s Title: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Rok-C

Title for title and Ian Riccaboni is on commentary, talking about Purrazzo’s time in the Ring of Honor women’s division. Matthew Rehwoldt joins commentary as well as the booth grows in a hurry. Rok-C runs her over to start but Purrazzo goes for the arm, giving us an early standoff. The threat of a crossface (the Rok Lock) sends Purrazzo outside though and we take a break.

Back with Rok-C hitting some moonsault knees to the ribs for a fast two but her rope walk wristdrag is broken up. Purrazzo gets to work on the arm, including wrapping it around the bottom rope. A stomp to the arm gets two but Rok-C fights up, only to get taken right back down for another stomp. The cross arm choke goes on until Rok-C gets to her feet and sends her shoulder first into the post.

Rok-C spins around into a Russian legsweep but the arm is too banged up for the Rok Lock. The Fujiwara armbar is broken up as well and the Code Rok gets two, giving us a stunned kickout face. Another Code Rok attempt works but this time Purrazzo flips over into the Fujiwara armbar. The referee is about to stop it so Rok-C grabs his leg with the free arm. Purrazzo grabs the other arm and it’s the Venus de Milo to make Rok-C give up at 13:40.

Rating: B. This is the result they had to go with, though it doesn’t exactly make Ring of Honor look great by comparison. Rok-C never felt like a serious threat here and her big offense consisted of rollups. That being said, Ring of Honor’s women’s division was never its strong suit and Rok-C should have a long career ahead of herself given how polished she looked in a short run so far. This was all about Purrazzo though, and that’s how it should have been.

Post match here is Maria Kanellis (with Ian Riccaboni immediately disavowing anything about what is coming) to get in the ring. The invaders come in so Matthew Rehwoldt runs in for the failed save. Rich Swann and Willie Mack run in and get beaten down as well. The invaders pose to end the show.

Laredo Kid b. Chris Bey – Super Spanish Fly
Mike Bailey b. Jake Something – Up To 11
Masha Slamovich b. Vert Vixen – Scoop brainbuster
Moose b. Zicky Dice – Release Rock Bottom
Jonah b. Raj Singh – Tsunami
Deonna Purrazzo b. Rok-C – Venus de Milo



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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
I don’t know what to say but Impact is on a roll. They have some stories set up and the invasion seems like it is going to be a big deal. There has not been a major story around here for a good while and something like that has been missing. What matters here is I want to see where these stories are going and that is a great sign for any show. Very good week here and I’m excited to see where things are going.

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