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411’s WWE NXT Report 08.07.13

August 7, 2013 | Posted by Marc Elusive

From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida

Commentators: Tom Phillips & Alex Riley

Unfortunately I have not had that much time to devote to wrestling in the past few weeks. All I can seem to fit in is NXT.

Ring announcer Byron Saxon announces that Tyler Breeze has entered the building.

WWE United States Championship Dean Ambrose vs. Adrian Neville:   THIS out to be a good match. They open with a lockup and Ambrose backs him into the corner immediately. They run the ropes and Neville scores with a spinning leg lariat. Ambrose comes back and pounds away in the corner; he gets a few elbow rakes to the face. Neville fights back and hits a spinning head scissors. He tosses Ambrose into the corner face first and then tips-over in the opposite corner with a series of handsprings and a crossbody off the second rope, for two. Neville grabs a hammerlock until Ambrose frees himself with a short-arm clothesline. He beats up Neville for a while until he nails a straight kick to the face. Neville heads up to a bit too prematurely and Ambrose escapes to the floor. Neville gives chase but runs right into a clothesline on the floor giving Dean the advantage again. Back from break with Ambrose punching, kicking and dropping elbows. He keeps on him with knees to the gut and a running dropkick against the ropes, for two. Ambrose links up a crossbow lock as Alex Riley impresses me with his analysis. We may have something here. Dean releases and headbutts Neville into chops in the corner; a nice vertical suplex follows. Ambrose shifts to a sleeper hold and then turns it into a Cobra Clutch. Neville fires back but runs afoul of an elbow to the jaw. Dena charges in the corner but misses and posts his own shoulder. Neville flies with a springboard crossbody for two more. He starts to speed it up with ‘ranas and a backflip plancha. Back in the ring Neville SCORES with the Red Arrow and I thought we’d have a new champ but Seth Rollins makes the save at the last possible second. Roman Reigns shows up to and we have a DQ. Post-match, the Shield beats up Neville; here’s Corey Graves and Xavier Woods to the rescue but the Shield clears out.   6.5/10 Good match that says Neville can hang with the US Champ (and basically defeat him). Ambrose is a little slow on offense sometimes but he is intense as anyone so it makes up. I see a possible six-man tag match in the future.

Here is your winner… Adrian Neville via DQ.

In the back, Enzo Amore talks to Scott Dawson about his upcoming match with Mason Ryan. Enzo calls him “sawft” in a very Jersey Shore sort of way. Amore is awesome. Sylvester Leforte only cares about the mon-ay!

Emma vs. Summer Rae dance battle:   interestingly this is a NUMBER ONE CONTENDER’s dance battle. It’s amazing how EVERYTHING Emma does the crowd loves. This goes as you’d figure but it goes for FOUR ROUNDS. Summer goes first because she DEMANDED it backstage. Emma responds with some sill moves of her own. Sumer Fandangos a little but Emma comes back with the Chicken Dance! The fans chant “yes” to her and “no” when Summer moves. At least the crowd into it. Emma tells ring announcer Byron Saxon she is about to perform the Advanced Shopping Trolley. Summer gets tired of the crap and demands Fandango’s music play so the fans can Fandango with her. Emma asks for her silly music to play so she can to the Emma Dance. Alex Riley admits he now has a full-blown crush on Emma. The fans, of course, vote Emma as the winner giving her another NTX Women’s title match. Post-match, Summer blindsides Emma and hits a split-legged Rocker Dropper.   5.5/10 This was FAR more entertaining than any other dance competition in WWE history.

Here is your winner… Emma via dancing

Leo Kruger cuts a creepy Carrie like promo on Bo Dallas saying all the little kiddies will laugh at him when he loses his title tonight.

Danny Burch vs. Tyler Breeze:   Breeze is more obsessed with videoing himself on his iPhone. Burch tries to attack but Breeze kicks him away; Burch fires back but Breeze comes back with an enziguri (and takes more selfies). Tyler nails the big spin wheel kick and gets the quick pinfall.   3/10 Match was a squash but I like the character.

Here is your winner… Tyler Breeze via spin wheel kick pinfall

Renee Young is with Bo Dallas. Dallas is a bit overconfident and blames Sami Zayn for getting himself pinned last week. He calls Leo Kruger strange and dangerous but “he got this” and then DARES to sing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ changing it to “don’t stop Bo-leaving.”

NXT Heavyweight Championship Bo Dallas vs. Leo Kruger:   Fans already chant for Kruger. Leo takes a quick powder on the floor and reenters with some fire in the corner. He screams “Kruger” to which the fans immediately respond. Dallas comes back with a dropkick and Manhattan drop; he hits a crossbody for two. A Northern Lights suplex gets two more. Dallas locks in hammerlock and the fans immediately get the “boring” chant going. Kruger responds with a Cactus Clothesline and the crowd explodes. He NAILS a baseball slide as we head off to break. We come back with Kruger holding a chinlock; Bo fights back (to boos) but Kruger reverses the whip and Dallas crumples (to cheers). Kruger with a snap-suplex for two and keeps on him with knees. He pushes Dallas into the corner and positions him for a superplex. Dallas blocks it but they fight atop the ropes; Dallas manages to knock Kruger off and hits a clothesline off the second rope. Both men down. Dallas begins the comeback with punches to the face and clotheslines. He hits the springboard bulldog but only gets two. Bo is frustrated. Kruger fights back but gets caught in a reverse DDT, for two. Bo hits rapid-fire clotheslines in the corner and adds some clubs on the mat. Kruger all of a sudden wakes up and fights back with punches and a spinebuster. Odd that Leo switched from heel to babyface midway through the match but the fans respond to him. More hatred for Dallas versus a babyface turn for Leo. Kruger nails the Slice but it only gets two more and Kruger is upset. Leo says “ta-ta” as he locks in the CG3 as the fans BEG Dallas to tapout; Bo fights back to their chagrin but Leo keeps the hold on. Dallas eventually makes the ropes and sells the injury to the shoulder. Kruger punches ten times on the mat and drags him up by the hair… and then knocks him down again. Leo to the top but Dallas gets the knees up to break a splash off the top. Dallas applies a step-over armlock to tap Kruger and retain his title.   6.5/10 Very entertaining main event; I was rooting for Kruger as I have enjoyed his heelwork for quite some time ever since he adapted the deranged poacher gimmick. Dallas wins again which is fine (I guess) as NXT books its champions strong. The interesting thing to see was Dallas was the face in the outset but as his matches often go, he became the heel and his opponent was forced into a babyface roll by the fans. Kruger responded well.

Here is your winner… Bo Dallas via step-over armlock submission

OVERALL 6/10   Good week for me to return to watching some wrestling. A couple of title matches make this a good show; the dance competition was fun as well. Always an entertaining hour of wrestling.

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