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Matt Mitrione Calls BS on Roy Nelson Using the Cage For Leverage at Bellator 194

February 20, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Matt Mitrione

Matt Mitrione spoke following his majority decision win over Roy Nelson at Bellator 194. Highlights are below, per MMAjunkie:

On his striking work in the fight: “It felt like my hands had magnets on them, and everything I threw went straight to his face…He’s tough, and he walked through a lot of it. I think I’d have knocked out anyone else in the world.”

On the decision victory: “A lot of people think that Roy won the second half of the third round, and a lot of people think that was a 10-8 round. In that round, if you go back and watch that film, 1:45 left in the fight till about 50 seconds (left) or so, you can see when I get put in the crucifix, I have an escape. I take my heel and I pull his calf into me, and if I squeeze my knees, it ends up being a sweep and I end up on top. Well, I didn’t squeeze my knees the first time I tried it, so Roy escaped it. After he escaped it, he took his right foot and he dug his foot into the fence. He actually took his foot off the canvas and he used it as leverage to push off the fence and drive into me.”

On Nelson using the cage for leverage: “To me, that shows no integrity whatsoever. You’re losing the fight and it comes down to (desperation) time where you have to do something to win, and you cheat to try to accomplish that, that’s bull(expletive). You’re a grandstanding-ass cat when you talk about how much integrity you have when you talk about not using steroids and everything else, but when it comes down to winning or losing a fight, you cheat in order to try to win, I have no respect for that whatsoever. So, sorry – I’m never going to be cool with you again on any level, and I’m glad I beat your ass.”