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Super Estrellas WWC TV Review 12.8.19

March 27, 2020 | Posted by Armando Rodriguez
Super Estrellas WWC TV 12-8-19
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Super Estrellas WWC TV Review 12.8.19  

Super Estrellas WWC TV Review 12.08.2019

Your hosts are Victor Rivera & El Wizard.

We open with a two-minute recap package of everything that happened at WWC LockOut last night. Too fast for me to make everything up, but it showed flashes of Banderas vs Gilbert (which seems to have ended in some screwy fashion).

We jump to the Super Estrellas WWC intro package.

Match 1:  Guevara vs “El Hombre Bestia” Enyel

This is from Noche de Campeones as they milk every match they can from that card without putting the main events on TV. I have never seen Guevara work and Enyel used to be called “Angel” once upon a time, a veteran of both WWC and IWA Puerto Rico.

Feeling out process to start and Enyel takes over with hip tosses and arm drags, eventually grounding things with a wrist lock. Enyel mocks Guevara and goes to the top, but Guevara is able to shake the ropes and knock him down. A lot of nothing happens as Guevara pummels Enyel with stomps and elbow drops. He chases Enyel around with chops until Enyel fights back and gets two off a crossbody. Crowd is dead and both men are working heelish here and there is no definitive favorite. Guevara gets a near fall off a side slam. Guevara locks an abdominal stretch and draws heat by using the ropes behind the ref’s back. Yawn. The ref catches him and Enyel is able to counter out, but Guevara blocks a Russian leg sweep and gets two off a legdrop. Guevara continues his 80’s heel offense with choking on the ropes and hip splashes. Eventually he misses one and crotches himself. Enyel with a weird spinning reverse suplex and that gets the win at 7:13.
Winner: “El Hombre Bestia” Enyel by pinfall (7:13) Rating *   Slow-paced match between one unknown and a slightly less unknown talent leads to the fans sitting on their hands for this one. Guevara got too much offense and Enyel won with one move (even if a cool one) out of nowhere without any rhyme or reason. The worst match I have seen thus far in the episodes I have covered.

Match 2: Jovan vs Macabro

Another match from Noche de Campeones. I have no idea who these guys are. Jovan I have heard is a good prospect but he has a generic look. Macabro is a dude in a mohawked clown mask who carries a 2×4 and immediately makes me mark out. I love his look.

Feeling out process to start and they trade basic moves until Macabro catches Jovan with a big boot off the ropes and Jovan rolls outside. Macabro moves like Mick Foley almost, slow and janky, like he has bum knees. I don’t know if he is just an older guy under the mask or if he is doing spectacular character work. Macabro with a sloppy tope to the outside! He tries a second time, but Jovan catches him coming with a kick from the apron. Jovan up top and nails a Missile Dropkick. He wastes time posing and only gets a one count. Jovan continues to pose and taunt and gets rolled up for two. He catches Macabro with a clothesline and gets the dreaded chinlock of doom. Macabro fights out and hits the ropes, but Jovan catches him coming with a dropkick for two.

Macabro fights back and pummels Jovan all over the ring with punches and clotheslines. He misses a blind charge into the corner and Jovan catches him with a weird pump kick. Looks like he almost missed and Macabro made up for it with the selling anyway. They repeat the spot as Jovan whips Macabro and catches him solidly this time with a Pump Knee to the Face for the anticlimactic win.
Winner: Jovan by pinfall (5:32) Rating: *   Another lackluster affair. I loved Macabro’s character but I don’t know if he sucks because…well, because he sucks, or if he is doing some great character work. Jovan botched a few moves and the crowd was mostly dead. Jovan is supposed to be a good prospect but came off badly here while Macabro did some really good character work and his jerky movements, looking like his body is breaking down, fit the character even if like I said, I don’t know if this is character work or if he is just an older dude under a mask. Either way I want to see more of Macabro and less of Jovan and I think that is not the result WWC wanted here.

Match 3: Los Parceleros (Chencho & Yuyo) vs The Hangmen (Khaos & Abbadon)/with Pedro Portillo III


This is the first match they have shown that is from a smaller event and not from Noche de Campeones. Los Parceleros are like less hairy Godwins complete with slop-buckets, playing the simple men role. I have never seen them work before, but the crowd sure loves them.

Los Parceleros take over with quick tags attacking the arm of Khaos and isolating him. Certainly, didn’t expect it to start this way. Khaos is able to break free, but his attempt to tackle Chencho leads nowhere and he rolls outside. Abbadon charges in and gets caught with a drop toe hold as Chencho tags Yuyo. He comes in a house on fire and dominates Abbadon as they repeat the charge spot and Yuyo does not move, so Abbadon rolls outside as well and the heels regroup with Portillo. Simple formula but the babyfaces are getting over in their debut match. The referee gets distracted trying to escort Yuyo outside (isn’t he legal here?) and Portillo sneaks in to knock Chencho from behind with the bull rope, allowing the heels to take over as we head to the commercial break.

We come back to the typical heel formula: The smaller Chencho is isolated by the heels and triple teamed as they take turns distracting the ref and working over Chencho. The heat segment goes on forever until The Hangmen team up and nail a Sideslam/Elbowdrop combo on Chencho for two as Yuyo breaks it up. Abbadon gets two off a body slam and running splash. The heat segment drags on until Khaos goes up top and Chencho can slam him off as the crowd finally comes alive. Both men make the tag and Yuyo is your PIG FARMER ON FIRE! He knocks both heels around the ring for a bit and Los Parceleros team up for splashes in the corner on Abbadon. Chencho sends Abbadon into a Yuyo side slam for two as Khaos breaks it up. All 4 men in the ring now and the faces send the heels into each other, followed by Yuyo knocking Khaos outside with a clothesline. Khaos is able to pull Yuyo down with him and send him to the ring post. Back in the ring, Chencho is giving Abbadon the 10 punches in the corner, but Khaos breaks it up from behind. Powerbomb/Neckbreaker combo from The Hangmen finishes Chencho (who was not legal) at 11:05.
Winners via pinfall: The Hangmen (11:05 shown) Rating: *1/2 Far better than any match on this show, even if this was a very basic formula tag match with the typical long and plodding heat segment from The Hangmen. Once again, WWC’s disdain for coherence on the tag team rules hurt the match, but Los Parceleros got over with their characters and crisp ringwork (for big guys). I hope they get a better look somewhere down the road because they already seem far more interesting to me than some of the other teams in the promotion.

Of course, the heels proceed to beat the babyfaces down and hang them with the bullrope over the top rope.

El Wizard Analisa: The segment is absolute crap this week as it lasts one and a half minutes, Wizards cracks some jokes and says he is satisfied about last night (with nothing being shown) and then it ends.

The final score: review Poor
The 411
Easily the weakest of the shows I have reviewed, pretty sub-par matches, not a lot of angle advancement and the guys that debuted and seemed interesting to me (like Macabro and Los Parceleros) ended up losing. Hopefully this picks up next week when the stuff from LockOut is finally shown on TV. Thumbs down.