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TCW Show 13-45 Recap and Review

December 5, 2013 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen
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TCW Show 13-45 Recap and Review  

TCW Jr. Heavyweight Championship – Kincaid (c) vs. Americos
The two lock up and Kincaid gets a quick arm drag, kipping up afterwards. Another lock up and Americos gets an arm drag, but no kip up. Kincaid gets a wristlock, but Americos breaks it. USA chants break out for Americos. Americos tries to whip Kincaid, but he cartwheels out of it. Americos drop kicks Kincaid knee and rolls him up quickly. 1…2…Kincaid gets out. Americos twists the wrist, but Kincaid gets out and attempts a snapmare. Americos rolls through and goes for his own. Kincaid also rolls through and goes for a high roundhouse. Americos ducks and schoolboys Kincaid. Not even a two count on that one. Kincaid gets a single leg takedown and locks the wrist. Americos once again rolls through to counter. Kincaid gets to the ropes. Kincaid gets advantage with a knees to the gut. Kincaid whips Americos to the ropes. Attemps a clothesline, but Americos ducks and hits an armdrag. Another standstill and Kincaid with a go behind. He slams Americos down and goes for the wrist, but Americos counters with another armdrag. Kincaid tries to roll through, but Americos follows to keep the wrist locked. Kincaid stand and picks up Americos, slamming his throat against the top rope. Kincaid picks up Americos and sends him to the ropes. Americos tries a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, but Kincaid counters into his own. Americos charges at Kincaid, but he lifts him up. Americos converts it into a headscissors, sending Kincaid to the outside. Americos fakes a plancha as Kincaid slips back into the ring. Americos sunset flips Kincaid, but he rolls through and attempts a charging double knee. Americos ducks and Kincaid lands outside the ring! Kincaid is caught on the apron, and Americos brings him in with a suplex! Bradford tries to distract Americos, and pays for it with a plancha! Kincaid charges and misses his unique variation of the 619, but nails Americos with a double axe handle.


Kincaid slingshots Americos into the guardrail. Once again Kincaid slams Americos into the guardrail. Americos is rolled into the ring. Kincaid slingshots and nails a unique rolling kick (double back heel kick?) Kincaid picks up Americos and locks in a Gory Special. Americos gets out with an armdrag. Americos charges at Kincaid in the corner, but the bearded one evades the attack. Kincaid sends Americos to the corner and charges in, slamming his body weight against his opponent. Kincaid follows it with a clothesline. Kincaid leaps off the ropes and nails a hard kick to the face! Pinfall attempt, 1…2…no! Kincaid lifts Americos in an inverted Gory Special. Americos slips out and gets a victory roll. 1…2…Kincaid kicks out. Kincaid sends Americos to the outside. Kincaid slams Americos into the steel steps before rolling him back into the ring. Kincaid nails a gutwrench suplex, rolling right into a pin, but Americos kicks out. Kincad locks Americos into a grounded submission. Kincaid attempts a belly to back suplex, but Americos lands on his feet and nails a clothesline. He follows it with another and a back elbow. Finishes it with a back heel kick. Americos charges at Kincaid in the corner, hitting a clothesline. Americos tries to do a bulldog, but Kincaid counters with a blue thunder backbreaker. Kincaid climbs to the top rope and soars with a Death From Above! No water in the pool! Americos hits a wheelbarrow facebuster and climbs the ropes. He hits a Swanton! Pincover! 1…2…Kincaid kicks out but hits the ref by accident! Kincaid attempts a lowblow, but Americos catches it and hits a unique suplex. Bradford runs in and nails Americos with the title belt! Kincaid gets the arm draped over. 1…2…3!
Winner and still TCW Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Kincaid
Great match between what I think many people could call two of the best wrestlers in TCW. Definitely the top two Jr. Heavyweights. It does start off a bit slower than I would have thought, but it picks up quickly and does not stop. Kincaid breaks out more of his unique offense, even if there was a miss at one point. I would love to see these battle again, which I believe will happen given that Americos lost this match due to the sneaky Boyd Bradford.

Match #2: Sigmon vs. Vordell Walker
Walker picks up Sigmon and takes him down. Sigmon gets to the ropes quickly as it seems the lights are going on and off at the arena. Walker gets another takedown, but Sigmon once again scurries to the ropes. Sigmon hits a forearm and goes to the ropes, but Walker hits a trio of armdrags, sending Sigmon to retreat to the outside. Sigmon drags Walker to the outside and slams his head against the steel steps. No effect, and Sigmon’s head is sent to the steps. No damage done as the two brawl on the outside. Sigmon tries to go for the Winner’s Circle, but Walker counters with a knee strike. Walker attempts to lock in the Stretch Muffler, but Sigmon kicks him off and nails an elbow. Sigmon hits a hard headbutt and attacks Walker, but the two trade headbutts. Sigmon gets the advantage and stomps Walker in the corner.


Sigmon keeps Walker grounded with a chinlock. Walker slips out and charges, but Sigmon knocks him down with a back elbow. Sigmon kicks Walker in the gut and continues to taunt. Sigmon attacks with a chop and attempts a suplex, but Walker rolls him up! 1…2…Sigmon gets out and knocks Walker down with a clothesline. Sigmon locks in a chinlock. Sigmon hooks the nose and picks up Walker. Sigmon hits a vertical suplex.
Sigmon hits another chop, following it up with more strikes. Walker avoids a series of clotheslines and hits a belly to belly suplex. Walker charges, but Sigmon follows. Walker changes directions and hits a hard enziguri! Sigmon gets up, but Walker knocks him down with discus clothesline! Walker goes for a cover, but Sigmon kicks out! Both back up, and Sigmon turns Walker inside out with a clothesline. Sigmon goes up top for the flying headbutt, but Walker hits the ropes, crotching Sigmon. Walker climbs up and attacks Sigmon. Walker lifts Sigmon and nails a superplex! Straight into a cover, 1…2…Sigmon kicks out! Both on their knees, and they trade headbutts. They get to their feet and once again trade headbutts. Sigmon avoids an attack and nails a German suplex, with a bridge! Both wrestlers’ shoulders are down! 1…2…3!
This match is a draw
Decent match to keep the rivalry going. These two tend to have a good strongstyle battle, with lots of striking and suplexes. I can’t help but feel like they held back just a little bit, which is not a bad thing considering this feud is not over. At least I would hope so. Walker is a strong guy, so it is a lot of fun seeing the stout Sigmon use his technical skills against him.

Main Event: The Empire (Greg Anthony and Tim Storm) vs. Lance Hoyt and ‘King’ Shane Williams
The four wrestler attack each other quickly, The Empire retreating for now. Hoyt makes chicken taunts at the Empire. Williams start off with Anthony. Williams fakes charging at Anthony a few times. Williams knocks Anthony down a hard fist, sending him to the outside. Williams follows and slams Anthony’s head against the table and steel post. Both back in, and Williams hits a bionic elbow. Hoyt gets tag in, and Williams squirms to the corner and tags in Storm. They get into a shoving match and trade clotheslines, but neither go down. They go for it again, but Hoyt tricks Storm and knocks him down with a clothesline. Storm gets to the corner, but Hoyt climbs up and nails ten punches. Hoyt ships Storm to the corner hard, knocking him down. Anthony distracts Hoyt long enough for Storm to get a boot up, but Hoyt hits a jawbreaker. Storm scrambles to get a tag. Williams attempts to attack Hoyt, but his puny strikes do nothing. Hoyt sends Williams to the corner and destroys him with strikes. Williams gets the tag. Hoyt body slams Anthony, then Williams is body slammed on top of Anthony! Williams picks up Anthony and whips him to the corner, but Anthony counters. Williams gets the boot up on the charging Anthony. Williams climbs the turnbuckle, but Storm distracts long enough for Anthony to pull him off the top. Storm is tagged in, and he picks up Williams and knocks him down with a clothesline. Storm tags and Anthony tries to ram Williams’ head into the turnbuckle. Williams refuses and attacks with strikes. Anthony is sent into the corner, and Williams charges. Anthony gets the boot up and turns Williams inside out with a clothesline!


Anthony keeps Williams grounded with a chinlock. Williams gets to his feet, fighting back with elbows. Williams sent to the corner, who then goes to the apron. Williams attacks Storm, but is knocked off the apron by Anthony. The Empire attack Williams on the outside. Storm rolls in his opponent and spits at Hoyt. Storm lifts Williams into a press slam, but Williams counters with a schoolboy! 1…2…Storm is out and hits a clothesline. Empire tags out. Anthony keeps trying to cover, but Williams keeps kicking out. Williams makes a desperate dive to the corner, but Anthony catches him. Anthony slams Williams head against the mat. Storm is tagged in, who stomps Williams in the corner. Williams is whipped from the ropes, but he holds on and nails Storm with a DDT! Hoyt is tagged in, and he cleans house! Hoyt clotheslines Storm and goes for a cover, but Storm kicks out at 2. Storm is picked up, but he goes for the throat of Hoyt. Storm climbs the corner, but Hoyt catches him and attempts to go for Blackout. Anthony saves his partner from the finisher. Williams drags Anthony out of the ring. Storm kicks Hoyt in the head and slams him down to the mat with an STO like maneuver. Pincover…1…2…Hoyt kicks out! Storm charges, but Hoyt gets the big boot up! He locks Storm in and nails the reverse DDT! 1…2…3!
Winner via pinfall: Lance Hoyt and ‘King’ Shane Williams
Really fun tag team match to end the show. While I’m not a fan of Hoyt’s face run here in TCW, he is taking to it pretty well. He just fits the profile of a heel better, in my opinion. That being said, the interactions between him and Storm make me anticipate Hoyt’s title shot more. They have good chemistry and can put on a really good match. Williams has been a little shaky since his return, so a win was good for him, but not getting the pin hurts a bit. That being said, Hoyt pinning Storm builds up the title match more.

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The 411: This was a really good show. TCW really stepped it up and kept it in the ring for most of the running time. There were only two backstage segments, and they were okay. Nothing special. The wrestling, however, was very good. Kincaid keeps proving why he is one of the top wrestlers on the roster, and Sigmon/Walker is building up to quite the finale. TCW also made me want to see the Heavyweight Title match more, and that is good.
Final Score:  8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend

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