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Marvel Comics Acquires Alien and Predator Franchises, Will Publish New Comics

July 2, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Predator Marvel Comics

The Alien and Predator franchises have a long comic book history, and that history now runs through Marvel with new stories on the way. Marvel Entertainment has announced that the Alien, Predator, and Alien vs. Predator franchises will be launching all new stories through Marvel comics next year.

The move comes after the Alien and Predator franchises came under Disney’s auspices as part of the media giant’s purchase of 20st Century Fox. Both properties have had extensive media properties, published through Dark Horse Comics. That license has now come to an end and the new comic series will “feature new and classic characters from Earth and beyond to explore never-before-seen corners of both the Alien and Predator universes,” per the announcement.

“There’s nothing more thrilling than a story that will keep you at the edge of your seat, and Alien and Predator have delivered that time and time again!” C.B. Cebulski, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel, told IGN. “I can clearly remember where I was when I saw each of these modern masterpieces for the first time, and reveling in how both masterfully weave extraterrestrial dread and drama into some of the most iconic scenes we’ve ever seen on film. And it’s that legacy that we’re going to live up to!”

You can see a couple pieces of art below promoting the new deal, both drawn by David Finch (Wonder Woman, Batman #700, Moon Knight vol. 4). While the Predator art depicts the Predator standing atop the Baxter building with an Iron Man head in their hand, the IGN report makes it clear that the franchises will not be folded into the Marvel Universe and will instead focus on the characters and settings in the Alien and Predator franchises.

More details on creative teams and the like will be announced later.