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Disney+ Crashed In Places Last Night Due to WandaVision Finale Release

March 5, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

WandaVision may have wreaked havoc on Westview in the MCU, but in the real world it also caused issues for people wanting to watch it on Disney+. A look at Down Detector reveals that the service had a host of issues last night at midnight PST, right as the episode released on the service.

The service didn’t go down for everyone, but 2,271 users reported issues specifically to the outage reporting site right around midnight. With that only being those who actively went to DownDetector to report the issue, the number of affected users was almost certainly much, much higher. Most of those issues were with streaming the video, though some also reported an inability to log in.

This is the second time that the series drove an outage on Disney+, as the seventh episode caused the entire service to go down for about 10 minutes. JoBlo notes that the majority of the issues were in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vancouver, though there were sporadic issues elsewhere as well.

This week’s episode was the show’s finale, with The Falcon & The Winter Soldier launching in two weeks on March 19th.