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Triple H’s Nutritionist Clarifies Comments About Substance Abuse In WWE & If Triple H Would Use Steroids

October 18, 2017 | Posted by Ashish
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Triple H’s nutritionist Dave Palumbo has walked back his original comments regarding TRT and HGH usage among WWE wrestlers. Palumbo originally said on Matt Riviera’s podcast that WWE wrestlers were allowed to take testosterone, HRT, hGC and hGH under the wellness policy and that they could go to “places” to get it.

“But the good thing about wrestling is it’s not a professional sport per se, more entertainment, they are allowed to take hormone replacement. So they can go to HRT places, they can get testosterone, you know, 100 milligrams a week, whatever they prescribe nowadays, umm, they can get hCG, they can do, you know, hGH if they want. Those are acceptable, you know, and a lot of the wrestlers do it, y’know, it’s not for me to say who’s using what, but they’re very minimal doses.”

WWE responded yesterday by releasing a statement regarding TRT and HGH use among WWE wrestlers, saying the substances were not allowed under the company’s Wellness policy except for those that have therapeutic exemptions which account for 7% of their contracted talent.

“WWE’s comprehensive Talent Wellness Policy, which is administered by an independent, third-party, clearly states hGH and hCG are among a long list of banned substances, however, due to certain medical conditions, there are a variety of therapeutic exemptions that account for approximately 7% of our contracted talent.”

Deadspin asked Palumbo about WWE’s statement and he walked back his original comments about wrestlers being able to go to “places” to get it, now saying he meant they could go to “WWE-accredited endocrinologists.” He also said that “there’s no way” Triple H would use steroids or any other banned substance.

Deadspin notes that the only FDA-approved uses for testosterone and hCG are in the event of damage from past steroid use, and that HGH’s clinal applications are mostly limited to treating drawfism, wasting in AIDS patients, etc. and is unlikely to have any clinical application to healthy athletes.

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