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Super Estrellas WWC 12.21.2019 TV Review

April 9, 2020 | Posted by Armando Rodriguez
Epico WWE 12-21-2019
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Super Estrellas WWC 12.21.2019 TV Review  

Super Estrellas WWC 12.21.2019 TV Review

I decided to skip the 12/14 and 12/15 shows since it was a recap show with no actual wrestling on it.

Your hosts are Luis Toledo and El Wizard.

They hype the WWC January 4th card with Orlando “Epico” Colon vs Texano Jr for the Universal Heavyweight Title and “El Mesias” Ricky Banderas vs Eddie “Primo” Colon. Also Carlito Caribbean Cool vs “The Precious One” Gilbert is on the card to make this a Triple Main Event.

Toledo scares me by saying this is another “Best of 2019” show. Ugh, hopefully they have some full matches this time.

Orlando “Epico” Colon vs Mighty Ursus

This is from Honor vs Traicion III on May 2019.

Ursus quickly overpowers Epico into the corner. Epico fights back but gets clubbed down with blows and headbutts. A big lariat by Ursus knocks down Epico. Ursus works his usual heat with punches and chokes and then throws Epico outside. He waits for Epico to recover and suplexes him back to the ring. Epico fights back but Ursus shoves him into the ropes and sideslams him for two. Ursus with the dreaded nervehold of doom. He continues with the clubbing blows and gets two back suplexes on Orlando before slowing things down again. At least this makes sense since Ursus uses the Camel Clutch as one of his finishes. The headlock goes on for a bit until Orlando fights back and gets a back suplex of his own. Orlando’s back is hurt so Ursus gets up first. He goes for a running senton splash, but Orlando moves out of the way. The airhorns start going off as the fans cheer for Orlando to get back up. Orlando hulks up and goes into his comeback. He staggers Ursus with a series of right hands and then it takes 3 clotheslines to put the big man down. That final clothesline puts both men down as the ref begins to count. Orlando gets up first and he does the trademark Colon jumping headbutt to stagger Ursus. Ursus reverses an Irish whip but eats boot on a blind charge to the corner. Orlando gets a bulldog from the top for a near fall.

Orlando tries to pick Ursus up, but he shoves Orlando into the ropes and catches him coming with the Lo-Down (High-Angle Powerbomb Pin) for a two count. Ursus works the legs with what appears to be a badly locked Texas Cloverleaf, but Orlando makes the ropes. They trade blows….Ursus whips Orlando into the ropes and he goes under a clothesline and catches Ursus with a crucifix pin! That gets the fluke and anticlimactic win for Orlando. I hate roll-ups!

Winner: Orlando “Epico” Colon by pinfall (8:00) Rating: **1/2   I hate WWC’s tendency to overuse fluke roll-up finishes and this is exactly that. Neither man dominated for long and it ended with the fluke babyface win that was been done to death. Not a bad match but very predictable and I expected more from these two.

WWC Puerto Rican Heavyweight Title: Bellito Calderon © vs Pedro Portillo III

This is from WWC Anniversary Show 2019, the second show (also known as the B-show) in San German on September 2019. We are JIP with both men trading blows outside. Back in the ring Portillo shields himself with the ref and gives Bellito a blatant low blow. That gets two. Portillo nails Bellito with a neat back-elbow off the ropes and locks the dreaded chinlock of ultimate destruction. Bellito fights back to his feet but Portillo knocks him back down with a clothesline. Now they start trading forearm smashes and the crowd is fired up! Bellito goes under a clothesline and catches Portillo with the Spanish Fly! Both men are down.

A fired up Bellito now unloads with right hands and headbutts. A couple of clotheslines put Portillo down and now he trips Portillo and double stomps him. Portillo is sent to the corner. Bellito with the shoulder charge. He heads to the apron and nails a sidekick that staggers Portillo. Bellito to the top rope: Double-Stomp to the back of the head drops Portillo. 1…2….NO! I bought that finish. Bellito heads back to the top rope but Portillo chases him and they fight on top. Portillo with a freaking Nothern Lights Suplex from the top rope! 1-2…NO! Portillo can’t believe it! He argues with the ref and wastes time insulting the fans. He helps Bellito up and sets him up for a Rock Bottom-style move, but Calderon counters into a roll-up, Portillo counters that for a two count and then Bellito counters that into another roll-up for the win. Yes, another freaking roll-up finish!

Winner: Bellito Calderon by pinfall (6:06 shown) Rating: **1/2   Outside of another weak-ass roll-up finish, the match was pretty good and picked up near the end. Portillo and Bellito are busting off moves that we rarely see in Puerto Rico and I hope both men get pushed hard because I love their ring work.

WWC Universal Championship #1 Contender Match: Mecha Wolf 450 vs “The Precious One” Gilbert

This match is from Septiembre Negro 2019.

They trade insults and slaps to begin. Feeling out process lasts a while until Gilbert gets a couple of near falls off roll-ups and pinning combinations. Gilbert stalls and they go through a feeling out process again until Wolf uses his quickness to take over and send Gilbert packing with kicks. He goes for a tope, but Gilbert blasts him with a big right hand and drags him outside. Now this descends into a WWC 80’s-style main event brawl as they punch and kick each other around the arena. Gilbert sends Wolf into the ring post. He rolls Gilbert back inside as we head to a commercial break.

When we come back Mecha Wolf is perched on the top rope and he nails a Splash for two. They trade blows and botch something…. hard to tell what it was since Wolf went to the apron and then came back in for no reason….and Gilbert catches Wolf in a spinebuster for two. Gilbert with the blind charge and eats a superkick. Wolf goes up top but Gilbert trips him up and they fight for control. Gilbert with the superplex! That gets two. Both men struggle to their feet. Wolf catches Gilbert with an enziguiri and follows that with a Tornado DDT from the apron! 1-2…NO! Wolf goes up top, he dives but Gilbert moves out of the way. Wolf is able to roll-through but eats a clothesline. Gilbert stalks him and goes for a Rock Bottom-style move, but the music of Rey Gonzalez blares over the speakers and causes a distraction as Gilbert breaks the hold. Of course, no one comes out. Gilbert tries again but this time Wolf counters into a roll-up (HOLY SHIT WHY!!!!) for the win.

Winner: Mecha Wolf 450 by pinfall (10:06 shown) Rating: **   The stalling initially brings the score down since they could have cut that part out instead of cutting a much better part of the match during the commercial break. Then we have the stupid roll-up finish again! The move and counter was identical to the Bellito-Portillo match that we just saw. Sure, Rey vs Gilbert was the big feud, but can we let someone get a good, clean finish every once in a while, with an actual finisher?

What’s Happening in WWC with Luis Toledo

The Hangmen became the WWC Tag Team Champions by beating La Revolucion. An immediate rematch has been signed for WWC Euphoria on January 4th. Promo time as La Revolucion threatened Portillo for getting involved and then we cut to Portillo cutting a promo for The Hangmen. He says that the details of what happened are irrelevant and the important thing is they have the gold. That is all that matters, and the rest is white noise.

Hype for Banderas vs Eddie Colon. Banderas cut a promo saying he will destroy Eddie and if his retarded giant Peter John Ramos gets involved, he will get to know firsthand why they call him El Mesias. Cut to Eddie and Gilbert. I love Eddie’s heel promo here as he drops a few unsavory words and comes across as a great asshole.

The final score: review Average
The 411
Great show this week with 3 really good matches and plenty of angle advancement. I still hate the overreliance on cheap finishes and roll-ups, but the matches were good and the buildup to the January 4 show is in full swing. Thumbs slightly up.