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Rob Van Dam Recalls His Segment That Got Impact Banned From Twitch

January 18, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Rob Van Dam Impact Wrestling Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Rob Van Dam famously got Impact Wrestling briefly banned from Twitch for a segment that aired on the show, and he recently recalled the whole situation. RVD was in the middle of a heel run and had a segment in January of 2020 with Forbes and Jennifer Barlow which featured featured blurred nudity and whipped cream make-outs. Twitch issued a temporary ban that was later lifted.

RVD discussed the segment on Rene Dupree’s Café de Rene, and recalled how the whole thing happened. “This was a skit that we did on IMPACT’s show with me, and Katie, and our girlfriend, Jennifer,” he said (per Fightful). “First off, just the fact that they started adding Jennifer into the promos made me realize like, ‘Wow. That’s how small the world is here.’ We tweet a couple of times and then they pick up on our Twitter and that becomes the storyline. We posted some stuff and all of a sudden, it’s in the storylines. I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m okay with that. Whatever.’”

He continued, “But they did this skit, we were celebrating something and the three of us were in bed. I had a robe on and Jennifer says, ‘Let me see that Rob Van dick!,’ and rips it open. It was ridiculous. They wrote it, they edited it, they showed it, and then got banned from Twitch.TV, which I guess was a pretty good part of their audience. So, they were banned and then had to get reinstated.”

Van Dam’s run with Impact continued until September of that year, when he finished his commitments there.