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There Was No One Cooler Than Scott Hall

March 14, 2022 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Scott Hall WCW Nitro Image Credit: WWE

Scott Hall was so cool.

Wanna know how I know he was cool? Because Scott Hall made a toothpick cool. A toothpick!

Folks, there is nothing cool about picking food particles out of your teeth with a tiny piece of wood. Nothing.

But man did “The Bad Guy” make the toothpick the good guy.

I used to watch wrestling with my late grandfather. There was a stretch in the mid to late 90s that when we’d eat at a restaurant, it was never about the meal of choice. It was about grabbing that toothpick afterward.

Strut out the door, toothpick in mouth. Just like Razor Ramon.

In that moment, I was Razor Ramon. So was every other wrestling fan who embraced the coolness of the toothpick.

Oh, and don’t worry, my grandfather didn’t mind when I proceeded to throw the toothpick in his face.

But enough about a toothpick, because we all know that Hall was way more than that.

Above all else, Hall was human. And few wrestlers have had their human side as well-documented, both publicly and privately, as him.

Hall had his issues. Wrestling fans know what they were, and they remember the dark times for the two-time WWE Hall of Fame. They were many, many dark times – some before his career started, some during his career, and some after his career.

As Kevin Nash put it in April of 2011, “Scott was broken way before he broke into the ring for the first time.”

Yes, most of the man’s bumps in life went well beyond the wrestling ring.

However, what I will always admire about Hall is that he somehow found a way to keep getting up, which eventually led to him turning his life around.

Here’s what he told Jim Ross in an interview for FOX Sports in 2011:

“To anyone that will listen, I honestly tell them that there are people that can help you. Find some professional that you connect with and go for it. Ignoring the problem, the real problem, did not work for me nor do I recommend it to anyone else. If you click with your therapist then they can help you.  I had the inability to ask for help when I needed it. People offered to help me but I refused. They’d ask ‘How are you?’ and I’d answer, ‘Better than you.’ I finally had the courage and the clarity to forgive myself. I had lied to myself for years. I couldn’t keep a promise to myself, for instance like saying, ‘I’m not drinking today’ and a couple of hours later I’m drinking heavily. Forgiving myself has been the best thing to happen to me. ” 

Everyone loves an underdog.

Hall was rarely an underdog inside the ring, but outside it, few expected him to overcome his demons. But damn if he didn’t keep kicking out time and time again.

It’s hard not to root for someone like that. Additionally, it’s hard to ignore the wisdom of a broken man who sought a better way forward.

Scott Hall, the father, the wrestler, the human being, was by no means perfect. But none of us are. We’re all dealing with something, and unfortunately for a prominent figure like Hall, his issues were typically on full display for the world to see.

But those problems will not define Hall’s legacy. There was more to him than that.

“I’ve been with him to the Make-A-Wish children, who wanted to see Razor Ramon as their last wish, and see him spend more time than any human being possible and cry like a baby as we drove to the next town,” Nash also said back in 2011. “Saying ‘How unfair the world was’.”

It is never lost on me how much of a toll the professional wrestling industry can have on a person. During an era where it was win at all costs for both the WWF and WCW, that toll, both physically and mentally, only intensified for everyone involved.

It is also never lost on me that despite personal turmoil, Hall attempted to push past everything for the sake of entertaining millions and millions of people around the world.

And what an entertainer he was. Hall had an “it” factor that cannot be taught at a wrestling school or performance center. He oozed machismo and charisma, and it made his every move inside and outside of the wrestling captivating. From his first Razor Ramon vignette to his first appearance on WCW Nitro, Hall’s star quality was undeniable.

He was simply one of the most gifted entertainers in pro wrestling history.

Survey says: There was no one like Scott Hall.

And really the only way to end this column is to repeat the quote that’s been repeated time and time again:

“Hard work pays off, dreams come true. Bad times don’t last, but bad guys do.”

Bad times, which Hall proved himself, indeed do not last.

But the “The Bad Guy” will.

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