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411’s WWE NXT Report 1.28.15

January 28, 2015 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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411’s WWE NXT Report 1.28.15  

On tap for tonight, we have the Number One Contender’s Tournament continuing, a Tag Team Title match and a big contract signing!

NXT Tag Team Championship: The Lucha Dragons (c) vs. Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake

There’s a lot of dubstep in Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy’s theme music. This is an interesting situation as Blake and Murphy won a match for probably the first time and challenged the Lucha Dragons. The Champions are fighters and accepted. Blake and Sin Cara start. Cara counters a double team move, but springboards into a dropkick from Murphy for two. He chooses to wear down Sin Cara, as commentary says that Norman Smiley called Wesley Blake the best pure talent to come into the Performance Center. High praise from the master of the Big Wiggle.  Cara manages to tag Kalisto who does his gorgeous corkscrew cross body. He kind of messes up a handspring back elbow but makes up for it with a variation of the Code Red. The pin is broken and Blake takes out Cara outside. Blake blind tags in as Kalisto hits his finisher on Murphy, allowing Blake to sneak in and pin him!

Winners and New NXT Tag Team Champions: Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy in 3:58

I wish this got more time but it was a well worked tag team match. The total shocker made for an awesome moment as no title changed hands in 2014 unless it was on a live special. **3/4

A recap airs of what went down with Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Bayley and Sasha Banks, leading to the announcement of the Fatal Four Way match at the upcoming TakeOver special. Backstage, Bayley is getting ready when Charlotte comes up to her. She tells Bayley that she will destroy her if she pulls a stunt like last week again. Bayley declines to apologize because she saw Sami Zayn stop being nice and it only led him to the title. Good for Bayley!

Tyler Breeze cuts a selfie promo saying he’s not embarrassed that he lost last week. This is a cool thing for him, similar to the Shield’s handheld camera segments. He will watch the rest of the Tournament from his comfortable seat.

#1 Contender’s Tournament: Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd

Big match here as this did main event the TakeOver back in May. During Tyson Kidd’s entrance the feed gets messed up and the name SOLOMON appears on screen quickly. It looks like we will finally get Solomon Crowe soon. Basic sequence stars things, while commentary does a good job of mentioning how weird it is to see Adrian Neville in  the position of fighting for a title shot. Tyson escapes a headlock with a front flip and showboats, because he nails his dick character. Kidd goes to take Neville in the corner, but he leaps over him twice and snaps off a hurricanrana. He goes for a dive, but Tyson moves, so he handsprings into the ropes and backlips out. Kidd stays outside for a while to get into Adrian’s head. Kidd goads him into falling for his awesome baseball slide head scissors into the steel steps. They tease the countout finish, which is something I wish we saw more often. After a commercial, Tyson is working over Neville’s back. Near fall for Kidd after a nice front dropkick. Neville knocks Kidd outside as he rallies and dives outside. It was pretty. Inside, Neville fires off some kicks and hits perfect standing shooting star press for two. Adrian goes for a suplex but Tyson reverses by sending him into the ropes and hits a spinning neckbreaker suplex variation for two. Kid druns into a big boot but tries a German, only for Neville to land on his feet. Neville hits a STIFF powerbomb with a bridge for just another near fall. Neville goes to the apron, only to get dropkicked off. Another big kick from Kidd on the outside only earns him two. Neville blocks the Sharpshooter, kicks Tyson in the head and strikes with the Red Arrow to advance.

Winner: Adrian Neville in 12:41

Shit that was awesome. These two guys are both fantastic and neither can seem to have a bad match but they clicked extra well here. Might even be better than their TakeOver match. Really good. ***3/4

The weird guy that interviewed Kevin Owens last week is in the ring to ask Adrian Neville about facing either Bull Dempsey or Baron Corbin next week. He admits they’re big but is all about proving that he is the best NXT Champion of all time. I guess regaining it would go a long way.

Team B.A.E. is interviewed about being a team tonight but opponents at TakeOver. Sasha claims that Becky knows to help her win the belt at TakeOver. As she leaves, Becky admits that she has other plans.

Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake cut a promo about how they are proud to win and they will be fighting champions.

Bayley and NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks

Bayley might be the most popular person on the NXT roster not named Sami Zayn or Finn Balor. She begins against Sasha Banks and they trade stuff. Bayley does a nice arm drag from the second rope but messes up the second one. Tag to Becky who hits Bayley a few before tagging Sasha. Charlotte comes in and forces Sasha to scurry. Charlotte hits Becky with some weak chops and a snapmare for two. She drops some knees before Bayley hits an elbow, clothesline and baseball slide. Sasha gets in a cheap neck whip on Bayley, allowing Becky to nail a nice suplex. Series of leg drops from Becky for two. Quick tags from Team BAE leads Sasha to mock the WACKYWAVINGINFLATEABLEARMFLAILINGTUBEMEN that Bayley loves. The heels now wisely target Bayley’s injured knee, but she hits a one legged suplex and hot tags in the Champ. She comes in on fire and applies the bridging Figure Four on Sasha, but Becky breaks it up. Charlotte clotheslines Becky outside, so Sasha hits Bankrupt but when Bayley goes to break the pin, Sasha moves and Bayley nails her. Charlotte is pissed and ungrateful so she starts going at it with Bayley. Team Bae take advantage and get involved as the bell sounds.

No Contest in 5:51

I enjoyed this as the girls got a decent amount of time. All four girls looked strong and it builds towards TakeOver very well. **3/4

Team BAE is knocked outside, as Bayley basically snaps and is very aggressive against Charlotte. Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews Finn Balor about the buzz surrounding his match next week with Hideo Itami. Finn claims they are friends, but the NXT Title changes things. Hideo interrupts and says that he brought Finn into NXT and could take him out. Like he’s his father.

Devin Taylor interviews Emma, which is a surprise, about her return to NXT next week. She says that she is back because things didn’t work out well on the main roster. She needs a fresh start and it’s against Carmella next week. I love me some Emma.

#1 Contender’s Tournament: Baron Corbin vs. Bull Dempsey

Alright, their first match severely disappointed so here’s to this being better. The crowd is counting down the match, but I hope it’s not fast. These two brutes just pound away on each other early. Baron gets the early upper hand with a shoulder block. Bull gets a breather, but Baron goes out to get him and throws him inside. Bull kicks him and gets in come offense actually. Baron comes back with a splash in the corner and even shows off some athleticism. End of Days connects and it’s over fast.

Winner: Baron Corbin in 1:30

This was even shorter than last time. Disappointing for sure. *1/2

Devin Taylor interviews Baron Corbin about the win. He says that Adrian Neville is a step closer to being erased. Bull Dempsey interrupts, claiming that Baron got lucky twice. Sure he did Bull. The matches lasted three minutes combined. Even Baron just mushes him and shuts him up.

William Regal is in the ring for the Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens contract signing. Regal promises that this won’t end like a normal contract signing because if either guy touches the other, the match at TakeOver will be cancelled. Sami signs quickly but Kevin doesn’t. Sami wants him to speak and explain his actions. Sami brings up their past and how, whether they did things as friends or enemies, it was all to get right here. He never thought that on a night like R Evolution, Owens would do such a thing. He says that he will beat the hell out of Owens on February 11th. Owens doesn’t want it to be for the Championship. He says what happened at R Evolution wasn’t personal. He will fight anyone, but for a prize and Sami isn’t the prize. He won’t sign unless it is for the belt. Regal says it is non-title but Sami says to put the belt on the line. Regal agrees and Owens signs. He throws the pen at Sami like it’s Razor Ramon’s toothpick but Regal holds Sami back.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Another damn good episode of NXT. I feel like I say this every week but it is true. They deliver week in and week out. The only issue I had this week was the Corbin/Bull match. Kidd and Neville stole the show with a great match and the Divas delivered a well worked tag team match that built towards their TakeOver bout. The Tag Title change was a cool surprise that we don't see often. Lastly, the final segment was perfect and proves that a contract signing doesn't have to end in a brawl. Excellent storytelling.

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