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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: WrestleMania XXI

April 2, 2006 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: WrestleMania XXI  

Lillian Garcia sings America The Beautiful to kick off the show. She rules by the way, and looks fine as well.

The stage is like a Broadway stage, and the curtain comes up to reveal the WM 21 logo. We get a montage of the WM movie spoof commercials.

We get a NEW SPOOF! It’s of Gladiator. It’s Austin! The master of the middle finger and ass whooper of sorry sons of bitches! Beer drinker of beer drinkers! He is Stone Cold Steve Austin, and tonight he unleashes HELL! GLORIOUS!

Match #1 Tag Champs Collide: Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

Lock up and a headlock by Eddie. Headlock takedown, and now a wristlock. Arm bar to Rey and a take over, Rey flips out and off the ropes and a sweet arm drag by Eddie. Arm bar to Rey now, and Eddie covers for 1. Again for 1. A 3rd time and only 1. Rey up and Eddie takes him down with a leg trip. Rey up and launched to the floor! Eddie misses a baseball slide, Rey back in 619 fake out and they stand off. Eddie back to the ring now and they get a test of strength, Rey flips him over and gets a 2 count. Double bridge out and an arm bar take down by Eddie. Rey fights out and back to the test of strength position and Rey flips out, reversals and a monkey flip by Rey. Rey charges and is then knocked to the floor. Flying cross body to the floor by Eddie! Back to the ring and Eddie covers for 2. Arm bar to Rey now, and now Eddie grabs the other arm. Rey to his knees as Eddie has the surfboard. Back suplex by Eddie for 2. Reverse headlock on Rey now, and then Eddie goes for and gets the surfboard with the legs locked. Eddie gets counted and releases Rey. He didn’t like that. STF by Eddie now, and Tazz discusses Rey’s bad knees. Eddie into a hammerlock now. Rey up, flips over and Eddie slams him down. Rey slips out of a power bomb and arm drags Eddie to the floor. Baseball slide by Rey…SWEET CORKSCREW PLANCHA to Eddie! Back in the ring and Rey spring boards him and gets 2. Elbow to Rey and Eddie back in control. Suplex on Rey…another but Rey counters and gets a roll up for 2. Back breaker by Eddie for 2. Suplex to Rey, another and now a 3rd but Rey fights out and gets a head scissors! Rey misses the 619 and another back breaker to Rey for 2. Eddie is not pleased and Rey looks in pain. Suplex by Eddie and another! A 3rd again and Eddie up top…MISSES THE FROGGY! Both men are down as the ref counts. Rey grabs Eddie, rolls him up and gets 2, reversal by Eddie and he gets 2. Kicks to Eddie, another, tossed off a RANA try and 619 on Eddie! Rey up to spring in…POWER BOMB and Rey kicks out at 2! Eddie can’t believe it! LOUD Eddie chants. Elbow by Rey, RANA and a roll up and that’s all!

Winner: Rey Mysterio @ 12:37 ***½

They shake after the match.

JBL and Orlando talk and walk. They run into Flair and HHH! HHH mocks him and calls him a joke. HHH says HE is the wrestling god. JBL says he has never lost. JBL says HHH will lose his title for the 10th time and JBL says he will win. HHH says to keep telling himself he’s good, maybe someone will believe him. JBL says he IS that good. HHH says we’ll find out at the end of the night.

Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider are in the crowd.

We have MANY ladders set up on the entrance.

Match #2 Money in the Bank Ladder match: Edge vs. Chris Benoit vs. Kane vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Jericho vs. Christian w/Tomko

They attack Kane as he comes down the ramp! Kane disposes of them and heads to the ring. Shelton and Edge beat on him and then Benoit and Shelton suplex Kane on the floor. Jericho nails Christian with a ladder. Shelton and Jericho in now. Bulldog on Shelton. Jericho with a springboard drop kick to Benoit and Edge on the apron. Christian with a springboard plancha to the 3 men on the floor. SWANK PLANCHA BY SHELTON TO ALL 4! Kane up top…FLIES TO ALL 5! Kane goes for a ladder and goes into the ring. He nails Edge with it. Then Christian. Jericho with a missile drop kick to Kane and the ladder! Jericho has the ladder, nails Shelton. Then Edge! He throws the ladder on Edge! Jericho has the ladder…GERMAN BY BENOIT! The ladder goes flying! Benoit gets the ladder and is back in. He sets it up and Kane in! CROSS FACE ON KANE! Edge grabs Benoit and CROSSFACE! Kane has the ladder…WAFFLES BENOIT! He puts Benoit’s arm in the ladder and slams it repeatedly! SPEAR by Edge! Christian is in with a ladder and Edge has one! LADDER CONCHAIRO TO KANE! Double flying clothesline by Shelton! Spin kick to a ladder Christian was holding! Edge sets the ladder in the corner and whips Shelton into it! Edge for a spear…FLAP JACK INTO THE LADDER! Shelton chants now! He sets the ladder back up, and rams Edge onto it. SHELTON SPLASH! Shelton has the ring to himself and grabs the ladder. He climbs…Jericho is in and on the ladder. Right hands exchanged. Christian in with another ladder and Benoit in as well! Edge sets another up and the 5 men battle up top. Benoit with a single arm DDT to Christian! Jericho tossed off! Edge and Shelton still up there. EXPLODER OFF THE LADDER! Jericho is up now and climbs. Boot to Christian, and rams him off a ladder. ELZIGURI to Christian! The ladder is set up diagonal on the other ladder. Jericho climbs up…SHELTON RUNS UP A LADDER AND CLOTHESLINES JERICHO!!!! HOLY SHIT! Shelton climbs now. Christian nails him with a ladder. Kane in with a boot to Christian. Choke slam to Shelton and he is caught in the ropes! Tomko is in? He tells Christian to climb. He does the Rhyno and has Christian on his shoulders! Kane takes him out to the floor. Kane climbs up now. Christian is thrown off onto Tomko! Kane all alone now and climbs. Jericho in! Right hands by both men. The ladder teeters over and they nail the top rope! Benoit is back in now with the injured arm. He grabs a ladder with one arm. He sets it up in the corner…TOP OF THE LADDER HEAD BUTT TO KANE! He looks to be busted open again! Benoit now sets to climb. He goes up…sit up by Kane! Kane climbs up now. Right hands…GOOZLE! Benoit fights him off! Head butt and Kane is down! Benoit is trying and CHAIR SHOT to the arm by Edge! Edge climbs now. HE HAS IT!

Winner: Edge @ 16:15 ****

Edge hugs the briefcase.

Andre the Giant DVD commercial.

JR and King put over what all 6-men went through.

Eugene is here? He can’t believe he is here. This is his 2nd favorite WM moment ever, right behind Bundy slamming the midget and the midgets uniting! HA! WM is awesome! HASSAN IS OUT! He takes the mic from Eugene. He wants to know why Eugene is angry. Eugene, “You don’t like midgets?” NO, he hates being excluded from WM. What chants now. Hollywood is full of fakes. LA is full of bigotry. He has never been pinned and he is excluded and takes a backseat to a disgrace like Eugene. Farsi talk by Davari. He won’t stand for it. If he wasn’t given a WM moment, he’ll create one. He nails Eugene! They double-team him now. Camel Clutch! Uh oh…REAL AMERICAN HITS! HOGAN IS HERE! HUGE POP! He charges the ring and they double-team him! Double noggin knocker to the Arabs! Right hands to Hassan! Clothesline to Hassan! Big boot! He tosses Hassan to the floor. Davari nails him with a chair…YOU! Davari takes the whoopin now! Big boot to Davari! He tosses Davari. He tears the shirt and does his shtick. Pose down brother!

Where’s the Iron Sheik when you need him?

Cole and Tazz are excited to see Hogan.

Taker/Orton video package airs.


Taker is FLOATING TO THE RING! That’s badass!

Match #3 Legend vs. Legend Killer: The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton

Orton is unsure and runs a bit. He stays away and a slap to Taker! Lock up and a headlock by Taker. Off the ropes and a drop kick from Orton gets 2. Backdrop to taker and a knee to the gut. Right hand by Taker now. Taker works him over in the corner and Orton is rocked. Corner whip to Orton, Orton floats over and gets 2. RKO try and Taker tosses him to the floor. Taker chases and lays Orton on the apron. Taker on the apron now. Running leg drop to Orton. Taker back in now and a wrist lock to Orton. Taker up…OLD SCHOOL! Taker grabs Orton and throws him to the corner. MISSES a big boot! Drop kick and Taker to the floor! Orton with right hands to Taker on the ground. Back in the ring and Orton with more right hands. European upper cut to Taker and Taker battles back. Clothesline by Orton for 2. Off the ropes and DDT By Taker! He covers and gets 2. Sidewalk slam to Orton and he covers for 2. Taker picks him up, and rams him to the corner. Another whip and Taker with a corner clothesline. And another! Another whip and snake eyes reversed into a cover for 2. Forearms by Orton and Taker is down. Orton poses…SIT UP! Right hands to Taker, and more right hands to Taker. Randy sucks chants now. Right hands from Taker and Orton is rocked. Off the ropes…clothesline by Taker which gets 2. Dragon sleeper by Taker! Orton is in trouble…arm drops once, twice…NO! Reverse and a DDT TO TAKER! Cover and 2 for Orton. Rear choke by Orton and Taker fight up. Right hands by Taker and he breaks it. Uppercut by Taker. Off the ropes…sleeper to Taker to loud boos. Backdrop suplex by Taker. Taker to his feet and Orton as well. Boot to Orton. POWERSLAM by Orton for 2! Orton rams Taker in the corner and then mounts and punches away! Orton poses, Taker grabs him! Last Ride reversed and REF BUMP! Taker tries the last ride and Taker falls down. COW BOY BOB WITH THE CAST NAILS TAKER! Cover 1…2…KICK OUT! Bob can’t believe it! SIT UP BY TAKER! They stare down and rights by Taker. Off the ropes…BOOT to Bob! GOOZLE! CHOKE SLAM INTO AN RKO! Orton covers 1…2…KICK OUT! Orton is pissed! He calls for the Tombstone? Has him up! REVERSAL! TOMBSTONE ON ORTON! 1…2…3!

Winner: The Undertaker @ 14:13 ***½

JR and King put over Orton’s effort and Taker’s streak.

Trish/Hemme video package.

Match #4 Women’s Title: Trish Stratus © vs. Christy Hemme w/ Lita

FYI, Trish is SMOKIN hot tonight.

Trish lays down and mocks Christy. Lock up and a toss by Trish. Trish kicks her to the floor and tosses her to the steps. Back in the ring now and Trish kicks at her. To the corner and chops by Trish. Another and a right hand by Trish. She mocks Christy and Christy blocks the chick kick and nails Trish. Boot to the gut by Christy. Lita like roll up for 2. Slaps by Trish and chops now. Trish bows to the crowd and taunts Lita. Christy splits the top rope and gets a roll up for 2. Spear by Trish and she kicks Christy to the floor. Boot to Christy and Lita checks on her. Trish shoves Lita into the barrier and back in the ring, Christy gets a roll up for 2. Kicks to Trish now and she begs off. Trish rammed to the corner repeatedly. Twist of Fate to Trish. 1…2…NO! Christy punches away at Trish and a roll up by Trish reversed and a kick out by Trish. Trish levels her with the chick kick and that’s all.

Winner: Trish @ 4:45 (N-R)

Angle/HBK video package.

Match #5 Kurt Angle vs. “HBK” Shawn Michaels

They jaw and here’s the bell! Slap to Angle! Angle takes him down and some sweetmeat work to start. HBK gets to his feet and the ropes and Angle breaks. Lock up and HBK with a headlock and take down. Angle rolls him and gets 2. HBK still has it locked in and then to his feet. Angle chants now and HBK still keeps the headlock on. Back suplex by Angle and HBK still hangs on! Angle escapes and HBK locks it in again. Angle rolls him and gets 2. Angle to his feet and off the ropes and HBK takes him down again as we get dueling chants! To the corner and Angle breaks clean. Lock up and a go behind and HBK takes Angle down again with the side headlock. Angle to his feet and reversals and a back elbow by Angle. Hip toss by HBK. Short arm scissors to Angle and HBK still in control. HBK still locked on Angle and he tries for the ropes. Angle picks him off the mat and HBK with a roll up for 2. Back slide for 2. Side headlock again and Angle is pissed. Angle to his feet and to the corner and Angle nails him with a right hand. They go back and forth and the ref tries to break them up. HBK with right hands now and they tie up like boxers. The ref pulls HBK off and Angle with an Ankle lock! Clothesline by HBK takes both men to the floor. HBK dismantles the Smackdown announce table. Angle up and HBK back in the ring. To the floor and they exchange right hands. Chops by HBK now and Angle with the Angle slam into the steel post! Angle breaks the count as HBK is down on the floor. Angle to the floor and kicks at HBK’s back. Back in the ring now and a suplex by Angle for 2. Body scissors now by Angle and he works him over. HBK up and chops to Angle. Whip to the corner and HBK turned upside down. Belly to belly to HBK! Another belly to belly to HBK and a cover for 2. Knee to the back and a pull of the hair by Angle. Into a rear choke now and HBK is hurting. HBK fights to his feet and Angle with a headlock still. HBK out and right hands to Angle. Chops to Angle. Right hands by Angle and they exchange blows. Clothesline by Angle and he covers for 2. European uppercut in the corner by Angle. HBK set on top. Angle up…HBK fights and Angle to the mat. HBK up…ELBOW DROP MISSES! STRAPS ARE DOWN! Angle slam reversed with an arm drag and Angle sent to the floor! HBK up top…FLTING CROSS BODY to Angle on the floor! He almost head planted himself and caught Angle with his knee in the face. HBK climbs in…. Angle up on the apron with him….he tries a German…elbows by HBK. LOW BLOW to Angle! HBK’s a dirty bastard! Angle sent to the table. ASAI MOONSAULT TO ANGLE ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! No breakage for those playing at home! Both men are down on the floor as the ref checks on them. The ref counts now and they crawl to the ring. Angle is bleeding from the mouth. They both make it in at 9. They crawl towards each other and get to their feet. Right hands by HBK. Chops now and a boot to Angle. Reversal off the ropes and a forearm by HBK. KIP UP! Right hands to Angle. Atomic drop. Clothesline to Angle. Slam to Angle! HBK up top…FLYING ELBOW! TUNE IT UP! Super kick caught! ANKLE LOCK! HBK IS DEAD CENTER! He fights and rolls out but Angle keeps it locked! HBK crawls…he gets the ropes! Angle stalks him… Angle slam reversed into a roll up NO! ANKLE LOCK AGAIN! HBK rolls him up for 2! ANGLE SLAM! 1…2…NO! Angle is pissed! Straps back on. STRAPS BACK DOWN! Angle up top…MOONSAULT MISSES! HBK goes up top… Angle runs up the ropes…SUPER ANGLE SLAM! 1…2…NO! DEAR GOD! Angle is pissed even more! He grabs HBK and yells at him and say he will tap! SUPER KICK to Angle! Both men are down. HBK crawls over to Angle and drapes an arm over him 1…2…NO! SO CLOSE! King blames the Smackdown ref. They are still down and HBK fights to his feet. ANKLE LOCK! PLAYIN POSSUM! He pulls him center, HBK rolls but no! Another time and still locked in! Back center and HBK is in pain! He tries for the ropes but NO! GRAPEVINE THE LEG! HBK tries to get out…he is screaming in pain! HBK tries everything to get out! HE TAPS OUT!

Winner: Kurt Angle @ 27:30 ****3/4

HBK lays in the ring and fights to his feet. He claps to the crowd in thanks as he limps around.

Awards for the favorite punch line and female in the WM spoof commercials. Basic Instinct spoof.

Piper’s Pit

The ring is all decked out in traditional Pit fashion. He thanks them for the honor of the Hall of Fame. NOW let’s move on and make history. He hears Austin is the baddest man in the WWE, the meanest and the low downest rattlesnake? Hell yeah he says! Who’s the biggest rebel in the WWF? They say Austin, he says BULLSHIT! Bring him on! Austin with a new shirt, “Unleash Hell.” The stools are gone already. They stare down and Piper says he’s the rebel huh? Welcome to Piper’s Pit. He slaps Austin! Austin says thanks you son of a bitch and SLAPS HIM BACK! Piper likes him! Austin offers another and Piper calls him son. He has respect for Austin. What chants, and Piper asks if they are deaf. He says he respects for him sticking up for Vince, being against him and all. Piper plays off the “what’s” well and tells them to keep up. He differs with Austin though. Austin says what point? Piper says he was here when WrestleMania didn’t have a number and pissing off Vince when the red on Austin was diaper rash! He says Austin has nothing on him being a rebel. Austin calls him a meely mouth bastard. Austin runs him down and says he isn’t impressed or scared. Does he make himself clear? Piper says they have failure to communicate. Carlito is here? Carlito says they are fighting like little girls. They shouldn’t be arguing, although neither one is cool. Nobody wants to see them anymore, they want to see Carlito. Austin says to climb his little nappy head in the ring. Piper says he looks like Alfalfa. Carlito says to relax, because he’s the new thing around here and taking charge, and that’s cool. He tells them to leave. They question Carlito, and if they have a problem…and Pier steals his apple. Piper and Austin stare down, and Piper eats the apple. SPIT IN CARLITO’s FACE! He nails Piper! He beats him down and Austin looks on. Austin grabs him….MUDHOLE TIME! EYE POKE by Piper! STUNNER to Carlito and Piper tosses him. Austin and Piper drink beer. Double fist those bad boys! JR says Austin likes beer and Piper has had a party or 2 in his day. Piper acts drunk and STUNNER TO PIPER!

The spoof that won favorite is next. “Are you talking to me?” Wins.

The rules are you must push you opponent outside the circle or off his feet. They took the ropes down. While Akebono walls to the ring I’ll go read up on some War and Peace.

Show has a kimono on. I hope he doesn’t wear the diaper. He does, fat men in diapers

Match #6 Sumo Match: Akebono vs. The Big Show

They stall before the start a bit. Here we go. Slapping and all. They stand off and go at it again. They jockey for position and are both close to the circle. Show runs into him now and they stand still. Show calls for a choke slam? Show lifts him, but Akebono tosses him and that’s all!

Winner: Akebono @ 1:01 (N-R)

Show comes back in and they hug.

Cena/JBL video.

The Champ out first? JBL has a police escort. It’s raining $100 bills! They have his face on them! Classic. What is up with that new Cena music? That sucks. I hope the ropes are tightened back up well.

Match #7 WWE Title: John Cena w/Bling Bling vs. JBL ©

Here we go! Stare down and they talk smack. Lock up and JBL takes him to the corner. Back center ring and Cena fights out and off the ropes and JBL takes him down. Shoulder block by Cena takes JBL down. Boot to Cena and JBL with a shoulder block now and Cena is rocked. Right hands by JBL and off the ropes and JBL nails Cena with a clubbing forearm. Neck breaker by JBL and another to Cena. Covers and gets 2. JBL chokes Cena on the ropes now and then kicks away at him. He chokes him again and the ref breaks it. A third time and JBL is in control. Catapult to Cena off of the ropes. Cena with a boot to JBL, off the ropes he goes and a spine buster to Cena for 2. Regal like neck breaker by JBL for 2. Boot to the face of Cena and another. Right hands to Cena and he fights back. Cena to the corner now and a corner clothesline by JBL. Short arm clothesline by JBL and he covers for 2. Boots to Cena now and a snap mare by JBL. Forearm to Cena’s back and a sleeper by JBL. Cena fights and JBL pulls him away from the ropes. Cena is in trouble and tries to fight again. Backdrop suplex to JBL. Both men back up and double clothesline and they are down again! Back up and they duke it out, but JBL pulls the ropes down and Cena to the floor. Neck breaker on the floor to Cena and JBL picks him back up. Rolls him in the ring and he covers for 2. Clubbing shots by JBL and Cena set on top…chops by JBL. Right hands now and JBL up with him. SUPERPLEX! Both men are down and the ref counts. JBL covers and gets 2. JBL goes up top… Cena catches him in a power slam! Both men down again. They fight to their feet and elbows by Cena. Right hands by both men and Cena with a head butt. Clotheslines to JBL! Backdrop to JBL! Tackle by Cena! Hip toss by Cena. Blue Thunder Driver! 5-knuckle shuffle to JBL. Cena poses. Boot by JBL! JBL misses the clothesline from Hell, F-U and Cena WINS!

Winner: AND NEW CHAMPION John Cena @ 11:26 **

Cena celebrates with the Chain Gang.

Hall of Fame recap.

Mean gene is out and talks Hall of Fame. Here is the class of 2005. Random Diva chicks bring out the Hall of Famers. Jackie Gayda still works here.

Nikoli Volkoff, The Iron Sheik, “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff, “Cowboy” Bob Orton, Jimmy Hart, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Hulk Hogan.

I still protest the lack of Mr. T!

WrestleMania XXII in Chi-town!

HHH/Batista video.

The Champ out first? Don’t like that! Motor Head plays him out…whoa! HHH came out of their stage, that was cool.

Match #8 World Title: Batista vs. HHH © w/Ric Flair

Stare down before the bell. Batista chants already. Here we go, main event of WrestleMania XXI!

Lock up to start and they battle and Batista takes HHH to the ropes. HHH now take shim to the ropes and back center ring. They shove off and stare down. Lock up and they jockey for position again. HHH takes him to the corner and Batista shoves him off. Lock up again and off the ropes and HHH goes down by a shoulder block. They talk smack again and Lock up, headlock by HHH. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by HHH. Boot to Batista, Pedigree try, escape and a press slam to HHH! Right hands exchanged and HHH to the corner. Reverse elbow by HHH and Batista tosses him back to the corner. Right hands to HHH and Batista in control. Off the ropers and a backdrop to HHH. High knee by HHH and Batista to the floor. Batista is down and Flair goes over to him and the ref stops him. Batista sees him but HHH grabs him and rams him to the steel steps. HHH to the 2nd rope and catches Batista with an elbow as he climbed back in. Boots by HHH and now a choke. The ref counts and HHH finally lets go. Flair over and chokes the hell out of Batista! HHH to the floor and rams Batista into the barrier. Now into the apron and Batista is down. Back in the ring they go and HHH with an elbow drop to Batista. Another one and HHH is now in firm control. Knees to the back of Batista and HHH is wearing him out. Batista chants again and HHH looks none to pleased. Knees to the back of Batista again and then chokes him out. Suplex to Batista and he covers for 2. Knees to the back again by HHH and he really is working that spot now. Side backbreaker to Batista. The ref yells at HHH and Flair chokes Batista again! Batista with right hands tries to fight back but HHH knees him to the floor. HHH rolls him back in and nails Batista with right hands. Batista is rocked in the corner and HHH nails him again. Batista fights back with right hands and but HHH with a Double A Spine Buster for 2! Cover again for another 2. A 3rd time for another 2! Hangman’s neck breaker by HHH for 2. Right hands by Batista again and he is coming back. Boot by HHH, Pedigree time! Backdrop by Batista and he escapes. Off the ropes and a knee by HHH and covers for 2. Batista threw him off and HHH to the floor. HHH up top…clothesline by Batista as HHH flew off! Right hands by Batista and HHH off the ropes and a sidewalk slam by Batista for 2. Boot by HHH as Batista charged him in the corner. HHH tries to whip Batista but Batista reverses it and HHH flies over the corner to the floor! Batista follows and HHH whips him to the steps. HHH takes the steps apart now. He breaks the count and then grabs Batista. Pedigree try on the steps, no! Catapult by Batista and HHH eats the steel post! HHH IS A BLOODY MESS! Batista grabs HHH and slams him off the steps! Again and a 3rd time! HHH is pouring blood! Back in the ring and HHH falls to his knees. Batista pounds away on HHH and opens him up more. Boot to HHH and he is down. Batista stalks him now as Flair looks concerned. Corner clothesline by Batista, HHH whipped again and another by Batista. Whip again and HHH hold son this time. Back elbows by Batista and shoulders now to HHH in the corner. Another corner clothesline and HHH is down! Batista chants again and he has HHH…power slam gets 2! HHH to the floor and he falls onto the Raw announce table. Batista nails Flair and HHH has a chair and the ref pulls it away and is down. Back in the ring and SPINE BUSTER on Flair! He had the belt and HHH now has it. The ref is back in and hurt his knee. BELT SHOT TO BATISTA! BOOOOOOO by the crowd! 1…2…NO! SPINE BUSTER TO HHH! Batista says that’s it! LOW BLOW by HHH! HHH grabs Batista…Pedigree…NO! Batista fights it off! He escapes the hold! KRYPTONITE KRUNCH BY BATISTA! HOLY CRAP! Batista calls for the end! Thumbs down! DEMON BOMB! 1…2…3!

Winner: and NEW CHAMPION BATISTA @ 22:33 ***

Batista celebrates with the belt. HHH is still in the ring. He pulls himself up and goes to the floor. He is a bloody mess people. Fireworks for Batista as he stands tall.

The 411: This WrestleMania had a lot of ups and downs. While some of the downs were bad, the ups were really, really good. You got “special moments” with Piper’s Pit and Hogan’s appearances, Angle and HBK rocked the house in a MOTY candidate, Rey and Eddie, Orton and Taker and the Money in the Bank were great and while the World Title matches weren’t all that spectacular, they did make two new stars. Great effort and a thumbs up here.
Final Score:  7.5   [ Good ]  legend

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