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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 9.20.22

September 20, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE NXT 9.20.22 Image Credit: WWE
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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 9.20.22  

Hello, everyone and welcome to our live WWE NXT coverage on 411! I’m Jeremy Thomas, here as always, and WWE has quite the show to follow up last week’s strong episode. Tonight we’ll see Tyler Bate take on JD McDonagh in a #1 contender’s match that should be an absolute blast, while Nathan Frazier will face Axiom in the second of their Best of Three series. Plus, Toxic Attraction will take on Tatum Paxley and Ivy Nile while Cora Jade tries to kick off the second year of the Generation of Jade against Wendy Choo. Plus plenty more than has yet to be officially announced, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, here at Thomas HQ I’ve been busy on my horror movie watching as HOOPTOBER has officially arrived. I’m knee-deep in my eighth year of the Letterboxd horror movie challenge for September and October, which means I’ve been watching a lot of classic horror thus far along with my usual watches. I started the last week off with a distinctly non-horror film in the Marilyn Monroe/Clark Gable classic Western The Misfits, which stands up as a haunting look at broken people in the West. After than Hooptober began with the excellent documentary Pennywise: The Story of IT (available on ScreamBox, followed by the ambitious and fun but sadly hacked-to-pieces Hellraiser: Bloodline. Next up was the truly awful clip show of a movie that was Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor, and then the psychic shark-protecting serial killer movie Mako: The Jaws of Death.

We got a big jump in quality with the 1921 Jewish horror classic The Golem: How He Came into the World, then went back to fun-but-mediocre range with The House That Dripped Blood. I took a quick break on my horror viewing to watch the Netflix documentary Skandal! Bringing Down Wirecard which was an interesting story of corporate fraud and journalism, and then last night I watched the dull and poorly-edited 1979 horror anthology Screams of a Winter Night. If you want to follow my Hooptober watching, you can see my list for this year here.

Anyway, we’re gonna have a lot to cover tonight so let’s hop right in.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* We start off with a recap of last week’s 2.0 anniversary celebration including Shawn Michael’s voiceover that ended the show and the assault on Wes Lee by Melo and Trick before Solo Sikoa showed up and won the NXT North American Championship and the shift to the white-and-black logo, which looks permanent.

* Earlier today, Melo shows up and asks if someone wants to see him, and Solo walks in. They argue until Shawn Michaels shuts them down and says Solo competed in a match he wasn’t supposed to be in and the results can’t stand. He asks Solo to hand over the title and says he’s done it and it sucks, but rules are rules. Solo says he gets it and there was some business he had to take care of. He hands it over and Shawn wishes him luck. Solo tells Melo that he told him he had next, then leaves.

Melo thanks Shawn for that and Shawn says Melo tried to outsmart the system and got burned. Any time he thinks he’s bigger than the business, it’ll slap him in the face. The title will be determined at Halloween Havoc in a Ladder Match and Melo and others can qualify for it. Melo says “Okay” and walks off.

Best Of Three Series Match Two
Axiom vs. Nathan Frazer

Murdering my fingers right off the bat, I see. Fine. They lock up to start and go into some counterwrestling before breaking. Re-lockup, Axiom takes control of Frazer and sends him into the ropes, Frazer gets a few roll-ups and one near-fall, then a one-count but Axiom locks in a sleeper. Frazer rolls back for a two-count and they break.

Test of strength but Axiom quickly takes Frazer down and locks in a heel lock which Frazer flips out of. Frazer with a headlock, sent into the ropes and runs Axiom over for a cover, then a laying headlock. Axiom rolls him back onto his shoulders for two. Back to their feet and they go amateur wrestling a bit, Axiom with a kneeling headlock and then up for a headlock takedown. Frazer turns it into a headscissors, he flips out and pulls back the knees, he flips over into a near cattle mutiliation, they start going quickly and Axiom with a dropkick followed by a Northern Lights suplex for two.

Frazer sent into the corner but goes up into a rana, sending Axiom out of the ring. Frazer goes for a dive but Axiom decks him, then goes up top but gets NAILED with a dropkick! Axiom quickly rolls outside as we go to PIP break.

We’re back and Frazer has Axiom in a bearhug on the mat. He pulls Axiom up but Axiom counters into an octopus hold, which Frazer counters into an abdominal stretch. Axiom hip tosses out of it and they trade shots, Frazer into the ropes and gets dropkicked. Axiom goes into the ropes and bulldogs Frazer against the top rope, springboard takedown in and cover for two.

Axiom kicks Frazer hard in the chest a couple of times, but Frazer catches his boot. Axiom with an enzuigiri but Frazer answers with one of his own! Axiom manages to cover for two still, then ducks a clothesline and hits a Pele Kick. He sets up and charges for the Golden Ratio, but gets nailed with a superkick for two and a half!

Frazer goes up top, but Axiom with a leaping enzuigiri. He goes up top, armdrag crossbody off the top and a cover for two. Frazer hits a back elbow, but Axiom locks in a sleeper! Frazer gets him off but Axiom with a DDT! He goes for a LaBell Lock but Frazer gets a foot on the ropes, BIG stomp to the back of the head! Axiom goes up top but Frazer goes up — SUPERPLEX and he holds on for a spinning suplex. Up top for a spinning splash, cover for three.

Winner: Nathan Frazer (13:14)
Rating: *** 3/4
Thoughts: Ridiculously good work by these guys for a super-hot match. Don’t know what honestly needs to be said here; even though we know Frazer would win to go to three matches, it was a fantastic bout.

* Alba Fyre says Mandy Rose’s reign as champion has been historic, but last week when they locked eyes she saw into Mandy’s soul and saw she was scared. Alba says Mandy knows she’ll be the one to take the title and burn Mandy’s empire to the ground.

* Toxic Attraction ask Mandy if she’s okay and she shakes it off, says she’ll beat Fallon next week and then deal with Alba.

* We get a WWE Community video with King Crusher for Connor’s Cure that is delightful.

* We then get a vignette with Damon Kemp, who rips off his Diamond Mine shirt and sprays an X on it. He crows about costing The Creed Brothers their NXT Tag Team Championship match and admits he took Tony D and Stacks’ money, not Roderick strong. He says it was only a matter of time until Julius and Roddy went to blows but the footage would have proved his innocence so he destroyed Roddy’s phone, then Roddy.

Kemp says Roddy is still in the hospital and the Creeds are pissed at him. He says he’s a world-class athlete but won’t fight them two-on-one. He’ll face them one on one, and they can pick who stays in the locker room.

* Ivy is pissed about Damon Kemp destroying Diamond Mine and Tatum says the Creeds will handle Kemp but she needs Ivy to focus. Ivy says she’s focused, let’s go.

Toxic Attraction vs. Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley

Gigi and Tatum start off, they do some dodging and ducking of each other until Paxley hits a kick. She goes for the tag but Gigi stops her, she takes out Paxley and Jacy tags in. Tandem kicks, and senton from Jacy and a cover for two. Jacy kicks Paxley and showboats for Ivy, which briefly allows Paxley to take over until Jacy knocks her down. Tag to Gigi, who kicks Paxley in the face and covers for two.

Gigi pulls Paxley’s right arm into a submission, then knees her in the cut. Short-arm forearm to the jaw, but Paxley with a roll-up for on. She comes off the ropes with a facebuster and both women are down — Ivy makes the hot tag! She takes out Jacy, knocks Gigi down and then hits Jacy with a running kick in the corner. Gutwrench suplex, cover but Gigi breaks it up before hitting Paxley with a back suplex.

Jacy nails Ivy with a shot to the jaw, Gigi is tagged in and Ivy takes over with shots to both until she gets shoved to the floor. Gigi rolls her back in, Jacy tags in, Elimination and cover for three.

Winner: Toxic Attraction (3:57)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: Not great all in all. It wasn’t bad by any stretch, it just didn’t get any time and what we had was a bit uninspired.

* Joe Gacy and The Dyad are coming to the ring.

* Tyler Bate arrives in the arena, and McDonagh arrives in the parking lot.

* Schism is in the ring. Reid says last week signifies the end of opportunity for this in the Schism and it’s time to pick a side. They won’t turn the other cheek anymore, and anyone not sitting in the shade under Schism’s tree has been warned. Fowler says for those few bold enough to sit with them, you have nothing to fear and they will never abandon you. The road to peace and inclusivity is a bumpy one, but their goal is to make the world a better place.

Gacy says we’ve brought it on ourself and change can be scary, but they’ve given us ample time to accept the change and we’ll see the world through their eyes whether we want to or not. Gacy says he’s given Grimes multiple chances, but this world only responds to a firm hand. He says Grimes has made a life-altering decision and to him and anyone else who refuses to listen, the wrath of the schism is imminent.

Enofe and Blade come out and attack Schism, knock them out of the ring and leap onto Dyad.

The Dyad vs. Malik Blade & Edris Enofe

Fowler briefly takes over with punches, but Blade leapfrogs and hits a dropkick. Enofe tags in and they hit some quick tandem kicks, cover for two. Fowler back up though and backs him into the corner where Reid holds him and Fowler decks him. Reid in now, he covers for one.

Fowler tags back in and Enofe ducks under, somersaulting and tagging in Blade who leaps onto them. Enofe sends them over the ropes and Blade dives on them as we go to break.

We’re back as Reid and Blade trade shots. Fowler gets a tag behind Blade’s back and grabs his sweater, Reid sends him to the outside and Fowler nails him. Schism hug on the outside and Fowler sends Blade into the ring. Forearm to Blade, Reid tags in and nails Blade in the cut. Snapmare followed by a stomp to the head, Blade tries to fight back and gets beat down.

Reid with another shot and Fowler tags in. Whip into the ropes, Blade grabs on and kicks them before making the hot tag to Edris. Splash to Reid, then another to Fowler and repeated fists. Reid comes over to break it up and gets his own firsts. Fowler gets taken down with a bulldog but Fowler with a jawbreaker, Blade tags in and hits a leapfrog slam for two.

Fowler goes onto Edris’ shoulder, Blade goes into the ropes but Reid pulls the ropes down. Edris with a cover for two, but The Dyad are too much for him Redd with a Destroyer off Fowler’s back. A wheelbarrow into a Codebreaker finishes it.

Winner: The Dyad (9:16)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: The match was fine, but I just don’t care about The Dyad. It didn’t stand out as a match, it was just kind of there and the gimmicks are doing NOTHING for Fowler and Reid.

* We get a recap of Quincy Elliot’s win from last week.

* Roxanne Perez talks up Meiko Satomura and says she challenged Meiko because she wanted to see where she stood. She says she was nervous and had never been hit harder in her life; she still has bruises from it. She says she lost the match, but gained Meiko’s respect.

Meiko says Roxanne was really tough and has a fighting spirit. SHe thinks the day is near when Roxy will be a champion. We then see Cora’s attack on Roxy and Meiko’s save, and Roxy says next time they meet Cora will meet a tougher, more determined Roxanne Perez.

Wendy Choo vs. Cora Jade

Lockup to start, Cora backs Wendy into the corner and hits a cheap shot, then mocks her. Wendy shoves Cora and then hits a headlock takedown that Cora headscissors out of. Wendy headstands out of it and goes back to the headlock. Both women to their feet, Wendy runs over Cora off the ropes and rolls Cora into a one-count. Dropkick and then a kick in the corner, Cora goes out of the ring and Wendy tries to basement slide dropkick but Cora catches her and spins her legs around, knocking her face-first into the bottom rope.

Cora kicks at Wendy and then picks her up for a short-arm whip into the ropes and then a chargign elbow in the ropes, cover for two. Cora with a straight-jacket sleeper, she manhandles Wendy but Wendy gets to her feet and flips Cora off of her. Wendy with a strike and whip into the ropes for a German suplex. Cartwheel splash in the corner, she gets another German suplex despite a back elbow from Cora.

Wendy charges into the corner but Cora moves, big DDT from Cora finishes it.

Winner: Cora Jade (4:13)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: As good as a four-minute match allows. Cora and Wendy are both great when they have the chance to be, and even at four minutes they did some good work here.

After the match, Lash Legend big boots Wendy and talks shit.

* McKenzie is backstage with Bron Breakker who is asked about the #1 contender’s match. He thanks the fans for voting him Superstar of the year and talks up both guys, saying he doesn’t know but it’s a main event match for sure. He says it could go either way but he’s saying Tyler Bate.

* Trick gives Melo a pep talk and says it’s a new day, and he is Carmelo Hayes. Hayes is motivated and heads to the ring.

* Ora Mensah is interviewed by Kelly Kincaid and is asked about his qualifying match with Grayson Waller. He says Ora means gold and he comes from Switzerland, the country of gold, and he’s going to qualify tonight.

* Melo and Trick come out, and Trick tells everyone to shut their mouth when the A-Champion is speaking. He tells Melo to talk his talk, and Melo says vote or no vote, he’s the biggest superstar in NXT, period. He says that preying on his downfall proves it, and he wants the person who played Solo’s music, the guy who rang the bell, and the referee fired. Melo says he doesn’t care what Bloodline Solo is from, he came into his house and took something from him, so he is still the A-Champion.

And here comes Chase U! Andre Chase says that he saw what happened last week and what we have right now is —

Melo shuts him up and says any other time, but right now is not the time because it’s serious business. Chase tries to do it again but Trick tells him not to finish the line. Chase says what we have right now — IS A TEACHABLE MOMENT! Melo attacks but gets knocked out of the ring.

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams vs. Andre Chase & Bodhi Haywood

Trick sends Chase into the ring, but Chase with an armdrag. Trick with a cheap shot and knocks Chase into the turnbuckle, Melo tags in. He trips Chase and Trick dropkicks him, Melo covers for two. Snapmare by Melo, but Chase turns it around. Tag to Bodhi and a double armtwist takedown, but Melo takes back over once Chase leaves the ring.

Trick sends Bodhi to the mat, but Bodhi turns it around and hits a diving shoulder tackle. Chase tags back in, chop to Trick but Trick fires back with a shot. Side Rusian legsweep to Williams and it’s the CHASE U stomps. Bodhi tags in, he grabs Trick and picks him up for a torture rack but Melo tags in. Double clothesline to Bodhi, Melo off the ropes for a sprinboard clothesline, kick to the head and cover for two.

Trick tags back in, shot to Bodhi’s side. Stomps to Bodhi’s chest, then a could punches to the gut. Trick goes for a crossbody but Bodhi moves and tags in Chase, who comes in hot. Inverted atomic drop to Trick, bodyslam and he goes up top — he leaps off and Trick escapes, hitting a shot to the chest. Melo tages in, he knocks Bodhi off the apron and goes for a springboard attack but Chase grabs him and rolls him up for three!

Winner: Andre Chase & Bodhi Haywood (4:14)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Fast-paced and chaotic, it never really settled down and told a story but it was fine for the time it got.

* Gallis is playing cards and darts backstage when Briggs and Jensen walk up, saying they thought they would leave after Worlds Collide. Gallus say Briggs and Jensen aren’t allowed at this table and things almost come to blows before security steps in.

Sanga vs. Von Wagner

Wagner off the ropes to start but fails to knock Sanga down, Sanga runs over Wagner in return. Wagner with strikes to Sanga but it means nothing as Sanga levels Wagner and puts him on his shoulder. Wagner slips off and beats on Sanga in the corner, but Sanga fights his way out. Wagtner takes over with strikes and the lack of caring the fans have for this is palpable.

Sanga punches his way out of it and splashes Wagner in the corner, sidewalk slam but Wagner slips out of the ring. He climbs back onto the apron but gets booted off. Sanga exits the ring and runs Wagner over, Robert Stone leaps off and gets grabbed but Wagner uses the distraction to take over.

Sanga sent into the ringsteps and Wagner is back in, big boot off the ropes and he picks Sanga on his shoulders, Slam for three.

Winner: Von Wagner (2:52)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: Who gives a fuck? No, really. No one does, as is obvious by the fan reaction, and matches like this won’t help any.

* Wes Lee talks about how Trick and Melo did a number on him, but not good enough as he’s cleared and will compete in the NXT North American Title qualifiers. He had the opportunity to get a bye but refused it because he wants to earn it.

* Stacks walks up to McKenzie and says Lee has rocks for brains as he should always take a free ride. Lee talks on Tony D next week.

* Cameron Grimes says he’s going to chop down the Schism’s tree next week.

NXT North American Title Match Qualifier
Grayson Waller vs. Ora Mensah

Waller smacks Ora to start, they go into the ropes but Waller catches Ora with a short-arm clothesline. Wristlock by Waller, Ora flips up but gets slammed back down. Waller keeps the wristlock on until Ora reverses it.

My feed cut out a little bit when we’re back Waller slaps Ora, only to have the newcomer lay in a bunch of strikes. Kick off the ropes by Ora caught by Waller, who picks him up onto his shoulders and slams him down. Elbow drop and cover for two.

Ora goes into the ropes and dodges a few swings by Waller but gets knocked down, Waller lays in the fists. He traps Ora’s body and hits repeated elbows to the shoulders. Waller picks Ora on his shoulders but Ora fights out, strikes to Waller until Waller with a kick. Ora ducks a clothesline and hits a springboard moonsault. He goes for a suplex, Waller elbows out of it but Ora with a flipping kick.

Waller out on the apron and he grabs Ora, hanging him out on the ropes. He goes for his diving stunner but Apollo shows up with a bleeding eye and Ora dives onto him. Back in the ring, spinning heel kick in the corner and Ora gets the win.

Winner: Ora Mensah (5:20)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Perfectly fine debut from Mensah, weird gimmick twist for Crews, and a solid match for the time given.

* The Creeds are working out in the Diamond Mine area. Brutus wants the match next week, but Julius says it’ll be him. They argue about who is needs to be, and Julius concedes to Brutus but tells him to end Kemp’s career.

* Bron Breakker is out here with Landon “The Conquerer” Chase, a Connor’s Cure Thriver.

* Sol Ruca talks about expressing herself through her music and artwork and her home is in the middle of the ocean with no distractions. But it’s time to find her destiny and she arrives next week.

Set For Next Week:
– NXT North American Title Match Qualifier: Tony D’Angelo vs. Wes Lee
– Cameron Grimes vs. Joe Gacy
– Pub Rules Match: Gallus vs. Briggs & Jenson

NXT Championship #1 Contender’s Match
Tyler Bate vs. JD McDonagh

A stare off to start before they lockup, JD with a wristlock. Bate tries to counter out but McDonagh holds on until Bate matches to turn it into a headlock. JD escapes, they do some counterwrestling, ending with a crossbody from Bate and an armdrag into an elbowlock, cover for one.

Bate with the elbowlock, but JD grabs a handful of hair. Bate fights back and takes JD down, he gets him on his shoulders and spins but JD counters into a roll-up, they trade pin attempts back and forth, all two-counts. It keeps going and going until they hit a double clothesline and we go to PIP break.

We’re back as JD has Bate in a Boston crab. Bate backs his way toward the ropes and pushes JD into them to cause the break. McDonagh grabs Bate by the hand and lays in repeated kicks, he goes to pull Bate up but Bate stops him and chucks JD into the corner and over the ropes to the floor! Bate comes off the ropes and leaps onto JD, sending him into the announcer’s booth! Bate grabs JD but gets sent into the booth, JD talks shit to Bron at the booth but Bate gets him in the ring. JD leaps at Bate, Bate catches him and suplexes him back. Standing shooting star press for two!

Bate kicks at JD’s head and chest, he picks JD up and hits a Euro uppercut. Bate charges at the corner, JD escapes to the outside but gets caught and pulled onto his shoulders! Spinning slam (with MANY spins) for two! Bate picks JD Up and sends him into the corner, JD onto the apron, Bate charges but JD pulls the ropes down. Kick to Bate’s chest, BIG springboard moonsault, 450 for a nearfall! JD with a Brain Buster, cover for thr-NO!

They’re trading shots on their knees and get to their feet, more strikes back and forth. Bate with a BIG right hand, Tyler Driver ’97 countered, Bate goes off the ropes and hits a BIG flipping slam — but Bate with a right hook from his back to JD’s jaw! Bate goes up top, but JD is up and nails Bate with a shot to the jaw. JD goes up top, Bate with forearms, he catches Bate for a Tyler Driver’97 from the top but McDonagh breaks it — BIG punch to Bate. JD picks Bate up, flipping splash from the top, Devil Inside, pinfall.

Winner: JD McDonagh (12:54)
Rating: *** 3/4
Thoughts: These two are just about flawless in the ring against each other. They put it all out there and had an absolutely fantastic TV main event. McDonagh is probably the right choice here but I would have been happy with either.

Bron steps into the ring and stars off with JD, talking trash back and forth — and what is this? ILJA! ILJA DRAGUNOV IS HERE, and McDonagh is beside himself! Ilja steps into the ring and stares down Bron before JD walks up and yells at him. Bron holds the title high as we go to black.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Good
The 411
This week's NXT was a two-match show. We had a stellar opening bout and a fantastic main event, and then everything in between was...generally fine. I didn't love any of the other matches but the angle development was largely good, even if I don't care a whit about Von Wagner or Schism. All in all, not the best NXT episode in recent memory but those two matches make it worth at least checking them out if nothing else.

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