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Urijah Faber Says He’s Open To Fighting Again For A Big Opportunity

February 12, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Urijah Faber

In an interview with Submission Radio (via >MMA Fighting), Urijah Faber said that he’s still in the USADA testing pool and he is open to fighting again for the right opportunity. Here are highlights:

On being ready to fight at any time: “Look, I spent a lot of time getting really great at fighting and I’m able-bodied and healthy. I train just as much or more than some of the guys that are active but it’s not my goal [to come back], necessarily. It’s just the habits that I’ve created in my life. I would say I’m always open to entertain any business opportunity or offer, and I love to do things that I love to do, so I’m not gonna cut anything out. I still get tested from USADA just because I’ve never taken drugs in my life so I don’t really care about that. It’s well worth it. The difference is, if there was a big opportunity and someone wanted you to fight and it sounded like a good idea, I wouldn’t want to wait four months to get cleared when I’m not doing drugs anyway. So I’ll take one for the team on a 6 a.m. wake-up call. I’ve got it down pat anyways. I pretty much sleep through the whole thing aside from when I’m giving the urine sample.”

On if he would come back for a big opportunity: “Not necessarily. I don’t see any big opportunities but you never know with these guys. Like I said, I’ve gotten some crazy calls throughout the years. . . You never know when that kind of stuff happens.”

On TJ Dillashaw dropping down to flyweight: “T.J., for the longest time, he was having trouble putting weight on. He was 143 when he first in the gym and it was a struggle to get bigger and we talked about going down to 125 for a long time. I’m interested to see it I guess but I’m more interested in the 135-pound division as a whole. I’d like to see him defending and of course I’d like to see Cody get that rematch or some of the other guys that are up-and-coming in the division.”

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