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411 Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Beginning

January 9, 2006 | Posted by Larry Csonka

It is on this day that I am proud to unveil a new sub-section here to the 411mania-wrestling zone, the 411 Wrestling Hall of Fame. Back many months ago as the new 411 design was being discussed, it was determined that we wanted to add something new, something that could be carried on for years. Thankfully Ashish gave me the go ahead to be the “curator” so to speak, and the Hall of Fame was born.

The 411 Wrestling Hall of Fame will be a yearly feature, starting with the class of 2006. The goal of the 411 Wrestling Hall of Fame will be to recognize and reward the elite of the wrestling world. Once a year the writers of 411 will gather together to see who will gain admittance into the Hall. For a better understanding of the 411 Wrestling Hall of Fame, here is a brief explanation.

How does it work?:

-Each writer had the opportunity to nominate up to 25 prospects for the Hall of Fame.

-It was then scaled down to the top 20 vote getters.

-The staff then voted on these 20 prospects.

-They can vote for as low as one, to as many as five to go into the Hall. The writer has this choice; much like the Baseball Hall of Fame so that they can vote for the prospects they truly feel belongs.

-The top prospects, with a minimum of 50% of the vote were named the class of 2006.


-As a Wrestling Hall of Fame, writers were encouraged to vote for wrestlers from around the world.

-The participant can be deceased, retired, or a part time wrestler at least the age of 45.

-Writers are encouraged to vote for a mix of singles wrestlers, tag teams, announcers, managers, promoters and or referees.

-The participant should be considered an all time great, innovator and or someone that made a huge impact on the business. This is not to be a favorites contest, but a true Hall with the best of the very best.

And that’s how it works. This class, 2006, will be revealed to you the reader over the next eleven days. You will see some of the industry’s best represented here as we recognize eight of the finest single’s performers, arguably the greatest tag team of all time, an all time great manager and wrestling’s greatest and possibly most controversial promoter. On behalf of the 411mania staff, we hope that you enjoy this new addition to the 411 family.


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