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Jade Cargill On Why She Stepped Away From Twitter, Sharing TBS Title Win With Her Daughter

September 3, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jade Cargill AEW Revolution Image Credit: AEW

Jade Cargill defends her TBS Championship against Athena at All Out on Sunday, and she talked about stepping away from Twitter and more in a new interview. Cargill spoke with TV Insider and you can check out a few highlights below:

On sharing her TBS Championship win in January with her daughter: “It means the world to me because my daughter was there the first time I was in the ring. I was getting beat up by 300-pound guys [in training], and watching her cry about it and having to go over every two minutes and comfort her. Now she is screaming to kick and punch and do these things in the ring. She gave me pep talks, and we cut promos with one another. Just having my daughter there inspires me a lot because I’m here for the next generation. If my daughter ever wants to pursue wrestling, she has some shoes to fill. I want her to feel comfortable walking into this type of industry. I want her to see the representation of a black woman.”

On managing the pressure put on her: “I was thrown into the deep end and told to swim. I think people as wrestling fans are just used to instant gratification. Hook, Anthony Ogogo, myself, and others are learning on the fly on TV. It’s not easy by far, but…I love it when people tell me I can’t do something. It does nothing but make me think, ‘Watch this.'”

On stepping away from Twitter: “I love that people just assume the worst. Bryan Danielson and I were in training. He talked about ‘90s babies not being able to live without social media. This was to Daniel Garcia, myself, and a couple of other people. I was born in 1992. I was around when the beeper was around, and landlines. I can live without social media. He went on my phone to see how many hours I’m on my phone a day. It was something ridiculous. He said he only spent an hour a day on his phone. I felt kind of embarrassed. He said, “Why don’t you get rid of one of your social media [feeds] for a little bit? Let’s see where your numbers go from there.” He said to pick the most toxic app. I thought Twitter. I deleted it.”

On the reaction to her deleting her Twitter: “It was funny when people said, “She can’t handle all the negative.” I can handle it. I love trash talk because I love to give it back. I’m very witty and quick with it. I took a break and got so much accomplished in that time. The only reason I went back to Twitter is that my account was about to be deactivated. I think for anybody to take a break from social media is healthy. People can talk crap because your friend may then ask, “Who is Jade Cargill?” They are going to Google my name and notice that I’m strong, attractive, and inspirational. They are going to follow. It’s a win-win battle for me. Good or bad it’s still noise and I’m still trending.”

On how she would describe Tony Khan as a leader: “I think Tony is a phenomenal leader. He knows his company inside and out. He’s a positive light in wrestling and willing to listen and absorb your vision and work with you. I’m thankful to have Tony, who believes in everything I’m doing. It’s not just someone who believes in you, though. You have to put in the work. I do two-a-days, four days a week. I don’t just put the work in at the gym, but in the ring as well. I’m new, and he knew that and knows that. I’ve probably had four matches in the last five or six months. That is not a lot at all, but I’m in the gym when waiting to be called to have a match. I’m growing.”

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