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411’s TNA Bound For Glory Report 10.20.13

October 20, 2013 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Championship Roll Call:
TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Gunner and James Storm

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Welcome to 411’s LIVE TNA BOUND FOR GLORY REPORT 10.20.13

  • Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…
  • Jeremy Borash welcomes us to the pre-show. He catches Dixie Carter as she arrives, and she says that AJ will not get his way. He had a chance two weeks in a row to play ball and take the money, but tonight will be a NO DQ match. “Good luck with that honey.”
  • Tenay and Taz hype the PPV by running down the card, and Taz is excited about the AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray main event.
  • We see Gail Kim, Jeff Hardy and others arriving earlier today.
  • Borash is with the teams involved in the pre-show gauntlet match. The Bro-Mans will be the final team in the match; the 3rd team will be EY and Joe Park. Chavo and Hernandez and Bad Influence will start the match.

  • We see a video for Ethan Carter III (EC3), discussing his debut tonight. I believe it was the same one from Impact.
  • The Bro-Mans say that they will win the tag gauntlet tonight and then go on to win the tag titles. Then their “Big Bro” Mr. Olympia Phil Heath appears, and he looks like he will be in their corner.
  • We get a video package to hype the Ultimate X match.
  • Bad Influence is interviewed by a new backstage announcer, Gil Corsey (of OVW fame), and they claim that they will win the gauntlet and then move onto win the tag team titles at Bound for Glory. Worship them… now!

  • We see highlights from Kurt Angle’s TNA Hall of Fame induction, including Samoa Joe, Magnus and Sting speaking about his influence on TNA and wrestling as a whole.
  • Backstage, Samoa Joe gives a pep talk to Sting and Magnus. Joe says he will bring the X-Title back to the family, and hopefully Sting and Magnus work out their issues. Kurt Angle arrives, so the family is back together. Joe says to beat some respect into Bobby Roode, and Angle promises too.

    Pre-Show Gauntlet Match For a Tag Title Shot on PPV: Eric Young and Joseph Park vs. Bad Influence vs. Bro-Man vs. Chavo and Hernandez

    Chavo and Hernandez and Bad Influence are the first two teams in the match. Chavo and Kaz to begin things, well not really as bad Influence take out Hernandez and try to double team Chavo. Hernandez makes the save quickly, and then gets the double Mexican backbreaker on Bad Influence. Hernandez then up the ramp and charges into the ring with the big dive as Chavo then hits a cross body, taking out Bad Influence. We head to a commercial.

    On the PPV channel they are showing the match without the commercial. Kaz in control on Hernandez, tags in Daniels, who delivers jabs to Hernandez. Leg lariat follows, and a cover gets 2. Kaz tags back in, Hernandez tries to battle back with rights. Gets a scary looking back breaker, tags to Chavo and Daniels. Shoulder blocks by Chavo, dropkick follows. Off the ropes, head scissors by Chavo and a cover for 2, but Kaz makes a save. Hernandez in, clothesline to Daniels, Kaz attacks, but then gets POUNCED across the ring! Hernandez tossed to the floor, Chavo with the three Amigos on Daniels and then heads up top. Kaz tosses him off, roll up by Daniels and grabs the tights to eliminate Chavo and Hernandez @ 7:00.

    Park and EY are out now. All four men in, dropkick by EY to Daniels. They work over Kaz, elbows follow and a splash by Park. Slam by Park, but as he tries another Daniels chop blocks the leg and that allows Kaz to take control. Double team moves by Bad Influence, and Kaz covers for 2. They continue to work over Park, who then tries to fight back. Off the ropes and Kaz tries a sunset flip, but Park tries to sit down and misses. Clothesline by Kaz and a cover for 2. Tag to Daniels, clothesline to the back of Park and a cover gets 2. Daniels tries a suplex, but Park counters and now both men are down. Tag to EY, but the ref doesn’t see it. Daniels continues to beat down Park, tag to Kaz and he chokes out Park in the corner. Kaz celebrates, and then tags in Daniels. Rights to Park, who then starts to fight back but Daniels with a dropkick to the knee and then gets an elbow drop for 2. Tag to Kaz, rights to park follow and then stomps. Leg drop by Kaz, another and then he goes to the top rope. MISSES the top rope leg drop, and he tags Daniels. Park tags EY, house of fire time as EY takes out Kaz and Daniels. Mounted rights to Daniels in the corner, EY with the Flair corner flip and back in with the belly to belly for 2 as Kaz makes the save. Kaz to the floor, Uranage by Daniels. BME misses, Park with the Samoan drop and EY covers for the…win @ 16:00 (total time).

    Bad Influence beat EY and Park down, and then whip Park into the steel structure for Ultimate X after EY ate the fade to black by Kaz. The Bro-Mans are out as officials check on Park. Park is being taken to the back. Robbie covers EY for 2. Robbie with mounted rights, tags in Jesse and he lays the boots to EY. EY and Jesse clothesline each other ad both men are down. Robbie in, EY fires up and fights off both men. Flying forearm by EY to Robbie. EY up top, big elbow drop and a cover gets 2 as Jesse makes the save. The Bro-Mans hit a double flapjack on EY, Hart Attack follows and that is all. They get the PPV title shot.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bro-Mans @ 21:00 via pin
    RATING: **

  • EY searches for Joe Park backstage. He sees blood on the wall and has found him and tells the camera crew to back off.
  • We get an AJ Styles video package.
  • Bully Ray is out now. Ray asks if we know who he is. He is Bully Ray, the world champions, and the president of Aces and 8s. Everyone thinks Aces and 8s are dead and buried, ready to implode. He has news for us, that is what eh wants us to think. Tonight is about a resurrection, and AJ Styles is bound for embarrassment, while he is bound for greatness, and Aces and 8s are bound for glory.
  • Backstage Dixie meets with Bully Ray. She asks if this will be AJ’s last night in TNA, and he just smiles at her as we hear the crowd chanting for Austin Aries.
  • Opening video package.
  • Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.

    X-Division Title Ultimate X Match: Manik © vs. Chris Sabin w/Velvet Sky vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe

    Yeah, this should be crazy. Sabin looks to climb right away, and then drops to the floor as he was surrounded. He then pulls Aries to the floor and they brawl. Jeff, Joe and Manik to the floor as well and Joe gets slammed to the steel structure. Sabin and Manik in, tree of woe by Sabin. Joe in, jabs to Sabin and then boots follow. Sabin begs off, back splash and enziguri by Joe follows. Snap mare, chop sand kicks follow. Manik in with a missile dropkick to Joe connects. Jeff and Aries climb as Manik works over Sabin. Jeff pulls Aries down, and then sends him to the floor. Aries landed badly on his leg. Manik with an octopus hold on Sabin, then into a sharp shooter variation. Aries back in, breaks that and suplexes Manik down. Aries climbs, but Jeff pulls him down. Ally-oop powerbomb by Jeff onto Aries, and now Jeff gets a ladder. Joe charges and connects with the elbow suicida on Jeff. Joe grabs the ladder, but Sabin dropkicks it into the face of Joe. Manik then dropkicks Sabin to the floor and Aries then flies onto the floor to wipe out Joe and Manik. Aries poses for the crowd. Aries climbs, Manik in and pulls Aries off the cables. Uppercuts follow, Sabin in and guys start clearing out. Manik with a RANA on Sabin and it takes them to the floor. Joe and Aries in, jabs by Joe follow in the corner. Joe looks for the muscle buster, Aries escapes and gets a crucifix bomb. Shot gun dropkick to Jeff by Aries, and then one for Joe follows. Joe counters a brain buster, into the clutch. He then swing Aries around and tosses him down. Manik up and climbs now, Joe grabs him and pulls him down into an atomic drop. Back splash by Joe, and he is in control. Sabin sneaks in and dropkicks Joe in the back of the head. Jeff with the whisper in the wind on Sabin, and both men are down. Jeff now brings in a ladder, and tries to climb for the title, which I thought was against the rules. He and Joe battle on the ladder, knocks Jeff off and then Aires in with a missile dropkick to take Joe to the mat. Manik springboards onto the cables as Aries climbs, they battle for the title, but Sabin tips the ladder and causes them to crash to the mat. Sanin slams Jeff to the mat, but Jeff battles back and gets the twit of fate! Sabin asks Velvet to help and tolls her into the ring. Jeff sees her and helps her to leave, Sabin in and climbs, but he gets the title and hits Jeff with it and is the new champion.

    RATING: *** {Good match while it lasted with a bit of an anticlimactic finish. Good opener though. }

  • Velvet is not happy with how things went down.

  • They work to take down the Ultimate X structure as Tenay and Taz discuss the card for tonight’s show.
  • We see great moments in the history of AJ Styles, with the first being the night he became the first X-Division Champion.
  • Bad Influence make their way out to the ring. Kaz says that they have been screwed tonight. The fact that they are not on PPV, going for the titles in an embarrassment to TNA and to them, the best tag team in the business. Daniels says that this is Bound for Glory, the PPV that is supposed to celebrate that which is TNA. TNA has treated them poorly, but they are TNA. They are the best team the company has ever seen, and he knows a way TNA can make it up to them. They defeated Chavo and Hernandez tonight, who are former champions. EY and Joe Park aren’t even a real tag team, so the victory shouldn’t count. And while the company likes to throw swerves around, they also like to add people to matches for no reason. Based on their record, they demand they get added to the tag title match tonight.

    EY is out, and says that he is not a troublemaker. But he did beat them once already today. He is here on scientific business, Bad Influence created a monster earlier. Everyone knows that they should run right now. They shake hands with EY, but then attack him. Music hits, and Abyss is back again. Abyss hits the ring and cleans house on Bad Influence. Black Hole Slam to Daniels and then one for Kaz. Abyss then helps EY to his feet.

  • Borash is backstage with Storm and Gunner. Gunner says that they need to worry about fighting tonight. Gunner says he sees two bros, but he and Storm are the real men. Storm says they got lucky, but now they have to be good. Sorry about your damn luck.

    TNA Tag Team Title Match: James Storm and Gunner © vs. Bro-Mans (Jesse and Robbie E) w/ Mr. Olympia Phil Heath

    Storm and Gunner hit the ring and they attack the challengers right away. Storm and Gunner take control and clear the ring. Gunner then assists Storm with a dive onto the challengers on the floor. Rights by Storm to Robbie, back into the ring they go and a hip toss by Storm to Jesse. Tag to Gunner, off the ropes and a back elbow connects and Gunner covers for 2. Rights by Jesse, to the corner and a knee by Gunner. Sling shot suplex (SHADES OF TULLY) and a cover gets 2. Chops by Gunner in the corner, back elbow by Gunner but as he goes to the second rope, Robbie distracts him allowing Jesse to slam him off the ropes. Tag to Robbie, slams Gunner to the corner and the challengers are in control. Robbie grounds Gunner with a side headlock, Gunner battles back, but Jesse in with a dropkick, and Robbie covers for 2. Robbie makes the mistake of slapping Gunner, which fires him up and he gets a high knee on Robbie. Jesse stops the tag try, and they continue to beat down Gunner. Side slam by Jesse, to the ropes and Gunner climbs with him. Sack of shit slam off the ropes by Gunner and BOTH men are down. Tags to Storm and Robbie. Storm with forearms, clotheslines and boots to both Bro-Mans. Enziguri by Storm, neck breaker follows and he covers for 2. Robbie in for the save, and now Gunner is back in. Knee to Gunner, and now they go after Storm. They set him up top, they climb and look for a double suplex, but Gunner makes the save and gets the electric chair on Robbie. Storm tosses Jesse onto Robbie. Elbow drop by Storm connects for a close 2. Storm has a cut on his leg from when he got sent to the floor. Russian leg sweep by Robbie to Gunner. Whirly bird by Storm on Robbie, countered and gets a DDT on Storm and covers for 2. Gunner back in, and gets a uranage into a backbreaker on Robbie. Jesse in for the save, but Gunner powerbombs Robbie, then into a back stabber by Storm for 2 as Jesse made the save. Lung blower by Storm onto Jesse, and sets for the superkick. Robbie has a title and tosses it into the ring. That distracts Storm, Hart Attack by the Bro-Mans and they win the titles.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: AND NEW CHAMPIONS The Bro-Mans @ 12:00 via pin
    RATING: **¾ {Way better than I expected to be honest with you. Lack of crowd reaction hurt it, but Jesse and Robbie have potential as a team.}

  • Highlights from last night’s TNA HOF Dinner.
  • Sting is out to give Angle his TNA HOF induction. Sting puts over Angle big time, and then brings him out. Angle thanks God, his family and his fans for the induction, because it means more to him than we’ll ever know. “Thank you Angle” chants, as he thanks TNA for their supports over the years and gives Sting the mic back. Sting then says Angle is joining him in the hall of fame, and is happy to have company. Angle is given a HOF watch by Sting. “You deserve it” chants from the crowd, and Angle says that he realizes how important this is, and the responsibility that goes with it. But the truth is that he let himself, his family and peers down because he has not lived up to his potential and the standard that Sting set for the HOF. Which is why, he will decline the HOF induction. He plans to set a new standard for himself, TNA and the industry. He will accomplish even more in the future, and when he is worthy, he will join Sting in the HOF. He hands Sting the watch back and they hug.

  • AJ beating Angle for the title is the next moment they run.
  • Dixie gets a phone call, and discusses a great idea. Since AJ is leaving, she wants all of his merchandise put on clearance. EC3 is here, and Dixie says she handpicked a perfect opponent for him. “The world needs them, thy are the Carters.”

    Knockouts Title Match: ODB © vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke

    Kim backs off and allows Brooke to talk trash to ODB. They brawl, sack of shit slam to Brooke by ODB. ODB counters a head scissors, tosses Kim to the floor but Brooke takes advantage. She hits the asstastic in the corner, ODB is pissed and tosses her down. Broncobuster by ODB, Kim back in and rolls up ODB for 2. Brooke shoulder blocks Kim to the floor as she charges ODB, X factor out of the corner by Brooke, and she covers for 2. Brooke tries to beat down ODB, but ODB slams her to the corner. Flying forearm by Brooke and she takes control back. Neck breaker follows, and another and covers for 2. Kim returns, figure four to Brooke on the post. Kim back in and Brooke with a kick to stop the attack. SPEAR by ODB on Kim. Forearms by Brooke, ODB returns fire. Chops by Brooke follows, then ODB fires back. Brooke counters a TKO and gets a roll up for 2. Single leg crab by ODB, Kim sneaks in and breaks that up. Rights to ODB follows, Kim up top and Brooke follows. They battle up top, ODB joins them and slams their heads together and looks for a double superplex. Countered, ODB tossed to the mat and Kim then connects with a missile dropkick. Brooke then connects with an elbow drop onto Kim and all three are down. ODB up and delivers shoulder blocks to both challengers. Stalling suplex on Kim and a cover gets 2 as Brooke breaks it up. ODB sends Brooke to the corner, and Brooke avoids a charge and we get a ref bump. ODB sets Brooke up top, then picks up Kim in a fireman’s carry and also grabs up Brooke. Brooke escapes and gets knocked down. ODB then TKOs Kim onto Brooke. No ref. Tapa then makes her entrance. ODB grabs a drink and then goes after her. They brawl on the ramp, big boot by Tapa. Brooke dives off the ropes onto her and gets powerbombed into the ring. Bad fall by Brooke, but the ref is up and Kim covers for the victory.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: AND NEW CHAMPION Gail Kim @ 11:00 via pin
    RATING: ** {Solid action, but unfortunately the crowd didn’t seem to care all that much.}

  • Tapa grabs the title, and picks up Kim. She hands her the title and Tapa raises Kim’s hand and they celebrate.

  • The Bro-Mans are celebrating backstage. The party will continue all week long. They put on goggles and celebrate with a bro shake shower.
  • Borash is backstage with Bobby Roode, who says Angle finally got something right in not accepting his HOF induction. Roode says that he is more worthy than Angle, and he is in his head because he made Angle tap out. Tonight, at Bound for Glory, he will prove that he is HOF worthy, he will make Angle tap out, because it pays to be Roode.

    Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle

    And here we go, lock up and they exchange hammerlocks. Roode with a takedown, as he looks to out wrestle Angle. Roode with a go behind and another takedown. Roode continues to try and out wrestle Angle, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Roode. Roode then looks for a crossface, but Angle bails to the floor. Angle back in, lays the boots to Roode. Off the ropes and Angle picks the leg and tries for an ankle lock, but Roode rolls and sends Angle to the floor. Angle sells frustration on the floor, and holds the ropes for Angle to come back in. Roode attacks as Angle makes his way back in. Angle battles back with some suplexes, and Roode has to roll to the floor to recover. Roode pulls Angle to the floor, they brawl and Roode slams Angle to the apron. Tries for a suplex, blocked, and Angle connects with a suplex. Back to the apron, Angle looks to suplex Roode to the floor. Rake of the eyes by Roode, hot shot follows and Angle falls to the floor. Elbows by Roode to the neck of Angle as he lays on the apron. Back in the ring, chops by Roode follow. A whip to the corner, clothesline by Roode and then a neck breaker follows that and Roode covers for 2. Roode grounds Angle with a rear Chinlock, Angle escapes, fights back but eats a back elbow and Roode covers for 2. Roode with the side headlock now, Angle tries to battle to his feet, does and they trade rights. Angle fires up, off the ropes and a forearm to Roode. Clothesline follow, GERMAN connects. Angle rolls into the second and connects, rolls again and goes for the third, countered b Roode, but runs into an overhead belly to belly suplex. Another German connects and Angle covers for 2. Angle slam countered, spinebuster by Roode and a cover gets 2. Angle then looks for an ankle lock, has it but then gets kicked away. Angle misses a charge and gets posted. Divorce court by Roode, and now looks for the crossface and gets it. Angle tries to escape, but Roode keeps the hold and yells for Angle to tap. Angle gets the foot under the ropes and Roode has to break. Roode sets Angle up top, follows and Angle fights him off and knocks him to the mat. ANGLESAULT MISSES! Back to the crossface by Roode, Angle looks to tap, but grabs the ankle of Roode, rolls and counters into the ankle lock. Roode struggles, rolls and right back into the crossface. Roode cranks back on the hold, but Angle rolls into a pin, Roode escapes. Clothesline by Angle misses and Roode back to the crossface. Roode has him center ring, Angle rolls out and up into the Angle slam! 1….2…NO! They trade rights from their knees, then to their feet and more rights exchanged. German by Angle, rolls into the second but Roode grabs the ref, and then low blows Angle. Death valley driver by Roode connects for a CLOSE 2. Roode tries it again, Angle rolls and gets the ankle lock. Roode fights, tries to kick him away but fails as Angle holds on. Angle then drops down and grapevines the leg, Roode looking for the ropes, almost taps, fakes passing out and when the ref raises his hand, Roode grabs the ropes! Angle is pissed, picks up Roode and sets him up top. Angle follows him up, SUPER FN ANGLE SLAM ALL THE WAY FROM THE TOP ROPE! BOTH men are down. The ref counts both men, 7…8… 9… Roode is up and falls onto Angle and covers for the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Roode @ 21:00 via pin
    RATING: **** {This was about what I expected from these guys, they delivered.}

  • Angle is down and hasn’t moved, as Taz and Tenay play up that Angle hurt himself in executing the super Angle slam. The medic calls for help and it appears that Angle will do the stretcher job here. They aren’t even strapping him down, and Angle then gets to his feet to do the hero walk out.

  • Video highlight of AJ defeating Sting to retain the TNA Title.
  • AJ Styles gears up backstage.
  • Bully Ray talks with Aces and 8s, who we never actually see (and teasing Devon and others are there), saying that tonight they fooled them all and tonight they will be reborn.

    Ethan Carter III vs. Norv Fernum

    Norv Fernum, aka your local job guy (Peter Avalon). Lock up and a hip toss by Carter. Carter with chain wrestling and an arm drag. Lock up, Carter works the arm, Fernum tries to fight back but eats a forearm and is down. Rights in the corner by Carter, a whip and tosses Fernum to the corner. TBONE suplex connects. Camel clutch by Carter, Fernum again tries to fight back, and hits a dropkick. Another, up top goes Fernum and gets a big high cross for 2. Carter then kills him with the front bulldog driver (for reference, like Dean Ambrose and Matt Taven use) and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Ethan Carter III @ 2:30 via pin

  • Borash is with Magnus. He says that this is the biggest night of his life as he faces Sting. They may be in Sting’s territory and Sting may be a lesson, but Magnus has everything to lose tonight. He has a date with destiny, and she is getting impatient.

    Sting vs. Magnus

    Sting and his t-shirt control the action early. Back elbow by Sting, and Magnus rolls to the floor. Back in, off the ropes and a hip toss by Sting. An uppercut by Magnus sends Sting to the floor. Magnus holds the ropes for Sting to get back into the ring, and then levels him with a clothesline. Shoulder blocks in the corner, snap mare and knees to the back by Magnus. Magnus works a body scissors now, Magnus turns it into a pinning combo, and gets 2. Magnus keeps the hold, then releases and delivers clubbing shots to the back. A man in a Spider-Man costume is in the crowd and getting more heat than the match. Sting fight back with a backdrop, clothesline follows. Stinger splash connects, scorpion death lock applied by Sting. Magnus fights, and then powers out. They charge and clothesline each other, and both men are down. They get to their feet, Magnus no sells ala Sting and then gets a Stinger splash. Michinoku driver follows and that gets 2. Sting escapes the cloverleaf try, they trade shots and Sting fires up. Stinger splash again connects for Sting. Scorpion deathlock applied again, Magnus looks for the ropes, Sting pulls him back center ring, and Magnus continues to fight and gets the ropes. Sting eats a forearm on a splash try, death drop by Magnus connects. Up top he goes, elbow drop comments and Sting kicks out at 2. Magnus up top again, Sting moves at the last second. Magnus holds to ropes to fight the death drop. Elbows by Magnus connect, and Sting Flair flops down. Sting then gets to his feet and calls Magnus on, Magnus double legs him and looks for the cloverleaf and gets it. Sting fights, but Magnus pulls him back center ring. Sting taps.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Magnus @ 11:00 via submission
    RATING: ** {The crowd never really seemed to believe that Magnus would win. Sting has almost never cleanly jobbed in TNA, and this should have come off as a bigger deal.}

  • Magnus celebrates as Sting struggles to his feet. Sting tries to get his attention, but Magnus ignores him. Sting then offers him a handshake, and Magnus half-heartedly accepts and leaves Sting in the ring.
  • Highlights of Styles winning the BFG Series.
  • Bully Ray says AJ reeks of fear. Ray says AJ said he would have to kill him to beat him. Ray says AJ is in the jungle, and he is gonna die. Ray doesn’t want to kill him and doesn’t want him to die, he wants worse. He wants him to live with himself, with the fact that he lost to Ray. He wants him to drive back to the trailer park in Georgia, look his wife and kids in the face, and see the disappointment in their eyes. He wants him to live so little AJ can look at his dad and ask, “What happened?” It is that which will kill AJ. He is Bully ray, welcome to his jungle.

    NO DQ TNA World Title Match: Bully Ray © w/Brooke vs. AJ Styles

    And here we go with our main event of the evening. Lock up to begin, to the corner and Ray breaks clean after making Styles flinch. Ray talks shit and then slams Styles to the mat. Another big slam by Ray, and Styles backs off to a corner. Ray works the arm now, working a slow and deliberate pace thus far. Styles counters out, tries to work the arm but eats a huge clothesline by Ray. Ray then talks more shit to Styles, saying Styles is afraid and that this is not his night. Styles gets fired up and lands rights, off the ropes and connects with the dropkick. Styles gets the calf killer, and Garett Bischoff is out for the distraction 4-minutes in. Styles chases him as Ray gets the hammer. Bischoff backs off and Styles returns to the ring, Styles counters the hammer shot and picks it up. Tries to use it but fails as Ray chops him down. Ray slams Styles to the corner, more chops follow. Clubbing shots by Ray follows and then more chops drop Styles. Ray then mocks the Hogan ear cup pose. More chops by Ray, slaps Styles and talks shit. Styles challenges him to chop him again and Ray does. More chops, Styles keeps bouncing back and has a hand mark on his chest already. Styles fires back and then Ray kills him with a clothesline. Styles with rights, leg kicks follow and then a basement dropkick to the knee. Knux is out now, catches Styles and chokeslams him. Ray covers for 2. Ray yells at the ref and Knux, Styles sucks and Ray clotheslines Knux. Roll up gets 2 for Styles. Strikes by Styles, but Ray gets a right and Styles is down. Boot by Ray sends Styles to the floor. Ray follows to the floor, and slams Styles to the announcer’s table. Crowd chants for tables. Ray has the hammer but Styles with an enziguri to stop that. Ray is laid out on a table and Styles has the hammer. He drops it, slams Ray to the table and goes up top. Styles CRASHES AND BURNS ON A 450 OFF THE TOP AND THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!! Ray gets a knife from Taz and Ray starts to disassemble the ring. He then exposes the wood under the ring mat and padding. ECW chants for Ray now as Styles slowly tries to get back into the ring. Ray calls for the troops to come and help, and here comes Dixie Carter. She calls for a chair and hands it to Ray. Styles flies into the ring and gets the Superman forearm into the chair! Springboard 450 by Styles connects! 1…2… Dixie Carter stops the ref from counting. Ray eventually kicks out. Styles looks for the clash, but Ray backdrops him onto the exposed wood. Ray lays the boots to him and heads to the second rope. Ray leaps off and hits the backsplash! Carter slaps and Ray covers for 2. Ray lays in chair shots to the back of Styles now, picks him up and tries for the powerbomb, countered and Styles hits the PELE! Styles nails Ray with a chair shot to the head, and heads up top. SPIRAL TAP connects! 1…2…3!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: AND NEW CHAMPION AJ Styles @ 21:00 via pin
    RATING: ***½ {Uneven at times, but I felt that they worked a deliberate and very physical style to differentiate themselves from the rest of the card and told a solid story. Crazy bump by AJ on that table spot, but the right result overall.}

  • AJ celebrates with the title as Brooke attends to Bully and Carter is pissed off. AJ takes the belt and heads into the crowd to celebrate.
  • Thanks for reading.
  • End scene.

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