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Rob Liefeld Comic Book Prophet Being Adapted By Studio 8

July 11, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Studio 8 is planning a film adaptation of Rob Liefeld’s comic book Prophet. THR reports that Liefeld will produce the film alongside Adrian Askarieh, Brooklyn Weaver, John Hyde and Terissa Kelton.

The character of John Prophet made his debut in Image’s Youngblood in 1992 before getting his own series in 1993. The character is an “anti-Captain America,” a DNA enhanced supersoldier from the WWII era who awakens in our time after being put in cryogenic freeze for a future mission. Unfortunately, he was not supposed to wake up until years down the road, making Prophet a fish out of water, spending his time in search of a mission that does not exist.

Liefeld says he’s happy with Studio 8’s vision for the movie, saying that they “did their homework, and not only did they do homework, they are true fans…It makes sense that it’s a destination that we can arrive at if we are successful.”

He added, “We’re taking the best of Prophet to create the best cinematic version of Prophet that we can. He’s very pure in his motives to help out his family and ends up becoming something completely different.”

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