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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Live in Southampton 23 04.09.2023 Review

April 9, 2023 | Posted by Ian Hamilton
Rev Pro - Live in Southampton 23 - Connor Mills vs. Robbie X Image Credit: Rev Pro
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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Live in Southampton 23 04.09.2023 Review  

Quick Results
Sha Samuels pinned Brendan White in 9:56 (***)
Cameron Khai pinned Samuel Hawkes in 10:23 (***)
Maya Matthews pinned Dani Luna in 10:50 (**¾)
Connor Mills pinned Robbie X in 14:09 (***¼)
Luke Jacobs defeated Blake via referee stoppage in 11:32 (***¼)
Kid Lykos II & Kid Lykos pinned Danny Black & Joe Lando in 14:34 (***¼)
Ricky Knight Jr. pinned Danny Jones in 14:16 (***¼)

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We’re back at the 1865 in Southampton for this… Andy Quildan’s alongside Gio Nolastname on commentary and hey, they’ve got the video screen back in Southampton. Someone’s feeling flush!

Brendan White vs. Sha Samuels
Sha had a history of needling Brendan back when Brendan was a contender… except Brendan’s more into bullying others that are in black trunks these days.

White clubbed away on Sha early, looking to mete out some revenge for days gone by, but Sha’s able to take over as he looked to break down White piece-by-piece. We’ve got some football-related digs on commentary as Sha pulled ahead with an elbow drop, before White powdered outside to avoid a Destroyer.

Sha comes to the rescue of David Francisco, but ended up having the Contender thrown at him as Brendan White dug into the old Bushwhackers tapes… then chucked Sha into the crowd for good measure. A backbreaker keeps Brendan ahead, as did several hammer throws into the turnbuckles before Sha got back body dropped out of another Destroyer attempt.

A missed elbow drop keeps Sha on the defensive as another back senton squishes Sha, who sidesteps a leg lariat and began to mount a comeback, landing a Michinoku Driver for a near-fall. White lands a diving kick in response for a near-fall, then a clothesline, before Sha dropped down to have White run into the buckle.

UHH… Panama Sunrise?! I’m stunned by that Destroyer off the middle rope, as was Brendan, who ate a frog splash seconds later as Sha picked up his first win back in Rev Pro, and leaving plenty on the table for if/when they make this a tag feud. ***

Samuel Hawkes vs. Cameron Khai
A battle of former tag partners – with Hawkes opting to become a Contender while Cameron Khai’s since become a bit of a standout.

Opening with a handshake, Hawkes looked to work over Khai’s wrist, but the hold’s reversed as the feeling out process began in earnest. Khai blocks a cutter, then backflipped over Hawkes ahead of a forearm as a hanging neckbreaker followed for a two-count. Khai blocks a tijeras, but Hawkes gets free and hit a roundhouse kick for good measure, then a running shooting star press for a two-count.

Khai’s powerslam off the ropes gets him a two-count, while a back suplex keeps Khai on top. We’ve a standing moonsault to keep up the direction of travel, only for Hawkes to return with an overhead kick to knock Khai into the corner. There’s a running Shiranui from Hawkes that almost got the upset, but Khai’s sliding lariat and ushigoroshi turned things back around.

Hawkes gets caught with the rolling Northern Lights from Khai, who turned it into a Falcon arrow… before Hawkes hung up Khai in the ropes, sending him outside for an eventual Space Flying Tiger Drop. A 450 splash back inside almost won it for Hawkes, as did a flip neckbreaker, before a leap off the top got turned into a release Northern Lights.

Khai tries a slingshot cutter, but ends up eating a cutter himself back inside for a near-fall. A corkscrew moonsault misses, as Khai runs in with a knee and an over-the-knee brainbuster as we’re still not done! The slingshot cutter’s next from Khai, and that’s your lot – I’d like to see more of Hawkes, but it’s just a case of finding a spot as the Contenders division don’t seem to be up against each other a lot these days. ***

Dani Luna vs. Maya Matthews
This was Luna’s first outing since losing the Southside Women’s title a fortnight ago… and a rematch from last December, when Luna made her return to Rev Pro.

Matthews was the early aggressor, taking Luna into the corner before some misdirection led to a dropkick on the former champion. Luna heads onto the apron, but catches Maya through the ropes before catching a crossbody and slamming Matthews to the mat. A neck crank keeps Matthews down… Maya’s forced to withstand a chinlock moments later, as Luna picked her spots.

Luna ends up missing a clothesline as the pair end up clattering into each other seconds later. A forearm and a kick in the corner has Maya ahead, but a cutter’s blocked as Maya instead found a way through with a Slingblade for a near-fall. Standing switches eventually have Luna back on top, but she shoves Maya into the ropes and ends up eating a Bull lariat as Matthews nearly took the win.

Luna tries to fight back with a rebound Blue Thunder bomb, but Matthews fights out, only to get caught on a crossbody. Matthews counters the counter into a ‘rana, following up with a spear for a near-fall, before a sleeperhold dragged Luna to the mat. Dani powers back up though, backing into the corner as back elbows and a folding powerbomb nearly put Matthews away.

A lariat from Luna’s next for a near-fall, then a discus forearm, as the rebound Blue Thunder Bomb planted Matthews. Luna doesn’t go for a cover, as a diving knee to the side of the head instead softened up Matthews for the Luna Landing… but Matthews rolled through into a ‘rana and snatched the win! Dani doesn’t get back in the winning column – and Maya ends up getting a shot at the Southside women’s title in Portsmouth next week after that. **¾

Connor Mills vs. Robbie X
Robbie X retained his Cruiserweight title last week at the 229 in a three-way that didn’t make the on-demand version of the show… and with Connor Mills having just had a title shot last month, this one isn’t for the belt. Seems like Connor’s not got Gideon Grey’s negotiation skills… nor the timing to beat a medic through the curtain, who stole his pop.

Robbie X caught Mills at the bell with a shotgun dropkick, then a spiral tap as we almost had a ten-second match. The X-Clamation’s blocked though, with Mills powdering to the outside, sidestepping a dive attempt before he knocked Robbie into the ropes as a lariat spun him off the apron. Bloody hell, Mills…

Kicks from Mills keep Robbie X on the back foot, as did a running back elbow, before the Cruiserweight champion tried to respond to chops… only to get sent back outside. A jawbreaker on the edge of the ring keeps Mills ahead, only for Robbie X to fight back with a series of forearms to knock Mills into the corner.

Mills runs into an enziguiri, sending him flipping into the corner before a handspring kick knocked Mills outside for a plancha. A Molly Go Round crashes into Mills back inside, ahead of a corkscrew kick into the corner and a running shooting star press out of it for another near-fall. Robbie pushes on with a Finlay roll and a springboard moonsault, but Mills rolls away and returned with the Orange Crush Bomb for a near-fall.

More kicks from Mills have Robbie on the ropes, but Robbie kips back up and chopped back at Mills, before a Pele kick from Robbie X earned a delayed rebound lariat… only for Robbie to counter a Millshot into a brainbuster. The back-and-forth sees Mills hobble a little, but he’s able to use the referee to almost take an X-Clamation… Mills’ own take on the move is blocked, ahead of a reverse ‘rana on Mills, who then ate a rebound lariat from Robbie X.

A sit-out powerbomb almost gets the win for Robbie as the pair steamed on. We’ve a big slap to the face of Mills, as Robbie X headed back up top for a moonsault… there’s no water in the pool though as Mills grabbed the Cruiserweight title, but of course the referee catches Mills in the act. Mills kicks out of a roll-up from that, before Robbie X looked to take a page out of Mills’ book…only for Mills to wipe out the referee with a head kick. Robbie X lands an X-Clamation in my least favourite trope in wrestling – still going for a win when there’s no official around.

Robbie X grabs his title again, but he doesn’t use it for a belt shot… Mills does though, just in time for a second referee to come out to count the pin. Commentary covers this well saying the ref wouldn’t have seen a monitor and thus missed the belt shot, as I guess we’re going back to Mills vs. Robbie X for the belt? ***¼

Blake vs. Luke Jacobs
The second half kicks off with some big lads wrestling, with Blake having his first singles match in Rev Pro in a year – last time out being on April 10, 2022 in Southampton against Chuck Mambo.

Starting with a lock-up, Blake restrained Jacobs with a side headlock, with a takedown following before Luke struck back with shoulder tackles. Forearms from Jacobs lead to chops, before a big boot and a bodyslam left Blake down, with a back senton getting barely a one-count.

Jacobs stays on Blake with some shots from behind, before Blake tried to snap back… only to elbow out of a waistlock and hit a clothesline for a two-count. Luke offers himself up for shots to the back, which Blake gladly took up the offer on, before he popped up Luke ahead of some rolling suplexes.

Blake hooks Jacobs’ mouth, but Luke’s able to power back in with a clothesline into the corner, a suplex out of it, then a leaping clothesline to the back off the middle rope. That left Blake in the corner for a hesitation dropkick… as Kawada kicks afterwards earned Luke a swinging forearm.

Another clothesline from Jacobs led to him getting charged into the corner as the feed began to stutter. Luke cuts off a charging Blake with a leaping leg lariat, as both men had to fight back to their feet. They cut each other off though, trading right hands as Jacobs manages to add a German suplex… only to run into a spinebuster that nearly won it for Blake.

Heading up top, Blake looks for a moonsault, but Jacobs rolls away before a lariat and a Busaiku knee led to another wild lariat for a near-fall… a rear naked choke’s next, and there’s the stoppage as Luke builds up momentum ahead of his match with Gabriel Kidd next month. ***¼

Post-match, Blake got into it with Joshua James as the contenders tried to help Blake up… forcing referees to come out to separate the pair as it looks like Josh has gotten himself an upcoming match?

CPF (Joe Lando & Danny Black) vs. Lykos Gym (Kid Lykos & Kid Lykos II)
This marked the Rev Pro debut of Danny Black, as CPF crashes into Rev Pro just one week removed from appearing for GCW over WrestleMania weekend.

Danny Black and Kid Lykos start us off with a handshake, as an opening lock-up ended with Black having to duck a front kick as he ended up hiptossing Lykos before backflipping into a pose as Black looked to take the early upper hand. Tags bring in Lykos II and Joe Lando, trading armdrags ahead of a telegraphed brainbuster as Lando ends up going for pinning attempts instead.

CPF double-team Lykos II for a spell, leading to a standing moonsault from Black for a two-count. Lando keeps Lykos II on the back with a chinlock, while a suplex and a double stomp earned a two-count. Lykos II is kept cornered as a train of clotheslines ended with a Lando cannonball to Lykos II, before a roll through allowed Kid Lykos to get the tag in.

Another telegraphed brainbuster is shrugged off as Lando’s now the one isolated, with some double-teaming taking care of Lando… while Danny Black’s slingshotted into the corner. A step-up crossbody sees Black head outside as we’re back to Lykos II and Lando… at least until Kid Lykos came in to stomp a hole through Lando in the corner.

A grounded Octopus stretch from Lykos II is rolled out of by Lando, who’s just clotheslined back down before he managed to DDT Lykos… then catch Lykos II with a backflip cutter as Danny Black finally got tagged back into the match. Black’s quickly overwhelmed by the Lykii, but rana’s them into each other ahead of a wacky tornado DDT.

Kid Lykos II manages to get back in it with a Mistica, before some double-teaming ended with a corkscrew senton elbow drop that Lando had to break up the pin on. Things got a little awkward amid a strike battle, morphing into a Parade of Moves… before Black’s Buzzsaw kick left Lykos II rattled, while Lando’s shooting star press to the back of a standing Lykos II almost won it.

A moonsault press out of the corner from Lykos II clears out CPF as Kid Lykos returned to the fray… a Lo Mein Pain from Kid Lykos II almost gets the win, as things head outside for Kid Lykos II’s moonsault to Lando into the front row. That left Danny Black on his own as the Lykii hit an assisted back senton off the top onto Black for the win. Commentary mentioned the Great British Tag League a LOT throughout, which makes me think that they’re looking to position the Lykii among the favourites, while CPF looked impressive in their debut – I just wish the crowd reacted more than they seemed to on tape. ***¼

Danny Jones vs. Ricky Knight Jr.
We’re bookending the show with the Greedy Souls, as Ricky Knight Jr. is waiting in line for his next shot at the big belt.

The opening lock-up took both men down to the mat, before the pair teed off on each other with shoulder tackles and forearms. A leaping enziguiri from RKJ’s shrugged off as the former champion ends up wiping out Jones with a leaping dropkick, taking him outside for a tope into the crowd.

On the apron, Jones caught RKJ with a Dragon screw as he came into the ring, allowing the tag champion to stomp RKJ back to the outside as Jones eventually grounded RKJ with a chinbar. RKJ escapes, but his springboard is kicked away as Jones maintained the upper hand, before the pair began to trade blows.

RKJ backs Jones into the corner as he began to paintbrush Jones with strikes, chipping away on the Welshman with a couple of dropkicks and a draping DDT off the top rope for a near-fall. Jones blocks a telegraphed Pedigree, but RKJ just floats over him and hits it anyway for a two-count.

Jones returns with a running enziguiri as RKJ then blocked an Expoloder… only to get caught with one seconds later for a near-fall. Escaping a Fire Thunder driver, Jones lands a superkick, only for RKJ to go back to the move… so this time we’ve a roll-up for a two-count before a lariat spun Knight to the mat.

The pair trade right hands as they fight back to their feet, upping the ante with chops before RKJ faked out a superkick and went for the skins… only to Kid Lykos his way into a brainbuster as he almost lost to a cradle. Jones adds a Falcon arrow to the mix for a near-fall, before Jones ripped off a turnbuckle pad.

RKJ tries to throw Jones into the exposed corner, but ended up finding his way in with an ankle lock. Jones rolls RKJ into the exposed corner, capitalising with a two-count from the cover. We’ve a teased ref bump, which masks a mule kick low blow as Jones then added a Go 2 Sleep for a near-fall.

A back body drop from RKJ throws Jones aside, as Knight then found a way in with a gamengiri and a Razor’s Edge into the middle of the ring… but it’s only good for a one-count. From there, a ripcord knee from RKJ sets up for a Fire Thunder Driver, but Jones rolls out for a two-count, before a reverse hook kick and the Fire Thunder Driver planted Jones for the win. ***¼

Post-match, Brendan White ran out to attack RKJ… but Sha Samuels made the save as RKJ smashed a bottle of water against White. The Greedy Souls are sent packing, only for Gideon Grey and Lucian Phillips to come through the crowd and low blow the pair. Gideon lays out RKJ with a belt shot for good measure, as the Greedy Souls returned… Sha eats the Deep Wounds from the Legion duo, as Gideon then took aim at Sha Samuels for turning on the Legion a few weeks back. The Legion run Rev Pro apparently, as it looks like they’ll be a diversion for Sha and RKJ ahead of any title ambitions…

The final score: review Good
The 411
Rev Pro’s return to Southampton was a solid show, albeit one that felt like it was missing a certain spark from the crowd’s side of things. Staying on the south coast, Rev Pro run Portsmouth in a week’s time, as they look to be running from show-to-show for the time being…

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