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Disney’s Acquisition Of Fox Becomes Official Tonight

March 19, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Disney Fox

The Fantastic Four and X-Men are back home as of late tonight. Disney’s acquisition of Fox will become effective on Wednesday at 12:02 AM ET, 21st Century Fox announced on Tuesday.

The announcement noted that the $71.4 billion deal, signed back in June, has reached completion. The deal sees Disney pick up a ton of intellectual property including the aforementioned Marvel characters and the full distribution rights to the original Star Wars. The studio is also getting the Alien, Avatar, Planet of the Apes, Simpsons, and Family Guy franchises, plus the rights to This Is Us and all of Fox Television’s other series.

It is widely expected (and, let’s be honest, almost certain) that the X-Men and Fantastic Four will make their way into the MCU at this point. As for the future of 21st Century Fox, it will continue for the time being as a subsidiary to Disney and release any films currently in production. Its future beyond that is uncertain.