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Pantoja’s AEW Dynamite Review 6.29.22

June 30, 2022 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Pantoja’s AEW Dynamite Review 6.29.22  

AEW Dynamite

June 29th, 2022 | Little Caesar’s Arena in Detroit, Michigan

Ethan Page (28-9) vs. Orange Cassidy (60-21-2)

It has been mere seconds and I’m already over Orange Cassidy’s new theme. His previous one was PERFECT. I get that it was his theme on the indies but the Pixies one is 10/10. Anyway, he was out with Best Friends in tie-dye attire. Dan Lambert again spoke for Page (still a bad decision) but he set the tone for the match by suggesting OC go at it alone (Best Friends left) and saying that OC can’t handle a real heavyweight like Page. Right from the start, OC made sure to taunt and flex whenever he did something. They then built the match around a body slam as OC kept failing to get one off because Page was too big. I mean, it’s an odd call because Page isn’t exactly massive so it feels weird. Page took control and did some taunting of his own heading into the break. I loved the spot of Cassidy putting his hands in his pockets to break free of a Razor’s Edge. Page grew frustrated with his inability to put away Cassidy. As OC rallied and still failed at the slam, Lambert got on the apron with orange juice. Cassidy drank some, spit it at Lambert, and finally hit the body slam to win in 10:57. That had a hot crowd but the match itself was fairly average. I guess the slam was an homage to WrestleMania III in Michigan but it didn’t fully click. [**½]

Tony Schiavone brought out Christian Cage for a word and he was greeted with plenty of heat. He supposedly wanted a match tonight but wasn’t dressed for it. Instead of apologizing for his comments about Jungle Boy’s family last week, Christian said that he’s sorry Jungle Boy’s entire family isn’t dead (except his mom of course). He then said that the match he wanted tonight wasn’t for him but for…

Luchasaurus (66-26) vs. Serpentico (13-83)

Yes, Luchasaurus has sold out to Christian and was out in all black. See, that means he’s EVIL now. He totally dominated this match, throwing Serpentico around with ease and winning with the Snare Trap in 0:49. Luchasaurus added a chokeslam outside after the bell, capping a segment that worked. [NR]

Backstage, Wardlow and Scorpio Sky traded barbs. Wardlow said he can bring all of American Top Team and it doesn’t matter. Sky suggested they make the title match next week a Street Fight.

Danhausen (1-1) and FTR (33-6-1) vs. The Gunn Club (10-2) and Max Caster (61-30)

I wonder why there’s no Hook this week. Danhausen had to find mystery partners and he went with FTR, which is as good as it gets. The Gunn Club didn’t even do their usual pre-match gimmick, clearly serious about the Ass Boys stuff. FTR being the partners had Anthony Bowens SHOOK. “FTHAUSEN” chants! A lot of the early stages saw FTR handling the work, which makes sense. They used quick tags and experience to overwhelm Caster and the Ass Boys. The tag to Danhausen for an elbow after a drop toe hold got a great reaction. He also snapped off a rana and some hip tosses but posed too much and ended up taking the heat through the break. They teased the tag a couple of times before he finally made it to Dax Harwood. Seeing FTR just fire off stereo rolling Germans was sick. They’re so good. The finish saw Bowens get up from the wheelchair and try to hit Danhausen with his crutch but he missed and hit Austin. Danhausen covered for the win in 9:31. That was a really fun tag. [***]

Post-match, the Acclaimed and the Ass Boys argued while Billy Gunn played peacekeeper. When his sons got too aggressive, he shoved them down and sided with The Acclaimed.

We got another video to promote the AWFUL Samoa Joe/Jay Lethal/big dude/Sonjay Dutt angle. Basically, the match is supposed to happen at Death Before Dishonor. I can’t stand this.

AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill [c] (33-0) vs. Leila Grey (0-4)

Obviously, Grey wouldn’t typically get a title shot but Jade put out an open challenge and Grey signed first. This went exactly how you’d expect, with Jade dominating and winning in 1:55. [NR]

After the match, Jade ran down the women for issuing an open challenge but having none of them really step up. Hathaway’s line of “homegirl doesn’t even have a W2” about Grey, who isn’t under contract, getting a shot was great. He called Athena and Kris Statlander lazy for not accepting. That brought those ladies out for a fight. Jade was nearly set up for the Eclipse but Grey made the save. She was apparently auditioning to be a Baddie but the crowd didn’t really react since they don’t know who she is.

The Young Bucks cut a promo in the back about how their friends are all injured. It all led to them issuing a challenge to Hirooki Goto and YOSHI-HASHI. Holy shit, that sounds terrible.


· The Young Bucks vs. YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto

· Nyla Rose vs. Toni Storm

· The Royal Rampage (a 20-man Rumble to get the first shot at Moxley)

Blood & Guts: The Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli 1-0, Jon Moxley 51-4-1, and Wheeler Yuta), Eddie Kingston (42-18), Santana & Ortiz (32-10) vs. The Jericho Appreciation Society (0-0)

The JAS were out with some hilariously bad red attire. Sammy Guevara chose to start but seemed to regret it once Claudio stepped in against him. I got to see Claudio beat his ass for a few minutes, so this is riding on five stars right now. It hit a point where Sammy started trying to escape Claudio and run out the clock until his partner joined the fray. That ended up being Du-rag Daniel Garcia, who broke up the swing. They held the advantage through commercial with Wheeler Yuta evening it up once the show returned. He threw German suplexes galore. Hager joined in next and the crowd actually popped for a Hager/Claudio face off. I know they were the Real Americans but nothing Hager does will get a reaction from me. “We the People” chants. Interestingly, Moxley was in next and he cleaned house. I loved that because just as things might’ve started to drag, Moxley hit the ring to save it. Moxley, Yuta, and Claudio (the Blackpool Combat Club) dominated to the point where Angelo Parker entered with three opponents staring him down. Again, a nice change of pace. Also, Garcia was cut with a fork for our first bit of blood. Ultimately, the heels took back control so that Ortiz’s entrance could still feel like a hot tag. Matt Menard was in next right after a commercial break and brought a chair with him. They used other weapons like broken glass, kendo sticks, and thumbtacks as this went on. Santana brought in a table, while Jericho used his bat. Kingston was last in and the match officially began. I loved that he just walked through the JAS with kendo stick shots in his desperation to get to Jericho. It was exactly what it needed to be. Some weapons stuff didn’t work like Hager’s table bump but the stuff with the tacks came off well. 2.0 seemed to be on a mission to prove themselves, bleeding buckets and taking bumps on tacks. Parker was even hung by his leg upside down out of the cage with blood pouring. They exposed the ring under the mat though that didn’t amount to much. Tay Conti tried to get involved but Ruby Soho ran out and fought with her to the back. Jericho and Kingston battled up top and Sammy followed to take the token bump off the top as he was sent down through tables. Menard and Claudio also went up top, with Claudio saving Kingston from the Walls. Jericho took the swing on top of the cage and got put in the Stretch Plum as Claudio put Menard in the Sharpshooter. Just before Jericho could tap, Menard did, giving Claudio the win in 46:45. An absolutely wild match. A lot of people will likely not have enjoyed this but they gave me what I wanted with a lot of things that worked and major angles continued. [****¼]

After the match, Kingston was mad at Claudio for just missing out on the win but ultimately raised his hand in victory. Santana didn’t celebrate with the faces as he got injured during the match.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
That could’ve been a simple one match show but AEW did a lot with this. The main event delivered and was a big improvement on last year’s but they also had a big moment for Luchasaurus, a fun Danhausen/FTR tag, and something for Jade Cargill to do.

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