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Hall’s WWE NXT Review 8.2.22

August 2, 2022 | Posted by Thomas Hall
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Hall’s WWE NXT Review 8.2.22  

Date: August 2, 2022
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Wade Barrett, Vic Joseph

It’s a big title night this week as there are three championships on the line. The mot interesting one might be the Women’s Tag Tam Titles, which are guaranteed to see new champions crowned as the titles are vacant coming in. In addition to all that, there is a Falls Count Anywhere match between Solo Sikoa and Von Wagner. Let’s get to it.

Women’s Tag Team Titles: Tatum Paxley/Ivy Nile vs. Toxic Attraction vs. Yulisa Leon/Valentina Feroz vs. Katana Chance/Kayden Carter

For the vacant titles under elimination rules. Paxley takes Leon down to start and it’s a rapid string of tags until Leon is gorilla pressed onto the pile at ringside. Feroz hits a big flip dive and it’s Paxley getting suplex/high crossbodied inside for two. Nile isn’t having that and runs Feroz over for the first elimination in short order. Jayne knees Nile in the head for two but Paxley suplexes Chance for the same.

Back up and Chance springboards over Paxley and hits a headscissors faceplant for two of her own. Jayne comes in and trips Paxley down for the elimination, leaving us with Carter/Chance vs. Toxic Attraction. Dolin elbows Carter down for two and everything breaks down for a four way knockdown. Chance dives on Dolin on the floor, leaving Dolin to get caught with the 4t0/neckbreaker combination for the pin and the titles at 12:06.

Rating: C. Not exactly great stuff here and a lot of that was due to having too many people in there without enough time. There were eight people to start and you can’t get very far with everyone trying to get in there and do their thing. Chance and Carter have been chasing the titles for a long time now so it was time to have them win the things. If nothing else, it is nice to have them in a division where they might have challengers so we could be in a good place going forward.

Josh Briggs/Brooks Jensen, with Fallon Henley, are fired up for their next title defense when the Schism interrupts. Joe Gacy talks about Cameron Grimes and gets a match with Jensen for later.

Here are Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams for a chat. It’s Hayes’ birthday so let’s have an open challenge for the North American Title.

North American Title: Carmelo Hayes vs. Giovanni Vinci

Hayes, with Trick Williams, is defending. Hang on though as Hayes said the next person in the ring gets the shot so Nathan Frazer runs by Vinci and gets the shot instead. Frazer appearing in Vinci’s freeze frame was funny.

North American Title: Carmelo Hayes vs. Nathan Frazer

Hayes, with Williams, is defending and Vinci is on commentary. Frazer takes him down to start and slides under the ropes to crotch Hayes against the post. Fans: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Back up and Hayes hits the Fade Away to take over, setting up a springboard spinning clothesline for two. Frazer fights back and forearms away before raining down some right hands.

It’s too early for the Phoenix splash so Frazer is back with a superkick. The low superkick gets two, with Williams almost having to come in for the save. Frazer sends him outside and hits a dive, which knocks over Vinci’s drink. That earns Frazer a shove off the top and Hayes hits Nothing But Net to retain at 5:41.

Rating: C. Hayes is so smooth in the ring that anything he does is worth a look. He makes it look easy out there and that is not something you can find every day. Frazer is someone who should feel like a bigger star but just doesn’t for some reason. It’s still fun to see him though and if he can figure out that missing piece, everything could work in the future.

It’s time for a summit between JD McDonagh and Bron Breakker, with Wade Barrett running things. McDonagh isn’t impressed with Breakker’s physique because it is little more than a road map of things he can hurt. Breakker talks about how he has studied McDonagh’s history and knows how smart McDonagh is. McDonagh is going to challenge his mind, but everyone has a plan until Breakker breaks him in half.

Barrett offers McDonagh the contract but he wants Barrett to sign first because Breakker looks scared. Breakker isn’t buying that and signs, but McDonagh says that this won’t end in violence. It will end in blood though, so he stabs himself in the had and signs with his own blood. Breakker is a bit disturbed but holds up the title anyway. Weird ending, but better than whatever McDonagh was doing last week.

The Creed Brothers are working out when Apollo Crews comes in. Crews is given an open invitations to train anytime but he tells them to have their eyes open against the D’Angelo Family tonight. Everything seems cool and Crews leaves, with Damon Kemp coming in. Roderick Strong is running late this week but he’ll be there for the match.

Toxic Attraction is livid and Mandy Rose can’t believe McKenzie Mitchell wants an interview right now.

Mandy Rose vs. Sarray

Non-title and joined in progress with Rose breaking up the running dropkick in the ropes. Rose slams her head first onto the mat but Sarray is back up with a springboard wristdrag. A fisherman’s suplex (Vic: “That plex is almost perfect!”) gets two on Rose. That isn’t going to work for Rose though, who is back up with a running knee for the pin at 4:14 shown.

Rating: C. I don’t know what it is but something about Sarray just misses most of the time. Other than that running dropkick against the ropes, I can’t think of a single thing she does in the ring that makes her stand out. Rose winning a near squash is a bit weird to see, but it makes sense to put her on television for an easy win for a change.

Post match Rose grabs a chair for some horrible shots to the leg keep Sarray down. Zoey Stark runs in for the save.

Tiffany Stratton does her gymnastics and thinks her hard work is why people are so obsessed with her. She hated losing that battle royal and everything she does is pretty.

Axiom is happy with his time in NXT so far but Duke Hudson comes in to call him short. Hudson beats him up all the way into the arena. Axiom is left laying but gets back up to issue the challenge for right now.

Axiom vs. Duke Hudson

Hudson runs him over to start but Axiom is back up with some kicks to the leg. A Razor’s Edge attempt is countered and Axiom grabs a rollup for the pin at 2:08. Nice enough feel good moment here.

Wes Lee doesn’t like Trick Williams because Williams thinks he’s a boxer. They can fight next week in a rounds match between wrestler and boxer next week.

Tag Team Titles: Creed Brothers vs. D’Angelo Family

The Creeds, with Damon Kemp, are defending. Julius headlocks Stacks to start and hands it off to Brutus for a suplex. Commentary seems to be rhyming as Stacks gets ax handled in the chest. D’Angelo comes in and cuts Brutus off as we take an early break. Back with Stacks working on a half crab but Julius crawls over for the tag to Julius.

House is cleaned and it’s back to Brutus, who gets caught by the arm to put the champs in trouble again. Stacks grabs an armbar but some forearms get Brutus out of trouble. Julius comes back in but a collision with D’Angelo gives us a double knockdown. Everything breaks down and D’Angelo grabs the crowbar. Cue the returning Santos Escobar to knock D’Angelo silly, setting up the basement lariat to retain the titles at 10:41. Roderick Strong never showed up.

Rating: C+. That ending with Escobar’s hand popping up and grabbing the crowbar was great, but it doesn’t hide the fact that the Creed Brothers are really uninteresting. They’ve come a long way and are good enough in the ring, but man alive they can take the interest out of a match in a hurry. That being said, I’ll take a year of them straight over another 15 seconds of this Legado vs. D’Angelo nonsense that has gone on WAY too long.

Roxanne Perez is tired of having to deal with Cora Jade in recent weeks, but then the title being thrown in the trash was even worse. The challenge is on for Heatwave.

Cora Jade knows she’s the talk of the town so she’s not in for Perez’s challenge. Mandy Rose comes in and wants Jade’s help taking out Zoey Stark. If she does, Jade gets the title shot instead. Jade will think about it. This has been your weekly reminder that NO ONE TALKS LIKE THIS, as Rose kept using the official names of the shows and speaking like she reading off a script.

Video on Von Wagner.

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance are really happy with their win.

Brooks Jensen vs. Joe Gacy

All of the associates are here too. Jensen punches him down to start but Gacy is back up with chops in the corner. Gacy knocks him down again and does his headstand in the corner. The Dyad goes after Fallon Henley so Josh Briggs gets between them. Cue Pretty Deadly for a distraction, allowing Gacy to hit the handspring clothesline for the pin at 2:58.

Post match Gacy rants about Cameron Grimes. Fan: “GACY LIKES PINEAPPLE LIKE PIZZA!”

Tony D’Angelo rants about Santos Escobar, who calls to laugh about everything. D’Angelo challenges him for one more match, mano a mano. This is the worst feud going in wrestling today and by going, I mean KEEPS GOING ON AND ON AND ON.

Lash Legend vs. Alba Fyre

Joined in progress with Legend running her over and grabbing the over the shoulder backbreaker. We get a tweet from Roderick Strong congratulating the Creed Brothers on retaining the titles and telling Apollo Creed to stay out of Diamond Mine business. Fyre fights out of the corner so Legend grabs the baseball bat. That earns her a superkick and the Swanton gives Fyre the pin at 3:28.

Rating: C-. And they’re done right? As in there is no reason for these two to every fight again and Fyre can move on to anyone else. Legend continues to be pretty awful at this stuff and while she hasn’t been featured as much lately, she is still one of the worst things going in wrestling today. Fyre did her thing and looked like her usual smooth self, but that is only going to do so much against someone like Legend.

Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes leave and run into some women (perhaps their lady friends) whose car has broken down. Williams: “Y’all got some jumper cables?”

Nikkita Lyons doesn’t think much of Kiana James because everyone tries to put her in a box of what a woman should be. They can fight next week.

Solo Sikoa vs. Von Wagner

Falls Count Anywhere with Mr. Stone in Wagner’s corner. They waste no time in fighting to the floor, where Sikoa hits a quick backsplash for two. Back in and Sikoa hits a running Umaga Attack in the corner to send Wagner right back to the floor. Wagner gets in a few shots of his own and it’s time to throw some weapons inside. Sikoa gets dropped onto a chair so Wagner heads outside and loads up the announcers’ table.

That takes too long so Sikoa reverses into a Samoan drop onto said table. They fight outside, with Sikoa being thrown into the women’s car from before the break. Wagner sends him into a dumpster and goes to leave but Sikoa pops up. Sikoa fights back and they run into Cameron Grimes as he is leaving the arena.

Back inside and Wagner suplexes him through a table for two but Sikoa pops back up. They head into the ring where Sikoa hits a Samoan drop before grabbing the chair. Wagner gets chaired down and Rock Bottomed onto the steps but Stone’s distraction breaks up the Superfly Splash. That means they head outside where a pair of superkicks set up a Superfly Splash through the table to give Sikoa the win at 12:25.

Rating: C+. The match was the usual good brawl, but there is something so tiring about people taking one big hit after another and just popping up like nothing happened. Get put through a table backstage? Easy kickout and you’re up a few seconds later. Same with chair shots to the back and a Rock Bottom onto the steps. Those are the kinds of things that feel like they should put someone down for a pin, but in a match like this they barely have any impact. That can get old fast and that was the case again here, though Sikoa continues to look ready for the main roster. Second best splash through a table I’ve seen lately.


Kayden Carter/Katana Chance b. Valentina Feroz/Yulisa Leon, Tatum Paxley/Ivy Nile and Toxic Attraction last elimination Toxic Attraction
Carmelo Hayes b. Nathan Frazer – Nothing But Net
Mandy Rose b. Sarray – Running knee
Creed Brothers b. D’Angelo Family – Basement lariat to D’Angelo
Joe Gacy b. Brooks Jensen – Handspring lariat
Alba Fyre b. Lash Legend – Swanton Bomb
Solo Sikoa b. Von Wagner – Superfly Splash through a table




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The 411
There is something odd about having a show with three title matches being headlined by a midcard brawl, but that’s another story for another time. This show was a good example of NXT’s problems, as they do have good stuff, but the uninteresting/bad stuff is among the least interesting in wrestling today. Stuff like Legend, the D’Angelo/Escobar story and Joe Gacy drag this show way down and that makes for a long night most of the time. Not an awful show or anything close, but the best parts were only so good and there isn’t much that got my attention.

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