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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 4.2.24

April 2, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 4.2.24  

Hello everyone, and welcome to our live WWE NXT coverage on 411! Jeremy Thomas here as usual, and we’re just days away NXT Stand & Deliver. The Tuesday night brand presents its hard sell for Saturday’s show with a face-off between Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes, a Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Tag Team Championship match, and more. We’ll also see Fallon Henley take on Jacy Jayne, Sol Ruca in a grudge match against Blair Davenport, and a Supernova Sessions with Lyra Valkyria and Roxanne Perez. That’s a show with a lot of potential, and certainly plenty more to boot.

Here at Thomas HQ, I had a heavy week of movie watching. I started off with the must-see Max documentary The Truth vs. Alex Jones as well as the serviceable Code 8 sequel Code 8: Part II. I watched Georges Méliès’s 1896 trick film The Haunted Castle because it was discussed on a podcast I listen to, and then had a banger of a Saturday with the exceptional trio of lesbian crime thriller Love Lies Bleeding, found footage horror film Late Night with the Devil and Sydney Sweeney’s nunsploitation horror film Immaculate. Finally, I saw the solid but disappointing horror film You’ll Never Find Me on Shudder and then did a rewatch of the fantastic and underappreciated 1998 action horror flick Deep Rising.

On TV, I’m staying caught up with Drag Race season 16 and watched the finale of Drag Race: UK vs. The World season two, while also keeping up on X-Men ’97, which remains great.

Anyway, we’re gonna have a lot to cover tonight so let’s hop right in.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* We’re LIVE in the Capitol Wrestling Center — or outside of it as Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams walk into the building earlier today. But inside, we’re kicking off with the Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s match!

NXT Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s Match
Nathan Frazer & Axiom vs. The O.C. vs. The Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro

Frazer and Cruz dive on The O.C. before the bell and we get back in the ring, where Luke Gallows takes over and tags in Anderson. Axiom whipped into the ropes but takes out Gallows and then anderson, and Wilde with a roll-up on Axiom for two. Knee to the gut, Wilde nails Anderson and chucks Axiom into a rana on Anderson, Axiom takes down Wilde for two.

Frazer tags in and hits an enzuigiri on Anderson, then a Moonsault into an inverted DDT on Anderson and DDT on Wilde at the same time for a couple two-counts. Frazer to0 the top for a Phoenix Splash, Wilde avoids it and hits a neckbreaker for two. Bodyslam by Wilde and a stop to the face, Cruz tags in and goes up but is hit with an enzuigiri by Axiom. LWO and Axiom and Frazer up jostling on the turnbuckle, Gallows and Anderson go over for and break it up. Frazer to the outside, Axiom gets decked, and the LWO with a double missile dropkick to Gallows! Wilde up top for a corkscrew dive to everyone on the outside, and we go to PIP break.

We’re back as Axiom hits a Spanish Fly off the top on Wilde and gets a nearfall. Frazer tags in and goes up top, FROG SPLASH and Axiom follows suit — but Anderson grabs Axiom for a power bomb. Axiom counters with a rana that sends Anderson to the outside but Gallows takes down Frazer and Axiom when they leap off the top. Wilde stops him with a kick to the head and Axiom & Frazer launch him off the middle rope to knock Anderson down, cover gets two.

Wilde tags in Cruz, but Cruz gets superkicked to the floor by Axiom. Frazer up top and dives onto Wilde and Gallows. Axiom springboards but gets knocked down to the floor by Karl, who DOES HIS OWN DIVE onto everyone! And Cruz with a corkscrew dive to complete the set!

Cruz gets Anderson in the ring and hita a missle dropkick, then goes up top — corkscrew moonsault but Anderson moves. Magic Killer but they can’t gt the tag and gets sent out of the ring. Axiom dives onto Gallows and Wilde is down — Frazer with a 450 for the pin!

Winner: Axiom & Nathan Frazer (10:47)
Rating: *** 1/4
Thoughts: This was wild and chaotic, sometimes to its detriment, but on the whole it was the proverbial banger.

Frazer and Axiom are asked by Kelly Kincaid about how they’re feeling and Frazer says they’ve never slowed down and are headed to S&D. He says if we thought they pulled out crazy stuff tonight, just wait. The Wolfdogs are watching from the raised stage.

* Lexis King is sitting in his chair saying that sometimes things don’t work out and my feed goes wonky, but he says he’s going to have his hand raised in victory tonight.

* Ilja is asked if he’s nervous and he says no, but he’s on high alert. He sees his car has a boot on it and a car drives up, saying he should have paid his parking tickets. He offers Ilja a ride to dinner and he says he’ll find another way. The goon says get in the car and Ilja does.

Fallon Henley vs. Jacy Jayne

Some shit talking to start and a lock up, Jacy with a hip toss and they keep the lockup on, rolling back and forth. Back to their feet, Jacy with a waistlock that gets reversed. Jacy with a back elbow but Fallon with one of her own. Into the ropes, Fallon trips Jacy and gets a kick to the face for one.

Fallon with a splash to Jacy but gets distracted by Kiana and knocked to the outside. Jacy out and lays in fists as Kelani holds back Thea from getting involved. Back in the ring, clothesline by Jacy and a cover for two.

Jacy slams Fallon’s head into the corner, whip into the ropes but Fallon with a sunset flip for two. Jacy knocks Fallon down and applies a modified sleeper. Fallon to her feet and ends up in the corner, boot to the charging Jacy and a headbutt. Fist to Jacy’s face, Fallon strikes away at Jacy and hits a knee to the head. Kiana with the distraction and Thea jumps onto her through the ropes!

Big brawl to the outside and Fallon makes the save, battering Kiana and Izzi. Back into the ring for a running knee to the face from Jacy and a three-count.

Winner: Jacy Jayne (3:58)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: Decent enough match for less than four minutes, but it was more about the angle than the wrestling anyway.

Jacy walks through the curtain and says it feels good to be on top and this is why she did all of this. She takes shots at Chase U and says she was never Thea’s friend; she did it to regain the spotlight she shouldn’t have lost and is now the attraction of NXT. Ava tells them to move on and Thea charges in losing her shit. Ava says it’s a six-woman tag at Stand & Deliver.

* We get a montage of Josh Briggs as the “Man of Mayhem” and he talks about how we’ve known him as a tag team competitor but a legend gave him advice in JBL. Since then he’s had a new look and attitude. He says this Saturday he Stands on his own and Delivers the fight of his career.

Lexis King vs. Von Wagner

Von slides in and attacks King to start the match. Von batters King with a big shot and sends him over the ropes with a clothesline, following along. He tosses King into the guardrail, King tries to escape to the ring but gets grabbed and tossed into the guardrail again.

Back in the ring and Von takes over again, sending him into the turnbuckles head-first before chucking him across the ring. He stomps King down in the corner, King comes back with a kick to the head and leaps off the second rope — Von catches him for a fallaway slam.

Von sends King into the corner and charges, King ducks and Von hits the ringpost. King with a kick on the apron to the head, then gets in the ring for elbowdrops and a cover for just one. Von fires back but King with overhead shots to the back and then a boot choke in the corner. Von with a kick to the gut and King with strikes but Von shrugs them off. King into the ropes — he hits a neckbreaker and gets two.

King with a rear chinlock, Von fights to his feet and King jumps on his back. Von backs King into the ropes to break it but King leaps back on before getting thrown off — King with a superkick and then knick to the knee. He goes for Drive-By but von with a powerslam! He knocks King down a couple of times, Von gets kicked but no-sells it and hits the big boot. Double underhook into a slam, he signals for a goozle but King to the apron. Von follows and hits a choke-slam onto the apron!

Von clears off the commentary booth and sets King up — power bomb attempt but King blocks. Von goes again but King counters with a DDT. King into the ring, Von gets in at 9 and King with the Coronation for three.

Winner: Lexis King (5:52)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: A bit plodding at times but on the whole it was fine.

* Ava walks into Melo’s dressing room and says that she told the ref to be leniant on Saturday so they get a winner, and extra security for tonight. Melo tells her to make her security ready, because his is.

* Natalya is giving Karmen advice and Roxy walks up, saying she doesn’t need advice from her former heroes.

* Arianna Grace is mad that Gigi Dolan is late and Wren Sinclair shows up. Grace says she has a number of dresses for Georgina and Wren says she thought beauty pageants were about being who you are. Grace asks if Wren is implying that she’s going to change Georgina for the worse and Wren says yes. Grace can’t believe it, but these are fighting words and she’s texting Georgina because the dresses have to wait.

Lola Vice vs. Karmen Petrovic

Kicks from Karmen to start, feeling Lola out. Lola shoots for the leg and they do some counterwrestling, Lola with an armbar but Karmen escapes. Lock up, Lola backs Karmen into the ropes and puts her on the mat. Ankle lock but Karmen kicks her way free. Whip into the ropes, Karmen with a leaping back kick to Lola and another kick for a two-count.

Karmen with a wristlock now, Lola with a pump kick to break it. Knees to Karmen’s gut and a kick to the back, followed by a sleeper. Karmen to her feet and elbow’s out of it, Karmen transitions into a full nelson but Petrovic drops through and kicks Lola in the head. Boot to Lola’s face and then kicks to the gut followed by a leg sweep. Jumping spin kick to the back and a cover for two.

Whip into the ropes reversed by Lola, back fist puts Karmen on the mat. Lola goes for the sharpshooter because Nattie’s there, she locks it in and Karmen taps.

Winner: Lola Vice (3:46)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: As good as a match this length can be. They both worked well but had very little time.

* Clash of the Castle is coming to Scotland in June, in case you didn’t see earlier.

* Ilja is driven down a dark road toward his dinner. They stop at and Ilja is told the Don’s inside. Ilja walks with his title belt to a warehouse, and is let in through the freight door. He walks past a couple guys, one of whom stares meaningfully while working with a table saw. Another guy does the same wile using a nail gun. Ilja is followed by goons to a table where he sets the title down and Tony and the Family walk in. Ilja and Tony take a seat and stare off. TO BE CONTINUED.

* It’s time for Supernova Sessions! Noam Dar says live from the Moon, welcome to another edition of Supernova Sessions live in the USA. He asks Mensah who will be Standing & Delivering, and he says them because, as Jakara says they’ll be hosting.

Noam welcomes the first guest, ROXANNNNNNNNNE Perez. Roxy takes a seat and Noam sings again to the detriment of our ears. He asks Roxy if she likes the seat arrangement and she doesn’t care. Noam intros Lyra, who comes out looking livid.

Lash tells them to settle down and Noam says to take a moment. Roxy says she can’t wait for Saturday because she’ll get back the title she never lost. Lyra says just stop. She’s sick of Roxy saying the same thing over and over and over again. She says Roxy isn’t NXT Women’s Champion because Indi Hartwell climbed a ladder faster than her. Roxy failed to get the title at S&D but she blamed Indi. She lost at Vengeance Day but she blamed Lola Vice for that for cashing in the Breakout Contract. It was shocking, just like when Roxy did it.

Roxy says Lyra doesn’t know her and has been riding high, and doesn’t know what it’s like to lose the title. But Saturday she will, as she knocks Lyra off her high horse and she finds out a champion is made not after you win a title, but after you lose it. She says she’s a whole new Roxy and she couldn’t have snapped her arm like she did previously. But now she can. Lyra thinks losing the title broke Roxy but no, it only made her dangerous.

Lyra says it wasn’t Roxy’s title when Tiffany Stratton had it or when Becky Lynch was champion. But she probably has excuses for this. She says S&D will be a fight, biggest show of the year. And the difference between them is while Lyra wins, all Roxy does is bitch. And after S&D, she’s gonna geva whole lot to bitch about.

Roxy stands and walks to Lyra saying she wants to be seen as a perfect champion, but there is no perfect champion. She has a lot of rage built up in her and at S&D, she’s letting it all out. Roxy decks Lyra but Lyra fights back and puts Roxy through the coffee table! Lyra poses over Roxy with the title.

* Dijak says he’s the law in the ring, and he hands it down with great conviction and reckless abandon. He doesn’t care who you are, he can break you down. We get a montage of Dijak highlights and he says he didn’t come back to NXT to make friends; he came to collect championship gold. He’s the superior big man in NXT and will prove it.

* Oba Femi is watching the vignette backstage and tells Briggs and Dijak he will show them at Stand & Deliver why he’s NA CHampion. Oba WALKS to the ring.

Oba Femi vs. Joe Gacy

Shawn Spears attacks Gacy on his way to the ring and yells at him to laugh, but he backs off when Femi approaches. Femi throws Gacy in the ring and he tells the ref this is what he came for, so it’s on.

Femi batters Gacy and whips him into the ropes, Gacy with a kick to the head but Femi slams him down. Boots to Gacy and two elbowdrops, Gacy with a slap and Femi decks Gacy. Another elbowdrop and a leaping kneedrop for two.

Femi batters Gacy into the corner, whip across the ring and Gacy hits hard. Femi takes aim and comes in with a charging Euro uppercut. Whip across the ring and another charging uppercut, Gacy falls out of the ring. Femi out and attacks, Gacy with a chop and goes up on the apron, charging into a BIG slap to the chest by Femi!

Back in the ring, Femi grabs the leg bit Gacy kicks free. Chops and punches by Gacy, who ducks a clothesline and hits an enzuigiri. BIG back suplex by Gacy! Springboard moonsault and an Upside Down — caught by Femi for a Snake Eyes. Big ol’ toss by Femi, who moves in on Gacy but Gacy is down and he throws up the X. Welp.

Winner: No Contest (3:46)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Well that was awkward and unfortunate. Okay match until that, Gacy looked solid and Femi was dominant.

* Tatum asks Lyra what all that was about before, and Lyra says it was Roxy who drove her to this. Tatum says this isn’t who Lyra is and Lyra nearly snaps but says maybe Tatum’s right, and she’ll do anything to hold onto the title.

Wren Sinclair vs. Arianna Grace

Lockup to start, Grace with a wristlock, reversed by Wren who puts Grace on the mat. Wren shot into the ropes and runs Grace over, she gets another headlock takedown but they’re back up and Grace backs Wren into the ropes. Wren trips Grace and covers awkwardly, she tries again and gets one.

Grace backs Wren into the corner and goes for a back kick, Wren catches it and hits an atomic drop and dropkick. Whip into the ropes, Grace holds on to avoid the dropkick and puts Wren in the corner to stomp her down. Judo throw and a series of elbowdrops, then a stomp to the head and Boston Crab.

Wren fights out and kicks Grace free, she dodges an elbowdrop and rolls Grace up for two. Grace with a double leg takedown and gots for the Crab again but Wren throws her off. Back up, Wren with BIG slaps to the chest. Clothesline off the ropes and a another unnijng clothesline. Grace dodges a kick but Wren with a couple nearfalls regardless.

Grace whipped into the corner, she dodges a splash and rolls Wren up, using the ropes for leverage for three.

Winner: Arianna Grace (3:56)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: They worked well together and Grace getting the win makes sense, but Wren acquitted herself well enough.

* We get a rundown of WrestleMania week, and then the Stand & Deliver card specifically.

* Tony thanks Ilja for coming and says he got Ilja’s parking situation taken case of. Ilja says it’s impressive how far Tony will take his mind games. Tony asks if Ilja understands the importance of this location. Ilja says he was shocked by the invite but did his research and says this place is scary in his world. Tony says this dinner represents not the end of Ilja yet, but the end of his title reign. Tony says he’ll make getting the title look like child’s play, and Ilja says Tony himself said he was unbreakable. He respects Tony as the Don but says no one will stop him from taking the title.

Tony grabs Ilja’s hurt finger and says he could have had Ilja taken out at any point, but no he’s going to do it at Stand & Deliver. He says and says it’s nothing personal — just business. A good puts a dish in front of him, Tony says “Enjoy your last supper” and leaves.

Sol Ruca vs. Blair Davenport

Blair with a running front dropkick to start, but Sol battles back and trips Blair, flips over her and kicks her. Sol up to the top and flips over Blair, then hits a hip toss and a wristlock. Back to their feet, Sol lifts Blair up by her wrist and drops her, then works over the wrist with a legscissors.

Back into the wristlock, Blair to her feet and nails Sol in the face to escape. Irish whip reversed, Sol gets Blair with a gorilla press and standing moonsault for two.

Back up, Blair with an X-Factor, a dropkick and then a clothesline over the top. She goes to the apron, dodges a couple trip attempts and kicks Davenport in the head. Sol to the outside and charges, Blair dodges and Sol hits the steps. Blair picks Sol up and drops her knee-first on the steps as we go to PIP break.

We’re back and Blair’s been in control throughout the break. She dodges an enzuigiri, but Sol hits a second one. Sol fights back to her feet but gets battered by Blair. She hits some fists to the forehead, gets tripped but gets up for some giving bodyblocks. Sol into the ropes and Blair kicks out the knee, then goes for a suplex — it goes over the ropes and both women go to the floor!

Sol rolls Blair into the ring and gets on the apron, nails Blair twice and hits a one-legged slingshot splash! Cover gets two! Sol with a suplex but Blair floats over and hits a back suplex for two.

Blair goes for a suplex but gets reversed and pulled into the second turnbuckle. Sol to the apron and hands Blair on the ropes, hits a moonsault DDT-like maneuver for a nearfall! Sol with the Sol Snatcher, but Blair counters! She slams Sol down, goes for the knee — Sol dodges and rolls Blair up for three!

Winner: Sol Ruca (9:16)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Very good match between these two and a nice bit of vindication for Sol in storyline. I have no complaints.

* Melo and Trick separately WALK backstage.

* Briggs is backstage watching the show and Dijak walks up and asks if he saw what Obe did to Gacy. Briggs says it won’t happen to him, Dijak says he’s winning and Femi says he will remain champion.

* Ava is happy with the Stand & Deliver card when Gacy crawls in, saying he’s okay and wants Shawn Spears. That match is on for Stand & Deliver.

* It’s time for the Melo and Trick face to face, with security surrounding the ring. Melo comes down first with his personal security team. Then it’s Trick’s turn, and the crowd of course loves him. Trick gets his mic and here we go.

Trick says here they are, face to face. He says they should both be happy, they’re main eventing the biggest show of the year but it wasn’t supposed to be like this. Trick Melo Gang built a bond that was supposed to be unbreakable; the two of them. And he’s having a hard time with it because he’s going to war with a man he used to consider his brother.

Melo says Trick went a long way from the dark match in Smackdown. Trick says it was his first match and Melo was there for that. Melo says it was like that but at one point it was them against the world. Now at S&D it’s them against each other. Trick says the world will be watching and Melo says they will just like they saw Trick run everything.

Trick says Melo ruined everything. Melo compares the titles to girlfriends and says they both lost their titles, but as Melo was trying to get his back, Trick went behind his back to take him. He says Trick went from his brother to his enemy, and Trick says that’s not how it went down. He started to blow up, and he told Melo face to face that he wanted to take his shot, and Melo was happy. Melo says he was happy but Trick wanted to believe all the hype and listened to the people saying he was ready for a position that was Melo’s and still is. Championship or not, Trick is always gonna take a back seat to Melo.

Trick says his days of taking a backseat are long gone. Melo laughs and says Trick used to be so humble. What happened? He says Trick’s been hot for six months, but he’s been hot for three years. He says they love you when you’re shining, but when it’s the next guy’s turn they’ll switch on you like Nintendo. Trick says this is what it’s all about — Melo’s envious of him.

Melo says he doesn’t care what the people think and the people won’t be in the ring at S&D; he is. They’ll be in the ring and Trick will learn why he’s been the man all along and why when he shoots, he don’t miss. Trick says Melo already learned he’s the man knocking him off the hill and if not, he’ll learn at S&D when he whoops that rick.

Melo bails Trick and it turns into a brawl, wih security trying to break them up to no effect. Security is sent to the outside, Trick & Melo breal and everyone is down here to break it up.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Good
The 411
This was a very solid show designed to hard sell the PPV on Saturday, and it did that well enough. We had a couple of very good matches in the opening match and Sol vs. Blair, as well as a couple pretty decent ones by TV standards. There was nothing objectionable here, though the show didn't have that epic "final build to a PPV" feel that NXT usually has for these episodes, perhaps because they did the Prime Target last week and not this week. Still, good show on the whole.

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