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411’s Live ROH Global Wars Espectacular Dearborn Coverage

September 6, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
ROH/CMLL Global Wars Espectacular

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

Csonka’s ROH Global Wars Espectacular Dearborn 2019 Review

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Top Prospect Tournament Semifinal Match: Dak Draper vs. The Haitian Sensation: Draper attacks, refusing the handshake but Sensation battles back and dumps him. Sensation follows with strikes but Draper cuts him off and hits a knee drop for 1. He grounds the action, and then misses a knee drop and Sensation cradles him for 2. Draper battles back with a run up elbow drop and works over Sensation in the ropes. He follows with strikes, chokes him out and follows with strikes and knee drops. He grounds things again, but Sensation fires up to his feet and hits a neck breaker. Sensation follows with rights, chops and clotheslines. The dropkick follows and then corner elbows. The axe kick follows for 2. Draper cuts him off and hits the magnum for the win. Dak Draper defeated The Haitian Sensation @ 5:55 via pin

The Bouncers vs. Silas Young & Josh Woods: Silas & Bruiser begin. They lock up and Silas grounds things and Bruiser fires back with rights. He follows with jabs and bites him. Milonas tags in and Woods joins him. Woods looks for a takedown, Milonas counters and Woods follows with strikes until Milonas runs him over. Bruiser tags back in but Woods follows with strikes. Silas tags in and Bruiser levels him with rights. The knee drop follows but Woods dumps him to the floor. Silas follows him out with strikes, and back in hits the slingshot double stomp. Bruiser fights off the suplex, but Silas works him over in the corner and then hits the suplex for 1. He follows with rights, Woods reuses to attack and they argue. Bruiser fires back, and hits the sidewinder slam on Silas. Tag to Milonas, he runs wild with strikes on Silas and hits the corner splash and running cross body. The black hole slam follows for 2. Bruiser tags back in and they look for closing time, and hit it but Woods makes the save. Woods runs wild and dumps Milonas, he works over Bruiser and then hip tosses him from the apron and to the floor wiping out Milonas & Silas. Back in and the ankle lock follows on Bruiser, and follows wit ha dead lift German for 2. The Kingdom arrives at ringside, and Woods rolls into an arm bar but Milonas makes the save. He gets distracted by the Kingdom and Woods cradles Bruiser for the win. Silas Young & Josh Woods defeated The Bouncers @ 9:35 via pin

Rush vs. Triton: Triton & Stuka Jr swapped places on tonight’s card, for reasons. They get right to action, working into fast paced counters and passes. Triton lays in chops, so Rush fires back and kicks him in the face and then traquilos. Rush follows with chops, but Triton follows with a RANA and suicide dive. He hits another and Rush then counters the third. He slams him to the barricade and beats him like he owes him money. Rush goes after his mask and then back in, misses a charge but hits the superkick and suplex to the buckles. The bull’s horns finishes it. Rush defeated Triton @ 3:45 via pin

– Mark Haskins arrives and says he doesn’t have a match tonight, but wants to compete. He came to ROH for competition, and will get that in the #1 contender’s tournament, but Rhett Titus arrives and thanks him and Lifeblood for helping to restore honor in ROH. Titus was at the first ROH show and has always wanted to be the champion. But he lost him way and now he has a son. Now, if Haskins doesn’t have a match, he’ll give him one. Haskins agrees.

Mark Haskins vs. Rhett Titus: They lock up and work to the ropes. Clean break and they lock up and work to the mat, Titus counters out and they work into a stand off. They lock up again, Titus looks for springboard elbow but Haskins catches him in an arm bar until Titus makes the ropes. Back in and Haskins dropkicks the knee and covers for 2. Haskins grounds the action, Tutus counters back and works a chinlock into a surfboard. He then kicks Haskins to the buckles and hits elbow strikes and a powerslam and running frog splash for 2. Titus keeps things grounded, and follows with clotheslines. There is absolutely no heat for this. Haskins counters out of the full nelson hits a leg lariat and misses a charge but hits an enziguri. They work up top and Haskins then follows with a wrecking ball dropkick from the tree of WHOA position. The suicide dive follows and back in Haskins does the deal with the falcon arrow for 2. Titus fights off the stretch muffler, but Haskins hits shoulder soldier roll for 2. Titus counters back with a northern lights suplex for 2. Haskins counters out of a German, hits the belly to back suplex and the top rope double stomp misses, Titus hits an x-factor off the ropes for 2. Haskins fights off a piledriver, but Titus hits a dropkick and elevated DDT for 2. The running boots follow, but Haskins counters into the sharpshooter for the win. Mark Haskins defeated Rhett Titus @ 10:16 via submission

– The Allure arrives. Angelina Love cuts a promo, claiming conspiracy against the Allure (so they are recycling the Kingdom’s angle?). She’s beaten everyone in front of her but hasn’t been given a title shot. She also pinned the champion making her the best in the world. She calls out Klein and tells her to bring out her championship. Klein arrives and Love wants her title match. Klein offers to do it right now, but Love refuses and leaves. Klein calls her a coward and Love then offers to shake her hand, it’s a traaaaaaaaaaaaap. Yup, Leon attacks and they beat down Klein. Sumie Sakai arrives to make the save, but babyfaces are dumb and she gets her ass beat as well. Jenny Rose makes the save and clears the ring.

– Shane Taylor joins commentary.

Kenny King vs. Jeff Cobb vs. Tracy Williams: Amy Rose is at ringside. They attack Cobb, King then takes down Williams and they work into a standoff. Cobb and Williams lock up and Cobb mows him down and they all work into a standoff. King attacks Cobb and they all brawl. Cobb battles back and dropkicks Williams until King posts him. He slams Williams and hits the springboard leg drop for 2. Williams fires back with chops, and follows with a suplex. More chops connect as King fires back but Williams follows with a missile dropkick. He takes out Cobb, King hides behind Rose and superkicks Williams. He posts Cobb and back in, stuns Williams off the ropes and follows with a springboard blockbuster for 2. Williams fires back but King follows with a body clutch suplex for 2. King grounds the action, but Williams fires back as Cobb joins back in with chops on both Williams & King. He beats them down in the corner, and the sidewinder slam follows on both. Cobb hits the standing moonsault onto both. Williams counters tour of the islands, it breaks down and King takes out Cobb and they all continue to land strikes and kicks. Cobb follows with running uppercuts to both, spinebuster by King and Williams frog splashes Cobb for 2. King follows with chops, trades with King and attack Cobb. King trips up Williams and Williams fires back and follows with a suplex. Cobb cuts off the piledriver but Williams locks on a guillotine and hits the piledrive for 2 as Flip pulls him off of Cobb. Williams takes him out and King cradles Williams with the tights for the win. Kenny King defeated Jeff Cobb & Tracy Williams @ 11:35 via pin

Joe Hendry & Dalton Castle vs. Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham: Jay and Hendry begin. They lock up and work into counters as Hendry follows with a shoulder tackle. Jay fights back with the cartwheel dropkick. Castle tags in and they lock up, working into counters and Castle hits a big boot and poses. Jay follows with a powerslam for 2. Gresham tags in and starts countering Castle’s attacks, grounds him and starts attacking the arm, grounding Castle. Hendry tags in and hits a shoulder tackle, but Gresham trips him up and follows with a dropkick. Castle tags back in and takes Gresham down and gator rolls him. Gresham grabs a chair, Jay stops him and they then work over Castle with double teams. Gresham lays the boots to Castle, follows with kicks and tags in Jay. He follows with chops and dropkicks Hendry and knocks Castle to the floor. He chases, and Hendry cuts him off. Back in and Castle hits a slam and tags in Hendry. He grounds Jay and then follows with a delayed suplex for 2. Castle tags back in and double teams follow. Castle hits a trio of standing splashes for 2. Jay counters into a cradle for 2. Castle cuts him off and grounds the action. Hendry tags back in and grounds Jay. Jay fires up with chops, but gets cut of with the high knee and Hendry covers for 2. Castle tags back in and follows with a Vader bomb for 2. He grounds things, but Jay fires back with chops until Castle cradles him for 2. Lethal combo by Jay follows and he tags in Gresham. Gresham runs wild and works over both and hits the missile dropkick on both. The moonsault press connects and the cradle gets 2. Gresham counters bangarang into the octopus, but Castle slams his way out. he follows with the doctor bomb for 2. It breaks down, and Hendry hits a fall away slam to both Jay & Gresham. Castle argues with him, and they then work double teams until Castle dumps him and Gresham counter bangarang into a cradle for 2. Hendry in and argues with Castle, takes out Jay and it breaks down. Castle accidentally hits Hendry but gets caught with the Cornette cutter for the win. Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham defeated Joe Hendry & Dalton Castle @ 16:40 via pin

Villain Enterprises vs. Okamura, Rey Bucanero, Hechicero, & Barbaro Cavernario: Hechicero and Marty begin. Hechicero plays voodoo games and Marty powders. Back in and they lock up and Hechicero counters out. Marty attacks the arm and grounds things. Hechicero counters out and cradles Marty for 2. Marty attacks the arm again, but Hechicero counters and they work into a stand off. PCO tags in and Barbaro tag in. They trade shoulder tackles, big boot by PCO and he takes him down with a shoulder tackle and hits a basement dropkick. He follows with strikes and then gets caught with a RANA. PCO fires back with kicks, but Barbaro connects with a missile dropkick and celebrates. Rey tags in and wants King. King tags in and Rey follow with clotheslines but King won’t budge. King levels him with a clothesline, dumps him but Rey is back and cuts him off following with strikes and a leg drop. Flip & Okamura tag in and Okamura takes control until Flip follows with leg kicks and chops. Okamura cuts him off with a clothesline, and the draping DDT connects for 2. Team CMLL attacks and Rey now grounds Flip. He attacks the injured arm, Barbaro tags in and lays in kicks to the arm. Hechicero tags in and follows with a delayed suplex. The basement dropkick follows for 2. He continues to attack the arm, Okamura tags in and works over Flip in the ropes. Flip battles back and tags in King. He runs wild with chops, strikes, and clotheslines. The corner splash follows and he and Marty follow with double teams on Rey for 2. It breaks down and Villain Enterprises isolate Rey and Marty follows with a brainbuster, swanton by PCO and team CMLL makes the save. They attack King, Barbaro take shim up top and Okamura follows with a cutter. Barbaro hits the springboard splash as the battle continues on the floor. Team CMLL continues to work over King and Barbaro works a Romero special and Villain Enterprises makes the save. Rey dumps Marty, King fights back and hits lucha arm drags. The tope con… hello follows. Hechicero follows with a run up plancha, and Barbaro takes out Marty & Flip. Barbaro follows with a dive, and Hechicero catapults Rey into a tope . PCO is back and Hechicero drops the straps and PCO then tosses him over the top and onto the pile. PCO-sault to the pile follows. Okamura is cut of by Marty, he attacks the hands and snaps the fingers. King in and the double teams follow and the senton finishes Okamura. Villain Enterprises defeated Okamura, Rey Bucanero, Hechicero, & Barbaro Cavernario @ 16:00 via pin

Volador Jr. & Stuka Jr. vs. Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia: Taven and Volador begin. Thy go fast paced right away, RANA by Volador and Vinny cuts him off but accidentally hits a suicide dive on Taven. Volador follows wit a tope and Taven then hits one of his own. Stuka follows with a top rope moonsault onto the pile. Back in and Volador heads up top but Taven counters until Volador cradles him for 2. RANA by Volador gets 2. Taven finally cuts him off and Vinny tags in and follows with chops but Stuka tags in and hits a RANA on Taven and then dumps Vinny. Vinny then hits a cutter on Stuka on the floor and whips him to the barricades. Back in and the Taven suplex follows. Stuka fires back, but Taven hits an enziguri and Russian leg sweep for 2. Vinny tags back in and they double team Stuka. Saito by Vinny and the cover gets 2. He grounds the action, and then follows with chops. Stuka fires back but gets cut off by Vinny. Enziguri by Taven and Vinny follows with a side effect gets 2. Stuka battles back, suplexes Taven onto Vinny and tags in Volador. Volador runs wild on the Kingdom, hits superkicks and a backstabber for 2. Vinny fires back, Taven tags in and hits just the tip for 2. Volador counters the climax, takes out Vinny and Stuka flies in with the top rope torpedo splash for 2. Stuka dumps Taven, and heads back up top. Volador tags in and Stuka gets crotched. Volador now hits the SUPER RANA on Taven but Vinny hits red rum for 2. Stuka cuts off Vinny and double teams follow for 2. Stuka takes out Taven and hits the top rope torpedo to the floor onto him. Volador hits the top rope Spanish fly on Vinny for the win. Volador Jr. & Stuka Jr. defeated Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia @ 11:20 via pin

– Alex Shelley arrives and comments on his loss to Taven in Toronto. It was a loss, but also a win because he took the champion to the limit. Not bad for a guy who had two matches in 16-months and one singles match in three years. It’s an exciting time in wrestling for free agents like him. he wants to wrestle Mark Haskins since they were in TNA together and TNA treated him like crap. He wants to wrestle Williams, Lethal, & Gresham. Gresham arrives and says that Shelley says that ROH needs change, and Shelley had that chance and failed against Taven. When it counted, you dropped the ball. When we needed you, you dropped the ball. Gresham is upset that he hasn’t gotten the same opportunities, and is disappointed in Shelley. Shelley says if Gresham had waited, he would realize that Shelley wants to face him and calls him a douche bag. Shelley calls him “Puss,” and says while Gresham was busy 0laying with an Alex Shelley action figure and picking him in a video game and studying his tapes, while he was changing the business and making history. Shelley challenges him to a match, for October 12th in New Orleans. Gresham bails to “Octapussy” chants as Shelley reminds us he has talent on loan from God and will whip that ass Detroit style.

– PJ Black joins commentary.

Bandido vs. Jay Briscoe: Mark Briscoe & Mark Haskins are at ringside. They shake hands lock up, working to the ropes. They break clean and lock up again, working back to the ropes and break clean again. Bandido looks to take control, and they trade shoulder tackles. RANA by Jay and they work into a standoff. Bandido follows with kicks, hits the lucha arm drag and follows with the Fosbury flop. Back in and Bandido moonsaults into a superkick. He follows with uppercuts and a running back elbow. Jay follows with a slam and leg drop. He lays in strikes, and grounds the action. Bandido fires back but runs into a dropkick. Jay follows with a running DVD for 2. Jay lays the boots to him and then dumps Bandido. He follows and lays in uppercuts and whips him to the barricade. Jay beats him down and follows with the running boot. Bandido gets whipped to the barricade again, Jay follows with strikes and whips him to the barricade again. Mark Briscoe tosses in a chair as Jay continues to beat down Bandido. The suplex on the floor follows, and back in, Jay lays in more uppercuts but Bandido fires back and hits an enziguri and a top rope tornillo press. The dropkick follows and Bandido then follows him to the floor. They get chairs, roll back in and Jay throws his chair down and attacks as the ref was distracted. He rakes the eyes and locks on a sleeper, but Bandido powers up and makes the ropes. Bandido follows with rights and gets cut off with a snapdragon suplex and lariat for 2. Bandido fires back, and hits an inverted suplex and shining wizard for 2. Jay fights off a powerbomb and hits a rolling elbow but Bandido counters Jay driller into a RANA and cradle for 2. They trade strikes from their knees and battle to their feet. They continue to trade, firing away and Bandido hits the superkick but Jay hits one and then runs into a pop up cutter. Jay rolls to the floor and cuts off the suicide dive and the Jay driller connects for ONLY 2! Jay takes him up top, looking for a super Jay driller, but Bandido battles back and hits the fall away moonsault slam for 1! Jay is fired the fuck up, but Bandido follows with superkicks, but Jay hits a RANA and lariat for 2. They trade strikes, head butt by Jay and Bandido cuts him off with a superkick, knee strike and x-knee. The 21-plex connects and finally finishes it. Bandido defeated Jay Briscoe @ 21:45 via pin