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411’s WWE: Beast in the East Report 7.04.15

July 4, 2015 | Posted by Eric Palmer

*Welcome, WWE is invading Tokyo for a live event today, and I’m bringing the report to you as I watch it LIVE at 5:30 AM EST. Let’s have some fun! The card is pretty decent for a live event, though I’m not sure how much of it is actually being shown. The WWE Network has a two hour block, but I’ve read the local Japanese networks have the show at 3.5 hours. We’ll see what is shown and what is left off. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?


*Chris Jericho vs Neville

They lock up and push into the corner before locking up again and chain wrestling a bit. That goes until Neville hits a dropkick and Jericho rolls to the outside of the ring. Jericho walks around and comes back in as they circle again. Another lock up and Jericho takes Neville down and locks in a leg lock before going into a bow and arrow submission. Neville rolls out of it into a quick one count before a stand off. Lock up again and they trade arm wringers. Neville flips out of the arm wringer, but Jericho immediately clotheslines him over the top rope. Jericho goes for a suicide dive, but Neville slides in and sends Jericho to the outside. Neville goes for a dive, but Jericho slides in, flips Neville to the apron and hits a dropkick that sends Neville to the floor. Outside, Jericho tosses Neville into the apron and hits a chop before rolling him back into the ring. Jericho heads up top and hits a crossbody for a two count. Chin lock by Jericho, but Neville manages to escape after about 30 seconds in the hold. Neville reverses a whip and rolls up Jericho for two only to be met with a big enziguri for two. Jericho has Neville in the corner and chops the crap out of him before going to whip him into the corner. Neville reverses it and charges, but Jericho knocks him down with an elbow and covers with only his boot for two. Snapmare by Jericho followed by a kick to the back and another chin lock. Neville escapes, but Jericho chops him a few times. Whip by Jericho, Neville dodges it and goes for his kick combo, but Jericho dodges the dropkick. Jericho goes up top and hits a double axe handle and a bulldog. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Neville powers out. Forearm by Neville sends Jericho into the corner. A big forearm by Neville, followed by some strikes as he whips Jericho into the corner and charges only to be met with a big elbow. Neville dodges a clothesline, back kicks Jericho and goes up top only to be crotched by Jericho. Jericho climbs up with Neville and goes for a superplex, but Neville knocks him down and goes for Red Arrow, but Jericho moves out of the way. Neville goes for a hurricanrana, but Jericho reverses into the Walls of Jericho. Neville breaks the hold with a rope break. Jericho argues with the ref and stomps away at Neville a bit more. Jericho charges Neville, but Neville dodges and Jericho goes to the outside. Moonsault Plancha connects by Neville.  Back inside, Neville goes for Red Arrow again, but Jericho gets up and settles for a springboard dropkick and standing shooting star press for two.  Neville picks Jericho up to his knees and hits a few chops and kicks before hitting the ropes. Jericho hits a massive forearm and then a few more strikes. Whip by Jericho, reversed by Neville, Jericho hangs onto the ropes as Neville goes for a dropkick. Lionsault by Jericho gets a two count. A few small kicks to the head by Jericho. He whips Neville into the corner but takes a boot. Neville goes for a springboard, but Jericho hits a big Codebreaker. Jericho takes a while to make the cover and Neville kicks out. Jericho beats on the head of Neville some more and goes for a German suplex, but Neville reverses and hits one of his own followed by a massive superkick. A second superkick by Neville followed by another Red Arrow attempt. Jericho gets the knees up and locks in the Walls of Jericho for the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho @ 16:20 

*Apparently Diego vs Cesaro was cut. Which is a shame. That match had “Rock vs Austin” written all over it.

*WWE Divas Championship Triple Threat Match: Nikki Bella(c) vs Paige vs Tamina Snuka

The ref starts off by holding the belt on display so long, you’d think he won the belt. Sorry, Harvey.

They start off quick with some exchanging roll ups that nobody tries to break up for some reason before Tamina just kicks everyone in the face. Tamina kicks Nikki out of the ring and Paige drags Tamina to the apron and goes for her knees, but Tamina trips her and covers for two. Nikki is back in now as Paige rolls to the outside. Enziguri by Nikki gets a two. Headbutt by Tamina followed by a suplex and a pin that’s broken up by Nikki. headbutts by Paige to Tamina followed by a double suplex and a double dropkick to Tamina that takes her out of the ring as Nikki and Paige brawl in the ring. Paige whips Nikki into the corner, eats an elbow, then ducks one and rolls up Nikki for two. Nikki then hits a spinebuster for two. These girls are working a much faster pace than they need to. Nikki goes for the Alabama Slam, but Paige reverses it and knees her in the face for two. Whip into the corner and a knee by Paige, followed by a few more knees to the face. Tamina tries to get on the apron, but Paige knocks her down. Nikki uses the distraction to send Paige into the corner and hit a few shoulder charges. She lifts Paige to the top and goes for a superplex. Paige tries to fight back, but Tamina comes in and powerbombs Nikki who superplexes Paige and everyone is down. Tamina covers Nikki but the ref was distracted by Paige, rightfully so. Everybody kicks out of Tamina’s pinfall attempts. She picks up Nikki and whips her into the corner, then picks up Paige and whips her into the same corner. Tamina goes for a splash, but they both move. Nikki hits a facebuster and Paige superkicks Tamina to send her out of the ring. Alabama Slam by Nikki on Paige gets a two count. Paige rolls up Nikki for two then kicks her in the stomach. Rampaige to Nikki only gets a two count. Paige says this is her house, it only took her six minutes to say it. PTO is locked in on Nikki, but Tamina kicks Paige in the face and breaks that up as Paige rolls outside. Tamina picks up Nikki and hits a Samoan Drop and goes up to for the Superfly Splash. Nikki moves and hits a big elbow for the win.

*Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Nikki Bella @ 7:05

*Kofi Kingston vs Brock Lesnar

I’d say take a shot for every suplex, but it’s 6:11 AM as of this writing, so that’s not the best idea.

We start with Kofi running around the ring and Lesnar chasing him. Kofi runs in and tries to get in some cheap shots against Lesnar, but he ain’t having any of it. Lesnar just destroys Kingston with strikes and whips him into the corner, but Kofi goes for a crossbody, but Lesnar catches him and turns it into a German Suplex, but Kofi lands on his feet and hits a crossbody that sends Lesnar into the corner, but doesn’t phase him. Kofi tries a few more strikes unsuccesfully before Kofi takes a German Suplex right onto his head. Then another suplex. A third German Suplex to Kofi. Lesnar goes for and hits an F5 for the win.

Winner: Brock Lesnar @ 2:35

*After the match, Lesnar hits another German Suplex on Kofi. Then hits another F5. New Day comes in, but Lesnar hits Xavier and Big E with F5s for their trouble.

*NXT Heavyweight Championship: Kevin Owens(c) vs Finn Balor

Balor has his body paint again tonight. They added a demon face to his back this time.

Balor starts quick with a big drop kick in the corner and goes up top for the Coupe de Grace, but Owens rolls outside and Balor hits a big crossbody. He rolls Owens back in, but Owens takes advantage and hits a few strikes and whips Balor off the ropes. Balor comes back with a forearm, but Owens catches him with a big elbow. Owens rolls outside and Balor hits a big baseball slide. He sits Owens in a chair and hits a big dropkick outside the ring. Inside, Balor hits a few strikes, but Owens fights back with some of his own. He whips Balor, but gets kicked in the face and chopped. Whip by Balor reversed by Owens. Balor goes for a crossbody, but Owens swings him around back with a slam for two. Stomps by Owens now as Balor slowly gets to his feet. A chop in the corner and kick by Owens. Balor tries to chop Owens but just gets kicked in the face for his troubles. Owens generates some nice heel heat before whipping Balor strong into the corner, forcing Balor to fall on his face. Balor fights back with some forearms and hits the ropes, but Owens cuts him off with another elbow. Owens covers for a two count and locks in a sleeper. Balor fights out of it, but Owens knees him in the gut and whips him into the corner. Balor dodges a forearm and goes to the apron. He goes for a springboard, but Owens hits a forearm that knocks him to the floor. Owens rushes outside and whips Balor into the ring steps before going back inside to try to get the count out victory. Balor gets in at 9, but rolls right into a senton by Owens for two. Owens tosses Balor outside the ring again and goes for the count out a second time. Balor gets in at 8 this time. Owens with a snapmare, hits the ropes twice and locks in another sleeper. Balor tries to escape, but is pulled back to the ground by Owens. Balor fights out, but takes a big forearm. Whip by Owens, reversed by Balor, Owens goes for a sunset flip but Balor rolls through and dropkicks Owens in the face and both men are down. Balor hits a boot, a forearm and whips Owens into the corner. Chop and a forearm from the middle rope only gets a two count for Balor. Owens fights back and they exchange some strikes until Owens hits John Cena’s Five Moves of Doom. He goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Balor trips him up and hits a double stomp as Owens rolls to the corner. Chop and a whip by Balor. He tries to go up and over but Owens catches him and goes for the AA again, but Balor reverses it and hits a Pele Kick and both men are down again. Balor is first up against the ropes and Owens charges, but Balor ducks it and Owens goes to the floor. Plancha by Balor before rolling Owens back into the ring. Balor hits a dropkick to Owens on all four and hits a huge lifting reverse DDT for a two count. Balor heads to the top rope and goes for the Double Stomp, but Owens moves and hits a big German Suplex. Balor ends up in the corner and Owens hits the cannonball for two. Owens hits the Package Powerbomb-Slam-Thing but only gets a two count. Owens goes for the Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Balor reverses and hits the Sling Blade. He goes up top, but Owens literally hangs onto his leg before hitting a headbutt to knock him down. He turns around into a big head kick and Balor goes up top once more and hits the Coup de Grace, but Owens kicks out! Balor tosses Owens into the corner and goes crazy on strikes. He lifts Owens to the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Owens tries to hit his Twisting Fisherman’s Suplex. Balor slips out and hits a big Enziguri! He goes up top, but Owens reverses into a huge steamroller off the top rope! Owens covers but Balor kicks out! Owens heads up top now, he goes for a Swanton, but Balor got the knees up. BLOODY SUNDAY! Owens kicks out! Owens is slow to get up in the corner as Balor stalks him. He goes for the super dropkick, but Owens superkicks him and hits a huge sleeper suplex for two! Owens goes for the Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Balor reverses and hits a big lariat followed by the Super Dropkick and a huge dropkick in the corner! Coup de Grace! Balor covers and we have a new NXT Champion!

Winner and NEW NXT Heavyweight Champion: Finn Balor @ 19:27

*Tatsumi Fujinami came into the ring after the match to celebrate with Balor. Kevin Owens confronted Balor after the contest, visibly pissed off. Balor extended his hand, but Owens just walked away.

*John Cena and Dolph Ziggler vs Kane and King Barrett

This is our main event for this live event. Good luck following that, John.

Barrett and Ziggler start us off. Ziggler goes for a takedown, and eventually gets it, rolling Barrett over into a cradle for one before a stand off. Barrett shoots for a takedown now and he does the same thing Ziggler did. They mat wrestle a bit more and trade holds until they go into the universal spot. Ziggler gets the O’Connor roll for two and a dropkick for another two count. Barrett hits a few strikes and tags in Kane. Kane slaps Ziggler around and whips him off the ropes. Ziggler slides through Kane’s legs and tags in Cena. They lock up and Kane shoves him off. They lock up again with the same result. Cena should understand at this point that Kane is a tall son of a bitch. Cena gets a headlock, but Kane whips him off the ropes so Cena decides it’s a good idea to shoulder block him. He failed twice to knock Kane down, and Kane knocked him down the third time and tagged in Barrett. Barrett beats on Cena in the corner a bit with some fists and knees before a snapmare and a sleeper on Cena. Cena gets up and tries to tag in Ziggler, so Barrett jumps on his back. Cena starts fading, but gets a resurgence as he breaks up the sleeper in the corner. Barrett is able to tag in Kane before Cena can get the tag. Kane stomps away at Cena, but Cena starts fighting back with some punches and tries to body slam Kane, but just falls back to the mat with it for a two count for Kane. Kane then shows him how it’s done and body slams him twice for a two count. Kane tries a third, but Cena falls out, knocks Barrett off the apron and then turns into another big right hand by Kane for two. Kane tags Barrett back into the ring and he starts working Cena over in the corner. Barrett goes for a cover but only gets two. Cena starts fighting back and tries to go up-and-over Barrett after a whip into the corner, but Barrett catches him and hits a hard kick to the ribs for two. Another sleeper hold is applied by Barrett. Cena started fighting back, so Barrett jumped on his back again. Somehow, Cena turned it into an Attitude Adjustment. Barrett is able to tag Kane back in who stops the hot tag once again. Cena goes for the AA on Kane, but can’t get him up. Kane goes up top for his signature clothesline and connects for a two count. Chin lock now by Kane, but Cena fights back with kicks. He knocks Barrett off the apron and again runs into a side slam by Kane. Barrett tags back in and goes to the 2nd rope for an elbow drop and another two count. Barrett goes for it again, but misses because Cena can’t take the same move twice in a row. Hot tag to Ziggler who takes out Barrett with a clothesline, a splash and a neckbreaker. Elbow drop by Ziggler gets a two. He goes for the Famouser, but Barrett moves. Ziggler ducks a clothesline and Ziggler goes after Kane, but he turns around into a big boot. Kane kicks Ziggler a bunch until he falls to ringside. Outside, Kane drops him chest first on the railing and rolls him back into the ring. Kane hits a big stalling suplex for a two count.  Barrett tags back in and lays Ziggler on the top rope before hitting some strikes to the back and a big knee to the sternum for another near fall. Surfboard stretch by Barrett now is quickly escaped by Ziggler. He hits the ropes and Barrett goes for Winds of Change, but Ziggler counted into a roll up for two, only to pop up into a big clothesline. Kane tags back in and immediately covers for two. Clothesline in the corner by Kane and another two. Chin lock is applied again by Kane. Ziggler fights out and hits a jawbreaker. He goes for the Famouser, but takes a big powerbomb instead for yet another two count. Barrett tags in again and chokes Ziggler in the middle rope and hits his knees with Ziggler tied up in the ropes. Big boot with Ziggler sitting on the middle rope sends him to the outside. Barrett rams Ziggler into the apron outside before rolling him into the ring for two. Another rest hold by Barrett. Ziggler escapes but runs into Winds of Change for the 700th nearfall of the match. Kane tags back in and hits a few strikes of his own. Ziggler finally fights back and the Network cut to a random Japanese advertisement. It came back to show Ziggler getting kicked in the face by a boot. Barrett tagged back in again, did nothing, then tagged Kane back in. They hit a double elbow on Ziggler for two. Ziggler hits an elbow in the corner on Kane and jumps into a chokeslam attempt. Ziggler slips out, hits a big DDT and gets the hot tag to Cena. Cena hits his fives moves on Barrett, but Barrett slips out of the AA. Kane gets hit with it instead. Barrett goes for the Bullhammer, but Cena ducks and Ziggler hits a superkick. Barrett turns into the AA to mercifully end this match.

Winners: John Cena and Dolph Ziggler @ 23:54

*Cena and Ziggler celebrated as we go off the air.

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