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411’s TNA Lockdown Report 2.06.15

February 6, 2015 | Posted by Larry Csonka

* Match times are not exact.


TNA Tag Team Title Match: The Revolution (Storm and Abyss) © vs. The Hardys: Sanada, Koya and Manik are with Storm and Abyss. They start brawling right away, and the commentary says this is tornado rules, so no tags. The Hardys take control, poetry in motion on Abyss and then to Storm. Stereo dropkicks in the corner by the Hardys, as we are informed that you can win via pin, submission or escape the cage. Manik gets involved, but the Hardys maintain control and then handcuff him to the cage. Storm and Abyss fight back now, and work over the Hardys in the corner. Double head butt to Matt, and then they toss him into the cage. Jeff also eats some cage, and the champions have taken over. Abyss stomps away on Jeff as Storm works over Matt in a corner. Matt gets tossed into the cage as we head to a commercial…

Back from commercial as Abyss and Storm hit a double team DDT in Jeff and the cover gets 2. Matt tries to fight back, but runs into a side slam from Abyss. Storm up top and then gets on Abyss’ shoulders and hits an elbow drop. Splash by Abyss and Storm covers Matt for 2. Jeff comes back with the whisper in the wind to the champions, stereo twists of fate and a second to Abyss and the Hardys with the double cover, but only get 2. Matt heads up top, but then misses the moonsault on Storm. Storm now looks to escape, Matt to his feet and climbs to put a stop to that. They exchange punches on the top rope, SUPER TWIST OF FATE from the top rope on Storm! Koya grabs Matt through the camera hole in the cage and pulls him to the floor, and then he and Sanada beat down Matt. Jeff left alone, twist of fate to Abyss and he then heads up top. Sanada climbs the cage and MISTS Jeff. Superkick by Storm, and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Revolution @ 14:00 via pin

* Post match the Revolution set up a table on the floor and have positioned the steps by the door. Matt tries to fight back, but Koya slams him through the table. They get another table and slide it into the ring, they set it up and go after Jeff. Abyss breaks the cuffs to free Manik, and lay Jeff on the table. Manik climbs up top and MISSES a frog splash and goes through the table. Jeff the runs wild for a bit, taking out members of the revolution and then climbs to the top of the cage. He sits on top, kicks away at Sanada but then Abyss pushes open the door and Jeff gets crotched on top of it. Storm hits Jeff with the cowbell and Jeff falls and BOUNCES off of the fucking steps. Jesus. Storm follows him out and kneels over him and then looks proud of what he’s done.

* The BDC discusses their Lethal Lockdown match later tonight; they plan to end careers. But MVP says he has an offer for Angle before the match.

* We see footage of Jeff Hardy being helped to the back.

* The BDC (minus Joe and Ki) is in the ring. MVP discusses the dangers of the cage, and that it is even more dangerous when he and the BDC are inside it. Hardy is on the way to the hospital, and it will be a bad night for anyone that stands in opposition of them. Eric Young promises to make Bobby Roode bleed, and then MVP says he should be smart and walk away before his career gets ended. MVP wants to have a talk with Kurt Angle, because he is a reasonable person, just like Angle can be. MVP invites out Angle, and says he has a proposal for him. Angle, Aries and Gunner make their way out to the ring. MVP warns Angle of the dangers of the cage, and says Angle can take his team and save their careers. MVP says Gunner has a promising career ahead of him, so make a good decision for once in your “stupid redneck life”. Aries is the most self-centered man in the building, so he knows he will walk away and preserve his career. MVP then says he knows that Angle’s knee is bad and barely held together. MVP doesn’t want to see that, so he gives them the chance to walk away. Or, Angle will never walk again. Angle says that when you’re the best, everyone wants to bring you down, but he’s still standing there. The three of them came to fight, and they will not leave until they kick the BDC’s ass. Team Angle then rushes the cage and we have a brawl. King and Gunner brawl to the floor, and then Joe and Ki appear to work over Gunner. They slam him to the steps and then Pillmanize his arm in the cage door. The BDC then retreats as Gunner is down and hurt on the floor.

* The doctor checks on Gunner, and he thinks that Gunner can’t go because he will be a one armed man. Gunner says he is still in and wants to start the match. Angle goes to meet with Lashley…

Havok vs. Awesome Kong: Havok can’t wait, so she charges Kong as she makes her entrance and they brawl on the floor. They brawl to the ringside area, and Havok takes over with clubbing blows to the back and then slams Kong to the cage. Forearm strikes by Havok follow, and Kong is down. Havok then slams her to the cage again as they continue to battle on the floor. Havok tears the mats off the floor, and then delivers more forearms. She gets the bear hug, but Kong escape and goes on the attack with big rights and then slams her to the cage door. Kong rolls Havok into the ring, and Kong looks pissed. They stand off center ring, and go head to head. Double chops, Sakuraba style by Kong. Havok back with a big boot, and Kong is down. Off the ropes and a leg drop by Havok, and the cover gets 2. They go head to head again, Havok goozles Kong, but she breaks that and they both look for a possible chokeslam, knees by Kong instead and tries for the implant buster, but Havok charges her to the corner. Havok charges at Kong, who side steps and Havok runs into the cage. Kong with back hands, but then Havok hits a chokeslam, but Kong pops back up. Chokeslam by Kong, She heads to the second rope, Havok is up and connects with rights to Kong. She climbs up with Kong, lays in some kicks, but Kong drops down and pulls Havok to the mat. Back to the second rope for Kong, the big splash connects and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Awesome Kong @ 6:00 via pin

* We get video from two weeks ago, featuring Velvet telling Love about how she got fired. Velvet is sad and cries, and Love gives her a hug and smiles as she confirms that she’s alone now. Poor Velvet is all sad as Love seems very happy that she will be without her now. Love even rolls her eyes as Velvet hugs her goodbye and thanks her. As Velvet leaves, she says, “finally”.

* A cameraman tells Lashley that Angle is looking for him. Lashley says he’s not hard to find.

Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young: This match ends only via pin or submission. Roode promises to kill Young, and they begin to brawl right away. They take turns trying to slam each other into the cage; Young connects with the back elbow, but then runs into a clothesline. Rights by Roode follow, off the ropes and a boot by Young. He slams Roode back first into the cage and then again tosses him into the cage on the other side of the ring. Roode is now between the ropes and cage, and Young slams him into the cage a few times. Young then charges and connects with a cross body to Roode, who was still trapped. He then connects with a belly-to-belly suplex, and covers for 2. Young works a chinlock, Roode battles back but then runs into a powerslam, and Young covers for 2. Young then calls for help it appears, and MVP is out and he has a chair. He hands I through the GIANT camera hole and Young then misses with the chair shot. Roode tries the bomb, countered and Young tries the piledriver, but Roode counters and catapults Young into the cage. Young Flair flops to the mat after hitting the cage, and Young is busted open. Roode sees the blood and attacks with rights. Roode then slams Young to the cage a few times, hits the spinebuster and covers for 2. Roode sets Young up top, follows and then picks him up but Young escapes and slams Roode to the cage a few times and tosses him to the mat. Elbow drop off the top by Young, and he covers for 2. Young lays the chair on Roode’s chest and face; heads up top but Roode is up and throws the chair at Young, causing him to crash to the mat. Roode gets the chair, and nails Young in the gut. He then nails Young in the back, and Young tries to pull himself up. Roode calls him a son of a bitch and hits the Roode bomb onto the chair, and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Roode @ 8:00 via pin

* Angle meets with Lashley, and Lashley wants nothing to do with him. Angle then grabs Lashley and shoves him to the wall, and this does not please Lashley.

Handicap Match: Tyrus w/EC3 vs. Rockstar Spud and Mandrews: Mandrews and Spud attack at the bell. Tyrus tosses them away and then takes over with a slam to Spud and a corner splash to Mandrews. Tyrus stands on the back on Spud, Mandrews tries to help but gets taken down with a single clubbing right. Tyrus just tosses the little fellas around, looks for a double chokeslam but they fight back and lay in some kicks to Tyrus and then hit a double dropkick. Basement dropkick to Tyrus follow, they both cover but Tyrus kicks out at 2. Tyrus hits the sack of shit slam to Mandrews into the corner, and then grabs Spud. He looks for a powerbomb, Spud fights with rights and then gets to the corner and grabs the cage to escape. Kicks to Tyrus follow; Spud climbs all the way up top and takes off the bowtie. He gets on top of the cage and hits a senton onto a standing Tyrus and wipes him out. EC# spits at Mandrews to distract him, and as Mandrews goes after him, EC3 pulls trips him up and the back of Mandrews head hits the steps. EC3 then uses that to distract Spud, and then slams the cage door into Spud’s face. Tyrus is back up, hits the heart punch and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tyrus @ 5:00 via pin

* EC3 says it is scalping time and plugs in the clippers to shave Spud’s head. Jeremy Borash cuts the cord to save Spud’s hair, and then EC3 chases him through the crowd.

* During the break, Bobby Roode spoke about his 15-year relationship with Eric Young, and how Young ended that when he helped take the title from him. He will never forget, and never forgive. He made Young bleed, and made him pay for what he did. It’s all gone, and time for him to move on and get back his world title.

* Earlier tonight, Robbie E challenged Brooke to face him tonight. They spun around baseball bats like drunk baseball, then climbed into the cage and had a match. We see clips, and Brooke won their wacky race themed match. I’m glad we only saw highlights.

Lethal Lockdown: Kurt Angle, Gunner, Austin Aries and ??? vs. Samoa Joe, Kenny King, MVP, and Low Ki: Two guys begin, every two-minutes a new man enters. When all are in the ring, the match is won via pin or submissions and weapons are now legal during the entire match. Kenny King and Gunner will begin. Gunner’s arm is all taped up due to the attack earlier tonight. After a commercial break, the match begins and King targets the injured arm of Gunner. King works over Gunner, but gets overzealous and Gunner starts to toss him into the cage. He gets a trashcan lid and waffles King with it, and then slams him to the cage again. Gunner gets a nightstick and chokes out King with it. Low Ki now makes his way to the ring, giving the BDC the 2 on 1 advantage. Gunner is able to cut him off right away, and takes him to the corner to work him over. King stops that and then they nail Gunner with the nightstick and trashcan lid multiple times. Gunner tries to fight back, but the numbers game works for the BDC and they continue to work him over in the corner. Aries is next in and runs wild to turn the tide for team Angle. Gunner picks up King and Aries up top and does a trashcan lid assisted doomsday device. Gunner and Aries are in control, but now Samoa Joe makes his entrance and Aries attacks right away, but Joe mows him down and then decapitates Gunner with a clothesline. Corner splash and enziguri to Aries follows, and they then make sure to attack Gunner and his injured arm. Joe gets a hockey stick and hits a few slap shots on Aries. Kurt Angle now makes his entrance to even the odds again. German for Joe, and then takes King down and slams him to the corner. Gunner and Joe battle in the corner as Aries and Low Ki battle on the top rope. Aries tries a sunset flip bomb, but Ki double stomps him for his trouble. King now lays the boots to Angle in the corner, and now MVP is out for the BDC advantage. MVP attacks with a kendo stick, but Angle hits a German to stop that. Joe nails Angle as we head to a commercial…

Back from commercial as they all brawl, and they put Gunner in a trashcan and Ki double stomps him. That had to suck. MVP then kicks Gunner, who still had the can on his head. Angle fights back with lid shots, as Team Angle starts to battle back. Joe works over Angle with the kendo stick, and then the BDC attacks the knee of Angle with the kendo stick. MVP celebrates as his boys have taken back control. But then, Lashley’s music hits and here he comes. He hits the ring and looks to make nice with MVP. They shake and Lashley then lays out MVP. Powerslam to King, press slam to Ki into the cage. King cuts off the spear try and MVP attacks Lashley. MVP chokes him out with a shirt, Joe works over Gunner and lays him out. Senton by Joe with a trashcan assist, but Aries makes the save. MVP slams down Aries, hits an elbow drop and the BDC has control back. Angle counters the muscle buster, gets the ankle lock and the faces all lock in submissions, Lashley spears MVP and that gets the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Team Angle @ 20:00 via pin

* Team Angle stands tall.

* End scene.

* Thanks for reading.

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