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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 5.06.20

May 6, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Karrion Kross NXT 5-6-20
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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 5.06.20  

Dominik Dijakovic vs. Johnny Gargano

New slower theme for Gargano. Dijakovic wails on him to start, using his power to overwhelm the former NXT Champion. He hits a backbreaker and launches him across the ring. Johnn,y no longer playing by the rules, uses underhanded tactics to gain the upper hand. Still, Dijakovic is too strong and hits a suplex toss for two. As Johnny takes a beating, Candice LeRae walks out. DD scolds her and the distraction is enough for Johnny to send him outside and follow with a rope suicida. Commercial time. Returning, Dijakovic gets two on a cyclone kick.  Johnny turns it around but can’t keep Dijakovic down. Candice distracts the referee as Johnny unties the turnbuckle. he gets caught and stopped. Dijakovic gets two on a sitout chokeslam. Superkick from Dijakovic and Johnny goes for the turnbuckle pad against as he blocks Feast Your Eyes. Gargano exposes it as he gets pulled out for a powerbomb. He counters into a rana that sends Dijakovic into the buckle. One Final Beat DDT wraps this up.

Winner: Johnny Gargano in 13:58 [***1/4]

LAST WEEK ~ Imperium attacked the NXT Tag Team Champions.

Imperium cuts a promo over their theme saying they’re the most dominant force in NXT. They officially challenge Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher for the titles.

Backstage, Io Shirai warms up.

Interim NXT Championship Tournament: Akira Tozawa [1-0] vs. Jack Gallagher [0-1]

It’s a Cruiserweight Classic rematch. They start hot and Tozawa locks in the Octopus Hold quickly. Gallagher turns the tide and starts wearing Tozawa down. Tozawa with a rana and then he sends them both outside to break free of a sleeper. Tozawa counters Gallagher with a DDT on the apron and adds the diving senton off the top to win.

Winner: Akira Tozawa [2-0] in 3:46 [**]

Akira is interviewed and says that he has yet to face his next opponent, Fantasma, but will beat him.

Backstage, Charlotte Flair prepares.

Chelsea Green vs. Xia Li

As the girls go at it, Aliyah strolls to ringside. She grabs Xia’s leg on a run to the ropes. She gets on the apron and Xia kicks her off. Chelsea uses the distraction to win with a poorly executed I’m Prettier.

Winner: Chelsea Green in 1:16 [NR]

Post-match, Robert Stone helps Aliyah up and they look at each other. I assume she’s joining the brand soon.

Velveteen Dream cuts a promo from his couch backstage. The time has finally come and tonight, it’s Dream Over.

Karrion Kross vs. Leon Rush

Tons of production on Kross’s entrance, including Scarlett mouthing along the words to his theme. Lots of smoke in the ring as the match begins. Huge saito suplex to start. He adds another and wins with the Kross jacket submission.

Winner: Karrion Kross in 0:54 [NR]

In an interview, Matt Riddle says he knew teams would be after the titles but Imperium had the audacity to interrupt the Newlybro Show. They’re ready for the challenge.

NXT Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair [c] vs. Io Shirai

Charlotte overpowers Io to start with a shoulder block. Io avoids a stomp and eggs on Charlotte before Matrix escaping a big boot and showing off some cartwheels and backflips. A dropkick sends Charlotte to the corner and she regroups. Headscissors head smash gives Charlotte the advantage and then she boots Io as she tries a slingshot dropkick in the corner. Commercial time. Returning, Io fights off Charlotte and snaps off a top rope arena. Charlotte fights back and climbs up for a moonsault. She crashes and burns in a really weird looking way. Io with the Tiger Feint Kick and corner knees for two. Charlotte gets her knees up on a moonsault and gets two on a big boot. Io sends Charlotte outside and again misses a moonsault. However, Charlotte has a kendo stick and whacks Io with it for a DQ.

Winner via disqualification: Io Shirai in 10:40 [***1/4]

Charlotte targets Io’s leg, banging it on the apron and wrapping it on the ring post. However, Rhea Ripley runs out and levels Charlotte before driving her into the apron. Charlotte escapes with her title. Io shouts at Rhea as she leaves.

Backstage, Rhea Ripley is interviewed and says Charlotte beat her one night and she’d like to see her do it again. Io comes up to her yelling and the two get into a fight until security separates them.

Interim NXT Championship Tournament: Jake Atlas [1-0] vs. Kushida [1-0]

Quick start for these guys. Kushida with a diving senton to the outside and then a cartwheel dropkick inside. Shotei follows. Atlas retaliates with a rope of his own but springboards right into the armbar and taps quickly.

Winner: Kushida in 3:03 [**1/2]

Finn Balor is out to address what happened to him a few weeks ago. He knows that people come after the top dog to get a push. Whoever attacked him won’t get a push, they’ll get squashed.

NEXT WEEK ~ Imperium get a Tag Team Title shot!

Cameron Grimes vs. Denzel Dejournette

Denzel avoids the immediate double stomp and fires off belly to belly suplexes. Still, he takes the Cave In and loses.

Winner: Cameron Grimes in 0:24 [NR]

Post-match, Grimes cut a promo saying that someone beat him to attacking Finn Balor because he’d slap him in the face if he had the chance. Balor calmly walks out and stands next to him. He wants Grimes to slap him but Grimes says he was just joking around. He swings and Finn takes him down. Double stomp and Slingblade send him packing.

NEXT WEEK ~ Cameron Grimes vs. Finn Balor!

NXT Championship: Adam Cole [c] vs. Velveteen Dream

Lots of smack talk to start and Dream gets the first near fall on a huge spinebuster. Dream sets him up top but Cole fights him off, only to get his neck snapped off the top. Dream catches a leaping Cole with the DreamDT for two heading into a break. Returning, Cole has control and calls Dream a joke. Dream answers with clotheslines and a back elbow. Springboard axe handle gets Dream two. The same goes for a superkick. Cole comes back with the Backstabber for two. Dream kicks out of Ushigiroshi and Cole calls him a nobody. They trade blows. Dream is sent outside but comes back in with an axe handle. After a near fall, Fish and Strong walk out but Dexter Lumis randomly appears from under the ring. He fights them off but sends Strong into the referee.Purple Rainmaker connects but there’s no referee. Wen Dream can’t wake up the official, he takes out everyone with a dive outside. As he enters, Cole with a superkick and Last Shot to retain.

Winner: Adam Cole in 10:15 [**1/2]

The final score: review Average
The 411
This was supposed to be a big episode with two major title matches. Unfortunately, both of them had pretty lame finishes. Charlotte/Io was good and it seems like there's more to be done in a later match. Dream/Cole was wildly mediocre throughout. The Cruiserweight tournament matches were kept oddly short. I liked what they did with Kross to an extent, Gargano, and Balor. An entertaining episode but one that felt like a disappointment.

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