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Chris Weidman’s Coach Calls UFC 230 Loss A ‘Big Setback’

November 7, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Chris Weidman

In an interview with the Anik and Florian podcast (via MMA Fighting), Chris Weidman’s striking coach Ray Longo called his loss to Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza at UFC 230 a ‘big setback’ in the “All American’s” career. Here are highlights:

On having a victory snatched away in the third round: “It was a tough one to swallow. I felt really confident after talking to him in between the second and the third round that we were on our way to a victory. those things that blindside you like that are tough. But first and foremost, hats off to Jacare. Class act. He dug down deep. He wasn’t gonna get that decision and he found a way to win. . . Man, you zig when you should’ve zagged and that’s what happens. MMA is an unforgiving sport. I tell you, this is pretty big setback, because with a win over Jacare he was looking good. He already had beat Gastelum and I think that’s always gonna be a great matchup for Chris. Whittaker would have been the tougher fight but I actually think Gastelum is gonna beat Whittaker so I think he was looking good.”

On the referee’s decision to continue the fight: “I’ve always been critical of Dan but I do think he wanted to give him every last effort to win. The magnitude of that fight was pretty big. In my mind I think he wanted to give him every last possible chance and I like that for my fighters. . . He didn’t get hurt after that too much because Jacare’s a gentleman, so at the end of the day, it all worked out. We’re in a f**king crazy sport, man. If you’re even worried about it, I wouldn’t get into this sport. I’m always gonna say this: getting hit in the head is just not good for you. Ever. It’s not good. It’s just not good. So this is what we live with. These guys know the risks.

On what’s next: “Now he’s got a couple of things to decide. A couple of people mention maybe moving up to 205. I really did think the weight cut went really well but who knows? The more you get the weight-cut down and your brain’s not dehydrated. The brain is the last place to get the fluid when you rehydrate, so again, maybe 205’s a better fit because I don’t see this ever happening in the gym. Ever. . . So maybe 205 might be a place where he comes in stronger, more coherent, all those things.”

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