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Sanders’ Impact Under Siege Review 2023

May 26, 2023 | Posted by Lee Sanders
Steve Maclin Impact Under Siege Image Credit: Impact Wrestling
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Sanders’ Impact Under Siege Review 2023  

What’s up everybody! Lee Sanders here! Happy Friday! Great to be back covering wrestling here again but this time with a twist! Due to the ever-changing NBA schedule, Jeremy Thomas will be covering AEW RAMAPAGE as tonight it is back in its 10pm ET time slot as opposed to early Sunday morning. Tonight begins a fun weekend for wrestling fans as we got events from AEW, WWE, and IMPACT going down. As result, I’m covering tonight’s IMPACT Under Siege ppv event. Be a pal and be sure to follow me on YouTube by clicking here for all of this weekends ppvs as I’ll be doing post shows. I’m very excited as I haven’t checked out the product in several months. Been hearing loads of good things. Let’s jump right into it!

Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Venue: Western Fair District Agriplex
Commentators: Matthew Rehwoldt and Thomas Hannifan

MATCH 1: Kenny King vs Nick Aldis

Kenny does a little bit of showboating to lure Aldis into chasing him as Kenny capitalizes with a couple of cheap shots. He sends Aldis outside the ring as Aldis rolls back in before the 10 count as King stomps on him before launching into a leg drop/spring attack from the ropes. Aldis now with a pump handle fall-away slam for a near fall. Aldis to the top as Kenny stops him with an uppercut. King takes full advantage as he’s looking for the superplex. King delivers a enziguri that levels the National Treasure as the referee begins to count both men now. They come to a vertical base as they trade off strikes. Kenny with a back elbow and a powerslam for a two count as Aldis is still alive! King is looking for a full nelson. Aldis counters with a Mitchinoku driver as he goes to the top to deliver an elbow drop. Kenny tries climbing on the apron as Aldis delivers a strike to send him flying off. Kenny comes in with a spinebuster to receive another near fall. Kenny lands himself into a powerbomb after coming from the top rope as Aldis follows up with a Texas cloverleaf submission for the victory.

Winner:Nick Aldis (9:00)
Rating: **
Off to a nice start. Short, sweet, simple match. Felt a little too much like this was meant for a tv show as opposed to a ppv match but that’s just me folks.

As Aldis makes his exit up the ramp, he points off to some chaos among the crowd. Turns out Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich are in the crowd fighting one another in front of a jam packed crowd of about 1500. The carnage continues as this is an all out brawl that spills to the ring. This isn’t a match, it’s a straight up fight as Kelly brings a steel chain to rip on the face of Slamovich. Officials finally come out to get control of the situation.

Gia Miller is backstage with Jordynne Grace as she talks about how she’s been through a lot this year so far. She feels if by losing tonight, she won’t be the face of the division, or the best for that matter. She wonders exactly what does it make her if she doesn’t come through in her match against Deonna Purazzo as remember the stipulation for the match. If Jordynne loses then she can’t compete for the Knockouts Championship so long as Deonna is the champion.

MATCH 2: Rich Swann, Sami Callihan, and TBA vs. The Design (Angels, Deaner and Kon)

Looks like Jake Crist is the mystery tag partner for Sami and Swann. Crist hasn’t been seen in years but the man still looks good and recognizable. Crist is a former tag champion and X-Division champion as Crist starts off with Angels. Nice drop kick by Crist as Sami is tagged now. Double team by Crist and Sami is successful as now all six men are in the ring going all balls out. Sami is still the legal man as Angels is fighting him by delivering a tope from in-between the ropes. Crist and Swann try to take out Kon with a couple of moves from the top but the big man isn’t budging as he knocks them both down. Meanwhile, Angels delivers a dropkick to Sami as he no-sells it and delivers a powerbomb while dumping Angels onto all the men on the outside! Crazy spot! Looks like Swann is busted open from the mouth as Crist is tagged. Commentators confirm Kon is and had been the legal man as he comes in and delivers all carnage. Side note, who’s the cute blonde referee? She is a cutie! Dealer tagged now as he delivers a side Russian leg sweep as Angels is tagged back in briefly before Deaner is tagged back in. Cover attempt by Crist and there’s a kickout as Crist delivers a flying forearm from the the middle rope of the corner. Callahan tagged as he’s going up against Angels. Sami makes quick work of him and sends him over the ropes as he points at Deaner to come get some. Both men are hammering away at each other as Crist and Angels get involved. Crist and Angels get a double ddt! Kon delivers chokeslams as Angels plants Sami with a frog splash for a kick-out. Kon misses a rush attack as Sami dodges it in time. Swann delivers superkicks to everyone as he follows up with a double cutter. Crist and Angels going at it now as this is just a superkick party. Sami rushes in and plants Deaner in a piledriver as Angels comes in with an attack of his own. Swann looking for a half and half and it’s countered as Swann counters Angels with a rollup for the victory! Whesh!

Winner:Swann, Crist, Sami (11:00)
Rating: ***
I’ve seen my share of disorganized tag matches, especially when it’s a six-man tag or more. This was well structured and loads fun. I love the way Kon was booked here as he’s made to look like a monster. Happy he didn’t take the pinfall or submission. So Sami is now pushing a bald head? Bout damn time as it looks good one him! Welcome to the Lex Luther Club, Sami! You’re gonna love it here!

MATCH 3: Trinity vs Gisele Shaw

Trinity delivers a big clothesline, followed by a leg drop as she goes for a cover attempt. Shaw kicks out quickly and rolls out of the ring. Shaw goes around Trinity to ground her to the canvas before tossing her in the corner. Trinity rebounds nicely as Shaw leaves the ring again to take another breather. Evans and Vidal causing a bit of distracting at ringside that helps Shaw deliver a couple of cheap shots. Trinity tossed back in the ring where Shaw plants the back of her head with an elbow. It’s followed up with a back suplex and cover as Trinity kicks out barely. Shaw now with a series of uppercuts, followed by a corkscrew uppercut. Another pinfall attempt made as Trinity kicks out. Shaw with a stomp to the midsection of Trinity as she goes for another cover attempt! Trinity kicks out yet again. Gisele starts showboating to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Nice backbreaker by Trinity as this could be her window of opportunity. Big forearm after forearm by Trinity that ends with a dropkick! Trinity building up momentum with knees to the chest followed by a leg-scissor / head spike takedown! Great stuff by Trinity as she connects with the split-legged moonsault for a near fall. Shaw races to the corner and takes advantage of the referee trying to step in and delivers a cheap shot to Trinity! Shaw sets up Trinity for a Orton-style ddt from the ropes for a near fall! Shaw misses a boot attempt as Trinity applies the starstruck submission to make Shaw tap out despite Evans and Vidal trying to interfere prior as Trinity took care of them.

Winner:Trinity (10:00)
Rating: ***
Loads fun of a match. Trinity has not missed a beat at all. I’ve followed the career of Shaw since her time in WOW-Women of Wrestling. Gotta she she’s come a long way since those days, especially personality wise. She’s working the crowds more and is doing a better job selling her offense and defense. Some great chemistry here with these two as I’d love to see them run this back. Any way we can see John E. Bravo team with Trinity? Now that be interesting!

MATCH 4: Impact World Tag Team Championship-ABC (Ace Austin and Chris Bey) (c) vs. Subculture (Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster) (with Dani Luna)

Ace and Andrew begin this one with a lockup as the two exchange hold for hold. It’s not coming off theatrical by any stretch as Bey is tagged. Nice spinning uppercut to Andrews as Webster gets tagged to deliver a nice sequence of combo splashes on Bey. Morgan goes flying off the top rope to crash into Bey on the outside. Bey tossed back inside where he’s given a German suplex. Ace and Bey connect with another combo as Ace delivers a back suplex on Morgan who’s the legal man now. Ace with an arm hold turned headlock move for a bit. Ace is looking for a suplex as Webster denies him. Bey is tagged now as he goes flying over the top rope to crash into Webster. Webster tossed back into the ring as Austin connects with a double foot stomp to Webster. It is a 2-on-1 advantage here so far as Andrews looks on waiting for a tag. Andrews gets it as he’s coming in hot with a nice double pele kick. Andrews out to the apron for an aerial attack on Bey as he applies code red to Ace for a near fall. Webster gets the tag as he helps with an assisted falcon arrow that gets a near fall. Ace now with a shotgun middle dropkick to Andrews as Morgan is tagged but once again goes down as Ace and Bey combine for a nice kick to the head combo. ABC sent flying over the ropes as Webster goes flying off the top rope to crash onto them. Subculture with the Blitz Knee Pop for a near fall. Bey gets the stun dog millionaire as Webster delivers a senton on Bey for a near fall. Double headbutt by Subculture as Bey comes back with a doublehead spike. ABC finishes them off with the final finesse and fold to retain their titles.

Winner:ABC (10:00)
Rating: ***
Loaded and fun tag match. Best tsg match I’ve seen in quite a while. Felt pretty refreshing as I must say the team of Bey and Austin work extremely well together. They alone could really help tag the tag division to the next level as it’s something that’s been lacking for many, many, many years now in IMPACT. This comment is a matter of opinion as I’m sure some will disagree but that’s just how I feel. That aside, probably the second match out of the entire event I’d encourage folks to check out this weekend if they can.

MATCH 5: X-Division Championship-Trey Miguel (c) vs. Chris Sabin

Did Tom just compare Sabin to the great Bill Russell? I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that. Anyway, nice forearm strike to Trey as Sabin tried following up but Trey quickly turns the tides as action spills outside the ring. Trey picks up and drops Sabin, back first on the side apron. Trey brings it back inside as he delivers calculated strikes to the back of Sabin. Pin attempt made as Sabin kicks out. Trey with a nice sequence of moves that culminates in a transition guillotine choke. Trey applying a headlock from behind now. Sabin manages to get an opening as he applies a ddt for a quick breather. Kick to the midsection of Miguel as Sabin goes to the top and connects with a beautiful dropkick! DDT follows onto Trey as we see a kickout! Sabin with forearms to the face as Trey reverses it briefly as Sabin gets the upper hand with a suplex. Trey now with his combo kicks to Sabin as he feels this one is over. Nice series of uppercuts as Sabin follows him down with a dropkick. Trey comes back with a brain buster as Sabin somehow kicks out after a pin attempt. Trey to the top now and misses as Sabin takes out his footing! Sabin with a driving of the knees to the canvas as he’s focusing on the legs now. Shoulders down, Trey with a pin attempt as Sabin kicks out but Sabin comes back and applies the sharpshooter! Trey manages to get to the bottom rope to breakup the submission hold. Both men now fighting on the top turnbuckle as Trey tried looking for a powerbomb but settles for a tiger kick, followed by the meteroa as somehow Sabin kicks out! Trey tries looking for it again as no one was home this time. Sabin with the Canadian destroyer as he follows up with the clothesline from Hell! Miguel rakes the eyes of Sabin as Trey delivers a dropkick that sends Sabin crashing into the referee. Sabin with the moon-cradle attempt but referee is knocked out. Trey grabs a bottle of spray paint outside the ring and sprays Sabin in the eyes! Rollup follows as the champion retains!

Winner:Trey Miguel (13:00)
Rating: ***
All these years later and Sabin can still go. Sabin is very underrated as a singles competitor and this match tonight reminds you how good the man can be on any given night. Trey continues his string of high quality matches as he’s really been shining as a solo act. Where there was once uncertainty, Trey now seems to relish solo in the spotlight. Both men have come a long way. Solid match.

MATCH 6: #1 contender for the Impact World Championship: Alex Shelley vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Moose vs. Yuya Uemura

This was way too much for me to call as there was a lot going on in this match but review wise I have a lot to say…

Winner:Alex Shelley (11:00)
Rating: **
I will say this about the way this match was structured. For a majority of it there was always something going on. No one disappeared to go hang out at the apron for a long period of time, there was constant movement, constant action. Yuya really didn’t get that much off for showcasing in this one which is kinda sad. He should’ve been given some really strong and surprising moments to make the fans think that he just might be able to pull it off. Moose as always performed like a beast and I loved seeing folks gang up on him a few times. Frankie Kazarian is someone I personally feel should’ve been able to win this. No shade on Shelley at all folks but it has more of an interesting arc to it as Kazarian is essentially following in the footsteps of his best friend in Christopher Daniels per say, I am at a disadvantage as I haven’t watched IMPACT in a minute so do keep that mind. These are my first impressions though.

MATCH 7:X-Last Chance match for the Impact Knockouts World Championship-Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Jordynne Grace

Nice lockup for a bit as the action spills outside the ring. Deonna connects with a flipping senton onto Grace. Back inside now as Deonna tries to deadlift Grace. The former champ isn’t budging as she launches Deonna onto the top rope with her brute strength. Jordynne with a snap suplex as she follows up with a couple of clotheslines to Deonna in the corner. Jordynne with a German suplex as the champ is favoring the back of her neck. Deonna put on the top turnbuckle as Jordynne seems to be going for the muscle buster but Deonna counters it as Jordynne launches at Deonna to send them both crashing outside to the canvas. Deonnna with a nice snap suplex as Jordynne rebounds with a spinning 360 slam for a kick out. Back elbow by the champion as she connects with a piledriver! And there’s a kickout by Jordynne Grace! Deonna gets a spinning backfist to the face followed by a powerbomb into a jackhammer! Champion kicks out as Jordynne puts Deonna on her shoulders and tries to climb to the top rope. Deonna fights out of it and hits queens gambit! Somehow Jordynne kicks out as Deonna goes to work on the left arm as she applies an armbar. Jordynne somehow manages to deliver a reverse piledriver as the champion kicks out. Series of reversals as both women go down after trading shots toe to toe. Both girls now trading smacks to the face as they start no-selling slams after slams. Grace looking for the Grace driver from the top rope as Deonna counters with the queens gambit from the top rope! Pinfall attempt made by the champion. And 1…2…3!!! Champion retains!

Winner:Deonna Purrazzo (15:00)
Rating: ***
My girl Deonna is still the beast! One of the most talented women in the game today that doesn’t get enough props or chatter online. Jordynne gave it her all here and I’m most intrigued by the storyline of what’s next for the former Knockouts Champion. I would imagine some will speculate she is done with IMPACT. I do recall as early as last year if not the year before IMPACT saying they signed her to a multi-year deal. Unless there was exaggeration, I don’t see her going anywhere just yet. Deonna meanwhile just may have a date with Trinity very soon and that should be a nice back and fourth. Couple of miscues in this match and some of the spots were a little off but great effort overall from both girls.

MATCH 8: No Disqualification match for the Impact World Championship
Steve Maclin (c) vs. PCO

Maclin charges at PCO right off the break as it spills outside the ring where PCO quickly rebounds and launches himself at Maclin from over the top ropes. Maclin with a reverse suplex on PCO as his body thuds big time on the steel steps! Maclin takes a trash can to the head of PCO, followed by a baking sheet to the head as well. Maclin continues swinging at the head as PCO seems not phased. Maclin tries for a dive in-between the ropes onto PCO. PCO hits him in the head with a baking sheet! Maclin is busted wide open as PCO delivers closed fists to the head. PCO brings a staple gun into the mix as Maclin delivers a low blow! Maclin with a steel chair now as he takes it to the body of the challenger. Maclin embracing the brutality as he continues attacking PCO with even more steel chairs! Maclin setting up a trash can in the corner as he delivers stomps, after stomps. Another steel chair shot to the back of PCO, followed by a launch of the chair to the face from the top rope! Another trash can is setup in the corner as there was a botch earlier and it fell to the outside. Maclin rebounds here as he spears PCO onto the propped trash can! Sweet spot! Maclin with the staple gun as he staples PCO’s mouth shut! No legit, he does! Maclin tried charging at PCO and misses as PCO begins pulling the staples from his lips. Very disturbing! Glad I ate earlier. Anyway, Maclin now with a couple pieces of concrete on the back of PCO. Maclin takes a sledgehammer and launches a mighty blow as PCO screams in pain! Pin attempt made as PCO kicks out and goes toe to toe with the champ. PCO with the leg drop to the back of the neck. Cover and a kickout by the champion! PCO with a rolling senton to Maclin as Maclin desperately grabs a steel chair and throws it in PCO’s face! PCO sent flying off the apron as he crashes hard to the outside canvas. Maclin throws into the ring multiple cinder blocks as PCO sets him up for a reverse DDT! PCO now rearranging the cinder blocks. He lays Maclin back first on them as he climbs to the top rope only for Maclin to quickly go on offense and deliver a back suplex as PCO’s back hits those blocks! Maclin follows up with the K.I.A to end this one.

Winner:Steve Maclin (12:00)
Rating: ****
If there was one match that I’d say is worth the admission of seeing this event, this main event is it folks! This was my first time seeing Maclin as champion as I did see a little bit of Josh Alexander as champion before he relinquished the title due to injury. I’m sold big time on Maclin as the face of the company. What better way to show this man has grit, balls, and gusto than by having him take on the hardcore legend that is PCO. This match isn’t going to be for everyone as I felt weary and nauseated seeing the amount of blood shed. Let me also mention the sight of PCO taking staples out of his mouth…JESUS! Still, I found myself having shades of enjoyment with the storytelling taking place about the monster who would not die. The champion who would dig down deep and get as evil and sadistic to meet his opponent at their level to ultimately defeat them. Great drama going on here. Loved every minute.

It’s not over yet as the champion demands for IMPACT executive Scott D’Amore to come out and present the title around his waist. True to his word, Scott puts the title around the champs’ waist. Scott extends a handshake as Maclin scoffs at him and leaves the ring. Meanwhile…

Bully Ray comes from behind and chokes Scott out with a strap to make him pass out! Maclin looks on as Bully tells him to get the table! They set it up as IMPACT commentator Matthew Rehwoldt tries to step in and gets laid out. PCO gets back in the ring and drops Bully while Maclin slugs him with the world title. Motor City Machine Guns tries to help but it’s of no use they get taken out as well. Bully pours lighter fluid on the table as Maclin yells at Scott how he’s his boss now. Bully powerbombs Scott through the flaming table to the pop of fans. Bully tells Scott he’s in IMPACT forever as he promises to bring the company down.

End of Show

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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Been a good minute since I’ve seen the IMPACT product and tonight was a great night to tune in. For those that maybe haven’t checked out the product in months or a year or two, I recommend checking this event out. I’m pretty sure it will peak your curiosity and will make you look into getting a IMPACT subscription directly from their site or on Youtube to stay up to date. High point for sure was Maclin vs PCO. My low point has to go to Aldis vs King but not cause of the quality per say but mainly cause it didn’t have that ppv feel. Great Canadian crowd that was well into the action all night. Actually you know what? My low point is going to go to Bully Ray. It’s 2023 and this man is getting a prime spot on television? I wasn’t really a fan when he walked into NWA several months back and was happy when he left. It just feels so damn forced and not needed but I’ll let you IMPACT diehards chat me up on what all I’ve missed and why this is a good thing. One thing is for sure, coming up on episodes of IMPACT, there’s a ton of guys that’s going to want a piece of Maclin and Bully. Oh the drama! Nice showcase of overall some solid wrestling action. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a 1997 Magneto helmet from the X-Men I have to go pre-order… For more great talk of all things wrestling and beyond, be sure to follow me on Twitter @THERCWRSHOW and check me out on YouTube.com/thercwrshow Enjoy the weekend y’all!

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