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Josh Emmett Sticking at Featherweight, Willing to Fight Anyone

October 23, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Josh Emmett

Josh Emmett spoke about his plan to stay at featherweight and more in a new interview with MMAjunkie. Highlights are below:

On moving to lightweight: “My goal when I got to the UFC was to fight in the featherweight division, but since I got in it (at) 55s, and it was working well for me, I just decided to stay there. I guess (I was) kinda complacent. Strength was never an issue in that division, but I was if you look at the stats. I think it’s myself and Nick Hein (who) are the smallest lightweights in the division.”

On his loss to Desmond Green in April: “After that last loss – I still think I won that last fight – I made the decision to drop down to featherweight, where I’ll be more of an average-to-bigger featherweight, and I think I’ll do really well. I think I stack up well against anyone in the division, and I’m just excited to be in this featherweight division now.”

On training with Andre Fili: “Andre and I have been training partners for such a long time. The funny thing is my pro debut was at 145, and we fought on the same card. So it’s just awesome now I’m making my featherweight debut again in the UFC, and Andre and I are right on the same card. He’s a great guy, one of my main training partners, and we’re going to get big wins tonight and go have some fun and check out Poland.”

Emmett looked outstanding in the opening rounds, repeatedly dropping Arantes with big right hands before realizing he’d have to pace himself to ensure he lasted the distance.

On beating Filipe Arantes: “He was tough, and I know he’s really dangerous off his back, so I didn’t want to play into his game and go in there and take a chance of getting caught in something. I train with the best team in the world – my jiu-jitsu coach, Felipe Bragio, and Chris Holdsworth and Fabio and all of us. I knew I’d be safe, but I did have to just tone it down and wait to pick my shots.”

On his next fight: “I think I stack up well against anyone, so I’m up for anything. (Sean) Shelby – and when it was Joe Silva at the time – they asked me so many times about fighting anyone. I’ve never said no to a fight, but a lot of people said no to me. Even (for) this fight – I’m not gonna mention any names – but this was the fifth opponent. They (tried to) give me someone in the top 15. No one wanted it. I’m up for anybody. I’ve never said no to a fight, and I’m not going to start any time soon.”

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