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Mick Foley On Why The Undertaker Is His All-Time Favorite Opponent, His Reaction To Their Buried Alive Match

October 30, 2022 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Mick Foley 20 Years in Hell, Tag Me In United Image Credit: WWE

On a recent edition of Foley Is Pod, Mick Foley discussed his reaction to the Buried Alive Match with The Undertaker at In Your House 11, why Undertaker is his all-time favorite opponent, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Mick Foley on his reaction to the Buried Alive Match with The Undertaker at In Your House 11: “When we talked in depth about In Your House with Shawn Michaels and we talked about the fact that the only thing that really marred the match was the inconclusive ending. I said I would’ve rather just taken the L and gotten my heat back, but I know that WWE had something big for me. I don’t know if I knew what it was at the time I wrestled Shawn Michaels, although I’m guessing I did because they would’ve needed to start promoting that thing in a hurry. But as soon as I heard Buried Alive, where the goal is literally to bury your opponent alive, I was in because I liked the weird stuff. I always liked the stipulation matches, and this is one that seemed to lend itself to being creative, which I really enjoyed as well.”

On the finish to the match: “I think the wild card is that none of us realized how long it would take to fill. So, originally, it’s just me and [Terry] Gordy. I can’t tell you for a fact whether those other guys were supposed to join or whether they were just recruited immediately when they saw that this isn’t gonna cut it, especially Gordy. I’ve already went on record to say he was one of the 10 best workers in the world, especially American workers, for a period of three to five years. He was one of the very best. But when it came to covering up a grave, that wasn’t part of it. I went to scoop as much stuff as I can, then Terry turns around so his back to the grave, and he starts acting like my cat Sunny used to in the litter box – just kind of scooping little tidbits. Then, all of a sudden we have help. Triple H was there, Justin Hawk Bradshaw was there, Goldust came and helped me out. We had a total of five people, and yeah, it was a pretty ominous scene.”

On why Undertaker is his all-time favorite opponent: “It’s so tough to pick out a favorite. There’s maybe Terry Funk. Steve [Austin] and I had a blast, Rock and I, Hunter, who I might want to work for at another time. You have to put him up there because we had amazing matches. But the truth is, like I said, without The Undertaker coming out of the gate, my story kind of ends unceremoniously as a guy that goes in and gets pushed down the card and is largely forgotten. The Undertaker, by virtue of that, meant so much to my career, and also, by virtue of the fact that the matches were really enjoyable is probably my all-time favorite opponent.”

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