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HBO Max’s Green Lantern Series To Focus on Three Lantern Stories

January 16, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Green Lanterns Simon Baz Jessica Cruz

Among HBO Max’s planned offerings is a Green Lantern series, and now we know some details. HBO Max head of original content Sarah Aubrey discussed a tiny bit about the planned series, which is being developed by Greg Berlanti of the Arrowverse franchise, at the TCA winter press tour (per Deadline).

According to Aubrey, the series will cover a lengthy time period and a lot of space — literally. “It’s going to span several decades on focus on two stories about Green Lanterns on Earth,” Aubrey said, in addition to a character in space “going into the Sinestro story.”

The mention of Green Lanterns from Earth definitely narrows it down, not that an Earth-based protagonist was unexpected. The Green Lanterns that have come from Earth are Alan Scott (from the Golden Age of Comics and then Earth 2), the most well-known Lantern in Hal Jordan, the pugnacious and hot-headed Guy Gardner, John Stewart who was the first African-American DC Comics hero, Kyle Rayner from the 1990s run, and the duo of Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.

Baz and Cruz are an intriguing possibility as they’ve generally operated as a team and are the newest incarnations. Baz is the first Middle Eastern-American and Muslim member of the Lanterns, and Cruz deals with debilitating anxiety issues due to a past trauma in her life. The two worked as partners to protect Earth in the 2016 to 2018 title Green Lanterns that ran for 57 issues.

As for the space-set Lantern story, the obvious (though not confirmed) choice there would be Hal Jordan. Sinestro has been Jordan’s greatest nemesis over the years and even trained Jordan when Jordan joined the Lanterns, before Sinestro eventually defected and getting a yellow power ring. He formed the Sinestro Corps to spread fear throughout the universe.

There’s no word on when the series will begin filming, much less a premiere date. HBO Max launches in May.

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