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411’s WWE Bad Blood Report 06.13.04

June 13, 2004 | Posted by Dan Wojcik

411’s WWE Bad Blood Report 06.13.04
Live from Columbus, Ohio
Exclusive 411 Report by Pankonin

-Opening video and pyro as Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to Bad Blood and pimp the Hell in a Cell match.

La Resistance vs. Chris Benoit & Edge
World Tag Team Titles

Rob Conway is being referred to as “Robeirre” Conway now, nice Frenchie touch. Like Monday, Grenier sings the Canadian National Anthem and is again interrupted – but this time by Edge. Pretty even match to start, as both teams exchange tags at a pretty quick pace. Edge hit a flapjack for a pin attempt on Conway, but Grenier made the save, which leads to a double team as the referee is distracted with Benoit, putting the tag champs in total control of the match for the first time. La Rez is in control for a solid 5 minutes, until a double team attempt is countered into a double neckbreaker by Edge. After climbing over to the corner, Edge realizes Benoit has been knocked to the outside, but Benoit recovers and still makes the hot tag and clears house on the tag champs. Benoit locks the sharpshooter in on Grenier, but Conway makes the save. Edge recovers and sets up for the spear, which he almost hits Benoit but catches himself. Grenier tries to charge but runs into the Crossface! Edge hits the spear on Conway and the challengers are looking to pick up the win when Kane’s pyro hits. Benoit doesn’t release the Crossface, but Kane comes in and causes an intentional disqualification and takes out Edge, and then pummels Benoit, flinging him into the steps after a chokeslam and solid beatdown. Kane smiles as he goes back up the ramp.

Winners: Edge & Benoit (DQ)

-Backstage, Bischoff and Coach are talking. Bischoff says that Regal has been banned from ringside, and he wants the Coach to eliminate Eugene for good. Bischoff says he’s sick and tired of Eugene, that he’s an embarrassment, and wants Coach to take care of it. Coach points out that Eugene is listening in the corner and looks sad. Eugene says that Uncle Eric doesn’t like him. Bischoff says he misunderstood him, he’s looking out for him. Bisch asks him who his favorite wrestler is, Eugene says HHH, and reminds him about Trip’s quad injury, and Benoit’s neck injury. Bischoff says he can call the match off, get all the autographs and pictures he wants, and go home and tell all of his friends he was in the WWE or wrestle tonight. Eugene says he wants to wrestle tonight and skips off.

Chris Jericho vs. Tyson Tomko

Jericho spends the early going countering Tomko’s offense, and doing a good job – reversing a power slam and an attempt to be shot into the steps. Jericho tries to go upstairs, but Tomko catches him and begins to take control. Jericho tries to counter again, but is caught with a modified choke slam as Tomko begins to dominate. Bear hug of doom applied by Tomko, who releases it and almost hits a huge fist after bouncing off the ropes, but Jericho dodges and begins to battle back. Jericho hits a clothesline and quickly follows up with the bulldog, and tries to finish with the Lionsault but misses. Tomko hits him with a huge crucifix backbreaker (that’s the best way I can describe it), but only gets two. Tomko lifts him up for a Gorilla Press but Jericho counters and goes for the Walls but Tomko powers out, Jericho hits a clothesline and tries again, but this time Trish provides enough distraction for Tomko to power out with his legs again. Tomko accidentally runs in to Trish after charging after Jericho, who hits the enziguiri and rolls him up for a very quick pin, and a three count! Jericho pulls out the win as Trish and Tomko pout and complain inside the ring.

Winner: Chris Jericho

-Backstage, Randy Orton speaks of his greatness. Tomorrow marks the sixth month anniversary of winning the IC title. Orton also has a pretty cool t-shirt that has all of his legend killer victims on the back of the shirt. Orton walks through the crowd and runs down the crowd as they have never seen greatness like Randy Orton. Orton eventually wanders into the ring and continues to gloat before being interrupted by Shelton Benjamin, who says they should start the match early, as in right now.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Randy Orton
WWE Intercontinental Title

Shelton immediately goes for a quick rollup and gets a near three count. He follows that up with a ton of quick offense, including a flying body press that gets another two count. Benjamin is on fire for the early portion of the match, countering and dodging all of Orton’s offense and getting several two counts. Shelton misses with the stinger splash, and gets shoved to the outside as Orton finally takes control of the match. Ric Flair comes to ringside to the whooos from the crowd. Orton hits a huge uppercut and follows it up with a arm submission hold. Benjamin counters and both men are out on the mat. Orton hits an awesome gut-wrench/diamond cutter combo move, but only gets a two count. Orton locks in another submission, this time a a modified sleeper hold, but Benjamin battles out. Orton again knocks Benjamin down with a fist and this time goes upstairs and misses with a beautiful frog splash attempt. Benjamin quickly goes after a downed Orton with a northern lights suplex for a two count. Both guys exchange fists, slugfest style which fires up the crowd. Benjamin walks into another huge uppercut, but quickly fires back with a huge tackle to build some momentum. Shelton goes upstairs and hits a flying clothesline, covers, and gets a long two count. Benjamin hits the enziguiri after Orton dodges his first attempt, covers, and gets yet again another long two count. Shelton hits the stinger splash, then hits his finisher, covers, but Flair drapes Orton’s leg on the ropes. Shelton is pissed and heads after Flair and throws him inside the ring. Shelton hits a back body drop and stinger splash on Flair then another on Orton. Benjamin then locks the figure four in on Flair as the crowd begins to boo. Orton falls into a small package by Benjamin – who STILL has the figure four locked in on Flair, and gets another long two count. Benjamin gets some more quick rollups before going upstairs and hittinga splash, but Orton reverses, grabs the tights, and picks up the win! Shelton is shocked in the ring as Orton himself looks surprised outside the ring, demanding his belt.

Winner: Randy Orton

-Lita and Matt Hardy are kissy kissy backstage, when security and Bischoff show up to remove Matt from the building. Bischoff says he doesn’t want V1 interfering in the World Title match. Matt says he’s here to watch his girlfriend’s match, not interfere. Bischoff says he has 60 seconds to decide whether he wants to stay – in which case Lita is removed from the Women’s title match. Matt says he knows how important the Women’s Title is to her, so he decides to leave.

Trish vs. Lita vs. Gail Kim vs. Victoria
WWE Women’s Title

Lita chases Trish around the outside, but runs in to Tyson Tomko, who flings her into the ring. Lita and Trish go on to battle it out inside the ring, and Lita hits a bridge cover, but Tomko again pushes her arm, causing her to fall but the referee catches it and kicks him out of the ringside area. Lita hits a reverse twist of fate and nearly gets the pin on Trish, but Gail interrupts the count. Lita hits a headscissors on Trish, but Gail knocks her from behind, but Victoria immediately goes after Kim and hits a Widow’s Peak style submission hold. Trish makes the save but Kim turns on her and puts in a submission. All four continue to exchange blows and a pretty fast pace until Lita scores with a huge DDT and looks to have the pin on Gail Kim when Trish comes in from out of NOWHERE and gets a quick rollup pin on Lita to claim her record fifth Women’s title. Victoria wasn’t even in the ring and lost the belt as her and Victoria look shocked as Trish celebrates.

Winner: Trish Stratus

-Coach/Eugene Video Package

Coach vs. Eugene

Eugene offers a handshake before the match, Coach tries to hurt him with the handshake, but it backfires and Coach shakes off his wrist. Loud Eugene chants from the crowd, as he’s had the best reaction of the night so far. Eugene does this bizarre possum bowling ball thing that frustrates Coach. As Coach looks closer to examine Eugene does a quick rollup for a two count. Coach gets up on all fours and Eugene mocks him by getting on all fours and eventually riding him like a horse as the Coach continues to be frustrated and the crowd eats it up. Eugene does the run the ropes as Coach runs the other ropes, except Eugene bails and gets a teddy bear from a hot blonde sitting front row as Coach continues to run the ropes for another 30 seconds or so before realizing Eugene was on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Eugene hits a snapmare and follows it up with the rolling body scissors thing he’s done on Raw, and follows that up with the JYD headbutts and simulated pee thing as Coach again is frustrated and rolls out of the ring, while calling for somebody, which turns out to be a hot blonde in a bikini holding a plate of cookies. Coach tells Eugene to come out and get a cookie. Eugene looks as if he likes the girl in the bikini as he slowly walks over and begins taking down the cookies, but Coach sneaks up from behind and rams Eugene’s head into the trey. This makes Eugene angry as he does the Hulk up inside the ring with chocolate chips all over his forehead. Inverted atomic drop followed up with the traditional atomic drop and an enziguiri by Eugene, and then the dreaded airplane spin takes down Coach. Garrison Cade is now on the outside of the ring and just beheaded Eugene’s new teddy bear. Cade grabs Eugene and Coach goes for the cheap shot but misses and takes out Cade, and runs into a Eugene Rock Bottom (yes, Rock Bottom!) Eugene follows it up with the People’s Elbow, covers and gets the win! After the match, Cade attacks but is hit by the Stone Cold Stunner! Regal comes out after the match to celebrate after the match.

Winner: Eugene

-Benoit/Kane video package.

Chris Benoit vs. Kane
World Heavyweight Title

Kane uses his power, and Benoit uses his quickness to make the opening minutes fairly even. Benoit tries to go for a Sharpshooter, but Kane powers out. Same goes with all of Benoit’s submission attempts in the early going. Despite all the failed submission attempts, the match remains pretty back and forth. Kane hits the snake eyes and follows it up with a clothesline, but falls to the mat afterwards and both men are down. Kane is the first up and begins to hammer Benoit’s neck from the outside of the ring with some elbows across the throat. Kane is now clearly in control as he works his foot over the head and shoulders of Benoit, who is draped on the bottom rope. Kane remains in control until Benoit hits a chop block out of nowhere, and follows it up with three more to finally ground the Big Red Machine after a solid 7 or 8 minutes of Kane domination. Benoit again goes for the sharpshotter, but this time Kane grabs him by the throat, breaking the hold, before Benoit kicks out of the choke. Kane slams Benoit into the turnbuckle, goes for the boot, but gets tangled in the top rope, allowing Benoit to hit another chop block and ground the big man once again. Finally on the third try Benoit locks in the sharpshooter as Kane climbs for, and eventually makes it to the ropes, causing Benoit to break the hold, but the damage has been done as Kane has been grounded. Benoit goes to work on the back of Kane with some punches and follows it up with the triple german suplex. Benoit looks around and signals for the flying headbutt. As he climbs the ropes Kane sits up, causing Benoit back into the ring for some more work, and another set of german suplexes. Now the total has reached 6 as Benoit again signals for the end. Flying headbutt connects as Kane is out, but the headbutt seems to take quite a bit out of Benoit as well, as they’re both down for a double count. Kane sits upthe same time as Benoit reaches his feet, but Benoit immediately goes for the crossface, but Kane shoves him off. Benoit runs right into a Kane chokeslam! Kane covers, but Benoit kicks out at two! Kane is shocked and begins chase of the referee. Kane signals for the end once again, this time going for the tombstone, but Benoit shoves out, but runs right into a huge boot by Kane. Kane now climbs to the top rope and goes for a flying clothesline, but Benoit catches him and locks in the Crossface! Kane is trapped in the middle of the ring as he tries to push towards the ropes, and now Kane stands up with the hold locked in! Benoit tries to apply the hold with the other arm, but Kane slips and Benoit rolls him up for the cover and gets a three count! Kane is stunned as Benoit retains. Very slow start but a fantastic finish!

Winner: Chris Benoit

-Backstage, that new guy interviews Chris Benoit, who said that Kane was a great challenger, but tonight Benoit says that once again he is for real. They show some replays of the match as Benoit again talks about how he’s for real. They actually analyze the match in replays, which is actually a pretty cool new idea I haven’t seen in awhile. Benoit closes by again saying that he’s for real.

-HHH/HBK Video Package

Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels
Hell In A Cell

After the pre-match staredown, the two go at each other quickly it what seemed to be more of a brawl than a wrestling match, as two separate times HBK tackled and threw punches at a prone HHH. Trip battled back and flung Michaels to the outside as the match remained back and forth through the early going of the match. Michaels hits a huge whip into the cage, nearly busting The Game open, and quickly follows it up with offense inside of the ring, including the fist count on the top rope, which reached 8 before the game shoved out of it. Michaels seems to be in control of the match at this point, but it seems as if Michaels is having problems with his back, as he goes for a suplex to the inside of the ring, but breaks the attempt and holds his back. HHH now seeing an opportunity hits a fierce whip into the turnbuckle, followed by another, as Michaels sells the injured back. HHH then drives several elbows into Michaels lower back and follows that with a backbreaker, as The Game has firmly taken control of the match. After continuing to work over the back, he goes underneath the ring and finds a chair, he tries to slam HBK into the chair, but Michaels counters. HBK backs off as Triple H again attacks with the chair, and again Michaels counters and throws him to the outside of the ring. Michaels goes for a double ax handle on the apron to HHH, but The Game counters, catching him and ramming Michaels’s back into the post and the side of the cage several times over. HHH continues to work him over on the outside, flinging him all over the cell and working over the lower back, once again taking total control. The Game continues to dominate, using the chair back into the ring to hit a sidewalk slam onto the chair. HHH does it again and again, but Michaels refuses to stay down, kicking out of several pin attempts. Michaels finally counters HHH flinging him over the top rope to the mat. HBK is still noticeably weak and selling the back injury, but continues to battle back and throw HHH into the cell and the steps. Trip finds a chair and nails the lower back of HBK and then uses the steel steps, bringing them into the ring and uses ‘em, busting Michaels wide open. HHH goes for the steps again, and again pastes them over his head. HHH continues the punishment, working over the gash in Michaels’s forehead and flinging him over the top rope to the outside. HHH continues to work over Michaels until he rallies and shoves a submission hold attempt into the turnbuckle as now both guys are down and out. Both get to their feet at the same time and HHH goes for the Pedigree, but it’s countered by Michaels into the DDT. Again both are down and out as the referee begins counting. Both slowly climb to their feet, but Michaels has the chair and pastes it over the face of The Game. Shawn again pastes HHH with an unprotected chair shot and both men are seriously bleeding. Michaels covers and gets a two count. HHH counters a Michaels flip, throwing him to the outside, but Michaels takes a peek underneath the ring while out there and finds a ladder! The crowd pops as Michaels sets up the ladder inside the ring as a weapon and rams the top stool into HHH’s face, then more shots to the midsection as Michaels now takes control. HBK sets the ladder up on the side and again whips him into the corner turnbuckle before flinging him outside. With HHH prone, HBK follows him to the outside and rakes his face into the cell. As Michaels sets up the ladder, HHH tries a surprise pedigree, but it’s countered and HHH is catapultered into the ladder. Michaels covers and gets a two count. Michaels goes upstairs and tries the flying elbow drop, but HHH moves and it misses. HHH now slowly climbs over for the cover and gets a long two count. HBK and HHH now exchange fists while both on their knees and again both fall to the mat. Michaels covers and gets the 5,000th two count of the match. They rally to their feet, and HHH sends Michaels flying into the turnbuckle pole. HHH again goes under the ring and this time finds a table. HHH sets up the table inside the ring, but Michaels was playing a bit of possum and hammers away at The Game, Michaels lays HHH out on the table and climbs the ladder and connects with an elbow drop through the table! First Holy Shit chant of the night as both men are laid out on the crumbled table. Michaels leans over for the cover, but HHH kicks out at two. Michaels tries again, and again a two count. Michaels goes for the sweet chin music, but HHH dodges it and connects with a low blow and HHH goes for the Pedigree and connects! HHH leans over for the cover but Michaels kicks out at two. Both guys now use each other to stand up, HHH shoves HBK off, but Michaels hits the Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere! But again, both guys are out of it and Michaels takes practically forever to make the cover, does, but gets, surprise! Another two count. They again use each other to get to their feet, and HHH tries to hit a pedigree and does connect. They’re both knocked out cold, this time for a solid two minutes with no movement from either of them. HHH slowly, slowly climbs over and hits yet another Pedigree. HHH…slowly..drapes..the..arm..over..and this time its finally a three count.

Winner: Triple H

-HHH and Michaels are both out of it, J.R. announces the time at 47:26. Evolution comes out to check on The Game as J.R. speculates on the future of Shawn Michaels. Shawn slowly comes to his feet as the crowd gives him a standing ovation.

-End Show.


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