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411’s TNA Turning Point Report 11.13.11

November 13, 2011 | Posted by Larry Csonka


Championship Roll Call:
TNA TV TITLE: Eric Young
TNA TAG TEAM TITLES: Mexican America

-They were supposed to be running a free match on Facebook, which was the TNA TV TITLE MATCH featuring Eric Young © vs. Robbie E. I didn’t catch it because either it didn’t air via the TNA Facebook, or my feed was not working properly as all I got was the same PPV pre-stuff that was airing on the PPV channel. But we are here for the PPV part of the show, which is coming in both fine and dandy.

-Opening video package.

-Taz and Tenay welcome us to the show.

-Well the TV Title match is now on PPV, good to know.

TV TITLE MATCH: Eric Young © vs. Robbie E w/Robbie T

EY locks up with the ref to begin, because he’s wacky. He then takes a victory lap and runs into Robbie T. Robbie E tries to attack, and EY with rights and tossed him into the ring. Up top and leaps over Robbie E, forearm shot. TO the corner and a headstand by EY. Into a head scissors and he celebrates. Robbie E is not happy about this. EY plays around more until Robbie T levels him on the floor and tosses him into the ring, and Robbie E covers for 2. Rights by Robbie E, but EY with the roll up for 2. Flying forearm by Robbie E for 2. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Robbie E gets 2. He works the chinlock, EY fights to his feet and escapes. Off the ropes and a Russian leg sweep by Robbie E for 2. Back to the chinlock for Robbie E, EY is fading and the ref checks him. EY then fires up, gets to his feet and gets a stunner to break the hold. EY then strips down to trunks, like Robbie E’s, and fires back and gets the flying forearm. Flair corner flip, slides in and a dropkick to Robbie E. Robbie E leaps in and EY with the belly to belly suplex. BIG top rope elbow drop by EY and a cover for 2 as Robbie T makes the save pulling Robbie E to the floor. EY strips down to another pair of tights, and flies to the floor with a cross body to wipe out the Robbies. Back in the ring and EY gets tripped up by Robbie T on the apron. Rolled back into the ring and Robbie E covers for 3.


-We see AJ and Roode arriving earlier today.

-We get a video package for the TNA Tag Team Title Match.

TNA TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Mexican America (Hernandez & Anarquia) and Sarita © w/Rosita vs. Ink Inc (Moore & Neal) and Toxxin

Moore and Anarquia to begin the match. Lock up and to the corner they go, shoulder blocks by Anarquia. To the other corner and Moore floats over and arm drags. Spinkick by Moore gets 2. Tag to Neal, works the arm but Anarquia escapes and makes the tag. Hernandez in now. Lock up and Neal tossed to the corner. Neal works the arm, but Hernandez clotheslines Neal down. They talk trash, shoulder block by Neal for nothing. Again and Hernandez keeps his ground. A third and Neal slams down Hernandez for 2. Works the arm, tag to Moore and he is in, dropkick to Anarquia. Hernandez takes Moore down and then misses the corner splash. Moore leaps in, caught and is able to get a roll up for 2. Anarquia tags in, kick by Moore and then the run up lucha arm drag. Dropkick follows and a RANA by Moore and a cover for 2. Tag to Neal, back elbows to Anarquia. Moore slams Neal onto Anarquia for 2. Anarquia fights back, and Hernandez flies in with the shoulder block. Hernandez fights Moore off and the heels beat down Neal. Anarquia dropkicks Neal to the floor and the champs are in control. Hernandez tosses Neal back in, Anarquia covers for 2. Neal fights back but gets slammed to the mat. Corner splash by Hernandez, but Neal back with the spear. Moore was sent to the floor, tags to Toxxin and Sarita. Clotheslines to Sarita. Enziguri follows. Off the ropes and Sarita misses he dropkick, and a tilt a whirl to Sarita gets 2 as Hernandez lakes the save. Moore and Neal in, they take the big man to the floor. Moore with the Asai moonsault onto the champs. Anarquia attacks Neal, but Neal with a flapjack style move. Assisted leg drop from Toxxin. She tries to takeoff Anarquia’s pants, and they do. Neal flies to the floor and Toxxin attacks Rosita. Sarita attacks her with the belt and pins Toxxin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mexican America (Hernandez & Anarquia) and Sarita @ 9:00 via pin

-Borash talks with Kash and Aries. Kash dislikes Sorensen, and tonight, they plan to take him out and make sure they beat respect into him. Kash says he will cut his ass and Aries says he cannot say that. Aries says they have a plan, 2 on 1. Aries doesn’t care about his high school accomplishments, and that Sorensen will be in the ring with grown ass men. Kash says hey are seasoned veterans and tonight they will take him out.

TNA X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: Austin Aries © vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Kid Kash

The heels try to surround Sorensen early, but then Aries to the apron. He comes back in and sneak attacks Sorensen. Kash with cross face shots, Sorensen fires back and Aries with elbows. To the corner, backdrop by Sorensen. Tosses Aries to the floor, but that allows Kash to attack with rights and chops. Sorensen then tosses Kash to the floor into Aries. Sorensen with a big dive to wipe out both men. Tosses Aries into the ring, up top but Kash tosses him off. Chops by Kash and then chokes out Sorensen. Kash covers for 2, but Aries did not like that. Aries distracts the ref and a low blow by Kash. Kash covered for 2 again, and reminds Kash to stick to the plan and to not take his title. Sorensen dropkicks Kash to the floor, a knee and dropkick to Aries. Sorensen up top, big cross body to Aries but Kash makes the save. Surfboard by Kash, and then kicks from Aries. Knee drop by Kash, and then chops follow. Aries then says it is his turn and more chops to Sorensen. Kash lays the boots to Sorensen, and then Aries picks him up, off the ropes and Sorensen backdrops Kash to the floor. Sorensen in control for a moment, tripped up by Kash and then whipped to the railing. Chops by Kash, holds Sorensen, HEAT SEEKING MISSILE by Aires kills Sorensen. Back into the ring we go and Aries covers for 2. Again and Kash stops Aries from pinning Sorensen. The heels argue now, and then go back to attacking Sorensen. Sorensen tries to fight back, fails and Kash slams him down. Aries with the boot to the face, and the heels go up top and Aries mimics Eddie Guerrero, and EATS KNEES on the frog splash. Kash misses the moonsault as well. Sorensen fighting back again, rights to Aries, atomic drop and then a neck breaker for 2 as Kash makes the save. Corner dropkick by Aries countered, but Kash saves Aries again. Chops by Kash again, lighting up Sorensen. To the corner, boot by Sorensen and then he leaps and they clothesline each other. Sorensen now up top again, Kash stops that and goes up top with him. SUPERPLEX by Kash! Aries is still out, Kash signals for the end and MONEY MAKER by Kash! Aries puts Sorensen’s leg on the ropes and then hides. Aries sneaks in, rolls up Kash and wins.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Austin Aries @ 13:00 via pin

-Borash talks with AJ Styles. AJ says that Roode turned his back on his friends. He has been here for 9-years, been champ four times, and he did it with honor and respect. Fortune worked as a team and Roode destroyed that in one night. Roode spit in the faces of Fortune, and the TNA fans. AJ plans to knock his face off, and enjoy the time as champ, because it will not last.

-Daniels has the mic and says that Bob Van Dam needs to listen. How did they get to a NO DQ match? Daniels isn’t a savage like these fans. He’s not a hardcore guy, he is a wrestler. If he has to do this he will, because he never ever quits, but, if they do this, he has a suggestion, a gentleman’s agreement, since this is Impact Wrestling, lets agree that this is a wrestling match. No gimmicks, just straight wrestling. Daniels asks what RVD thinks about this and RVD agrees as Daniels locks in a headlock.

NO DQ (?) MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels

RVD escapes the headlock and works the knee of Daniels and covers for 2. Roll up by Daniels, countered into an arm bar. Daniels out, RVD with the body scissors roll up for 2. Daniels bails to the floor, as the crowd chants for RVD. Daniels with the go behind, takes RVD down, escape into a pin for 2 for RVD. Monkey flip by RVD, and he celebrates. Clothesline by RVD, kick to the face and a cover for 2. To the corner and shoulder blocks by Daniels, into the headlock. Escape and kick by RVD, rolling thunder connects. Leg drop on the apron by RVD, and he celebrate again. RVD up top, Daniels strops that and lays the boots to RVD. To the corner goes RVD, Daniels with shots to the back. Shoulder blocks now, and then Daniels celebrates. Daniels back to the chinlock now to ground RVD, and then a neck crank by Daniels. Daniels says he is the best in the world, and RVD escapes and runs into a Death Valley driver for 2. Enziguri by Daniels, and he sets to charge, and does, connecting with a forearm smash. Daniels chokes out RVD in the corner, a whip and runs into the boots of RVD. Rights follow, knees by Daniels, and then a clothesline. Thrust kick by RVD, but Daniels then tosses him to the floor. RVD to the apron, nails Daniels and then crotches Daniels on the top rope. RVD up top and nails Daniels with the sidekick. Daniels falls to the floor, and then calls a timeout and walks to the back. RVD chases, and RVD hip tosses Daniels to the ramp. Daniels laid out on the barricade, and RVD hits the leg drop. Daniels back into the ring, RVD follows ad Daniels slams the ref into RVD. STO by Daniels, and he goes to the floor and gets a chair. Gentleman’s agreement my ass. Nails RVD with the chair, and Uranage onto the chair follows and a cover gets 2. Daniels now to the floor, looks for the tool box and gets the screwdriver. He brings it into the ring, RVD uses the chair to stop that and gets the van Daminator. Up top, Frog Splash and that is all she wrote.

OFFICIAL RESULT: RVD @ 12:00 via pin
RATING: ***½

-Borash is with Robbie E. Robbie E says he would win the title, and he did tonight. Little Robbie and Big Robbie are the biggest TV stars and he will be the champion for a long time. Robbie E then says there will be a party tonight, and bling equals bitches. They go to hit the club.

Crimson vs. Matt Morgan

They circle to begin, lock up and they work around the ropes and break. Lock up again, headlock by Crimson. Off the ropes and runs into Morgan, who flexes at him. Test of strength now, and they battle for position and they break. Clubbing rights by Crimson, and into a cravat and knees. Crimson works over Morgan, who escapes. He then clotheslines Crimson and take shim down. Off the ropes and Crimson counters with the clothesline and rights. Morgan rushes him to the corner, shoulder blocks follow and then a clothesline takes Crimson to the floor. Morgan follows him out, and Crimson battles back and slams Morgan to the apron. Then to the barricade, Crimson moves the steps and then attacks Morgan again. Whips Morgan, who leaps the steps and kicks them into a charging Crimson. Back into the ring we go, a whip by Morgan ad corner clothesline follows. Side slam connects and Morgan covers for 2. Back elbow by Morgan, and mounted rights follow. Picks up Crimson, and corner elbows follow. Crimson fires up and no sells, says COME ON MUTHA FUCKER and then nails a flying forearm. Clotheslines follow, and then a T-BONE suplex for 2. Morgan takes him to the corner, off the ropes and Crimson with knees. Clutch into a leg sweep and holds onto the submission. Morgan rolls into a pin for 2. Crimson misses a charge, chokeslam by Morgan gets 2. Morgan is not happy about this, and sets for the carbon footprint. Misses, spear connects and covers for 2. Forearms by Crimson, Morgan levels him and Crimson rolls to the floor. Morgan rolls him back in and covers for 2. Morgan is pissed again. Corner clothesline misses for Crimson, and runs into a sloppy red sky and both men are down. Crimson eventually covers for 2. Crimson is up, looks pissed and Morgan is up as well. They standoff, center ring they go and Morgan talks shit, and Crimson with rights. Morgan fires back and they smile. They trade big rights, rapid fire now and they shove the ref away. They do it again and a third time and that is a DQ.

OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest @ 11:00

-The crowd chants let them fight. They continue to fight mid-ring as the bell rings and security comes out to break them up. That of course fails as they continue to brawl to the floor.

-Borash is with Bully Ray and Scott Steiner. Ray calls Abyss stupid and then says he has kicked Anderson’s ass numerous times. Steiner flexes and tells Ray to relax, because the match will be easy. He knows Abyss’ weaknesses because he went to parts unknown, met Abyss’s girlfriend, and went to the ugliest part of parts unknown. Ray says they are tag team royalty, and then argue over who was the greatest tag team of all time.

Mr. Anderson & Abyss vs. Bully Ray & Scott Steiner

Anderson and Ray to begin. Lock up, to the corner they go and Ray misses a right, arm drag by Anderson. Lock up to the corner, whip and an arm drag by Anderson. Counter, right by Anderson and then the Kofi style kick kinda misses, and Anderson covers for 2. Headlock by Anderson, back suplex by Ray and a tag to Steiner. Boot to the face of Anderson, to the corner and more kicks by Steiner. Chops follow. Anderson back with the clothesline and a cover for 2. To the corner, Anderson nails Ray and then Steiner. Ray trips up Anderson and crotches him on the ring post as Steiner distracts the ref. Steiner slams Anderson into the boot on Ray, tag is made, and double sledge by Ray. Ray stops a tag, elbow to the knee of Anderson. Short-armed clothesline by Ray, but Anderson back with the neck breaker. BOTH men are down. Tag to Abyss, but the ref did not see it and the heels beat down Anderson. Steiner sets Anderson up top, follows and the top rope Samoan drop connects. Scott Steiner is not, in fact, Samoan. Steiner messes with Abyss to distract the ref, spits at him and then Anderson with the sunset flip for 2. Roll up for 2. Overhead belly to belly by Steiner, and as the crowd chants for Steiner, he tells them to shut up. Tag to Ray, they argue a bit and Ray stops a tag. Anderson fights back, DDT connects and BOTH men are down again. Tags to Steiner and Abyss, Abyss cleans house on the heels. Corner splash to Steiner, then to Ray. Slams Ray into Steiner, corner splash by Abyss. Slam to Steiner, Abyss to the second rope and SPLASH onto Steiner! That gets 2. Abyss calls for the chokeslam, grabs Steiner, and slams him down. Ray breaks that up, works over Abyss. They double-team Abyss, who stops that and he clotheslines the heels. Boot by Ray, and clotheslines Abyss to the floor. Blind tag by Anderson and a cross body to Steiner gets 2. Kamikaze roll countered by Steiner into the flatliner. He covers for 2. Steiner now sets Steiner up top, follows, FRANKENSTEINER 2k11! Steiner argues with the ref, and Abyss is in and black hole slam to Steiner and that is all. Sloppy and not good kids, they could do so much more with Bully Ray.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mr. Anderson & Abyss @ 12:00 via pin

-After the match Steiner and Ray attack the faces, and Ray gets a table. They set it up and look to put Abyss through it. And they do with a double choke slam but ABYSS IS UP and says fuck that noise! Steiner and Ray bail.

-Borash is with Kim, Karen and Madison. Karen says she cannot have a skanky ho as the champion, and that Gail will win. She went and found Gail, the perfect role model. Karen also says that Madison is beautiful, because she needs her attention. Gail says this will be over in a few minutes. Karen says Gail can do this on her own, and says she will take care of business.

KNOCKOUTS TITLE MATCH: Velvet Sky © vs. Gail Kim

Sky attacks before the bell and runs Kim off. She then about misses the baseball slide dropkick as they go to the floor for a short brawl. Back in, Sky in control and covers for 2. Corner punches by Sky, but Kim stun guns her on the top rope. Kick to the chest follows, and then lays in the kicks to the gut. A whip by Kim, nails the shot to the gut and then knees to the gut follow. Kick to the chest after a snap mare as Karen Jarrett makes her way out to watch. Kim covers for 2. Sky fights back, forearms connect, cross body caught by Kim into a gut buster. Abdominal stretch by Kim, Sky escapes into a pinning combo for 2. Kim with the cross body into a kick to the gut by Sky. Leg kicks by Sky, clothesline follows and another. Bulldog by Sky, into a sloppy side effect style move and a cover for 2. Sky slammed to the corner, Kim tries eat defeat, countered into the x-factor by Sky. Karen distracts the ref, Madison in and hits her sloppy finish on Sky. Gail rolls over and covers only for 2. Karen is NOT happy. Kim up top now, MISSES the missile dropkick or splash, hard to tell as Sky moved so soon, Sky covers, countered by Kim with the tights for 2.Karen distracts the ref, eat defeat by Kim and she wins the title. Well that was all over the place. Gail Kim is simply way better than Sky, and it was very noticeable here.


-Bischoff is on the phone backstage and is bitching to his wife about Garrett. Eric will take care of business Thursday night. Bully Ray is there and is pissed about Abyss. He tells Eric that they need to do something about Abyss, because he snapped. Ray says Eric needs to do something about this, while Eric says Ray needs to take control.

Jeff Hardy vs. The King of Mexico Jeff Jarrett w/Karen

Hardy is wearing a helmet, something from the Vader starter kit. Hardy in, charges at JJ, nails the twist of fate and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeff Hardy @ 0:05 via pin

-JJ asks for another match and gets it right now.

Jeff Hardy vs. The King of Mexico Jeff Jarrett w/Karen

JJ asked for another match, and here we go. Ok. He attacks Hardy, who fights back and lands a corner clothesline. Back elbow by JJ, lays Hardy in the ropes and does the running attack. A right follows, and JJ is happy. To the second rope, fist drop by JJ. Hardy fights back, and a front suplex gets 2. Rights by Hardy, to the corner and a back elbow. Hardy up top, crotched by JJ and he then struts. He lays the boots to Hardy, and whips him to the corner. JJ celebrates and says Hardy is done. JJ with corner attacks on Hardy, Hardy with rights. Off the ropes and a sleeper by JJ. Hardy fights out, off the ropes and a back suplex to JJ. Rights by JJ, they trade rights now, off the ropes and a clothesline by Hardy. He gets a roll up for 2. Boot by JJ, stroke try, countered and a twist of fate countered and as JJ goes for the figure four Hardy rolls him up and gets the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeff Hardy @ 6:00 via pin

-JJ sits in the ring, pissed about what has happened. He then charges up the ramp and lays out Hardy with a chair shot to the head. JJ says it is not over and wants the ref back into the ring. The ref refuses and JJ sends Hardy back into the ring. Stroke by JJ, and he covers Hardy. He makes the ref count, but Hardy turns the pin into a cradle and pins JJ for a third time. Yup. I guess that was best 3 of 5 falls. I am not even sure what to say about that, other than I figure it was pure comeuppance for Jarrett, and something of a happy moment for fans, because I doubt that they take the title off of Roode so soon.

-In the back, some of the roster has positive words for Hardy. AJ shows up and sakes his hand.

-Borash is with Roode, who says he was Beer Money, he was Fortune, he never needed Storm, Kaz or AJ. All they ever did was stop Roode from his potential. But now he has kicked them to the curb, and he is the champion. He was the leader he was the star, and AJ’s ego got the best of him. Roode is now the face of the company and AJ cannot stand it. He is the champion, the it factor, the leader of the new generation. We saw what he did to Storm, so imagine what he will do to AJ.

TNA WORLD TITLE MATCH: Bobby Roode © vs. AJ Styles

And here we go with the main event of the evening. Roode quickly backs off to the apron, not wanting any part of AJ so soon. They lock up, battle around and break. Roode to the apron. once again Lock up, to the corner, and rights by AJ, and Roode bails to the floor. Roode back in, they trade rights and a headlock by Roode. Counters and a dropkick by AJ, who is looking good on the bum ankle. AJ in control, suplex follows and then slams Roode to the corner. Chops by AJ, and then slams Roode to another corner. Elbows by AJ, and a slam follows and a knee drop follows for 2. Counters and rights and chops by AJ. Roode battles back with the clothesline, and then rights to AJ in the corner. Chops by Roode follow, and then the Hennig neck flip connects. Roode charges at AJ, who moves and Roode flies to the floor. AJ then flies to the floor and wipes out Roode with the forearm smash. AJ drops Roode throat first onto the barricade, and then follows with rights. Back into the ring we go and Roode catches AJ on the way in. Basement dropkick sends AJ back to the floor. Roode slams AJ to the apron, rolls him back in and covers for 2. AJ battles back, boot to Roode and AJ to the 2nd rope and leaps, caught and Roode catapults him into the corner. Flapjack by Roode, and that gets 2. Roode works a seated bear hug, grounding AJ. Front facelock by Roode, then clubbing shots to the back of AJ. Boot to the face by Roode, to the second rope he goes and AJ stops that. AJ up with him and tries a superplex, Roode shoves him off but AJ leaps up top and gets the superplex! Nice. Rights by AJ, off the ropes and a backdrop to Roode. Clotheslines follow for AJ, DVD into a neck breaker by AJ gets 2. Torture rack by AJ, countered and roll up try, stopped, AJ muffs a springboard. Cross body by AJ, countered and Roode covers for 2. Off the ropes and a spinebuster by Roode gets 2. Perfect plex countered by AJ into a backdrop suplex. AJ to the apron, SPRINGBOARD 450 MISSES for AJ. AJ counters and looks for the clash, Roode escapes into the crossface. He has AJ center ring, Roode cranks the hold, AJ slips out and rolls into the clash try but then slams Roode down. To the corner, AJ backs off and charges, to the apron and springs in with the superman forearm for 2. Roode holds the ropes, and low blows AJ and the ref with the mule kick. Roode covers for 2. he argues with the ref, AJ trolls Roode up and gets 2. Enziguri by AJ, they trade rights and AJ levels Roode with a right. AJ up, Roode begs off and AJ flips him the bird and attacks. Forearms by AJ, chops as well. Crotches Roode on the top, and he falls to the floor. AJ charges and MISSES the dive as Roode sidesteps him. That had to suck. Roode back in the ring, AJ back in and Roode catches him and gets the perfect plex and gets 2. Roode is pissed. Roode has AJ, AJ counters and hits the PELE! Clash try by AJ, but Roode counters, gets the tights and rolls up AJ for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Roode @ 20:00 via pin
RATING: ***¼

-Roode celebrates his victory and that ends the show.

-Thanks for reading the report, have a good night, and please take part in the poll.

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