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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Risky Business 2023 09.24.2023 Review

September 28, 2023 | Posted by Ian Hamilton
Rev Pro - Risky Business 2023 - Subculture vs. Greedy Souls Image Credit: RevPro
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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Risky Business 2023 09.24.2023 Review  

Quick Results
Robbie X pinned Levi Muir in 12:04 (**¾)
Zak Knight pinned Joshua James in 11:49 (***¼)
Great British Tag League, Block B: Danny Jones & Brendan White pinned Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster in 6:17 (***½)
Ricky Knight Jr. pinned Mark Trew in 15:03 (***½)
Michael Oku & Atlantis Jr. pinned Wild Boar & Hechicero in 14:09 (***½)
Alex Windsor submitted Dani Luna to retain the Rev Pro Undisputed British Women’s Championship in 16:19 (***½)

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We’re at the Priory Centre in St. Neots for this one – I’m skipping over the CMLL joint shows for now. Commentary for this one comes from the regular tandem of Andy Quildan and Gio Nolastname.

Levi Muir vs. Robbie X
We’ve a clash of styles here, starting with Muir backing Robbie X into the corner from the opening lock-up.

Another lock-up sees Muir throw Robbie X aside, before Robbie X’s attempts at shoulder tackles ended with him getting charged down. Robbie tries with some chops, but has more luck with a tijeras that took Muir onto the apron… while a handspring kick knocked the big guy down to the floor.

Robbie X throws Muir back inside, but gets caught with a back elbow as Muir added a clothesline and a huge back body drop to the mix. Some choking followed in the ropes from Muir, before an uppercut launched Robbie X to the outside once more. Back inside, Robbie’s levelled with a suplex for a two-count, before the ref admonishes Muir for some hooking and stretching.

Muir’s caught with chops, but shrugs them off as he crashed Robbie X into the buckles with an Irish whip. Another attempted comeback’s quickly shutdown, but Robbie X keeps chipping away and manages to find a way in with an enziguiri… before sidestepping Muir to the outside ahead of a dive. A second tope followed into the crowd, before heading back in to hit the Molly Go Round off the top rope.

Robbie keeps pushing with a hiptoss and cartwheel dropkick for a two-count, before a short-range crossbody turned it back around in Levi’s favour. Another suplex follows, but Muir can’t get off a TKO as Robbie X mounted another comeback, trapping him in the corner with the Beyblade spinning kick ahead of a running shooting star press.

Muir catches an X-Clamation and turns it into a swinging side slam for a near-fall… a small package nearly nicks it for Robbie, who quickly followed up with the X-Clamation to take the win. **¾

Joshua James vs. Zak Knight
Zak’s still looking for his first singles win since January…

We open with a handshake as James looked to close distance from the off, but his side headlock’s pushed off as see-saw shoulder tackles saw Knight pull out ahead. The roles reverse as James scored with a shoulder tackle, before Knight took him into the ropes and went all RKJ on us with the dropdown, leapfrog and dropkick trio.

James is a little pissed at that, but gets dazed with a punch before he caught Knight with a pounce to take him to the outside. Strikes keep Zak on the back foot as he’s charged into the side of the ring, before a snapmare and a splash back inside drew a two-count on Knight. Josh stays ahead with some choking in the ropes before Zak struck back with a rolling elbow.

A springboarded punch takes James down for a two-count as Knight began to build up some momentum, landing chops in the corner before a sit down splash countered a sunset flip attempt. Knight gets lifted onto the apron, but baits James ahead of a crossbody off the top… he bounced off James, who came back with a swinging sidewalk slam for a near-fall.

James keeps going with a spinebuster to get even closer to the win, before Knight struck back with a flurry of blows… some back-and-forth led to Knight taking James into the corner with a headbutt, before James’ attempt to leap out of the corner was caught and turned into a suplex.

Knight tries to put it away, but James slips out and hits some rolling German suplexes, then a rebound German suplex and a lariat that almost led to the win for the Contender. From there, James heads up the turnbuckles for a splash off the middle rope, before a splash off the top came up short… Knight spears his way back in, then puts James away with a crucifix bomb and a sitout powerbomb… despite James kicking out at 3.01. A hard-fought match that saw James push Knight all the way – but finally Zak’s got his second singles win of the year. ***¼

Great British Tag League 2023, Block B: Subculture (Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews) vs. Greedy Souls (Brendan White & Danny Jones)
This was the first match in 2023’s Great British Tag League – with the tag titles not on the line here…

Subculture dive on the Greedy Souls before the bell as we have a fight around ringside, featuring the Greedy Souls chopping the ring post before Brendan lawn darted Webster into the bleachers. The Greedy Souls looked to divide and conquer, isolating Andrews first before going after Webster on the stag, but their attempt at a Soul Destroyer’s escaped as Webster hit a flip dive off the stage onto the former champions.

We’re still scrapping before the bell as Jones powerbombed Andrew onto the side of the ring, before White and Webster hit the ring to finally get us going. With Andrews down, it’s effectively a handicap match as the Hospital Pass almost put Webster away early on, before a pair of back sentons squashed Webster for another near-fall.

Webster tries to fight back against the Greedy Souls, scoring a Rude Boy press out of the corner before the Eton Rifle almost put Jones away. Finally Andrews is up on the apron and tagged in, hitting the knee slide and double backflip kick, before a Tiger Feint kick to Brendan’s arse found its mark. Andrews adds a moonsault out of the corner, turning it into a satellite DDT for a near-fall.

Jones gets caught with a headbutt from Webster on the floor, but that distraction nearly allowed White to win with a roll-up. Subculture pick-up with some double-teams, leading to a Busaiku knee from Webster for a near-fall only for White to lay him out with a backbreaker as Andrews returned to pick up the pace. It’s a wild Parade of Moves from there as bodies flew around, leading to a diving knee from Jones on Andrews for a two-count, before a double Stundog countered a Soul Destroyer attempt.

Webster again tries to get involved, but Jones cut him off with an apron piledriver, allowing the Greedy Souls to rush in with a Soul Destroyer to Andrews for the win. Thanks to the pre-match brawl, this wasn’t a long match, but they packed a lot in as the Greedy Souls open their campaign with a win over the tag champions, giving them three points in their block. ***½

Mark Trew vs. Ricky Knight Jr.
Bloody hell, they’ve dusted off the mothballs from MK McKinnan’s old theme as Mark Trew gets it for his Rev Pro debut…

Trew bails to the apron at the bell, prompting RKJ to get the crowd to chant “ugly” at Trew before the pair locked up and headed into the corner. We wash, rinse and repeat, as Trew powdered to the outside again, returning to try his luck with shoulder tackles that barely budged RKJ.

RKJ returns the favour, folding Trew inside out before the debutant finally found a way through with a tijeras. Knight picks back up with his leapfrogs, dropdowns and the murderous dropkick, before a stalling suplex took Trew back down to the mat. Trew’s able to fight back, scoring almost a handstand kick off the top rope, before an imploding cannonball out of the corner nearly got the upset.

Trew keeps control for a spell, but RKJ’s snap powerslam and moonsault combination puts him back in the driver’s seat. A stalling suplex from RKJ’s escaped… so he just chops Trew down before Tre found a way back with a springboard… Torpedo Moscau?! That springboard Flying Ralph Wiggum gets a two-count as Trew looked to push on, only for him to get caught on the top rope.

Another headbutt sends RKJ down as Trew instead crashed and burned on a senton bomb, as RKJ hit back with a death valley driver into the corner… a low dropkick to Trew in the corner’s next, then a draping DDT off the middle rope before Trew hit back with an overhead kick. Another ‘rana finally comes off for a near-fall, before RKJ flipped Trew inside out with a clothesline.

Slugging it out, Trew’s taken to the ropes ahead of an enziguiri… RKJ tries for a Fire Thunder Driver but instead Trew slipped out to hit a spear for a near-fall. Another Gamengiri from Trew’s blocked as RKJ instead brought him back in from the apron with a deadlift superplex for a near-fall, before a Ligerbomb drew a similar result.

RKJ goes for the Fire Thunder Driver, but again Trew escapes, landing a reverse ‘rana before a package powerbomb almost got the unforeseen upset. Trew tries to add with a springboard, but it misses as he instead leaps into a cutter… before RKJ put him away with the Fire Thunder Driver. A hell of a debut for Trew, who didn’t look out of place, which you’d hope would bode well for his run with tag partner Kieron Lacey in the tag league. ***½

Post-match, Kieron Lacey ran out front he back to attack RKJ, as Trew and Lacey’s beatdown on RKJ ended with Zak Knight chasing them away. Those two teams are in block A of the Great British Tag League… so there’s some spice added to that outing.

Wild Boar & Hechicero & x vs. Michael Oku & Atlantis Jr.
We’re under lucha rules here for a Fantasticamania hangover match…

Boar and Oku start us off, going to ground as Boar took the early lead, wrestling Oku to the mat with a chinlock before Oku replied with a backslide for a quick two-count. Oku’s able to hit a misdirection tijeras, then a dropkick to catch out Boar ahead of a half crab… which was pushed away as tags bring in Hechicero.

Oku squared up to Hechicero, who knocked Atlantis Jr. off the apron, as the pair picked up from their title match the night before… with Oku getting dumped with a kick. Oku’s tossed outside, so Atlantis Jr. comes in… only to get caught in an armbar from Hechicero. Atlantis gets free and hits a gamengiri from the apron, before a crossbody took Hechicero down ahead of a tijeras.

Boar’s back as Hechicero rolled outside… and he instantly attacks Atlantis from behind. Atlantis is quickly back with a snap powerslam for a two-count, as Oku tagged in… and found himself bitten on by Boar. Hechicero’s back into maul Oku with a choke in the ropes, following up with a clothesline off the top rope for a two-count.

A double-team from Boar and Hechicero works over Oku’s legs ahead of a double low dropkick. Oku’s able to find a way back with a satellite DDT to Hechicero, before finally making the hot tag to Atlantis Jr., whose tijeras took out Hechicero ahead of a froggy crossbody from a returning Oku to Boar.

Now comes the half crab, but Hechicero’s in to break it up with a clothesline, before he rolled Oku into a levering armbar. A pumphandle slam looks to follow, but Oku slips out and hits a dropkick by the ropes, before Hechicero again caught Oku by the ropes. Boar’s attempt to intervene with a shoulder charge goes awry as Hechicero’s taken off the apron, allowing Oku back in with a springboard moonsault press for a near-fall.

Atlantis Jr. tags back in to help on a double-team suplex, before Oku went up top… only for Hechicero to charge into the pair as Oku went for a frog splash off of Atlantis’ shoulders. Hechicero goes back after Oku as he nearly rolled and popped him up into a grounded full nelson. Atlantis breaks it up with a kick to the back, sparking a Parade of Moves ending with tiltawhirl backbreakers from Atlantis Jr.

That sets up Oku for a flying tijeras to Hechicero, which led to the Fosbury flop… that leaves Boar and Atlantis in the ring, with Boar eventually getting taken into a Tree of Woe for a hesitation dropkick from Atlantis. Oku tags back in from there to hit a frog splash, before the pair piled on Boar to get the win. ***½

Rev Pro Undisputed British Women’s Championship: Dani Luna vs. Alex Windsor (c)
Dani earned this shot by winning a battle royal on Rev Pro’s 11 Year Anniversary show a month earlier…

Opening with a lock-up, Luna takes Windsor into the corner as a break’s called for… Luna’s quickly back on top with a clothesline into the corner, then a sliding clothesline for a two-count, before a sliding back elbow took Windsor back down. A suplex keeps Luna ahead, only for Windsor to hit back with a forearm, taking Luna outside… as the champion’s teed up dive was knocked away.

On the apron, Luna and Windsor trade shots until Windsor ducked a shot… and began to tease a German suplex off the ring to the floor. Luna counters out though, but her apron powerbomb attempt was kicked away as Windsor instead cannonballed Luna into the front row. The pair continue to fight around the venue, where Windsor chucks a mannequin head at Luna (Al says hi…) before Alex commandeered a chair from the crowd… and hit a crossbody through Luna and the chair.

Windsor took things back to the ring as she picked up a two-count, before Luna got pulled off the top rope and into the buckles as the champion continued to control things. Irish whips keep Luna in the corner, as Windsor began to focus on Luna’s lower back with forearm strikes.

Out of nowhere, Luna found a way back in with a Gabe Kidd-like Bull lariat, before a diving boot put Windsor on the back foot. Windsor rolls out of a powerbomb attempt for a near-fall, only to get caught with an Air Raid Crash as Luna was swinging for the fences here. A low bridge from Windsor takes Luna outside as an apron PK looked to follow… but Luna sweeps the leg as Windsor crashed onto the side of the ring.

Windsor’s headbutt stops a suplex on the floor, but Luna’s able to return with a leap off the stage, before dumping Windsor with a snap suplex on the floor. That’s added to with a wheelbarrow facebuster onto the side of the ring from the challenger, as the pair ended up back inside trading blows before a double clothesline left the pair laying.

Getting back to their feet, Windsor looked to take the initiative with a superplex… adding a leaping headbutt when Luna pushed her down, as a Blue Thunder bomb off the top almost got the win. A Shining Wizard kept Windsor ahead, before Luna was rolled into a sharpshooter. Luna’s able to roll free, but an errant kick wipes out the referee… and there’s the opening for Windsor.

Luna ducks a belt shot, but Windsor goes back to it and cracks Dani on the head with it to escape a powerbomb. It’s good for a near-fall after the ref came to, before a second Sharpshooter was pushed out of. Luna manages to come back with an elevated German suplex from the outside in… then a clothesline for a near-fall, before Windsor countered out of a Luna Landing and rolled into a Sharpshooter to force the submission. ***½

The final score: review Good
The 411
With a title match and some carry-over from the previous day’s Fantasticamania, this St. Neots show had a little more behind it than usual - and as such it felt like a bigger show. Another win for Alex Windsor keeps her reign ticking over, as we wait to see who’s next for a title shot.

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