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Jon Moxley Says His Match With Kenny Omega Is ‘The Money Match’

November 8, 2019 | Posted by Ashish
Jon Moxley Kenny Omega AEW

Jon Moxley recently spoke with Yahoo Sports about Saturday’s AEW Full Gear PPV, calling his match with Kenny Omega a “money match.” Highlights are below.

On his match with Kenny Omega: “I’d say this is definitely the money match right now. You can tell when there’s a spark between two guys in the ring and there’s this combustible energy, an electricity you can feel. Our lives intersecting at this exact moment, it’s hugely fortunate for all involved. It seems like fate.”

On being pulled from his match with Omega at All Out: “I’ve really put my foot to the gas pedal since Double or Nothing and actually overextended myself a little bit. You have to look at the silver lining in stuff. It could be one of those things where it was a big match before on a big show and it sold a ton of tickets in just a few minutes. Now it seems like it’s even bigger and the show is even bigger.”

On how the change was great creatively: “It’s a great thing creatively for AEW. You take this scenario and you get thrown a curveball and you take it and make it real, take it in whatever direction you want it. I was like ‘hell yeah,’ because it’s not like you have to get cleared or ask anything with regard to promos like that. It was real. You don’t have to worry about going through red tape, using big words, reading a paragraph or something like that. If you have something to say in AEW, you just say it.”

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