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411’s TNA Bound for Glory IV Report 10.12.08

October 12, 2008 | Posted by Larry Csonka

TNA Bound for Glory IV: 10.12.08
-We get the opening video package, focusing on Chicago’s gangster history.

-Live from the Sears Centre in Chicago!

-Tenay and West welcome us to the show!

-I am so sick of hearing that Smashing Pumpkins song. Sorry, it had to be said.

The Steel Asylum Match: Alex Shelley vs. Jay Lethal vs. Curry Man vs. Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Johnny Devine vs. Petey Williams vs. Shark Boy vs. Super Eric

I would hate to be the ref on top of the cage for the whole match. And they all brawl to begin the match. Dutt gets a swank tilt a whirl on Rave, but Petey gets a jawbreaker on him. Devine runs wild with knee strikes, Super Eric stops him and levels him with a clothesline. The Guns double-team Eric, but Curry Man and Sharky attack them. The Guns battle back and take out the Super Heroes with some double team moves. They continue to beat down Sharky, Curry Man whips Jay into Devine. Hip attack by Curry Man and then a clothesline by Sharky. Petey tries to climb, stopped and we get a SEVEN MAN SUPLEX SPOT. Nice. Dutt and Jay battle as they climb, Petey drops Rave and climbs. Rave over, knocked into the tree of woe and the Guns with double charging boots. Curry Man slams the Guns together, back elbow to Sabin and then climbs. Alex over to stop him, climbs as well and Curry Man gets a jawbreaker. Sabin with a leaping Enziguri to Curry Man, he climbs and Sharky is over and gets a flatliner off of the top to Sabin! Devine and Eric up, but Eric clotheslines him off. Dutt and Jay climb, jabs by Jay and Dutt slams Jay to the cage and he falls. Curry Man crotches Dutt, and then gets a back breaker off of the top! Rave then levels Curry Man, sets Alex up top and as he goes for a suplex Jay is over. He climbs and uses Alex as a stepladder. Rave up and a SUPER RANA BY Curry Man! Alex with the big splash and Eric then gets a clothesline! DOUBLE DVD ONDEVINE AND DUTT BY ERIC~! He climbs now, the Guns stop him. They get a double team cutter/splash combo! Eric tossed to the cage by the Guns, they work over Curry Man and then Sharky with the wishbone. The same for Rave. They pose, grab Petey, but he fights back but he battles back and Alex nails Sabin. Sliced bread countered…CANADIAN DESTROYER ON ALEX! Petey climbs, Sabin up with him and they brawl. Sharky up…DOUBLE SHAKRY STUNNER! Rave gets the rock the world on Sharky, but Devine gets the Devine intervention and Rave lands on his head! Devine climbs, and then a moonsault onto Jay! Devine climbs again, Dutt up with him and Curry Man over and climbs. To the mat, SPICE RACK on Devine! Curry Man pulls Dutt off of the ropes, and Curry Man PRESS SLAMS DUTT INTO THE CORNER! Curry Man Dance! Curry Man climbs, he gets to the top portion and Dutt follows. Jay is up after him, Dutt pulls Curry Man off and he face plants! Dutt climbs for the opening, Jay over with him and they trade rights as they hang upside down from the top! Jay makes his way out and wins!

Winner: Jay Lethal @ 12:00

  • This was a wild match that played to the match style well. Crazy spots prevailed and everyone got to look good. This was a great way to kick off the show and was a ton of fun.
    RATING: ***½

    -Jay Lethal is now the #1 contender for the X-Division Title.

    -Tenay and West run down the rest of the card.

    -To the back with Jim Cornette. He says this will be his crowning achievement. Foley arrives and they hug. Cornette thanks him for coming, and they talk old times about the Midnight Express. Cornette wants to spend some time to him, and then they discuss the live Impact and move to HD. He asks Mick to hold down the fort and that JB will get him anything he wants. The Beautiful People arrive and say they have an issue. They wanted BLUE M&M’s, and they throw the ones they got at Foley. They then mock Foley’s wardrobe, and tell him that they need the M&M issues resolved. Mick says it is “shammy” and not polyester he is wearing. JB says he’d rather be in “Velvet.” Tremendous.

    BIMBO BRAWL: OBD, Rhaka Khan and Rhino vs. Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Cute Kip: With Special Referee Traci Brooks

    Love and ODB to begin, they talk smack and ODB tosses Love down. Chops by ODB, corner splash follows and then the sack of shit slam is blocked with an eye rake, tag to Sky. Sky slaps Rhino, and that allows ODB to come back with rights. She tags in Rhino, arm bar to Sky and then a whip to the corner and then gets a hip toss. The crowd loves Rhino. Kip saves Sky from a gore, they do the chase around the ring and Rhino traps Sky in the ring. She tries to slap him and Khan tags in on her own. Kip then tags in and Kip grabs her by the throat, and she does the same and they break. Kip then double hand chokes her and she grabs his balls! Kip tags out to Love, she talks trash and shoves Khan. Kicks by Khan, works the arm and tags in ODB. A slam by ODB, and then Kip in and nails ODB with the makeup case. Love covers for 2 as there is make up all over the ring, but Traci doesn’t see it. Traci gets distracted as ODB gets beat down in the corner. ODB comes back with a back suplex, and tags in Rhino. He cleans house on Kip. A clothesline, back elbow and then the belly-to-belly suplex. Love and Sky break up the pin, the ladies brawl to the floor and Rhino and Kip are left. Kip misses the corner splash, and then the GORE levels Kip and that is all.

    Winners: OBD, Rhaka Khan and Rhino @ 6:00 via pin

  • Not very good, but not quite as bad as I thought it would be. The crowd was into ODB and Rhino big time, which helped.
    RATING: *

    -Lauren is with Creed. He says things fall into place. Last year he debuted, and now he battles for the X-Division title. Bashir disgusts him due to how he talks about the USA. If you don’t love it, leave it. He will walk out with the title, and the glory will be OURS, everyone that is proud to call America Home.

    -They welcome a Chicago native to the ring, a guy that was injured while serving in the army. He has had 24 surgeries to date to reconstruct his legs. Sgt. Daniel Casara is his name and he makes his way to the ring. Casara has the mic and he announces Consequences Creed.

    -Bashir then gets on the mic and says some shit in his native language. They hate him even more.

    TNA X-Division Title Match: Sheik Abdul Bashir © vs. Consequences Creed

    Creed rolls in with the rolling thunder, tosses Bashir to the floor and then gets the HUGE senton dive and leaps to the announce table and gives high fives! Back into the ring we go, Creed up top and gets the cross body for 2! Creed works the arm, boots by Bashir and then delivers chops to Creed. To the corner, float over and a snap mare and seated clothesline by Creed for 2. Chops by Creed, forearm shots follow and then more chops. AN Irish whip, to the apron and as Creed come sin, he eats a knee. Bashir then sends him to the barricade and then celebrates. Bashir to the floor, press slams Creed onto the barricade, rolls him back in and covers for 2. UDS chants now as Bashir works over Creed, who now gets to his feet, elbows to Bashir but a knee to the gut by Bashir gets a cover for 2. Bashir with a hard whip to the corner. They trade chops now, off the ropes and Bashir dives out of the way of a cross body and Bashir covers for 2. A body scissors by Bashir now, Creed manages to get to his feet, and then gets a roll up for 2. Rights by Creed, off the ropes and a sleeper by Bashir. Bashir works him down to the mat, the ref checks the arm, Creed is alive and gets to his feet. Rights to Bashir, Creed avoids a suplex try and gets a superkick and BOTH men are down! To the corner, Creed with body shots, off the ropes and a clothesline by Creed. Another, to the corner and a backdrop by Creed gets a cover for 2! A boot by Creed, press slam into the double knee gut buster! 1…2…NO! A jawbreaker by Bashir, but Creed back with a leaping Enziguri. KIP UP by Creed! He goes up top…Bashir is up and crotches him. Bashir up with Creed, SUPER RANA! 1…2…NO! Bashir grabs Creed, but Creed tries the TKO, eye rake by Bashir and he gets a roll up with the ropes and gets the win!

    Winner: Sheik Abdul Bashir @ 9:00 via pin

  • The crowd was into it with the USA vs. Evil Foreigner dynamic, which is a good thing. An overall good match, but a bit below expectations.
    RATING: **½

    -Foley is with JB, and he tells tales of the Hell in a Cell match from Pittsburgh. Saeed and Kong are here. Saeed wants to know where Cornette is, and then questions where Foley is. Saeed says it doesn’t matter why he is here. Foley cries gimmick infringement. Kong will not be responsible for what she does tonight, because she is NOT in a good mood. Foley will relay the message, and they says Saeed needs a meeting with Yurple the clown. Foley makes a call.

    -We get a video package for the Knockouts Title Match.

    TNA Knockouts Title Match: Taylor Wilde © vs. Awesome Kong vs. Roxxi

    Wilde and Roxxi talk, and then they attack Kong. They get the takedown on Kong, Roxxi grabs her and then Kong avoids a shot and Wilde almost hits Roxxi. They double dropkick Kong, and she rolls to the floor. Roxxi and Wilde go at it, no, not in that way. Leg drag by Wilde, arm drag follows and then a RANA on Roxxi. A dropkick follows and Wilde covers for 2. Kong is in now and tosses Wilde across the ring as Saeed pulls Roxxi to the floor and lays the boots to her. Corner splash attack by Kong to Wilde, and as she goes for a chokeslam, Wilde gets a roll up for 2. Roxxi tosses Wilde to the floor, but she is left with Kong. Double chop by Kong, chops follow and then a whip to the corner and Roxxi avoids her and gets a spinning neck breaker and then a senton splash! Roxxi up top and she gets the double knee attack for 2 as Wilde makes the save. Roxxi gets a standing bow and arrow on Wilde, and Kong breaks the up with a big boot. Jawbreaker by Roxxi to Kong, but Kong with a CROSS BODY off the ropes and gets 2! AIR KONG~! IMPLANT BUSTER on Roxxi, but Wilde breaks that up. Kong then kills Wilde with a clothesline, she goes to the TOP ROPE! Wilde is up, goes up with Kong and she gets an Enziguri and Kong falls to the floor. Kick to the face by Roxxi to Wilde and she covers for 2. Wilde fights the Voodoo Crusher, gets a German with the bridge and gets the pin.

    Winner: Taylor Wilde @ 6:00 via pin

  • It was good while it lasted. They worked the formula well, very well, and it never got slow. Unfortunately it was short, and on this show it really could have and should have been longer. It is sad when the garbage mixed tag got just as much time.
    RATING: **

    -JB is still with Foley. AJ is here and welcomes Foley to TNA. AJ isn’t as excited about some of the others that have come from the other company, but is excited for Mick. Team 3D is now here and they call AJ a mark, and then say Foley isn’t a big deal. They argue and Foley breaks it up. Foley says he has a big match and that he needs to go and prepare. Foley then asks WHY Ray had to steal his wardrobe. Ray admits that he looks better in flannel than Foley ever did. They are here because they can be here. They ran wild in ECW, WWE and now in TNA. Ray says to stay out of their way and they will stay out of his. Foley then says one day he may shut their mouth. They leave, Cornette is back and Foley says they just wanted to talk. Foley leaves to prepare, and says he will be the “sock of the walk.”

    -MONGO is announced and makes his way to the ring.

    TNA World Tag Team Title Monsters Ball Match: Beer Money © (Storm and Roode) w/Jackie Moore vs. Team 3D (Ray and Devon) vs. LAX (Homicide y Hernandez) vs. Matt Morgan and Abyss: With Special Referee Steve “Mongo” McMichael

    They all brawl at the bell, LAX double team’s Storm and then get the catapult into the clothesline. Roode is in, breaks that up and chops to Hernandez. Big shoulder block by Hernandez, LAX is alone in the ring and Cide gets the big suicide dive onto Beer Money! SUPERMEX DIVE ONTO BEER MONEY~! Morgan and Devon brawl as Ray attacks Hernandez with the trashcan. Devon and Cide in the ring, back elbow by Cide and he gets a crutch and nails Devon. It explodes and now Cide has THE GHETTO FORK! Abyss tosses Roode into the steel steps, Cide uses the ghetto fork on Devon in the ring. He has two of them now! Cide carves up Devon, who is busted open now. Abyss is in, SHOCK TREATMENT on Cide! Ray is in with the cheese grater and nails Abyss in the balls with it! Ray then grates it off of Abyss’ head, and then he licks it and spits on Abyss. Abyss is busted open and Ray uses the grater again! Hernandez back in and ails Ray, but Ray gets he corner splash. A boot by Hernandez, up top and Ray throws something at him. Ray up top now with Hernandez, SUPERPLEX connects! Roode is in to break up a pin try by Ray. Boot by Roode, to the 2nd rope and Roode gets the blockbuster and covers for a SLOW 2. Abyss and Cide battle on the floor and Beer Money beat down Morgan. Morgan counters a suplex and then gets a suplex on Beer Money! Morgan has Roode, has the arm and goes for old school but leaps over Roode and gets a cross body on Storm! Devon in with trashcan lid shots. Curtain call suplex on Roode, Abyss in and a chokeslam for Devon! He tries one on Roode, but Storm has the bag of tacks, this distracts Abyss and Roode gets a chair shot. They then talk shit to Mongo, Storm gets his beer helmet and wants a football face off with Mongo! Beer Money has a football, Mongo takes out Storm and clotheslines Roode. Cide covers him and gets 2. Mongo counts so slow! Hernandez and Roode to the floor, Cide with the can lid and to the floor he goes. Morgan back in the ring, the crowd wants tables and Morgan to the apron now. Up to the top rope and DIVES to the floor onto Hernandez and Beer Money! Abyss and Devon brawl, Ray over to help as they to up the entranceway. Trashcan shots to Abyss and Ray has the STAPLE GUN! He staples the mask to Abyss’ head! They drag Abyss up the ramp, Devon misses Abyss and hits Ray! Johnny Devine is now out and hits Abyss with the kendo stick. He now drags out a table, and they set it up below the stage. Ray now has lighter fluid! They set the table for flames, Devine lights the kendo stick and lights the table. DOUBLE CHOKESLAM TO ABYSS OFF THE STAGE THROUGH THE FLAMING TABLE! 3D celebrates as we get multiple replays. Morgan and Roode are brawling, and Storm gets a superkick out of nowhere! BEER! MONEY! Hernandez then starts to beat them down with the kendo stick. Hernandez drags Storm into the ring, Cide in and Roode nails him. Head butts by Cide and a dual dropkick to Beer Money! Corkscrew elbow to Storm, but Roode sets him up top but Cide gets the Gringo Cutter off of the 2nd rope for 2. Storm back in and Hernandez catches Storm, SIT OUT MEX BOMB~! 1…2….NO! Holy slow ass count. Slam by Hernandez, frog splash by Cide onto Roode gets 2! Hernandez clotheslines Roode, Hernandez gets Storm on his shoulders and DOOMSDAY GRINGO CUTTER~! Jackie in and stops the count. Mongo spanks her, Morgan in and gets a sick bicycle kick to Hernandez! Grabs Cide, HELLEVATOR countered and they blow a tilt a whirl spot, oops. Morgan sets Cide up top now, follows, Hernandez over and then gets the BORDER TOSS on Morgan! 3D is back down to the ring, slam by Ray on Cide, Devon up top and WAZZUP head butt to the balls. DEVON…GET THE TABLES! Hernandez stops that mess and then sets up the table on his own. He then gets the bag of tacks, he has some trouble getting them open and Mongo helps and now they are on the table. Devon nails Hernandez, 3D THROUGH THE TACK COVERED TABLE! Storm in, spits beer in Devon’s face, Roode tosses Ray, covers and Beer Money retains!

    Winners: Beer Money @ 21:00 via pin

  • Another really fun match that not only played off of, but delivered on the stipulation. I will admit that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it was fun and Beer Money are as Michael Cole would say, “the ultimate opportunists.” In closing, Mongo never needs to be a ref ever again because his counts were so…slow…
    RATING: ***½

    -We get a video package for AJ Styles vs. Christian Cage vs. Booker T.

    AJ Styles vs. Christian Cage vs. Booker T w/Sharmell and Briefcase

    AJ and Booker go at it to begin, and Cage just drops to the floor. As Booker gets control, Cage is in and asks of they are together. They hug, and then Cage gets the inverted DDT for 2 as AJ breaks that up. Bridge spot, backslide by Cage and gets 2. AJ to the apron, Cage stops him and then boots him down. Booker and Cage trade rights, superkick by Booker sends Cage to the floor. AJ back up and then gets a SICK moonsualt to the floor onto Cage! Crazy elevation there. Booker to the floor, AJ slams him to the announce table. Booker gets the briefcase and lays out AJ. Cage and Booker back in, they trade rights and chops, to the corner and Cage with a back elbow. He comes off of the 2nd rope, Booker counters with the flapjack for 2. Knee strikes by Booker, spinkick then lands and he covers for 2. Cage battle back with rights, off the ropes and a leg lariat by Booker lands, and a cover gets 2. Mounted rights by Booker, AJ to the apron and tries to make his way in. Cage gets a small package for 2 on Booker. Chops by Booker in the corner to Cage, rights as well. More chops and then Cage fires up with chops of his own. Elbows, off the ropes, Booker ducks down and then falls? Huh? Cage off the ropes and they clothesline each other and both men are down. AJ up on the apron, Superman forearm nails Booker. Clothesline to Cage, rights to Booker, and a short-armed clothesline levels Booker. Corner clothesline to Cage, and then AJ grabs Booker, ff the ropes and as AJ goes for the dropkick Cage goes under him and clothesline Booker to the floor. Dropkick to Cage. Counters, Asai DDT stopped by Cage and then AJ nails Booker. Gets the Asai DDT to Cage and covers for a close 2. Rights by AJ to Cage, Cage battle back with rights and Booker in and clothesline them both down. Superkick to Cage, he goes to the floor and Booker unloads on AJ with rights and chops. Ax kick misses, and AJ gets the flying arm bar! Cage makes his way back in and AJ kicks him in the head. BOOKEND to AJ! Booker covers for 2. SPINAROONIE is met with the 2nd rope uppercut from Cage! He mocks Booker, CAGEAROONIE is stopped as AJ leaps off of Cage’s knee and forearm’s Booker. PELE to Booker! Cage gets the implant DDT on AJ for a close 2. Cage sets AJ up top, he follows and Booker is over now and has Cage on his shoulders. Cage escapes and AJ dumps Cage off of the top. SPIRAL TAP misses! Cage over, but Booker ax kicks both men! He covers AJ for 2. Covers Cage for 2! Booker up top now…AJ trips him up as Cage tosses him to the corner. SPEAR on AJ! Booker grabs the ref, but he makes the count for 2. Cage catapults AJ to the 2nd rope and he battles with Booker. Cage and AJ up with Booker. 2nd ROPE UNPRETTIER BY CAGE! 2nd rope ax kick by Booker to Cage follows! That’s all.

    Winner: Booker T @ 13:00 via pin

  • They had a hard match to follow, due to Monsters Ball having all of the toys, blood and big moves. In the end I felt that they had a strong match with AJ in particular working very hard and providing a ton of energy. Another good match that ended up a bit below my expectations.
    RATING: ***

    -We get a video package for Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett.

    -Lauren is with Angle. He says it is not a one on one match, due to Mick Foley being there. He is only there to protect JJ. Angle doesn’t give a dam if JJ owns TNA or if his kids are watching. No one shows him up and he plans to make an example out of JJ. Don’t worry kids; daddy will stop bleeding, eventually.

    -JB is with JJ. JJ says there is a lot going through his mind, and there were days he didn’t think he could get up let alone wrestle again. His kids gave him the strength and tonight he does it for them.

    -Mick Foley makes his way to the ring.

    Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett: With Special Ringside Enforcer Mick Foley

    They stand off as we get “thank you Jeff” chants. They circle, lock up and Angle gets a double leg takedown and JJ gets the ropes. Angle works the round game, side headlock takedown by Angle but JJ back to his feet, forearms by JJ and then a shoulder block by Angle. Back to the headlock goes Angle. JJ works to his feet, forearms out again, off the ropes and an arm drag by JJ. JJ with the side headlock, Angle to his feet and escapes. Off the ropes, shoulder block by JJ and back to the headlock he goes now. Angle works up to his feet, and then gets the back suplex, but JJ holds onto the headlock. Angle to his feet again, to the corner they go and rights by Angle connect. Uppercuts follow, off the rope and JJ gets the leapfrog, drop down and dropkick. A clothesline sends Angle to the floor, slingshot plancha by JJ! JJ then slams Angle to the barricade, rights follow and JJ to the apron and leaps off but misses Angle as he moved and hits the barricade. Back in the ring they go, kicks to the ribs by Angle follow. Uppercuts by Angle, he then chokes out JJ in the ropes. Off the ropes, atomic drop by JJ and follows up with the Enziguri. FARGO STRUT~! Off the ropes and Angle decapitates JJ with a clothesline. A side back breaker by Angle and a cover for 2. Angle goes to the chinlock and grounds JJ. JJ tries to fight to his feet, does and escapes the hold. Off the ropes, float over by JJ and a roll up gets 2. Angle with another vicious clothesline and a cover for 2. A suplex by Angle follows and right into a cover for 2. After another cover for 2, Angle goes back to the chinlock. JJ to his feet, elbows out and then lays the boots to Angle. Angle with rights, a rake of the eyes and shoulder blocks in the corner. Angle MISSES a charge and collides with the post. Spike DDT by JJ! Both men are down now and working to their feet. They trade rights mid-ring, JJ unloads and then clotheslines Angle. Another and a blue thunder driver by JJ gets 2! Am Irish whip by Angle, counter and then a boot by JJ. Angle then comes back with the overhead belly to belly suplex for a close 2! Angle slam countered into a DDT and JJ covers for 2. JJ sets Angle up top, he follows and Angle fights him off with rights. Angle looks for a suplex to the floor, JJ fights, SUPERPLEX by JJ! 1…2….NO! JJ with the leg trip, figure four leg lock! He has Angle trapped center ring, Angle fights and is almost counted down. Angle works for the ropes, and is almost counted down again. Angle finally gets the ropes. Both men back up, rights by JJ, a whip to the corner, countered and GERMAN by Angle gets 2. Angle holds on and rolls, another German and then the third and Angle covers for 2. STRAPS DOWN, Angle slam countered and JJ tries a powerbomb, countered and Angle gets the ankle lock! JJ looks for the ropes, but pulled back center. JJ works for the ropes again, but pulled back again. Angle cranks on the hold, JJ looks to tap, but refuses. JJ rolls and escapes. Angle slam! 1…2…NO! The crowd is slowly siding with Angle as they boo’d when JJ kicked out. Angle up top…MOONSAULT MISSES! JJ gets to his feet and then Angle charges and clotheslines the ref as JJ ducked. STROKE by JJ! JJ covers, Foley in and counts, 1…2…NO! Foley tries to revive the ref, LOW BLOW by Angle on JJ! Angle to the floor and gets a chair. Foley say no deal there and Angle then KILLS FOLEY BASEBALL STYLE with the chair! Angle in the ring, and KILLS JJ with a chair shot! Angle grabs the ref, drag shim over, covers and Foley pulls out the ref! Angle is pissed and he and Foley brawl! Socko on Angle! JJ waffles Angle with the guitar, and Foley counts the 3.

    Winner: Jeff Jarrett @ 20:00 via pin

  • This was, as expected a very good match. I feel that it was hurt a bit due to the expected ref bump and predictable Foley involvement, but it does fit the angle well and builds to the likely Angle vs. Foley match down the line.
    RATING: ****

    -We get a video package for Samoa Joe © vs. Sting.

    -Sting walks, we get another video package and he makes his way to the ring.

    -Joe walks, we get yet another video package and Joe is out.

    -JB does the super special ring announcing.

    TNA World Title Match: Samoa Joe © vs. Sting

    They charge like bulls and unload on each other with rights. Joe tosses Sting to the floor, and then Joe follows up with the ELBOW SUICIDA~! Joe slams Sting to the apron, chops follow. Jabs by Joe now, and a chop sends Sting to the crowd. Joe follows and back into the crowd they go in an ode to the old TNA MAIN EVENT STYLE! Joe high fives with fans, they continue to brawl and deeper into the crowd they go. Up the steps now, head butts and rights by Joe turns the tide a bit. They continue up the steps and Joe heads into a luxury box, charges and LEAPS THE RAILING AND DROPKICKS STING! My God that was dumb as Joe landed on the steps. Back down the steps they go and Joe with clubbing shots to the back. Sting fights back with rights, drags Joe through the fans and slams him off of the hockey sideboards. Sting gets a cross body off of the boards and they land in a pile of chairs. Sting slams Joe off of the boards and Sting stands on them and celebrates. Joe crotches Sting and then gets the running Ole style kick to wipe Sting out. We’re 7-minutes in and we are still in the crowd brawling. They finally go back to ringside and Joe tosses Sting into the ring. Mixed reaction for Joe here as he delivers jabs to Sting. A whip to the corner, back elbow and Enziguri by Joe drop Sting to the mat. Joe sets Sting up top, chops follow and Joe looks for the muscle buster, but Sting battles back and gets a tornado DDT. Sting up top and gets the splash for 2. Side kick by Joe, POWERBOMB on Sting, into the STF now and he cranks on the hold. Joe then transitions into the cross face. Sting works for the ropes, but Joe turns that into a rings of Saturn variation. Sting finally gets a leg on the ropes for the break. Sting back with rights, off the ropes and a snap slam by Joe gets 2. Joe plays to the crowd, grabs Sting and shoot shim off the ropes to the corner, Joe misses and Sting gets the Stinger splash! Sting sets Joe up to…MUSCLE BUSTER to Joe! JOE NO SELLS AND IS UP! Chops to Sting, corner clothesline follows and then slaps by Joe. Scorpion Deathdrop by Joe! STING NO SELLS AND IS UP! Stinger splash again! Another! A whip by Sting, charge sin and the STJOE COUNTER to the Stinger splash! Joe stalks Sting, picks him up and works knee strikes and then tells Sting to get up. Joe poses to the crowd and makes the ref count out Sting. Sting makes it to his feet, leg kicks by Joe and now Sting is down again. A kick to the head by Joe and Sting is down yet again. Joe makes the ref count yet again, and as the count reaches 8, Joe unloads with rights on Sting. Joe then backs off the ref, and here comes Kevin Nash. Nash walks around the ring and stares down Sting. Joe continues to argue with the ref, and then Joe beats down Sting with rights and chops. A DDT by Joe and Sting is down again. Joe and the ref argue again, Sting looks to get the bat and he gets it. Nash takes it away from him! Joe them kills Sting with the clothesline and covers for a close 2. Jabs by Sting, off the ropes and Sting ducks, almost a ref bump, Nash hits Joe with the bat, I am shocked. It was a lame bats shot as well. Scorpion Deathdrop and Sting pins Joe to win the title.

    Winner and NEW CHAMPION Sting @ 18:00 via pin

  • We reverted to the old TNA main event style brawling in the crowd, which lasted for 7-minutes of the match and was actually pretty good. But I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of it. Both guys worked very hard and it was a better match than I thought we’d get. Joe’s “beat on Sting to prove a point” part of the match was well done, as he was trying to beat the respect into Sting and prove that he deserved to be the champion. Again, we had the predictable finish, which I feel takes away a bit, even though it did work into what they have been doing. The thing is that it came right after a match with a ref bump and controversial ending. Once again, too much.
    RATING: ***½

    -Nash walks away with the bat in his hand.

    *End Scene…

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