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411’s Impact Wrestling Review 1.25.18

January 26, 2019 | Posted by Robert Winfree
Johnny Impact Impact Wrestling

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Hello everyone and welcome to 411mania’s LIVE coverage of Impact Wrestling. I’m Robert Winfree and I’ll be your host for this evening. I was here doing this a couple of weeks ago and turns out I’ll be covering Impact reliably for the immediate future while Larry Csonka recovers. Or until you guys stage an armed revolt. Whichever comes first. As a reminder I wont be giving star ratings, I haven’t really consumed enough professional wrestling over the last few years to feel comfortable giving them.

Impact moved channels in terrestrial broadcast to Pursuit channel, but they’re also streaming the show live on twitch. You can find that right HERE if you need a link to their stream.

We open with a recap from last week, specifically Cage’s rampage and the set up between Kross and Moose and Johnny Impact that set up the title bout in the main event tonight between Johnny Impact and Killer Kross. Once we go to the ring we get X-Division champion Rich Swann making his way to the ring for the first match.

Match #1: Rich Swann vs. Hijo del Vikingo

Vikingo is one third of the AAA trio’s champions, he and Swann then shake hands to get us going. Collar tie up and Swann gets the arm wrench, Vikingo breaks by stepping through the ropes, they trade head locks, Vikingo head scissors Swann then Swann kip ups for a stare off. Both men trade head scissors that the other cartwheels out of, then we get arm drags, leg sweeps, and 1 counts back and forth then a double drop kick into kip ups in stereo. They stare off after the athletic sequence, Swann then ducks a clothesline and lands a back kick to the body. Vikingo springs off the ropes and lands a tornado kick to take the momentum. Swann winds up in the corner and gets chopped, tossed to the other side, then Vikingo gets a springboard takedown and Swann takes a powder. Vikingo hits a no touch dive over the top rope to the floor, then hops into the ring to break a count. Now Vikingo charges at Swann but Swann avoids and Vikingo went into the barricade, Swann then baits him into a knee strike and springboards off the barricade onto Vikingo. Swann rolls Vikingo into the ring, hits a rolling splash for a 2 count. Snapmare from Swann into a kick to the spine. Swann gets a seated abdominal stretch, moving into a Boston half crab that forces Vikingo to get to the ropes. Swann kicks the injured leg out from under Vikingo as he was standing up, then gets a modified stretch muffler and transitions into a crucifix pinning sequence but only gets 2. Vikingo is clearly out of his element right now, but he does get an enziguri then rolls into a fisherman jackhammer but still only gets 2. Impressive sequence. Swann looks to recover in the corner, Vikingo misses a charge but hits a double kick and climbs the ropes, Swann catches him with a kick then a jumping hurricanrana but only gets 2. Vikingo avoids a scoop attempt then runs into a big boot, Swann jumps for a cross body but Vikingo catches him and hits a black hole slam into a 2 count. Swann with a quick inside cradle for 2 then lands a kick, and hits a snow plow variant for 2. Now Swann fires up, lands a super kick then hits a 450 splash for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Rich Swann via pinfall

Solid match, great athleticism from both guys and Vikingo got to shine at times. Sami Callihan is out with OvE as Swann is in the ring. Callihan on the mic, he congratulates Swann on the win and says he’s proud of Swann, tells Swann he’s on top of the world and has turned his life around. But cutting to the chase it’s time people know the truth about their history, he says outside the ring he and Swann are like brothers so it’s time for him to join OvE. Swann doesn’t seem interested, Callihan tells him he’s not walking away and without him none of this would be possible. He tells Swann that he saved him, that without him he’d probably be dead on the side of the road in Baltimore. Swann jaws back but Callihan cuts him off, Callihan says that without him Swann wouldn’t be anything and wouldn’t be able to provide for his family. He asks where his family was when he (Swann) was 18 and homeless, says that this is his family and it’s time he came home. Swann gets the mic, tells Callihan the shirt is the right size but it’s clearly not the right fight. Callihan on the mic says that wasn’t a “no”, then keeps telling Swann to think about it as Swann walks back up the ramp.

Commentary runs down some of the card before we cut to a backstage interview with Melissa Santos interviewing Moose and Killer Kross. Kross says he’s feeling highly homicidal, tells Johnny Impact that his legacy dies tonight, that every time they meet Kross gets stronger while Johnny gets weaker. Asked about the Brian Cage saying he’ll be watching Moose takes over and says that Cage is being held up at Customs and Immigration and can’t get into Mexico. Kross closes by telling Johnny to invest in a neck brace.

After the break Taya Valkyrie returns to action. We come back to an interview with Jordyn Grace and Keira Hogan talking about their rivalry with Allie and Su, they’re ready for the rematch but we get static and a message from Rosemary appears on the monitors telling them this isn’t their fight.

Match #2: Taya Valkyrie vs. Keyra

Keyra jumps Valkyrie before the bell and lands some kicks to the leg and back after hitting a snapmare. Elbows from Keyra as she tosses Valkyrie into the corner. There’s an attempted head scissors from Keyra but Valkyrie counters with a back breaker then lands kicks to the body and head that leads to a 2 count for Valkyria. Valkyrie looks for a double chicken wing, tries a pump handle move but Keyra counters then lands a running drop kick as Valkyrie was seated in the corner. That looked unpleasant and that leads to a 2 count. Chops from Keyra then another countered rope sequence and Valkyrie lands a few clotheslines. Back suplex with a wrist trip from Valkyrie then she lands a running double knee strike as Keyra was seated in the corner for a 2 count. Valkyrie climbs the ropes but gets caught by Keyra and hit with a hangman lung blower then a split legged moonsault for a 2 count. Keyra complains about the count then tries for a head lock but gets countered with a northern lights suplex for 2. Valkyrie lands a jumping double stomp for another 2 count then charges Keyra in the corner but gets countered and set on the top rope. Keyra follows her up but Valkyrie counters then hits a sit out power bomb for 2 then lands a slightly modified curb stomp. Valkyrie sets for a modified STF and that forces Keyra to give it up.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Taya Valkyrie via submission

Not a bad match at all, Valkyrie played to her power and Keyra felt like a good talent. Mic time for Valkyrie in the ring, she opens with Spanish as they’re in Mexico City, mostly expressed happiness at being back. She switches between Spanish and English, she’s happy to be here and thanks the fans as the people who made her who she is. She brings up the ending to Homecoming and is sure Johnny will get revenge tonight. Switching to Tessa Blanchard she mocks Blanchard getting suspended but promises to be here waiting when they let her back, then says that goes for every woman in the locker room.

That’ll lead us into a break, the Twitch stream is running basically a skype call between Don Callis and someone from twitch support/staff talking about the episode. We’re back to Swann walking backstage and Melissa Santos catching up with him to ask about what Callihan said about their relationship earlier. Swann just says it’s true but there’s a whole lot more to the story.

The Rascalz have a vignette air, it’s done in the style of That 70’s Show when they all sit around and get high. We actually get badly dubbed Spanish over one of them, Wentz I think. He calls for subtitles, which appear, basically they’re promising to beat the Desi Hit Squad. Dez can see and read the subtitles, Trey asks how that happened, Wentz just says this stuff is good. That takes us back to break, that was my first time seeing one of those and that was pretty funny.

We come back to a vignette of Scarlett Bordeaux working out in an improbable wardrobe to hype her in-ring debut in 3 weeks. Back in the ring we have Gama Singh introducing the Desi Hit Squad for their match against the Rascalz.

Match #3: The Desi Hit Squad vs. The Rascalz (Dez and Wentz)

Dez and Raj start us off, Raj kicks him down then headbutts him to the head and chest. Dez blocks a whip attempt but eats a forearm, Raj jaws with him, Dez with a couple of leap frogs then a striking sequence into a drop kick off the ropes. Dez catches a kick and lands punches to the body. We get kicks from Wentz in the corner, Dez takes out the other guy and they hit a bronco buster into a 1 count. Wentz tries a standing moonsault misses and Raj tags out to Roujit. Roujit lands a forearm and mocks the Rascalz, another rope running sequence ends with a corckscrew cross body from Wentz into a 2 count. Wentz tries a springboard move but Raj cuts him off and Roujit is back in control. Tag to Raj and they both stomp Wentz in the corner then Raj gets a neck wrench into elbows on Wentz. Wentz breaks free with chops but Raj catches him with a reverse STO then tags Roujit and charges Dez on the apron. Dez gets hot and distracts the ref so the Desi Hit Squad hit a double stomp on the outside that leads to a near fall. Raj back in off of a tag, they try a double team move but Wentz counters, lands kicks then a handstand springboard into a knee that lets him tag Dez in. Striking combination from Dez to Raj then a snapmare into a drop kick on the back of the neck. Roujit gets back in but eats a combination of kicks and stomps from the Rascalz. Both members of Desi Hit Squad are outside, Wentz jumps off of Dez to land on both men outside. They try to set Raj up but Roujit cuts them off, they hit a two man elevated DDT and Wentz has to break up the pinfall attempt. Another double team attempt but Wentz cuts it off and now they tee off with kicks to Raj then Dez shoves Wentz as Wentz is doing a standing moonsault and that’ll get the finish.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – The Rascalz via pinfall

Johnny Impact is backstage with Melissa Santos for an interview. Johnny says seeing Taya come back reminded him what a badass his wife is but also reminded how badly he wants revenge on Kross for what he did. He mentions that Kross has a lot of skills but when they talk about his legacy all they’ll talk about is what a piece of trash he is as a person. Asked about the situation between him and Cage he dodges the question and says he’s focused on Kross and his title defense. He says he’s glad Moose will be out there where he can see him rather than skulking in the shadows. Johnny promises to take a piece of human garbage to the slam town dump, which will end the interview and take us to break.

We come back to another vignette from LAX, Konan is there as well. He makes Ortiz reiterate what he said to the Lucha Bros. after their match. Santana throws him under the bus a bit, Konan says it wasn’t great as they could ruin a good friendship they have going. Konan hypes some new signees for a trios match next week.

Match #4: Ethan Page vs. Trey

We come back with the match in progress, Trey hits a headscissors takeover on Page sending him outside. Trey tries a baseball slide, gets caught and nearly power bombed but he lands on his fee then eats a kick from Page. Page tries to send Trey into the ring but Trey slides around and kicks him then hits an asai moonsault and tosses Page back into the ring. Trey tries a sunset move, winds up trying a cross body but is caught and Page hits a spin out slam. Page sends Trey to the ropes and hits a big slam but a delayed cover only gets a 1 count. Knees to the back from Page then a forearm and Page throws Trey hard across the ring into the corner, a follow up cover gets a 2 count. Some punches from Trey and no sold by Page but Trey lands an elbow that definitely got his attention. Page lands an elbow of his own then stun guns Trey on the top rope. Very delayed cover gets a 2 count, another cover and another 2 count but Trey wont go away. Page locks up a chin lock, Trey fighting towards his feet with punches then an elbow, he avoids a clothesline and lands a pele kick but runs into a pump kick that floors him. Page pulls Trey up, sets for a uragane variant but Trey counters then hits a neck breaker. Trey charges Page in the corner lands an elbow then a 619 as Page was on the canvas then a split leg moonsault but that only gets 2. Back elbow from Page then a springboard suplex but Page can still only get 2. Page gets Trey in a firemans carry, now climbing the ropes but Trey slips off and lands a 619 as Page was hung up, Trey misses a double stomp then Trey hits Fresh 2 Death (Cross Rhodes/Roll the Dice) to pick up the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Trey via pinfall

Not a bad match but felt just kind of there to me. We get a recap from last week when Eli Drake called out Eddie Edwards for turning into Tommy Dreamer before encouraging him to return to actual wrestling instead of just doing hardcore wrestling. He asks Edwards how long it’s been since he was even in the title discussion. Drake calls on Edwards to drop the kendo stick and to find the fire and passion that he used to have because at the moment he’s just a hardcore loser. That leads us to a backstage segment between the two, Drake wants to make sure Edwards is ready to go in their upcoming world cup matches. Edwards doesn’t appreciate what Drake is doing, Drake just tells him to leave the kendo stick at home for their match against the Rascalz for next week.

Commentary runs down next weeks event, and that will lead us into the main event.

Match #5 for the Impact World Title: (c) Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross

Moose is out with Kross. The crowd is with Johnny, he lands a front kick to the body and Kross lands a hard leg kick. Johnny gets a headlock but runs into a shoulder block after they hit the ropes but he bounces up and elbows Kross. Kross gets a takedown into full mount for a near fall then lands a series of elbows as he looks to get the back. Johnny back up and slings him over the top then gets a side Russian leg sweep. That spinning leg drop from Johnny gets a 2 count then he climbs the ropes and Kross avoids a flying attack then lands a flying knee. Kross drives Johnny to the corner and drives knees to the body then hits a gutwrench suplex then tries a power bomb but Johnny rolls free and lands kicks to Kross. Kross reverses a whip attempt, Johnny slips around the ropes and lands a kick but Moose stops him from following up. Johnny takes him out with kicks but that lets Kross kick him in the spine and take control of the match as we go to break.

We come back with no time having passed, benefit of taped shows. Kross lands a running elbow drop and gets a 2 count on the cover. Johnny back up but still on the ropes, Kross lands elbows as he’s in the corner, just beats Johnny from pillar to post for a bit but he does break before getting disqualified. Snapmare into a hard roundhouse to the chest from Kross and another cover but it’s really lax and he only gets 1. Kross lands a punch to the face then a DDT but a 2 count. Johnny is set up in the corner, he lands a kick to counter a rush then goes for a tornado DDT but cross stalls the momentum and lands a norther lights release suplex. Bit of a cobra clutch from Kross, Johnny breaks it with body blows then they start trading blows to the head. Johnny gets the better of it with kicks to the chest and face then a springboard kick into the shining wizard but only gets a 2 count. Johnny tries a neck breaker but Kross blocks it and lands a palm heel to the throat then another overhead throw. Kross bounces off of both ropes for a heavy clothesline but still only gets a 2 count. Kross takes off the tape on his right hand and sets for the Kross jacket but Johnny forces a break, Kross switches to an armbar then a kneebar. Johnny crawls to the ropes as Moose pulls the rope away from him, Kross into the Kross jacket but Johnny gets the ropes and forces a break. Kross held that as long as he could. Johnny avoids a clothesline and lands a kick as Kross was seated on the ropes then Johnny hits the sliding German suplex. Kross tries a roll up but Johnny rolls through and lands a knee then tries to get Starship Pain but Kross catches him, Johnny lands on the apron and hits a springboard spear for a 2 count that’s only broken when Kross gets a foot on the ropes. Johnny tries Starship Pain again but again Kross avoids then goes for the Kross jacket but Brian Cage is here. Cage lays out both men with clotheslines and that’ll end the match.

OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest due to Brian Cage interference

Cage hits an F5 on Moose, Kross with the Saito Suplex, Cage bounces right up and lands a discus clothesline then stares down Johnny, Johnny lands a super kick but Cage floors him with a clothesline. Now Moose and Kross double team Cage, Johnny attacks Kross and Cage and Moose go at it. They brawl a bit and then Kross and Moose take a powder, Cage stares Johnny down again as the ref gives Johnny the title back as he technically retains on the No Contest. Johnny poses with the title and Cage makes his intentions for said title very clear to close the show.

Not a bad show by any means. The Rascalz got to shine, Swann vs. OvE keeps building, and the title picture continues to get complicated. Thanks to you all for reading along, stay safe out there, and keep checking 411mania for all of your pop culture needs.

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