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WWE News: New WWE Network Special On Greatest Wrestlemania Matches, Mauro Ranallo Keeping Busy, Boogeyman Watches Worm-Filled Kiss

March 26, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
WWE Network - Flashback Friday Survivor Series, Top 10

– There is a new special on the WWE Network called ‘The 10 Biggest Matches in Wrestlemania History’, hosted by Matt Camp. It is located under the ‘WWE Essentials’ section. The compilation runs for five and a half hours in length. Maybe Jim Cornette can use his new subscription to watch that.

– Mauro Ranallo is keeping busy while social distancing during the Coronavirus outbreak, and still getting his commentary fix. Mama Mia!

– The latest WWE Playback video features The Boogeyman watching himself give Sharmell a worm-filled kiss at Wrestlemania 22.