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411’s WWE NXT Report 06.06.13

June 6, 2013 | Posted by Marc Elusive

From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida

Commentators: Tom Phillips & Brad Maddox

Championship’s roll call: WWE Champion: John Cena… World Champion: Dolph Ziggler… Intercontinental Champion: Wade Barrett… United States Champion: Dean Ambrose… Tag Team Champions: The Shield… NXT Champion: Big E Langston… NXT Tag Team Champions: The Wyatt Family… Diva’s Champion: Kaitlyn

Happy Birthday to one of my best friends: The Highway! You may have noticed I have referred to top-rope legdrops as “Off Ramp,” that’s in honor of him.

Jim Ross comes out to open the show for the contract signing between Bo Dallas and Big E Langston for next week’s title match. Ross notes the successes the NXT champions… all two of them. Seth Rollins and Langston himself; Dallas hits the ring first and Langston comes out next. We have a table set up in the ring. Langston signs first. Dallas grabs the mic before he signs. The fans are all over him with a “no more Bo” chant; nonplus, Dallas goes into his promo, saying that he is not a joke. He says that Langston is up in the WWE, buddies with Dolph Ziggler, and it’s all because Langston’s the champ. Dallas says that he does not want the NXT title, he needs the title. Bo continues saying that all he needs is three seconds to make history. Fans chant “five” at him. Langston says that he does not feel that Dallas is a joke; he did face Big Show… but got knocked out. Langston calls himself the biggest baddest person NXT has seen; Langston makes fun of his possibility of living home and smiling too much. Langston says he will crush Dallas’ dreams… in FIVE. Dallas signs and brushes by Langston as he exits the ring. RJR closes, wishing everyone luck next week in the main event.   6/10 Wow, an actual good contract signing where nothing went wrong. Good promo from Dallas as well as he made his point and was not rattled by the fans. Langston looked a little nervous, which is surprising since he appears right at home in the WWE and cuts decent stuff, when he’s allowed. NXT does everything well.

Renee Young is with Corey Graves; she notes the attack from the Wyatt Family. He says that he has a tag title match with the Family tonight. He says Bray plays mind games and Corey does not play games. Renee discusses Kassius Ohno as his partner. Graves dislikes Ohno but the tag titles are bigger than his dislike for Ohno. He plans on dismantling he Wyatt Family’s house brick by brick.

Paige vs. Tamina Snuka:   NXT Women’s Championship tournament, first round:   Gee, I wonder who is winning here… The NXT title is much nicer than the Divas title. They lock up and Snuka powers Paige into the ropes and then gets tossed around. Tamina charges into a kick and tries a head-butt. Bad move! No effect. Snuka takes over with a leaping Superfly head-butt to knock Paige on her ass. She tosses her around by the hair. Tom Phillips says he spoke with Tamina’s father Jimmy Snuka who says that it is time for a Snuka to be a champion in the WWE again. Call me crazy, but I don’t think the Superfly EVER won any titles in the WWE. My mind does not recall before 1984 and I’m not using Wikipedia, just the ol’ noggin, so I’m sure someone will tell me if I’m wrong. Snuka with a snap-suplex for two. She keeps tossing Paige around and goes to a chinlock; Paige frees herself but gets nailed with double chops and a knee drop, for two. Snuka goes back to the chinlock. She keeps pulling her down when Paige tries to power up. A slam keeps Paige down and gets a nearfall as well. Tamina with a top wristlock; Paige finally powers back and forces Snuka into the corner. Tamina KILLS her with a superkick to quell the momentum. Snuka to the top but the Superfly meets knees and Paige rolls Tamina up to get the pinfall.   4/10 I really thought that was a weak win for Paige who should have gone over strong in the first round. Granted the WWE protects Tamina a little but Paige, who is the CLEAR CUT favorite to win, should advance strong, especially in the opening round.

Here is your winner… Paige via schoolgirl rollup pinfall

Now Renee Young is with Kassius Ohno; Kassius promises destruction. Tonight Ohno dives into the wall of the Family to get gold. We turn to Corey Graves but Ohno deflects possible tension and says it’s all about the gold.

Mason Ryan vs. Colin Cassady:   Ryan looks so different with long hair. They lock up and Ryan powers Colin into the corner and pummels him. Cassady gets an elbow up in the corner and punches his way back. He clubs the big back of Ryan but gets clobbered with a big boot. Mason keeps head-butting the poor kid in the corner and then some Batista Shoulders in the opposite corner. He steamrolls Cassady with a lariat and then hits a Torture Rack neckbreaker for the pinfall.   3/10 El squasho for Ryan; I think this guy has NXT gold in his future he does not get shot back into the WWE after a few months of seasoning in NXT.

Here is your winner… Mason Ryan via Torture Rack neckbreaker pinfall

Renee Young is with Sami Zayn who is his usual giddy self. He is excited to defeat two former WWE champions in one night (in his debut). Antonio Cesaro comes out and calls Sami’s win against him, cheap. Cesaro says he is ticked off and challenges him to a rematch. Zayn has no problem with this rematch but is more interested in his man-purse. Cesaro SLAPS him in the face for a pull-apart brawl.

Alex Riley vs. “The Ascension” Conor O’Brian:   Riley charges and gets run over by some shoulderblocks; O’Brian then goes into the rolling headlock takeovers. He holds the chinlock briefly; Riley comes back with a chop and diving shoulderblock. He ascends to the top with a diving lariat for a one count. He tries a tip-over in the corner but gets caught with a hotshot off the top rope and a running splash in the corner. A flapjack sets Riley up for O’Brian’s new submission hold called the Stockade (grounded Octopus stretch) and gets the tapout.   5/10 Dominating squash for O’Brian as he busts out a new submission hold. I like NXT developing all of these submission holds for different superstars, making them much better-rounded.

Here is your winner… Conor O’Brian via Stockade submission

NXT Tag Team Championship The Wyatt Family (w/Bray Wyatt) vs. Corey Graves & Kassius Ohno:   Oddly enough, the Family caused both of the face turns for both heels (actually maybe the Shield may had more to do with Graves’ face turn). Pre-match, Wyatt reintroduces himself as the eater of worlds; his “brothers” want to give a little intro of their own. Rowan and Ohno start the match; they lock up and Erick has the clear power advantage. Kassius tries some standing side headlocks and a cravat; he knocks Ohno down but he pops right back up with chops and a headlock. Graves tags in and works his own chinlock. Rowan quickly knees his way free and tags in Harper. Corey tries to use his speed with a lightening quick running crossbody but gets caught in midair. He slips free of Harper’s grip and tries a slingshot sunset but gets caught in a Kane Counter. Harper tries to launch Graves but he gets a reverse shoulder straddle for two. Luke hits a lunging head-butt to the gut and tries a hiplock but Graves turns it into an armdrag. Ohno tags in and hits a sledge off the second rope; Harper takes over with a solid punch to the face and tags in Rowan. After the commercial break, we have Ohno entrapped in an armtrap headlock. Ohno stomps the feet to break but Harper tags in and hits some European uppercuts for two more. The Family sequesters Kassius in their corner and beat him up until Rowan fumbles the ball and Graves is in. He quickly gets Rowan down for the Fuller Lock but Harper distracts. Rowan backdrops Graves onto the apron where Harper is lying in the weeds and trips Graves up onto his face; Harper gets a tag and hits an elbow to the face. An elbow drop nets two more. The Family beat up Graves in their corner for a while as well and hits a driving knee in the corner. A pump-handle backbreaker from Rowan nets two more for the Family. Erick goes for the Canadian Backbreaker submission hold; Graves slips free but keeps getting clubbered. The Bushwhacker Battering Ram into the top turnbuckle knocks Graves for a loop; Harper tags and Graves wakes up all of a sudden and counters a powerbomb with a backdrop. Ohno gets the hot tag and clotheslines abound for the Family. Harper is the sacrificial lamb and gets the running strike in the corner. He boots Rowan, who was entering the ring, to the floor and squishes Harper with a running senton, for two. We get our first shot of Bray Wyatt stirring in his rocking chair, almost forgot he was out there. Ohno preps for the roaring elbow but Wyatt distracts. Kassius manages to duck the running clothesline from Harper and hit a roaring head-butt. Rowan breaks up that pin attempt; Graves takes out Rowan and inadvertently distracts the referee. Bray nails Ohno from behind and Graves takes him out with a pescado leaving Ohno alone with Harper and fells to a running clothesline to retain the titles for the Family.   6.5/10 Very good main event this week. The hard-hitting striking challengers were a good challenge for the skyscraper tag champions; the Family has earned their call-up and I figured they’d lose those tag straps but judging by Big E Langston’s success, I don’t think those titles are moving from them for a while… although there are a few teams who could benefit from them, even WWE tag teams like the Usos or the Colóns perhaps.

Here are your winners… The Wyatt Family via running clothesline pinfall

OVERALL 7/10   Overall it was a great show this week, so don’t complain that none of the matches broke 6.5 and the total was a 7, the overall score is my entertainment for the show as a whole. We got an actual good contract signing and the beginning of the NXT Women’s championship tourney as well. A few squashes thrown in and a great tag title main event. Good show this week.

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