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Disney CEO Bob Iger Wants To Meet With Martin Scorsese About His Marvel Comments

December 14, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Martin Scorsese Silence

TIME has a new profile on Disney CEO Bob Iger, who is the magazine’s businessperson of the year. In that piece, Iger reveals that he wants to meet with director Martin Scorsese over his comments about Marvel movies, in which he said they aren’t cinema. He added that the two are actually trying to meet.

He said that “his people and Marty’s people are arranging a get-together.” However, he called Scorsese’s comments “nasty” and ‘“not fair to the people who are making the movies.”

He added: “If Marty Scorsese wants to be in the business of taking artistic risk, all power to him. It doesn’t mean that what we’re doing isn’t art.

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