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May 11, 2008 | Posted by Larry Csonka

-Lauren is with Joe’s dancing family. They say that Joe didn’t just bring family, he brought the entire Samoan Nation. They say that they aren’t wrestlers, and they are blood, if need be, they will be involved. SAMOAN POWER!

KNOCKOUTS BATTLE ROYAL/LADDER/HAIR/MAKEOVER/#1 CONTENDER’S MATCH: Roxxi vs. Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love vs. Christy Hemme vs. Gail Kim vs. ODB vs. Salinas vs. Miss Jackie Moore vs. Traci Brooks vs. Rhaka Khan

BATTLE ROYAL PORTION: They al brawl to begin. Salinas tries a tornado DDT, but Roxxi tosses her out. Kim and Roxxi pair off, and I have to say that i didn’t ACTUALLY go over the top rope. Love spills the flask on ODB, Broosk and Sky fight by the apron and Sky gets eliminated. Love eliminates Brooks with a yakuza kick. Hemme and Khan pair off, and Khan tosses Hemme. ODB and Moore double team Khan, Love over as well and then Moore lays the boots to Love. Corner splash by ODB on Khan, and Moore gets a 2nd rope missile dropkick to Khan. ODB and Khan fight near the ropes, Moore over as well and they toss Khan. Kim tosses Moore and Roxxi tosses ODB! Roxxi then tosses Love and we’re down to two!

LADDER MATCH PORTION: Kim and Roxxi are left and it is a ladder match. Remember Kim has immunity and is she loses, Love gets her head shaved. The ref makes Love stay. Roxxi lays the boots to Kim, to the corner and Roxxi to the floor and gets the ladder. Love tries to stop her and Roxxi LEVELS her with the ladder! Kim the dropkicks the ladder into Roxxi. She gets another ladder, slides it in and sets it up. She goes to climb, Roxxi back in and she grabs Kim and Kim gets a RANA! She then tosses the ladder into Roxxi’s face! She sets the ladder in the corner, grabs Roxxi and they trade shots. Kim whipped into the ladder. Roxxi then gets a corner charge to Kim. Roxxi sets the ladder in the corner again, but Kim monkey flips her onto the ladder! Love chants for Kim to win and slides her a ladder. Kim sets it up and she climbs. Roxxi up and climbs now, Roxxi is busted open, and as they brawl Kim gets a SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB off of the ladder! Love holds onto Roxxi, but Roxxi knocks her off of the apron. She and Kim brawl center ring and Roxxi gets a SPINEBUSTER to Kim on the ladder. Sky in and eats a yakuza kick by Roxxi! Roxxi climbs, Love in and pushes over the ladder. Kim climbs, and gets the contract.

Winner: Gail Kim @9:40

-After the match Kim beats down Love. Kim gets a title shot now for the win. Sky is out and Kim tries to beat them down, Roxxi is out and they all brawl. Sky and Love escape and Roxxi has to get a haircut. The crowd does NOT like that. The other Knockouts look on as Roxxi gets the cut. Love and Sky mock her and she is getting sheared! FIRE RUSSO CHANT now. Some of the face Knockouts try to support her. BULLSHIT chant now as well. She is still bleeding a good bit and sells it well as she appears to be crying, and she may very well be for real.


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