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William Regal Says He Can’t Go In the Ring Anymore, What He Looks For When Scouting Talent

October 5, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
William Regal NXT WWE Image Credit: WWE

WWE talent scout and NXT GM William Regal discussed his in-ring retirement, what he looks for when scouting talent and more on Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast. Highlights are below:

On whether he still can go in the ring: “No. Where I wanted to get to and everything I tried to get to. I was doing it on my last run in ECW. The style and the things I was doing with CM Punk for the IC title.”

On being choked out by Antonio Inoki at Clash of the Champions: “That was the finish and I knew he wanted me to tap. I wasn’t gonna tap. I knew it would just be better if I didn’t. I’d been put out before, and I knew it be over really quick and it was. He put it on and I didn’t tap and I was out before I knew it. I was very fortunate that they picked me. I was the last of the British style that was a big thing in Japan. I was the only one around doing it at the time. I was very happy and honored. At the end of the day, who at my age can say that they fought somebody that fought Muhammad Ali.”

William Regal on what he looks for when scouting talent: “One is to keep the people who are paying happy. They don’t have to book you, people seem to forget that – the second thing is connecting with your audience, but that can change. If they don’t like the way your connecting you gotta change & if you’re not willing to change you won’t fit into that company.”